Preparation tips for CAT-2013!
(Chat Transcript)

xxx : sir, i got 90 percentile in cmat. can i apply to pgdba at psg and sdmid ?
asim : What is your rank?

rak : hello sir, i got shortlisted by VGSOM IIT Kharagpur. Is it a good college? And how are the placements?
thomas : it is a very good college. the placements are excellent.

aamir : Sir my avg aimcmat score is around 200 and rank is between 150 to 250,Sir plz suggest me how to prepare 4 next 15 days to get into top 4 colleges coming under cmat.
govindrajan : Solve mock paper and pay attention on the areas where you feel need more practice. Pay attention on Gk.

rak : Compare IIT Kharagpur, IMT Ghaziabad and new IIM 's?
prakashrajput : New IIMs would be better due to the IIM tag. A few of them are actually doing quite well. IMT and IIT are at par.

parth : sir in vocab session there are two or three rc's, should i go for all or leave one. how to manage them it appears to b time consuming.
prakashrajput : Please attempt all the RCs. Time management would come with practice. For now, just focus on being able to attempt max no of questions while maintaining accuracy.

raju27 : sir my cat score is 45 which are good the colleges available to me?
prakashrajput : do u mean percentile?

xxx : sir, i got 90 percentile in cmat. can i apply to pgdba at psg and sdmid
asim : Answered

rak : Sir, any last minute tips for WAT/PI, I have my new IIM'S interview on 15th of Feb?
sunil : brush up acads, especially your favorite subjects and those in which you have scored most and also least. Be clear on the responses to critical qs like why MBA and why this college. Be confident and give it your best.

all : liba or nitt or tapmi or bim?which is the best among these considering all factors?
asim : All, i would strongly recommend that for the time being focus on your gdpi preparation, we will answer these kind of questions once you have multiple converts.Best wishes.

madhan : hi sir i have doubt on quantz.. am really not good at stocks so is it possible to leave this chapter alone.. wher i can exile in all others.. even if question comes can you please let me know how the percentage of marks is compared to the others ...
thomas : very rarely do you get a question from stocks.the maximum you can expect is one qn.

xxx : my rank is 4500 in cmat
asim : Go ahead, you can also apply to XIME,ITM-MUMBAI.

suraj : Hello Sir, I find topics like Probability little tougher to deal with and learned that this is one of the major topics covered CAT? Is there any specific approach what I can give while learning such topics? Thank u
govindrajan : You may pay attention on basic models form SM and go through concepts two three times till you understand the logic. Relate the questions from the exercise to the concepts taught in the class.

raju27 : yes sir percentile
tssmurty : You can think of BIFT, GSIB, IBMR, SSIM.

rak : Which is better IMT Ghaziabad or IIT Kharagpur in terms of placements?
asim : In terms of quality of placements, there is not much of difference, though the avg salary at IMT has dropped in last couple of years due to the increase in batch size.

kaushi : hi sir good evening
thomas : good evening.

vivek : How to learn Verbal Section for CAT with interest ? I am not getting interest towards it...
sunil : Interest is also a factor of involvement, and if you could start with small steps, like a few words and a few pages of reading everyday, you will be able to see improvemnet and then start liking it. Also, try and read some good literature/novels/essays on interesting topics. You could start with simple fiction and then move on to more involved reading. The key is to always see the relevance of your learning and not to just look at it as a chore.

sam : sir, i gave cat 2012 to see where i stand. i got 82.18% in maths and attempted 13 out of 30 questions but VA pulled down my overall percentile to 65. sir can u please suggest as what can i do to increase my score in VA. And is the SM and sectional tests sufficient for 2013 preparation or i should refer to some other books for variety in questions?
tssmurty : SAM, Your overall prep. should improve. Read the following: -- One of the first steps to improving in VA is to improve your familiarity with the use of English. You must use all your reading, writing and speaking as practical applications of the grammar and vocab that you learn. Try to write and speak as correctly as possible. As for reading, please read as much as you can and, when you do, pay attention to the language - words used, sentence structure and paragraph structure. Build your vocabulary through your reading and support that with the flash cards and word lists. Once in a while, say, once or twice a week, take one of the larger paragraphs from what you read and treat it as a grammar exercise – examine different aspects of grammar and the role they play in sentence structure. One day look at subjects (whether nouns or noun phrases/clauses), one day at verbs, one day at modifiers, one day at prepositional use, and so on. This will really help, since you'll build familiarity the same way that you do with vocab.

srikanth : any tips to improve my vocabulary
aju : get started with the flash cards given, and try the root based approach which will be taught in classes, work up the ladder with the tests- and concentrate on making out meaning from contexts-since most vocab ques now are indirect...

shining : sir, i've decided to take up CAT again as my percentile is just 89.55. Will I be able to access TIME online resources for this year?
asim : Go ahead and enroll into enhanced AIMCAT series, best wishes.

subhataker : sir xat 93.66 acads class 10-86, class 12-83, - 79.9. No work ex. Given good pi can i convert an xlri hr call?
thomas : a good pi and you have a very good chance of converting.

parth : sir can you suggest a book for G.K questions for XAT and IIFT papers?
prakashrajput : Its too early. Focus on general reading habit. Newspapers, Magazines etc.

943158 : Hello sir Plzz let me know how much marks one should get approximately to get in jbims and k j somaiya?plzzz reply
govindrajan : It is difficult quantify. Because the ranking is done by percentiles. It depends on the difficulty levels and competition. For JBIMS and K. J. Somayya the scores are generally high.

aamir : sir How is SP jain school of global management?????Is it worth investing 17 lacs??
sunil : It depends on your other options, your back ground and your financial position. It will definitely a tough thing to extract good ROI by spending so much on a relatively new and unproven venture, with just a brand name behind it.

chinna498 : gud evng sir the AIMCMAT is seemed to be easy,the difficulty level of cmat is similiar to AIMCMAT
thomas : yes , cmat would be of the same level as aimcmat.

ritz29 : Sir, what strategy should we undertake to obtain 100 percentile in CAT?As I am planning to set a higher benchmark for me,what should be my prepration process?
sunil : for such an ambitious aim, you could start by emphasizing quality of prep over quantity. also ensure that you attend all classes and keep abreast of all topics being covered. devoting sufficient time, on a regular basis is also a must.

ravi : Sir I am facing difficulty with RC as I am not good at reading quickly.Also the answers for the questions are very close.How do I overcome this?
tssmurty : In the exam, run through the question lines related to each passage (this will give you a rough idea of the content of the passage, and of the types of questions). Review, prioritise in order of relative comfort, and attempt. Read through the passage picked, quickly but carefully and completely, making notes as suggested. This will get you the (i) organisation of the passage (ii) the key ideas and thought-flow (iii) the central idea (iv) the style and (v) the tone. You may then be able to answer questions on these aspects, if any. For the other questions, you may require careful re-reading – the notes you make will help you identify, quickly, the bits that you want to re-read (from a little above to a little below). Consider meanings, implications (through vocab, grammar and structure), possible assumptions and possible derivations. Most important, don’t get stuck on a question. If it’s taking you too long (say, more than double the time you normally take) move on. Come back to it later if you have the time.

srinath : At what month should I finish my preps and start taking AIMCATs?
aju : aimcats start soon-so u do not have to finish ur prep to start with aimcats, in fact first few aimcats portions would be more connected to earlier portions & gradually built up to cover all portions, hence u shud do both along-side- start with aimtests & work up to aimcats.

xxx : sir i wish to join in time again to take cat2013. what type of course can i join ?
govindrajan : It depends on how much time you can spare. A long term course helps in more focused and through preparation.

madhan : sir for RC is it enough to know to vocab alone.. does 1 have to be good at that... also retaining vocab is very tedious.. so.. is there any other way to come over.. the RCs...
aju : vocab alone not enuf, rc is more about reading enough so that u start grasping what the author is trying to convey thru all those words-to be able to understand the jist & the main message & the key ideas-since most ques will be based on same. Having good vocab can be usefull, but not a necessary condition for doing well in RC.

aditya : Sir i have 10th 81.8%, 12th- 69.8%, Btech- 63%, no work experience. At wat percentile in CAT i can get a call from any IIM?
thomas : the iim calls will defer from institute to iim a call would be very tough even with close to 100 percentile.for most others 99+ should be enough.

srikanth : how to remember all the flash cards given give me any tips sir
tssmurty : First thing is to practice. Your need to read a variety of articles. This reading helps you a lot. Most words can be learned from context. The more you read, the more words you shall get exposed to and the more words you get exposed to the better vocabulary you will have. Hence, read, read and read. Pay especially close attention to unfamiliar words while reading. Look, as to what the context is and try to guess the meaning. (DO NOT, AT THIS POINT, REFER TO THE DICTIONARY.) Go ahead and complete the reading matter and then, you may refer to the dictionary. Well, then, read a LOOOOOOOOT! Tip Two: REFER: Well, I mean, you must refer to the dictionary for the meanings of the new words you came across. Now, if possible make a note of the words, their primary meanings, secondary meanings and especially their contextual usage. Refer to any Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Tip Three: LEARN: This is a technique that I gathered from my twelve-year experience as an English lecturer. Really, a sincere effort to learn the meanings of the difficult words we made note of along with their usage DOES HELP. Tip Four: REPEAT: Only learning the words, their meanings and usage won't help because there’s the danger of forgetting. Our memory is short-lived, unless, of course, we make efforts to counter this. One method is to repeat the words as many times as possible during the period immediately after learning them. I read about a research which said that if one repeats a word 10 to 15 times, it will never be forgotten. So, repeat by using it general conversations, by writing the word in sentences, by conducting self-memory-tests, by making flash cards of your own. Tip Five: Take the help of Vocabulary development books. There are quite a few vocabulary books in the market. The ones that I recommend are: STUDENTS’ COMPANION by Wilfred D Best or RUPA’S ENGLISH MANUAL by Rupa publications (for those who believe they need to begin at the basics); WORD POWER MADE EASY by Norman Lewis (for those who believe vocabulary is boring and also for those who believe they past the basic stage); ALL ABOUT WORDS by Maxwell Nurnberg, Morris Rosenblum (there are many more books by these two authors) and INSTANT VOCABULARY by Ida Ehrlich (for a very systematic approach to the learning of words). Tip Six: Play Vocabulary Development Games: Yes, games do help. Browse the net for the games, select the ones that suit your level and enjoy learning words like never before. TIP ABOVE ALL THE TIPS, THE SEVENTH TIP: ATTEND ALL THE VOCABULARY CLASSES. Do never miss the opportunity to learn new and difficult but very important words under the expert guidance of the faculty. Every vocabulary class should be the starting point of a learning session in your preparation for CAT.

suj13 : sir, how to improve the answering speed?? i am at the present able to solve most of the problems...but takes time...
tssmurty : It needs lot of practice. that is the very reason most students start their prep. at least one year before. This helps you a lot in picking up speed.

943158 : How much mark should one get in cmat to have jbims and I I somaiya call. My Self not of maharastra.plzz reply
asim : Aim at less than 50 rank for JBIMS and less than 150 rank for KJS

all : how to answer the question why mba after engineering?how should i start with?
sunil : You will need to understand a few basics about what management education is and what a management career involves. Then you will need to correlate them with your interest, and your abilities/skills. Engineering in itself equips you with good analytical abilities and problem solving skills, which are at the core of management.

chinna498 : i am taking CAT again naxt year..any preparation tips to get 90+ percentile
asim : Go through the chat transcript for tips please

ansh : sir hw is ibs hyderabad?i hav heard frm my seniors who hv gone thr tht its nt tht gd..
sunil : not great

ravi : Sir how to prepare for DI?Sometimes I am not motivated enough when I see those graphs.
govindrajan : You get motivated when you feel that you can solve and when you feel that you are getting right answers. Do not try to solve several sets of questions at one go, at a time when you feel very fresh. For few days take time and solve one set per day. Do not bother how much time you are taking. Solve the same set after a week. For this you have to keep your text book clean without marking answers. Be consistent. Solve one set every day without fail. Later you can increase the number of sets.

raju27 : sir how is international school of management excellence? is it worth going to isme?
prakashrajput : It is a decent level college. Joining a college always depends on your alternatives. PLease do speak with a few students from the college before joining.

mukesham : sir i have been shortlisted by iit madras and iit kgp for gd/pi.sir i am too scared for gd..sir pls give me some suggestion about gd/pi??
prakashrajput : Please get in touch with your centre for practice sessions.

kaushi : Give me some tips how to prepare for CAT exam ? when we have to start preparing for CAT exam ?
aju : when to start-earliest! Tips to prepare-ours is a structured program, tips will come as we start off & proceed. Best of luck!

drkmudasir : sir, i am from medical field, having done b.a.m.s. with 2 years of experience in a hospital as resident doctor. will my experience count?
thomas : yes ,the experience will count.

943158 : Will it more than 250 ?generally sir how much?rough idea at least.plzxx
asim : Answered,plz check(i am assuming you to be gen category student)

ajuasimkumar : sir..what is summer placements offered in IIMs?
thomas : it happens after the first year when you have to do internship at a company for 2-3 months

madhu : sir how to prepare for verbal ability and how to remember those many meanings
tssmurty : Second part is already answered. please check the mail transcript. Look at the following for the first party. -- One of the first steps to improving in VA is to improve your familiarity with the use of English. You must use all your reading, writing and speaking as practical applications of the grammar and vocab that you learn. Try to write and speak as correctly as possible. As for reading, please read as much as you can and, when you do, pay attention to the language - words used, sentence structure and paragraph structure. Build your vocabulary through your reading and support that with the flash cards and word lists. Once in a while, say, once or twice a week, take one of the larger paragraphs from what you read and treat it as a grammar exercise – examine different aspects of grammar and the role they play in sentence structure. One day look at subjects (whether nouns or noun phrases/clauses), one day at verbs, one day at modifiers, one day at prepositional use, and so on. This will really help, since you'll build familiarity the same way that you do with vocab.

sree : sir,As the deadline of GIM was over in december I couldnt apply with my cmat roll no which i am scheduled to take from 21 feb.Will they open the admission portal again?
asim : Unlikely

g : Sir is it like in Sydenham and JBIMS ... we will be called after declaration of results and then we have to submit fee...???
asim : A similar query has been answered,plz check

shining : sir, i've decided to take up CAT again as my percentile is just 89.55. Will I be able to access TIME online resources for this year? I've rarely used the online sectional tests.. Will I be allowed to access those for this year??
sunil : I am afraid that you will need to enroll for at least the AIMCAT series - advanced package. Then you will have access to most of the online tests for this year. Previous years' tests are not provided.

sree : sir,what would be the expected cmat score to get a gd/pi call from sydenham college?
asim : All the persons would be called to attend centralized gdpi which is conducted by DTE Maharashtra, for updates please check

hari : Sir, what should be the reading strategy for business/economics in newspaper and magazines for someone coming from B.Tech? The terms appear in these pages are like GREEK and LATIN to me. I bought "Dictionary of Economics" by Nagpal, but it didn't cover terms like CURRENT ACCOUNT DEFICIT, CCR share, repo rate cut and reverse repo cut..please help me in dealing with these sir
prakashrajput : A session on economics basics will be taken up at your centre. Also, you can go through various online resources to understand the basics of these things.

mohankumar : Sir, I will be completing 5 years of work experience by next year. Can i give cat for nest year (CAT2013). Do people with 5 years of work ex write cat?
thomas : yes. you are given marks for the work experience during the selection process.

drkmudasir : sir, is health care management a good course?
asim : Yes, provided you pursue it from a good b-school.

all : @asim sir,how to answer the question why mba after engineering?how should i start with?plz ans sir?
asim : Focus on your interest,aptitude and your long term goal and how mba fits in.

banu : How many hours do we need to prepare per day to get decent score?
govindrajan : It is not how many hours that matters. It is what quality of work you are doing. Plan your study by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. Pay more time to the areas where you are weak. This is a competitive exam. It cannot be said that a certain period of time is sufficient.

ansh : sunil sir which one shoulld i opt for ibs or bimtech hav gt calls frm both, hav scored 90 percintile in cat12
sunil : bimtech

drkmudasir : sir, how to practice essay writing?
tssmurty : It's a mix of your knowledge and presentation skills. For knowledge you need to read a variety of skills and practice writing some topics to check your presentation skills. Speak with a faculty at your center for the corrections.

srikanth : how to solve more problems in time and distance for me its very difficult can u give me any tips sir
asim : work on your basic concepts clarity, if you have doubt discuss them with friends and faculty members, there on keep practicing...Best wishes.

subhataker : any tips for xlri hr interview? What to read? What to expect?
asim : ans please check

yohan : sir,how to get mba education and career magazine pls help me and can iI pay direct cash in bangalore TIME ???
asim : You can subscribe for it, write a mail to they will send you the details

madhu : how to prepare for VA+LR and QA+DI for cat 2013 inorder to get good percentile?
prakashrajput : Similar questions already answered below. Please refer.

sahil : Sir I am planning to join TIME again, Plz let me know if there is any difference in TIME material from previous year or not?? Plzz reply...
prakashrajput : TIME material is revised every year. The set for CAT-13 will be different from the one for CAT-12 etc.

shining : sir, please answer if i'll be able to access online sectional tests and other resources on TIME website without enrolling freshly. I've decided to take up CAT again
sunil : query already addressed shining, look up the transcript

kaushi : For how many years the CAT scores are valid?
thomas : only for one year

subhataker : sir, any tips for xlri hr interview and gd? What to read? What to expect?
prakashrajput : The GDEI briefcase should provide you enough resources to get a good idea about the pattern. In terms of prep, you should focus on the following 1. Background 2. Career related 3. Academics/work experience 4. General Awareness 5. Personality related 6. Hobbies 7. Misc.

sam : sir how can i revise the topics that have been covered and those that i have studied (long ago) as i am enrolled in time for a 2 yr course since feb 2012. should i just go through the study material exercise once again or should i refer to other books meanwhile am taking the online sectional tests on daily basis?
govindrajan : you go through the SM once again if you feel you need to refresh the concepts. If you are very comfortable with any topic you are sure that you have exhausted the time material then you can think of Trishna book.

srikanth : How many hours do we need to prepare per day to get decent score?
tssmurty : At lease 4 hours a day, if you start your prep. one year before. But again it depnds on your current knowledge levels.

madhan : sir i have been preparing since november.. but even now i cant able to solve the problem at a quicker level.. especially quantz.. also i have a doubt like if we just remember the formulae alone are they enough to crack the quantz part...
aju : formula alone might not help u since direct questions are rare. First one need to concentrate on solving problems, then only work up pace once u develop familiarity with concepts. Also u will find that for all areas of quant it wont be same, there r some areas u cud pick up things quicker & start solving questions quicker- also some ppl improve in DI faster than in quant- hence keep urself open to that also.

chinna498 : how much can i get to get into GLIM in CMAT
thomas : around 200 marks.

krish : sir iam very good at RCs but my problem is with questions like identifying correct sentences. how should i improve that?
tssmurty : After reading the sentence that you have to correct, please ensure that you first divide it into its components – main clauses and subordinate clauses/phrases. Ensure that you spot and correct errors in each component. Look at the placement of the subordinate clauses/phrases and see if that needs correction. Look at the connectives ( relative pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions) to see if they need correction. Then reassemble the sentence and check it against the choices that you have. This practice will give you the familiarity for choice elimination, so that you get quicker at dealing with such questions.

toss : sir my all exams results that i hv given 2012 are very bad. i had prepared for 1 and 1/2 year at time institute . and now want take a second for all the exam . so frm now will i be able to prepare for all those xams and is it necessary join institute to prepare for entrance xam frm now
sunil : A lot depends on your level of knowledge and performance as of date. What was your CAT percetile? You will need to meet a senior faculty member in person to get the best advice for your situation

subhataker : sir any tips for xlri hr?
asim : In addition to regular prepare also prepare why do you wish to make a career in HRM?

ashique : sir this is the first time i will be writing the MBA exam . how many hours should i prepare to get a decent score
prakashrajput : It is not as much about the number of hours. Have a clear plan for your preparation and assess your progress on a regular basis. Around 4 hours should be good for now.

krish : what is the ratio of freshers to experienced in older iims?
prakashrajput : Keeps varying from Institute to institute and from year to year.

yohan : what is the highest salary for mba stud in IIM ahmedabad????
prakashrajput : Pl go through the placement report of last year for details on highest, mean, median and lowest salaries.

amita : sir i got 78.04 percentile in cat.should i try for one more year as i am in final year of graduation.or this percentile is fair enough to take admission this year?plz suggest colleges i can go for
thomas : if you feel you can do better it would be better to prepare once more and write car again. with around 90 percentile you will have a lot of decent colleges to apply to

drkmudasir : sir, is healthcare management agood course?
tssmurty : For a person with some medical related background, the anwer is yes.

mukesham : sir i am writing 2 to 3 essay everyday,but sir how correction is possible by time faculty??? i have to send my assay anywhere?????????
tssmurty : If you are a time student, send t to mentioning your ID No., batch code and place.

madhu : sir,i find myself weak in verbal to improve in verbal ability
prakashrajput : A similar question already answered below. Please refer.

r124 : how are new iim's compare to iit bombay ,nitie,
asim : Brand IIM is a very powerful one ans associating oneself with it can do wonders for ones career.

karthik : Sir, i am working in an IT company. I have planned to give CAT 13 exam. I need your advice as how to start preparation for my exam. I have also enrolled in TIME for weekend batches. Need your advice as it will be very useful for me. Thank you..!!!
govindrajan : First promise to yourself that you will be consistent in preparation. For working people this makes wonders. Sit and do analysis of the area where you have to pay lot of attention and those where you are comfortable with. Then plan your time in accordingly. Make a systematic use of the material. Make sure that you are through with the material provided to you.

chinna498 : the last date for GLIM apllication is
asim : check

subhataker : thanks asim sir. i was sick and only starting with gdpi prep now. I have not yet received the official call letter via mail though. Do i have enough time?
asim : YES, give it your 100%, i am sure you will convert your call. Best wishes

sahil : Sir, Is it right to be said that core mba is preferable in first 3 years of your IT experience?? Plz reply..
sunil : dear sahil, you will need to be a little more clear about what you are asking. some more details about your situation are required

sv : What is the total marks of CAT generally? is it known? and what about the cutoff for a decent do we rate ourselves.
thomas : there are 60 qns and each right ans gets you three marks. for each wrong ans 1 mark is deducted.a score of 90 should get you around 95 percentile.

r124 : in IIM K form they have asked a question why management as a career. so what should be the content in it.
sunil : dear r124, this question is a key question for any instituter and not only IIMK. The response to this shoud be based on a good understanding of what management entails and also your interest and skills relevant to that.

ravi : When will the classroom course for CAT 13 conclude? Also how do I gauge my performance in the subsequent AIMCAT and identify the areas I need to improve?
tssmurty : It depends on when your batch started and at which stage it is now. Enquire from your center. Speak with a faculty by showing your AIMCAT scores for clarity.

lakshmi : is it a good idea to write cat exam at third year of my graduation?
thomas : you can write cat in the final year of graduation if you have prepared well.

manish : hello sir, i was wondering if GMAT score is considered by IIMs instead of CAT?
govindrajan : no

sahil : Sir, I got shocking 57%ile in CAT'12 and I was expecting around 95%ILE. I was doomed. Can you tell me what approach should i apply now in CAt'13
prakashrajput : How did you do in the other exams besides CAT? consider writing CMAT. As for Cat-13, the strategy would depend on what exactly went wrong with the test. If its nervousness during the test, you should write more test papers. if its conceptual clarity, you know what to do. :)

chinna498 : when will AIMCAT series for CAT13 starts
thomas : in may.

maha : Sir . i would like to begin with the basics ,will it be useful if i start studying formulas or is it better taking tests on different topics ?
prakashrajput : Please do not cut corners in your prep. CAT, of other things, is a test of your conceptual clarity. And that comes only with thorough prep.

vidyanadh : sir,i have break in education.gone for EAMCET long term.but didbt done well 2nd time as well.COMPLeTED 12TH in 2007. started in shud i deal with it?
asim : Do not worry be honest.

mohankumar : For 5 years work ex guy, which test do you suggest to take. GMAT or CAT 2013?...which would be better?
asim : GMAT

ravi : Sir how is the placement record and reputation of the new IIMs?Assuming I graduate from one of the new IIMs, would I be considered at par with the old-IIM graduates?
thomas : the placements are really good. not at the same level of the old iims but better than most other schools.

amit : sir i got call from new iims but sir iwant to BE a part of ABC (iim)
thomas : first attend the can decide about joining them later.

nivetha : Sir only refering TIME course materials is good enough..! or i have to opt for other materials too.. if so please suggest
govindrajan : TIME material is sufficient. You can think of other books after you complete the entire time material.

amita : sir i should go for bimtech or nia ?
asim : BIMTECH

ganesh : Good Evening Sir, I am taking CAT this year. Could you please suggest what are all the efficient ways to increase my vocabulary & verbal ability skills??
tssmurty : Both questions are answered. Please go through the chat transcript.

madhu : as the cat2013 will be in October how to start the preparation to get a good percentile for the students who write for the first time
aju : key wud be to start off the earliest and to start ur prepn smart-identify ur strong areas & weak areas, working hard on ur weak areas & maximizing score in strong areas and also following the time & tried-TIME process which will be taught at ur TIME centre.

chinna498 : sir,i have written CAT12 for 180 marks and in score card they gave it for is it possible
asim : These are scaled scores, check

parth : in an interview of a 99.99 percentiler, she said that she attempted 50 questions which would fetch much higher score than 90. sir are you sure 90 marks as score can fetch 95 percentile?
thomas : a score of around 90(30 qns net)should get you close to 95 percentile.sure about that.

madhan : sir comparing to DI and quantz which is time consuming....
asim : Neither if you prepare well

sunny : PA is scheduled this coming saturday for Great Lakes Gurgaon Energy Management course. Can I U give me some tips with regards to the prep? Thanks
tssmurty : Brush up your academics, current affairs details, personal details and give concise and precise answers unless asked for detailed replies.

mythvisu : hello sir! am an arts student i prepare for 2 hrs a day. how can i manage the 2hrs effectively? Which areas should i concentrate more? am very weak in rc section if i do an rc a day the entire 2hrs goes for that one rc itself. how well can i make myself in that 2 hours??
aju : there r ppl who mix areas in 2 hours & ppl who stick to 1 area for the 2 hours & go for another area on another day-choice is urs & depend on personal preference & effectiveness-but try out both, u never know what works for u. Also even if u might take more time for 1 rc initially, after going thru the motions for couple of months-u would improve & time taken would surely come down.

sam : sir will it be helpful if i solve previous year cat papers section wise in parallel with my preparations or should i wait and complete mystudy material have my basics clear and then try my hands on the previous papers as a whole under time constraint and plz suggest some good book for previous years question papers?
govindrajan : We provide you several mock papers which are at the standards of previous paper. It is not advisable to attempt mocks without being through with the basics.

kaushi : when do we get the CAT result ?
thomas : normally in early jan.

ajeet : Good Evening. I scored around 60% in my 12th and my graduation was through correspondence and I scored about 60%. I have a 9 year work experience in the BPO industry. Could you please tell me what are my chances to get into one of the top IIMs?
tssmurty : It also depends on your CAT score. If you try sincerely, you can get into some of the good B-Schools, though not into IIMs. But it needs good effort.

arjun : Hi sir :) actually i got placed at HCL tech. i ve finished my course in april 2012 and i m still at hme waiting for the joining date. i ve joined TIME in january and i m preparing for CAT'13. sir, at this juncture,since i ve already wasted 1 year waitin for Joining at HCL, still waiting, i fear that my career is at stake.. can u please suggest me some ideas for my career at this juncture?
sunil : Since you have already joined for CAT13 coaching, i suggest you prepare seriously for it. One year gap is not a big thing at all, especially if you can mange to get a decent CAT percentile. You should stop worrying about having missed an year.

vicky : good eve sir , i have been preparing for gate since last one year. but now i am not interested in that . so in this situation will i be able to grab any good B school in this session ?
sunil : That completely depends on your ability to get a good percentile in any of the relevant management entrance tests and your profile vicky.

ccca3n198 : sir, speed maths??? this subject iam not able to do... like im not too good in it.... and in the class im not able to get it quickly.... so wat should i do...??
govindrajan : The purpose is not to master speed maths. Try to understand the concept and see are you able to use them while solving DI and quant questions.

time : Sir, Kindly suggest me how to improve upon the critical reasoning skills - I believe TIME material doesnt have much theory on attacking parajumbles, sentence correction. However, lot of questions are mentioned. Do we start working on the exercises directly?
tssmurty : Please go through the chat transcript for SC. For Para jumbles and other reasoning based questions, please go through the following -- Para Formation/ Para Completion Questions: Both these question types test your ability to identify thought flow, and your familiarity with para structure. Basically, a paragraph is a set of sentences which, together, express an idea or an idea-set. While there are the occasional exceptions, paragraph structure usually follows a certain thought pattern, depending on content and purpose. Content is not too difficult to determine. Ask yourself "what is it the author is speaking of in the para, what is the situation being presented?" To determine purpose ask yourself "what is the author's objective in presenting this info or situation?" You'll find, then, that in many paragraphs the sequence in structure is as follows : 1. When the purpose is to explain something - the author would start with a line that presents a general approach to the idea, and progresses from that to a narrower or more specific reference. 2. When the purpose is to raise awareness - the author would first present information and detail that would then bring the issue or problem into focus. 3. When the purpose is to raise anxiety or concern - the author would focus on the issue or problem in a manner that raises the reader's concern, and would then present the feature of the issue that are the reasons for the concern or anxiety. 4. When the purpose is to present solutions - the author would first explain the issue or problem, and then move to the possible rectification or solutions. 5. When the purpose is to surprise, or amaze, or cause wonder - the statement of surprise would be presented first and would be followed by the features of the idea or issue that would explain why the surprise. ....and so on. With this recognition, identifying the opening sentence (sometimes the closing sentence, sometimes the clear link between 2 sentences) becomes possible. Using these and a combination of recognition of thought flow, recognition of grammatical connectives used (pronouns, relative pronouns, demonstrative adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions) and simultaneous evaluation of choices for elimination, you should be able to arrive at the correct formation of the paragraph. Also look for and identify these features in paragraphs (purpose and patterns) when you engage in general reading. This would be good practice. Application of such recognition becomes important for para completion questions too, whether you are trying to spot intermediate sentences, or last sentences. When you are identifying last sentences it is important that you pick that line that effectively brings the thought-flow and the discussion, in the para, to a close (and not a line which continues with the thought-flow but leaves the discussion incomplete). Practice, and the application of these points, should help. You could also look up 'paragraph writing' and 'paragraph structure' in a good high school grammar and composition book.

karthik : sir, for quants after completing the exercises in the given material i am solving the questions posted in pagalguy...does this suffice for quant prep??
govindrajan : Observe how you are faring in those questions. If you are happy with your performance you can go for periodic revision.

drkmudasir : does a good score in cat covers up for bad acads?
tssmurty : No. It only opens the chances of hope for higher studies.

krish : sir please answer. What percentile i should aim at for cat-13 being nc-obc having good acads?
thomas : 95+ should get you calls. aim for 100.

grv : sir i got worst result in CAT.. 89 in SNAP but applied only SIBM-P and B, SCMHRD, gave XAT 91.25,, but missed XLRI for DM and others SPJAIN and XIMB too , going for CMAT , can u suggest me some colleges for XAT and CMAT , i have to enter in a B-school this year anyhow..pleaseeeee

ansh : sir hw is ifmi should i apply it with cat 90.42 percintile?
asim : You can aim at better b-schools at 90 percentile

111 : Good evening sir, I have got 99.3 in cat2012 but I didn't get any older IIM call except IIMC. I love IIMA. What should I do? In case if I don't convert IIMC should I give another shot? or Should I join any other AAA grade college? I'm unable to decide. What do you suggest?
thomas : dont think about not converting now. give your best shot for the interview.

sunny : How should be our approach in Analytical Writing Test if we do not have complete info on the topic given?? Thanks
tssmurty : It needs a good amount of reading to get better ideas. If not, you can only think of from whatever knowledge you have.

vivek : Sir,My first AIMCAT was a disaster, I got only 30 percentile. Please suggest me good strategy to get good percentile in next AIMCAT, what are the things i should concentrate first?
aju : vivek,first of all do not despair-we know of students who started as low as 13 percentile & finally ended up with 99+ percentile by their final aimcat & cat, so ur first aimtest 30 percentile is not an indicator of ur final score. Also keep in mind that few of repeaters who would write along with u would score higher from the very first mock, but u wud soon catch up. plan on improving for ur each mock by first analysing where all u went wrong in ur first aimtest & eliminating silly mistakes & negatives. Gradually u will improve & ur confidence will also go up. best of luck!

blackhaig : sir am reasonably weak in English , nothing seems to be working for me in English any suggestion how to go about things...???
tssmurty : A similar question is just answered. Please go through the chat transcript.

veroni : sir ,can i crack cat 2013 if i start preparing now ???
asim : Absolutely YES

arjun : Sir, in Tamil Nadu, what are the best B-schools???
asim : IIT-Madras,IFMR,GREAT LAKES,NIT-Trichy,BIM-Trichy,LIBA are some of the good options

nivetha : Am a fresh joinee in TIME.. from which part i can start preparing.. focussing on which part would help me in scoring good marks..?
asim : Since IIMs and other top b-schools have a provision for sectional cutoffs, it would be advisable for you to prepare on all the areas.

keerthi : sir,am general category...X- 86% XII- 95.3% and btech aggregate till now-76.1% am final yr. student..I seriously need somebody's help ..pls reply...I got 64.95 percentile overall ...1st secn 74.15 percentil and 2nd secn 54.21.,sir am a CAT-12 student regular in T.I.M.E ..i've got all materials how to prepare CAT-13 plss reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thomas : prepare from the material you have and enroll for the aimcats.

vicky : we are just preparing the handouts in the class so i have no idea of using materials which is been provided by T.I.M.Es...???
asim : check

karthik : @govindrajan sir, in some topics like P&C i am not feeling comfortable even after solving the questions in the material twice...whenever i encounter a difficult problem (in pagalguy) i am not able to solve solving rate is very low
govindrajan : is it because you are not being able to handle the numbers or because you are unable to generate the ideas ? If it is the second case I suggest that you pickup high school books and try go through these topics. That will help.

maha : I find the RC passages in the link are difficult and the topics are little vague and am not able to concentrate! can u give some tips on what to do with those passages? any strategy that i can adopt ?
tssmurty : Sometimes the passages are abstract. But you need to try and concentrate. Try to relate some of the points to things that you have already learnt. it might help.

cat2013 : sir how is nsb, nilm and amity noida?
asim : check

raju27 : sir how do you rate international school for management excellence(isme) bangalore? what is the avg placement at isme? i could not find any where.
asim : check the top 140 b-schools list

bulbul : sir i have 90percentile in cat and got selected in UPES dehradun for International business. so is it good or shud i wait i have also applied for nirma, tapmi, ifmr and kj somiya.
asim : The other b-schools mentioned by you are better options

time : Thank you sir.
tssmurty : Good luck!

veroni : sir,is there any negative marks in cat ?
thomas : yes. the negative marking is one third.

jack : How to start when a question on Tell me about yourself is asked. Should we start by telling my name, qualification, family etc or any good attributes about of mine. pls throw some light on this
sunil : A very brief background is a good start. As in no need to tell stuff like your age, or father's name and profession. But you could mention your name, place from where you are, and your graduation. (no need to mention college unless it is a very reputed one like IIT or BITs etc). The quickly move to and focus on your attributes, strengths and hobbies etc.

kaushi : we wil be having our sem exam during oct/nov , is it a good advice to take up cat exam during the same month or in which month i have to take up the CAT exam ?
tssmurty : You can only take it within the window that is offered -- Oct - Nov.

bulbul : what is the cut off for tapmi and how shud one prepare for the gd
thomas : tapmi generally calls all attend the gd sessions at your center.

mukesham : dear tssmurty sir i enrolled for aimcat and gd/pi.can i send my essay to time faculty at mentioned email.????i have calls from all new iims.
tssmurty : Yes, you can.

sahil : Sir, Is it right to be said that pioneer b-schools prefer students with 3yrs or less years of experience in IT field?? I will have 2.5 yrs exp. when i give cat'13...
sunil : 2.5 yrs is ideal

vivek : In RC there are lots of philosophy and mythologies where can i learn those? Please suggest me tips. Are they really important ?
tssmurty : Please go through the RC Links on your student homepage.

blackhaig : X th -85 Xii- 91.8 and grad-67 what would good score to get in CAT-13 to calls from IIM's
sunil : 99+ percentile

jack : Sir LIBA, GIM, IFMR, NIRMA, NMIMS Bang. I know all these are in BBB category. But would like to know which is having more edge. It will be so kind if u rank these colleges. I have a good chance of getting call from these colleges.
asim : Please get in touch with us after securing multiple final converts, best wishes.

ravi : What percentile should a general category student get to stand a chance for IIM-Kozhikode, Indore and the new IIMs?
sunil : in the 96+ range

sunny : Sir, For the question "Where do U see urself in say 5 or so yrs?" Is it Good for me to say that I am currently focused on getting a MBA degree in a specialization of my choice and decide my future course once I finish my course??
sunil : you will need a ball park estimate at least, like in the middle management of a top IT company, or starting my own business, etc.

grv : sir please reply sir.....
asim : Answered plz check

bhagyashree : Sir, i m very very very very weak in verbal ability. out of 10 i get only 5 questions right despite practising daily for 1 hour. but still i cant establish the logic when it comes to para jumbles and cloze test. only 9 months r remaining for CAT. Sir please guide me how to proceed with improving and maintaining accuracy and speed…m fairing will in other 3 sections… but verbal is my weakest of the weakest it logic where m i lacking in??? hw can i improve it??
aju : if u have been practicing like this for the last few months & still not improving, there could be some fundamental flaw in ur reasoning & arriving at answers- sit with english faculty of ur centre on 1 to 1 basis & try to find out the pattern of ur mistakes & then work on improving them. Other areas u might already be doing well because the way u think is as per the actual process-but it is not aligned so yet for verbal. hence work on this systematically & u shud improve.

veroni : sir,is there any current affairs question in cat??
asim : No(till CAT-12)

ajuasimkumar : Sir..I have no choice other than to stay in hostel,people around here are disturbing me each time i take my book and demotivating me saying you cannot make it to iim..what should I do?
tssmurty : Ajuasimkumar, ignore them and continue your preparation. Your calls from IIMs will answer them aptly.

srikanth : other than iim which is best in college
asim : CHECK

meyalaga : sir,i want to know the details for cat long term course is weekday or weekend?
tssmurty : We offer both. Please send a mail to asking for details.

madhan : sir can we consider the real truth of the world while solving DATA SUFFICENCY....when the options some times dont go with the same ...
aju : u shud go with real world truth unless specified otherwise explicitly- like 24 hours in a day, hen to legs. Keep in mind that in real world r also exceptions- like Feb having 29 days, do not miss them out. After some practice & familiarity with ques, u wud know all the tricks of the game, DS is such an area.

rishisingh : Sir i have 70% in classX , 67% in class XII and 8.09 DGPA in btech.i have started my own software firm with my freinds in kolkata after my sir my query is if i manage to get in top 1%tile in cat2013 will i get iim or my past academic nd my work experience which is not of any big company hamper my chances.i am in genral category
prakashrajput : with your CG and quality of work-ex, you definitely stand a good chance. Go ahead, do it.

nivetha : Sir could u list some top 6 IIMS in India..?
asim : check

disha : I am a time student. I got 74 percentile in cat 2012. Want to give cat 2013. How should i do my prep?
asim : check the chat transcript for tips

karthik : @govindrajan thank you is the second case...i am quite comfortabe with numbers chapter..i will implement the suggestions given by you..
govindrajan : All the best

krish : sir iam last year time student. Can i get all the material available in student home page by taking enhanced aimcat package.
prakashrajput : As a previous student you are eligible for discount on the course fee. But post that whichever module you take, the facilities shall pertain to that module only.

ganesh : Sir, I am planning to take CAT'13 this year.. But I have not given any exams last yr, except NMIMS... Is this sufficient to crack with the help of good preparation & Mock Tests??
prakashrajput : Please elaborate. If you are planning to write CAT-13, then the exams you wrote or did not for CAT-12 season are immaterial. And yes, you have time for CAT-13. So, can definitely make it.

grv : sir no one answering my questions
asim : Answered plz check

bulbul : with 90 percetile can i expect a call from tapmi, ifmr, nirma, liba, kj somaiya.what is the average placemaent package in these institutes? what other institutes can i apply for?
kumargaurav : Yes, You should Get calls from all these calls.

dass : sir except english knowledge, we can able to get more percentile or not?
aju : u can go well otherwise also-for the other areas, nit for verbal area, some amount of english knowledge, more on practical verbal aspects in needed- which will be imparted to u as part of ur course & with other basic reading that u shud do including news papers.

bulbul : which institute is better between kj somaiya and nibm?
tssmurty : KJ Somaiya.

karthik : Sir, my first aimtest percentile was 99.27...i feel that i am getting carried away by that and even though i am working on daily basis...i somehow feel that i am not giving my best in prep and unable to draw out a clear plan of study..please provide me suggestions.thank you
aju : ur first test score being 99+ shows that u r already having a good foundation-hence u need not work to the extent of burnout-rather it would be better to work up in a systematic fashion whereby u will maintain a steady pace & keep maintaining ur edge & keep working on ur improving ur strengths & eliminating ur weak areas.

vicky : sir i have joind times last month weekends.... they said classes will be on Saturday nd sunday but still we are having on Sundays only.... when dose Saturday nd sunday classes starts.....
prakashrajput : please get in touch with your centre. Or drop a mail to

madhan : sir i am trying with time foundation questions and outta 40 i am scoring 9..15..23.. like that.. but hardly i reach 23... probabley i lie bet 10 and 20.. will i make it out...
prakashrajput : too early to be trying to predict. Just make sure you are learning something new every day. You have time and with practice this accuracy will improve.

disha : If I take drop for 1 year then will it be disadvantage in getting admission in top college and IIM?
prakashrajput : it doesnt matter.

vivek : Sir,should i prepare for GDPI also now itself for CAT13? or should i concentrate on them only after getting calls from IIM?
prakashrajput : For now, please focus on the written exam. However, do try and build good reading habit.

meyalaga : which TIME coaching centre is better among all time centre in bangalore
prakashrajput : Its the same faculty who teach at all centres. There would hardly be any difference between the centres.

called : Sir my IIM-K WAT/PI date clashes with IIT-kgp GD/PI. Both at the same city. Kgp at 8:30am and IIM-k at 1:30pm. Is it possible that I attend both? Or should I attend only one?
asim : Try to attend both, right now try to request one of them for a reschedule

indianlad : Is there any age limit for CAT Exam? I am 29,and worried,that I am much older... Kindly advise.
tssmurty : You can take. No age limit.

madhu : sir, I coul solve QA questions in the time material but iam unable to score good percentile in QA.what would you suggest to improve
sunil : solving questions is just the beginning. You will need to solve them under test pressure, be able to select the right questions to answer and speed. also accuracy, which comes with a thorough grasp of the concepts.

ram : Sir IMT-G or SCMHRD?
prakashrajput : First convert and then decide.

disha : If I drop for one year after BE then will it be disadvantage in getting admission in top college?
prakashrajput : Depends on how you handle the question of drop. Get in touch with your faculty for detailed guidance on the matter.

din : good eve sir, is OBC minority included from this year in CAT?? if not do you know when will it get included??
asim : You can keep checking for any kind of update in this regard.

vivek : Sir, Atleast 4 hours daily you have mentioned.what is the split up for each section in that 4 hours? or should i concentrate all 4 hours on a single section.?
prakashrajput : feel free to use it the way you want. As long as we maintain the balance overall, it hardly makes a difference.

bulbul : what is the cat percentile for great lakes
prakashrajput : around 92

blackhaig : what is method to improve your speed in xams...??? i was even unable to read the whole paper last tym..?? Ideally how many queations needed to be answered to get a good %le(iim cal settng one )..??
prakashrajput : It is too early to worry about these things. Right now you should focus on building your basics. We will discuss how to improve your performance in the tests separately when the AIMCATs begin.

madhu : sir what shoul be the planning schedule for much time time I have to spend for the preparation daily and what type of magazines and newspapers I have to study.
govindrajan : Please go through chat transcript, similar question is already answered. Read one magazine that deals with economics and read The Hindu to be in touch with current affairs.

sam : sir, i have completed the study material related to DI and RCS about 5 months ago. should i solve the same questions once again or what should i do to be in touch with these sections? sir plz ans
aju : Rather than repeating thru the same material-work more on the remaining material including handouts for each areas & online sectional tests which will be uploaded stage-wise.

din : how to find out whether i belong to OBC or SC and so on??
prakashrajput : if you dont know then you do not. Visit the local collectorate and ask for the suitable dept.

anand : is it necessary to wear blazzer&tie for interview?plz ans sir
sunil : A tie yes, very much preferable. Blazer, it up to your preference. A formal look is very much expected.

madhan : sir as u said 4 hours.. i am a workinf employee now.. so i hardly spend even 2 hours daily.. so is it possible sir...
thomas : 2hrs per day is enough. try to spend more time on weekends.

nivetha : Sir i hav good score in 10th 92% but bad score in 12th of just 67% but in BE got any cause whethr my 12h percentage wil afect missing top IIMs..
thomas : it will have a small effect. you can cover it with a good cat score and a valid reason for the dip in the int stage.

jack : @ asim sir . Sir what u said is true and i understand it. But still it will be very helpful if u can rank them. Actually i am really restless. Please
asim : Relax, right now keep preparing for GDPI, best wishes

ravi : I,in my 3rd yr engg have joined TIME classes just because I am good at Maths and English and not because I really want to do an MBA. I am performing moderately and still have a lot to improve. Should I pursue an MBA or should I look at other options?
govindrajan : You are the best person to answer this question. What is your career plan ? Decide according to that.

g : sir you have told great lakes requires 92 percentile ... but it doesn't feature in TIME list ... i wanna know .. how good is his college..??
prakashrajput : its a 1 year program.

sv : sir i asked te following is the marking scheme common for both verbal and quants? and can you please tell me how many RCs(size and hw many qsns per RC on avg)and weightage of DI,DS? and yes, how many months is it reqd generally for effective preparation for a hardworking person? Sir, Im also very weak wehn it comes to profit loss and stocks shares investments. how should i go about cracking them
prakashrajput : 1. yes its common. 2. You should try to answer all the RCs in the test. 3. DI would be 9-10 Qs out of the 30 Qs of section 1. DS is a part of either QA, DI or LR. 4. You have time. Start right away. For now around 4 hours should be good.

blackhaig : What is the difference btwn MBA an PGDM..??
aju : MBA is a degree, which can only by issued by a university or deemed unty whereas PGDM is a diploma & is issued by autonomous institutes

sunny : Sir, Myself being introvert in nature.. Should I state it as my weakness?
prakashrajput : can say it. But will need to back it with proper reasoning and make sure you give them a proper action plan.

indianlad : To get into IIMs, What strategy should one adopt (on a daily basis). Please answer..
tssmurty : Similar questions were already answered. Please go through the chat transcript.

anand : @asimsir is it necessary to wear blazzer&tie for interview?plz ans sir
asim : Not mandatory unless mentioned otherwise by the b-school.Though let me add it adds value to your personality.

vinayak : which is better GIM or NIRMA
prakashrajput : GIM

ntiwari : Sir,is ISBR a good MBA colg?
prakashrajput : Depends on your alternatives. Its a decent college. Please speak with college seniors before joining.

din : suggest some books like alchemist or so, to improve on my English at same time keep me highly interested
tssmurty : You can read anything that interests you. But should read on a continuous basis. You can try fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newpapers, online stuff, etc. You can pick and choose from various articles and books.

anand : @asimsir is it necessary to wear blazzer&tie for interview?plzz ans sir
prakashrajput : a similar question already answered. Please check chat transcript.

bharatkavali : plzz tell the important topics to be covered for cmat in quantitative aptitude,logical reasoning,comprehensive and general knowledge plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it will help me a lot
govindrajan : There is no important and unimportant topics. CMAT covers a wide variety of topics particularly in reasoning and GK. You will be able to answer questions if you are through with basic concepts in quant.

sv : thank you sir.. but i dont know hw to strt the prep frm material.there's so much material given..starting trouble though!! kindly suggest if i must strt wit something im t familiar with? or something which is a cake walk for me?
govindrajan : Start with the topics which are discussed in class room.

rishisingh : @prakashrajput thanks a lot for your reply sir.i always got negative response from everyone so i was lot depressed but you boosted my confident i will defintly do it sir.
prakashrajput : you welcome. I had a 67, 57 and 77 percentage score. And converted all the calls (I, K, MDI) first list. So, you can too.

nivetha : for at all i can use my CAT score?
prakashrajput : please elaborate.

ajeet : @tssmurty thank you very much for answering my question. Since you mentioned I may not be able to get through into IIMs, would I be able to get into a BSchool at the level of IIMs if I am able to score well in GMAT?
tssmurty : I meant that you can get into other B-Schools if you don't make it to the IIMs. You can also try for IIMs. Some good schools also accept GMAT. You can try.

ravi : @govindrajan sir, my aim is to work for a PSU irrespective of an MBA or an M.Tech...Now what should be my future course of action?
govindrajan : If you are able to get employment in a PSU immediately after your B.Tech, I suggest that you join. You can think of MBA latter, if need be.

nivetha : *for what all i can use my CAT score?
aju : cat score can be used to various B-Schools this current year & for FPM for few institutes next year also...

madhan : sir can u answer my question...i got 86%in 10th,.... 71% in 12th ... 85% in ug... 72% pg... will i get into any of a,b,c....
prakashrajput : A similar question just answered. Please check.

vivek : Sir,Does Reading newspaper alone good for me or should i also read some novels? Which newspaper is your preference ?
prakashrajput : Novels are always beneficial. Please use both. Hindu.

vinayak : NMIMS BANG or GIM. Which is better
asim : Right now try to convert both, we will take this query later on.

called : Sir Please Reply!! Sir I also have calls from IIM-I and 6 new IIMs. The new IIMs would take IIM-K's WAT/PI score. Is'nt it possible that because of relatively better competition at IIM-K's WAT/PI, my WAT/PI score would relatively lower than I would have scored if I would be performed the same in WAT/PI test of new IIMs. One bad day would ruin my chances of making into 7 IIMs(1old+6new)?
prakashrajput : The score is absolute. The rank is relative. So, doesnt matter.

karthik : @aju: thank you sir my strong area is quant.i have problem with P&C, Probability and Allegations.Recently P&C has been covered and am solving as many questions as i come across..regarding VA I regularly study articles from hindu, economist and guardian..i am noting down the difficult words,writing the meaning and forming 3 sentences with the word (this I do in office time)...will it be fine if I go aboutwith this procedure for now or any changes needed
aju : this procedure is fine enough for now, but keep checking with urself & faculty & mock test scores & performance whether u need to re-think or re-frame ur strategy stated- also areas to cover would keep changing as u progress, prioritization & keeping the interest going is the key

ajeet : @tssmurty - Thank you very much again sir. Your answer instills more hope in me :)
tssmurty : Good luck!

prathapsampath : sir since iim i is conducting cat 2013 how will be the range of questions with regard to the toughness.will cat 13 be more tougher than 12.what can be expected. also wen will the mocks-aimcats start???
prakashrajput : AIMCATs start in MAY. The college conducting the exam and the toughness levels are not related.

madhan : thanks for answering all my questions...
govindrajan : Best wishes from team T.I.M.E

sv : thank you so much sir. words of wisdom. Surely will put your words to action
govindrajan : Good luck

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