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    iitjee ranks iitjee ranks iitjee ranks iitjee ranks

    JEE MAIN 2013 - Pattern,Analysis,Key and Solution

    Click here for JEE Main2013 Key all versions

    Click here for Detailed solution for JEE Main 2013- Version P

    Click Here For T.I.M.E.'s Online test series for JEE MAIN and BITSAT

    IIT-JEE, the most challenging of the Engineering Entrance exams in the country, was conducted for the last time in 2012. We have today witnessed the break-up of IIT-JEE into JEE Main and JEE Advanced and for the first time in the history of Engineering Entrance exams in India, a common entrance exam for entry to BOTH NITs and IITs was conducted today.

    JEE Main 2013 was conducted on 7th April 2013 in offline mode in 77 cities within India and in 4 cities abroad. The exam was conducted from 9.00 - 12.00 hrs.

    There were 4 versions for JEE MAIN 2013 - P, Q, R and S. The order of subjects in each version was different; likewise the options for each question were shuffled too in different versions; Physics part had two Assertion-Reasoning type questions, Mathematics part had 3 Assertion-Reasoning type questions but Chemistry part had NO assertion-Reasoning type questions. But the total marks and the number of questions in ALL versions were the same.

    Version Order of Subjects
    P Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
    Q Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
    R Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
    S Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry

    Physics Part

    Distribution of questions from the Class 11 portions was not uniform across the syllabus. Some areas like Heat & Thermodynamics, Oscillations & Waves retained higher representation compared to areas like Laws of Motion or Motion in 1-D. The Physics part of the paper was rated 'difficult' by students due to various reasons like: some of the questions involved tedious calculations; questions involving interpretations from graphs given would have troubled students; questions involving multiple concepts were large in number.

    The overall difficulty level of the Physics part is represented in the graph below and it is very clear that the number of 'easy' questions was on the lower side.

    The topic wise distribution of the questions is shown below:

    Chemistry Part

    Chemistry part of the JEE Main 2013 was in general considered to be 'easy to moderate' as per student perception. In contrast to Physics the distribution of questions across areas was more or less uniform. But questions were mostly based on important concepts across units and this means there were no surprise concept questions.

    As given below about 37% of the paper was considered 'Easy' but only 3% of the paper was 'difficult' and hence this was a student friendly paper.

    More emphasis was to Physical and Organic Chemistry portions and only a very nominal representation was given to Inorganic Chemistry. The topic wise analysis of the JEE Main 2013 paper for Chemistry is shown below.

    Mathematics Part

    Mathematics part of JEE Main 2013 was a scorable paper for a well prepared student. Students were generally happy and confident of this paper, which has about 50% of marks from 'easy' category questions. Only few questions would have posed difficulty due to the lengthy nature of these questions.

    As one might see there were only 10% of the marks under 'difficult' questions and this means one can actually attempt and score high without touching the 'difficult' questions.

    Algebra and Coordinate Geometry had major shares but the other areas were also well represented. Topic wise analysis is given below.

    Click here for JEE Main2013 Key all versions

    Click here for Detailed solution for JEE Main 2013 - Version P

    Click Here For T.I.M.E.'s Online test series for JEE MAIN and BITSAT

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