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IIM Ahmedabad Admission Criteria (2014-16)

Admission/Selection Process

The selection of candidates for admission to the 2014-16 batch of the PGP at IIM Ahmedabad is a two-step process.

In the first step, candidates are short-listed for written analysis and personal interviews from among candidates who have a valid CAT/GMAT score* who have applied for the programme and who satisfy the eligibility criteria for the programme. An overseas category candidate who applies with a GMAT score instead of a CAT score should have a total scaled score of at least 700.

Shortlisting and Selection Criteria for PGP 2014-16 batch

Stage 1: Generation of merit list for Written Analysis and Personal Interview (WA-PI) for PGP programme.

Stage 1a: The following cutoffs shown in Table 1 will be used for selecting eligible candidates for all subsequent stages. Therefore, the CAT score is the sole criterion for arriving at the first short-list.

Table 1: Minimum CAT-2013 Percentile
Category PGP
(QA+ DI)(%)
(VA +LR)(%)
General 85 85 90
NC-OBC 75 75 80
SC 55 55 75
ST 50 50 70
DA 55 55 75

QA=Quantitative Ability; DI=Data Interpretation;VA=Verbal Ability; LR=Logical Reasoning

Stage 1b: To recognise exceptional performers across diverse academic backgrounds, from each of the five categories of academic disciplines, top 50 candidates or top 1% of the number of applicants to IIM Ahmedabad within each category-- whichever is lower -- will be identified. These candidates will be directly shortlisted for the WA-PI on the basis of their total scores from CAT 2013, provided they also meet the criterion mentioned in Stage 1a. For the classification of academic disciplines, refer to Table 3.

However, selection at the final stage (Stage 2) for the candidates short-listed at this stage and all other short-listed candidates (at Stage 1c) will strictly be based only on ranks on the Aggregate Score (based on CAT/GMAT, Academic Rating (AR) and WA-PI Scores) within each category specified in Table 1.

This stage, 1b, is only applicable to candidates who are applying for admissions on the basis of their CAT scores. Please note that this stage, 1b, is not applicable for the candidates eligible to be considered using the GMAT scores.

Stage 1c: Application Rating: The application rating looks at the applicants' academic performance (marks obtained) in 10th Standard Examination, 12th Standard Examination and Bachelor's Degree Examination.

For 10th and 12th Standards: The eligible applicants, as obtained in stage 1a above, will be assigned rating scores 'A' and 'B' (See Table 2) based on their percentage of marks obtained in 10th and 12th standard examinations respectively.

For Bachelor's Degree: The eligible applicants as obtained in stage 1a above, will be assigned a rating score 'C' (See Table 2) based on the percentage of marks received in the Bachelor's degree.

Table 2: Application Rating (AR): 2014-16 Rating Scores
Percent score in 10th Std. Exam Rating Score A   Percent score in 12th Std. Exam Rating Score B   Percent score in Bachelor’s Degree Rating Score C
<= 55 1 <= 55 1 <= 55 1
> 55 and <= 60 2 > 55 and <= 60 2 > 55 and <= 60 2
> 60 and <= 70 3 > 60 and <= 70 3 > 60 and <= 65 3
> 70 and <= 80 4 > 70 and <= 80 4 > 65 and <= 70 4
> 80 and <= 90 7 > 80 and <= 90 7 > 70 and <= 80 7
> 90 10 > 90 10 > 80 10

Notes about the marks obtained:

  • Percentages for incomplete Bachelor’s Degree Applicants are based on their available marks.

  • For those candidates having cleared CA/ICWAI/CS without having Bachelor’s Degree, their average of inter and final level marks will be treated as Bachelor’s degree marks.

  • For computing the application rating, all subjects that appear in the mark-sheet of 10th and 12th Std. exams will be considered irrespective of whether the Board/University considers them for calculating the percentage.

For bachelor’s degree, the percentage of marks awarded by Institute/University will be treated as final. If the Institute/University does not award the percentage of marks, it will be calculated on the basis of the marks obtained in all subjects listed in the mark sheet.

If the percentage of marks awarded by Institute/University does not take into account marks obtained in all the subjects as mentioned in the mark-sheet(s) for all the years, the candidates must produce a certificate from the Principal/Head of the Department/Registrar/Director of the university/ institution certifying details of the practice at the time of the WA-PI, if shortlisted for the same.

If any Board/Institute/University awards only letter grades without providing an equivalent percentage of marks on the grade sheet, the candidate should obtain a certificate from the Board/Institute/University specifying the equivalent marks which should be used for filling the online CAT application form. The original equivalence certificate needs to be submitted at the time of WA-PI, if shortlisted for the same.

For candidates having a 5-year integrated Master's degree, percentage of marks obtained in the first 3 years will be considered as bachelor’s degree percentage. For candidates in the final year of 5 year integrated Master's degree, the marks obtained in the first 3 years will be considered as bachelor’s degree Not Completed percentage.

Application Rating Score:
Maximum Score for AR = 45

Composite Score:
Maximum CAT score = 450
Composite Score= (Obtained CAT score /450) * 0.7 + (AR/45)*0.3

For candidates eligible to be considered using the GMAT, the following equivalent CAT scores for the GMAT scores will be applied:

GMAT - Equivalent CAT Score
  700 - 223
  710 - 230
  720 - 239
  730 - 250
  740 - 258
  750 - 267
  760 - 283
  770 - 289
  780 - 298
  790 - 311
  800 - 377

The composite score will be calculated based on the equivalent CAT score and Application Rating as described above.

In stage 1c, the composite scores described above will be used for shortlisting candidates for the subsequent stage, in addition to those candidates directly short-listed from Stage 1b.

Table 3: Discipline for bachelor's degree (as per CAT Application)

           Agriculture [Agronomy, Soil Science, Agricultural Biochemistry, Agricultural Economics,
      Agricultural Extension, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Entomology, Plant Pathology etc.]
        Animal Husbandry
        Dairy Science/Technology
        Science [Biology, Biochemistry, Bio-technology, Botany, Life Science, Zoology]
        Science [Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics]
        Science (Others) : Home Science, Nursing and all other branches of Science not explicitly mentioned elsewhere in this list]
        Veterinary Science
   Arts/Humanities [Archaeology, Education, Fine Arts (Dance, Music, Painting), Geography,
  History, Journalism, Languages, Library Science, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science,
  Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work/Welfare, Sociology, etc.]
   Education [including Physical Education and Sports]
   Rural Studies/Rural Sociology/Rural Cooperatives/Rural Banking
      Commerce/Economics [Accountancy, Auditing, Banking, Business Mathematics, Business Organisation, Economics,
  Economic Development and Planning, Public Administration, Public Finance, Secretarial Practices etc.]
      Chartered Accountancy
      Cost and Works Accountancy
      Company Secretaryship
      Hotel & Tourism Management
      Management [Business Administration, Business Management, Business Studies, Management Studies]
        Agricultural Engineering
        Engineering/Technology [B.E., B.Sc. (Engg.), B.Tech. in all engineering subjects including Computer Engineering,
      Computer Science, IT, other than Agricultural Engineering and Dairy Technology]
1.   Any other discipline not mentioned above.

Note: Final discretion on the academic category that an academic program will be classified under, rests with the Admissions Committee of IIM-Ahmedabad.

Stage 2: Selection

In the second step, after the completion of written analysis and personal interviews (WA-PIs) of all candidates short-listed in the first step, candidates for admission to the 2014-16 batch of the PGP at IIM Ahmedabad are selected from among the candidates who have attended the WA-PI.

70% weightage is given to WA-PI score and 30% weightage is given to the Composite Score at the final stage of selection to arrive at the Aggregate Score. Selection at this stage will strictly be based on ranks on the Aggregate Score (based on CAT/GMAT*, Academic Rating (AR) and WA-PI Scores) within each category specified in Table 1 in proportions mandated by law. Note: The WA-PI Score is based on the following: performance in the written analysis, personal interview, verifiable awards and recognitions, academic performance, exceptional achievements, extra-curricular activities, post-degree work experience, post-graduation education etc.

The following information is about the admission process followed by IIMA for its PGP subsequent to CAT. It is therefore, important for the candidates to read them carefully.
  1. Performance in CAT is an important input in the admission process. Candidates should note that it is important to perform well in each section of the test. In addition to the performance in CAT, IIMA uses academic background for short-listing for WA-PI.

  2. Please note that IIMA short-lists candidates for WA-PI independent of other IIMs. Hence it is possible to observe variations in the lists of candidates short-listed by different IIMs.

  3. Details of candidates short-listed will be made available on IIMA website (www.iimahd.ernet.in) in the third weekof January 2014. Short-listed candidates would also be sent WA-PI call letters by IIMA. No communication would be sent to applicants who are not short-listed for Written Analysis and Personal Interview.

  4. After the WA-PI round, admission offers are made by IIMA to successful candidates. The ranking and final selection is based on a diverse set of attributes which includes performance in CAT/GMAT*, performance in WA-PI, academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements, work experience etc.

  5. Disclosure of information about the admission process is driven by concerns which at times conflict with each other. The IIMA would like the admission process to be transparent. At the same time, IIMA would wish to protect the privacy of individual candidates and confidentiality of the process to prevent abuse. Based on these considerations, the performance of an individual is not made available to any other person. Similarly, the performance of candidates in WA-PI, including assessment of attributes mentioned under paragraph 4 above is not disclosed to anyone to prevent exercise of undue pressure on the panelists participating in the admission/selection process. IIMA exercises its own discretion in disclosing weights assigned to diverse sets of attributes mentioned under paragraph 4 above. To ensure that the perceived lack of transparency does not in any way affect the candidates negatively, adequate care is taken in formation of panel, development of objective criteria for assessment, random allocation of candidates to a panel and other such measures.

  6. Candidates, who appeared in WA-PI will be able to view whether they have been offered admission by IIMA during second week of April 2014 by visiting the IIMA website. Admission offer letter would be sent to all successful candidates. Candidates, who are offered admission, need to confirm their acceptance by completing all the required formalities by first/second week of May 2014. Some candidates may also be placed on the waiting list initially during second week of April 2014. Offers to candidates on the waiting list would depend upon the number of successful candidates accepting the offer made by IIMA.

* CAT refers to CAT-2013.

*GMAT refers to GMAT administered within the last 24 months as on 15 December 2013

IIM Ahmedabad reserves the right to make changes in the Shortlisting and Selection Criteria, if considered necessary at any point.

The text above has been taken from IIMA's website and is being reproduced as it is.


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