Classroom Program - NTSE

The program covers the following subjects/areas for NTSE :

Objective: This classroom program will prepare the student for NTSE Phase 1 & 2. The goal of this course is to make the students understand and master basic concepts of areas that are tested in MAT and SAT.

Features of the Program:
The unique features of the course are listed below:

  • Imparting Conceptual Clarity:The major factor that influences the scores of a student is the amount of conceptual clarity that a student has. The program is designed to impart the much needed conceptual clarity.

  • Well Researched Program: The course is a result of an in-depth study of previous NTSE papers. We structure the sessions in such a manner that the students understand and imbibe what they are learning and not end up learning the concepts by rote. Nevertheless there are some concepts and formulae in both science and mathematics which a student needs to learn by rote, we provide them with techniques/methods which can help them remember them.

  • Extensive Practice Sessions (Practice makes a man perfect): The course designed to provide extensive practice to the students by making them solve numerous multiple choice questions on the pattern of NTSE. This practice helps students not only revise concepts at regular intervals but also provides them an insight of the kind of questions that they will face in the actual examination.

  • Informative and Exhaustive Course Material: The course material is developed by experts who have a vast experience in the field of training students for various competitive examinations. The Course material is a collection of Study Material, Practice Exercises, Tests, and Mock Tests.

  • Five full-length model papers on the lines of NTSE: Practicing these papers will provide a good insight to the level of preparation before the actual exam and will hence help fine-tune the preparation.

  • Regular Tests/ Mock Tests and Sessions to make students understand the paper pattern and structure: A series of tests and mocks are conducted and once the tests are completed an analysis/feedback sessions is conducted. Extensive Practice through these tests ensures that the student:

    • Overcomes the examination phobia.
    • Develops a good understanding of the paper pattern and structure.
    • Can devise and test different strategies to score more marks.

      The feedback/analysis sessions ensure that the student :

    • Can identify the shortcomings in his preparation and prepare for the next test accordingly.
    • Develops an understanding of the best way of presenting a solution.
    • Can devise strategies to manage time better
    • Can get his doubts clarified

Material Description:

The list of the material (number of copies) for NTSE (class 10) is as follows:

  • 3 study material booklets (Reasoning, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Sciences)

  • 6 handouts (English)

  • 41 individual test papers

  • 5 model test papers

How to Enroll:

This course is currently being offered in these cities (please click on your city):

  1. Hyderabad

  2. Cochin

  3. Mumbai

  4. Kannur

  5. Bangalore

  6. Kollam

  7. Trichy

  8. Surat

  9. Kolkata

Kindly call on the numbers listed in the respective pages to enroll.

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