Analysis of IPM Aptitude Test 2012

Exam Snapshot

Category Section-I Section-II
Number of Questions 60 40
Sections 3 (Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, Logical Ability) 1 (Verbal Ability)
Marking Scheme 4 mark per question 4 mark per question
Negative Marking 1/4th of the marks per question 1/4th of the marks per question
Number of Choices 4 4
Total Duration 120 Min

It was not an individually timed test, so the candidates had the liberty of moving across sections any time through the length of the test. This was always going to be a double-edged sword people very strong in one of the two areas might have used it to their advantage, but they had to be cautious of ensuring a decent score in the other section as well.

Scores in both the sections should be non-negative in order to be considered for shortlisting. Instructions given in the question paper suggest that there might be sectional cut offs.

The test was at a higher difficulty level than that might have been inferred from the model questions put up online by IIM Indore. The difficulty level of the questions apart, what made it more challenging was the time duration of 2 hours, which many test-takers felt was not sufficient for the 100 questions.


The quantitative ability section contained several straight forward questions such as one asking the rank of a word, the question on pipes, angle of clock etc., there were the other lot that required laborious computations.

Area No. of questions
Percentage, Profit and Loss 12
Geometry 9
DI 5
Simple Equations 5
Numbers 5
Averages, Mixtures and Alligations 4
Time & Distance, Time & Work 4
Others 16


The Verbal Ability section was comparatively more difficult, with standard question types such as word usage, best restatement, RC and grammar making appearances. What was baffling though was the number of questions on synonyms and antonyms, a staggering 25% of the section was dedicated to the category.

Area No. of questions
Vocabulary 10
RC 8
PFQs 7
Grammar 6
Proper Usage of word 5
Sentence Completion 4

Expected cut-off:

Overall cut-off might be in the range of 185. The individual cut-offs are likely to be in the range of 80 for section I and 45 for the section II.