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IIM Kashipur Admission Criteria (2013-15)

Admission criteria of IIM Kashipur

This document elaborates the admission criteria that have been developed at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur for identifying the right candidates for admission to its Post- Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management. The process that is being adopted for selecting the students for PGP at IIM Kashipur for the academic year 2013-15 involves two stages: Stage - I applies to all eligible candidates who have appeared for CAT - 2012 examination to identify the qualifying candidates who will be called for Stage – II.

Sufficient number of candidates belonging to different categories is short-listed in stage – I for meeting the Government of India norms on reservation.

Stage 1: Generation of merit list for GDPI for PGP programme.

Stage 1a: The following cutoffs shown in Table 1-1 will be used for selecting the eligible candidates.

(QA+ DI)
(VA +LR)

G eneral 75 75 80
N C-OBC 65 65 72
SC 50 50 60
ST 45 45 55
PWD 45 45 60
Table 1-1: Minimum CAT-2012 Percentile

Stage 1b: Merit list was generated for short listing candidates for the GDPI round using the weights mentioned in Table 1-2.

S.No. Components Weight
( PGP)
Method of Scoring
1 CAT Score(CS) 42 CS=(Candidates CAT Score/Highest CAT Score)*42
2 Class-X
1 XM=(Candidate's Class X Percentage score/100)*1
3 C lass-XII
1 12M=(Candidate's Class XII Percentage score/100)*1
4 Graduation
3 GM = x
Graduation Marks (in percentage) Weight(x)
60-65 1
65-70 1.5
70-75 2
75-80 2.5
Above 80 3
5 Post Graduation
( PG)
1 IF (Highest Qualification = Post Graduation )
PG= 1
6 Work Experience
5 I F (Prog=PGP)
WE = x
Work Experience (in months) Weight(x)
Less than 6 0
6-12 1
12-18 2
18-24 3
24-30 4
More than 30 5

Where number of months of work experience as on 31st August 2012
Indicate only paid and full-time work experience, acquired after
co mpleting the Bachelor’s Degree. Apprenticeship, Articleship,
Internship, etc., which form an integral part of a course study, should not be treated as work experience)
7a Diversity Factor:
3 IF (Prog = PGP and Academic discipline listed in Table 1-3)
DFa = 3;
DFa = 0 ;
7b Diversity Factor:
4 IF (Prog. = PGP and Gender = Female)
DFb = 4;
ELSE DFb = 0;
Shortlist Total (A) 60
Table 1-2: Weights assigned to various components for generating Merit List

Academic Discipline for PGP Programme (PGP)
1 Arts/Humanities: Archaeology, Education, Fine Arts (Dance, Music, Painting), Geography,
H istory, Journalism, Languages, Library Science, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work/Welfare, Sociology, etc
2 Commerce/Economics: Accountancy, Auditing, Banking, Business Mathematics, Business
Organization, Economics, Economic Development and Planning, Public Administration, Public
Finance, Secretarial Practices etc.
3 Charted Accountancy
4 Costs and Works Accountancy
5 Company Secretariship
6 Educa tion (including Physical Education and Sports)
7 Law
8 Medicine/Dentistry
9 Pharmacology/Pharmacy
10 Management (BBA)
Table 1-3: Academic disciplines which were eligible for diversity factor marks for PGP

Stage 2: Evaluation of candidates in GDPI for PGP

The following weights were assigned to the various components during GDPI as shown in Table 1-4

S l. No. Components Weights
1 Written Ability Test (WAT) 10
2 Personal Interview (PI) 30
GDPI Total (B) 40
Table 1-4: Weights given to GDPI components

Stage 3: Generation of final admission offer list for IIM Kashipur PGP Programme

Grand Total (C) = Shortlist Total (A) + GDPI Total (B).

The Grand Total (C) was used to rank students according to their merit.

Reservation Policy

IIM Kashipur will follow the Government of India policy on reservations for SC, ST, NC-OBC and PWD.

This document is released by Chairman Admission, Indian Institute of Management Kashipur.

The text above has been taken from IIMKashipur's website and is being reproduced as it is.


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