Preparation tips for CAT-2013!
(Chat Transcript)

123 : what should b ones strategy for 13 cat?
ramachandran : Please study hard and consistently. Strategy will follow later.

cat13d : Sir am currently pursuing my B.Tech from Indraprashtha University and I am in 3rd year.I have already joined TIME for CAT preparation and will be giving the exam the next year. My college life doesnot leave me with ample amount of time to prepare for MBA competitive exam. So, how to cope up with both the things and what can be a genuine way to prepare for CAT and other exams? Regards
govindrajan : Can you spare a specific day and specific time for CAT preparation, while giving priority to your B.Tech ? Say weekends or everyday about one hour. Ensure that you do not miss CAT classes, and make it a practice to refer to the respective topics which you are going to attend the next day ( it should not take more than half an hour). After the class stick or staple the hand out ( if any) in the note book where you have taken the notes. Ensure that you refer to that note book within a week after attending the class. Practice a few questions from that chapter and complete the exercise in about three to four days. Initially pay attention on absorbing the basic concepts thoroughly. Do not worry about practicing advance exercises at this stage.

catiim : hello sir! this year's CAT was my first attempt. i have idea how to prepare for second stage. how should i proceed for GD and WAT?
ramachandran : Regular reading of newspapers and magazines will help you build ideas

george : Hi i am not having good academic marks, can i make it to IIMs?
thomas : yes, if you do well in the test and the gd.

snap : sir i know i m not asking ques relevant to this session but plz answer.....i have scored 71% in 10th,66% in 12th....51%in graduation m from commerce snap i m expectng....65+...which colleges should i apply in snap
vivek : Under SNAP - you can apply to SIOM, SITM and SCIT

kansal : Plzzz tell me that I am aiming around 75-80 score in SNAP..sShould I apply to SIBM-BANGALORE
vivek : Looks tough.

karthik : hi sir, i am very weak in verbal part, could you please suggest some ways to improve my verbal part especially grammar and vocab in particular. I have given SNAP yesterday and I could not do well. I want to be pretty comfortable by the time I give CAT13.
ramachandran : Regular reading of newspapers and magazines will help you in verbal area be it RC or Grammar or Vocab

snap : but vivek sir m from commerce background....
vivek : Then you can drop these colleges. Honestly, not many good colleges at this score.

kansal : SO VIVEK SIR .. what is the cut-off may be required for SIBM-BANGALORE
deepak :

galvatron : I am expecting a raw score of 113 in CAT 2012 can i apply to FMS Delhi?
ramachandran : Your decision will depend on your percentiles in AIMCATs. Please go ahead if you have been able to get 85 plus consistently

honey : sir, i completed gradution in 2009 that time i joined TIME but i could not get any gd collge, this yr i quit my job to study for cat and joined TIME again, but i my cat was not upto my expectation i dnt think if i can get any gd b school this year pls advice smthg i have 32 months of work ex. my avg aimcat %ile was 50 - 60.
vivek : What kind of advice do you need? For prep for CAT 13 or college application for this year?

nidhish : Sir, Please tell me what is the last year xat cut off %ile for xlri-bm ?
vivek : Not relevant Q

catiim : sir when will GDPI session start?
thomas : please call up the time office. they will be able to tell you the exact date for your city.

cat13d : Sir please reply..I am quite serious and a little bit tensed about my CAT preparation. Sir I am currently pursuing my B.Tech from Indraprashtha University and I am in 3rd year.I have already joined TIME for CAT preparation and will be giving the exam the next year. My college life doesnot leave me with ample amount of time to prepare for MBA competitive exam. So, how to cope up with both the things and what can be a genuine way to prepare for CAT and other exams? Regards
ramachandran : Every day before going to bed or before leaving for college , please put in at least 2-3 hours of work. There is really no other way

snap : @vivek sir...can i apply to ssbm
vivek : Not relevant Q

lpk : Good evening sir ,I want to job with preparation so part time job experience will be valid or not if not then what`s criteria for that? is it neccessary that experience should be in limited company?
vivek : Only full time experience is considered. The ltd. company thing does not apply. Any full time positions in even a partnership or proprietorship firms are fine.

bhca33034 : Hello I am working and unable to prepare regularly. Could you please suggest some basic time table which must be followed in order to crack CAT '13?
ramachandran : Every day before going to bed or before leaving for office , please put in at least 2-3 hours of work

parthpatel : sir what is the best way of improving verbal section? although m reading novels & newspaper daily,there is not any remarkable change.
tssmurty : You should read on a regular basis and with concentration. Pick the unfamiliar words/ expressions and make a list of those and go over them on and off. It is a continuous process. Do continue and you will get the desired results.

devilhunter : sir can u brief about the conversion adopted by iim to convert the raw score to normalized score?
vivek : Its not in public domain. So not known exactly. The link is present here. You can go through this -

rahul : any tips on how to prepare 4 iift gd/pi? any extra preparation needed as the course is ib?
vivek : Not relevant Q

kansal : OHKK VIVEK SIR... At the score of 75-80 in snap.. which clgs should I apply in SNAP After the results .. I have 50% in class X and 55% in Class XII and 60+ in graduation.. and plzzz tell me about the avg. package of that clg.. plzz help me regarding this
vivek : Not relevant Q

catiim : sir plz mention expected cut off for SIBM PUNE AND BANGALORE AND SCMHRD for SC CANDIDATE
thomas : cant say for sure. any score above 70 would get you calls from all the three.

kansal : @vivek sir.. plzzz help me.. plzzz
vivek : I am sorry. Pls do not spam. We have a chat session on 24th Dec. You can ask this Q then.

ronit : sir, 60-70 snap score (SC category) ... any chance in SIBM-p & B ,SIIB ??
vivek : Not relevant Q

sammy : Hi sir I know that I am not asking a relevant question...but could you please tell me.. what should be our preparation strategy for XAT 2013? and the marking scheme followed in XAT?
ramachandran : Please study hard and consistently. Strategy will naturally follow only later.Preparation for XAT is broadly the same as for any other exam

galvatron : what are the cutoffs for score based calls for SPJIMR?
vivek : Not relevant Q

mba : sir i have 28 month work exp. in marketing fild my CTC is 2.40 i have completed my gra. in BCA my pro. X=63 XII=56 GRA=56 plzz tell me that regular MBA is better or part time MBA for my future
vivek : I think for you regular MBA is better. The reason why people do part time MBA is because a) they cannot afford to leave the job b) the company sponsors them

karthik : Thanks Ramchandran sir for your suggestion. Could you please let me know how my reading of the articles should go about. What should I keep in mind while reading various articles which help me improve the grammar and vocab.
ramachandran : Please read and analyse. Please note new words and meanings. Please brush up. Please reflect

xat : i am preparing for XAT...I Have been given OMETS-101219.What is the expected cut off.I am able to do do 32 correct questons.REPLY URGENT
vivek : Not relevant Q

lpk : what should I do for improve communication skills and words power
tssmurty : Basic criteria is to read varied articles. This helps in your comm. skills and also for the verbal area. It should be a consistent effort until the exam.

akki : sir i attemt 26 in g.k, 29 in lr, 35 in quant n 11 in v.a with almost 90 percnt acurcy in snap? may i get cal frm 3 top clgs.
vivek : Not relevant Q

123 : hi sir i was regular student of time in madhapur and attended almost all classes...but i never got more than 40 percentile in aimcats which was frustating...should i go for regular classes in 2013 or anyth that will serve the purpose better?
ramachandran : Please be at it. Do not lose heart. Rejoining might be a good idea

catiim : sir plz refer some magazines for preparation of second stage of CAT
ramachandran : India Today, Outlook, The Week etc

parthpatel : @tssmurty: but sir all time i see meanings of new words that i come across but later i can not use it anywhere or when it is asked i can not answer.. sir how to tale those words at tip of the tounge??
tssmurty : Initially they need to be looked at a number of times, but you'll get used to them a little slowly. Do not panic. It's one year's preparation and you need to be patient.

umang : sir i got 93 percentile in sept. mat .. so shall i apply to glim chennai for pgdm course??? what are the chances of getting a call..
vivek : Not relevant Q

nidhish : Sir, I preparing for cat-13, How i can handle vocab. it is my weak section, I cannot memorizing the difficult word in vocab. ?
vivek : Memorizing does not work. You need to work hard and actively. The best way to improve is to start reading diverse topics. Reading is a very good habit to have. It would help you post MBA as well. Make sure that you actively seek out the meanings of the words. This seems daunting but actually with a little regularity, you can improve you vocab. Also remember, you have about 10 months to CAT - so there is quite a bit of time. Make sure that you use it wisely.

krish : Hello sir, iam pursuing my b-tech 3 yr in IIIT. Iam a summer crash course student of TIME. As iam not eligible for this yr cat, iam preparing hard for cat13. Iam sure that i'll crack it and even iam good at my acads. But iims even give wtg to co-curricular & xtra curr. activities. So, do i need to concentrate on them also?
thomas : no need to do anything specific now. as you have good acds , if you do well in the test you should get calls easily.

umang : sir plz tell me the cut offs for welingkar mumbai and banglore campuses for atma????
vivek : Not relevant Q

catiim : sir how much time is given for preparation if one gets a call from iim?
vivek : Calls usually come in Jan. Interview start mid Feb

jitesh : I know it is bit off topic but please tell what could be approximate cutoff of sibm banglore ,siib and sitm this year
ramachandran : Difficult to guess. Also, it might be useful for you to look ahead

vikas : Regarding CAT2012 , Apart from GWPI briefcase , Do we get any books to help us prepare for GD , Essay Writing , PI and General Awareness ?
tarannumraza : check at your will get material regarding these.

lpk : my maths basic is very weak what should i do to match CAT?
ramachandran : Please believe in yourself. The basic concepts are not too difficult.Please work really hard. You might surprise yourself!!

parthpatel : what should be done to improve G.K other than newspaper?
govindrajan : Apart from reading news paper watch news on TV. This will help you memorise what you read from news paper more effectively. Go thorough TIME magazine thoroughly. Improving GK is a continuous process. The more the reading habit you develop that much good for developing GK.

bhca33034 : Sir, In placement from good colleges, do they consider my last drawn CTC? I am in confusion Because I am confused between switching to another company or I should concentrate on CAT?
ramachandran : Please concentrate on your preparation.Other things will take care of themselves

honey : @Vivek sir, i cant wait wait for next year, this year i have to take admission due to family pressure, so pls advice accordingly
vivek : I think you should visit your T.I.M.E. Center personally - this question is better answered in person, because you would be required to tell the person a lot more things.

arjun : Sir which books are best along with T.I.M.E study material for D.I ??
thomas : you wont need any other case you finished the book you can refer the TRISHNA book for DI.

kxcl3m004 : Hi sir belong from a pure bengali board and non engineering should i approach my preparation for cat...i had detached 4 years from regular studies like mathematics after 10+2...
vivek : You need to be regular with your prep. Obviously you need to work on English. You need to understand grammar, vocab etc. Maths - master you first book in Maths by next Apr you would be through. The key point is - you need to be persistent and consistent.

umang : sir plz tell me the cut offs for welingkar mumbai and banglore campuses for atma???? plz sir just answer this query its a request
vivek : Under ATMA it should be around 95%tile+

jitesh : @ramchandran sir but can i expect sibm banglore if i am aiming at 100-110
deepak : Forget blore, you may land up a call from sibm pune!

: 85 to 90 percntile was my avg marks in aimcat bt at d tym of actual cat i m nt able to perform wel n j n just attempt 27 questns wid 90 percent accurcy! Should i give 1 more year to cat
vivek : Let the result come. Then we can decide. Why worry. Anyways it is only 3 more weeks.

parthpatel : sir is any extra-curricular activities needed for admission in top b-schools like iim-a,b,c,fms,symbiosis etc.?
tarannumraza : Extra curricular activities are not a pre-requisite for iim admissions.Your score & performance in the gdei process are imp.

nidhish : Sir, what is the difference between regular mba and company-sponsored mba ? And what is the benefits of company-sponsored mba ?
vivek : As the name suggests, in company sponsored MBA - you the company pays for you. Sometimes you even get salaries during your study. That is the good part. The down side can be - a) you would need to sign a bond b) no placements

mba : sir you say regular mba is bette for me than plz suggest me B school accourding my profile i will do cmat exam and iam X- TIME student and my CAT 2011PER. IS=67 pllzzzz VIVEK sir
vivek : Even if you are an x T.I.M.E. student, the center would help you. The reason why I wanted to you meet in person is because there might be certain questions that have be answered which you might not like to answer in a public forum like this.

cat : sir plz clear my confusion... we had been given names of the iim college as options while filing CAT form.. now do only those colleges of iim will consider us those we selected in the form?
ramachandran : Yes

praveen2010p : sir, i belong to NC-OBC, gave CAT on 16th oct, solved 16 in sec 1 with 100% accuracy and in sec 2 solved 17 with expected 90% accuracy ...B-tech 7.7 GPA ( fresher) , 12th 74.8 % and 10th 82%. what are my chances for getting IIM's call?
ramachandran : Difficult to guess percentile. Please await results with optimism. Good luck!

kxcl3m004 : Sir i am totally new for the DI can i master it
thomas : start with the SM 05 book and the DIHOS. this should cover all the basics.then you can do the DEXS and the online tests.

cat13d : @Govindrajan sir thanks for replying in detail and solving my issue to a certain extent. I can definitely give 3-4 hours on weekend but I have classes on weekend only plus my faculty tell me to given time daily which demoralizes me as I am not able to do that. Sir, whats the best way to solve the exercises of packages...I mean time bound or given specific amount of time to each question and absorb its difficulty level and question type?
govindrajan : It is not how much time you are spending, it is the quality of work that you have done during that time that matters. As you said give preference to absorbing the type of the question and the logic involved in it. I can also suggest you a method check if you works for you. While practicing the questions from exercise book keep the book clean i.e. do not mark answers in the book/ do not do rough work in the book. Once you go through a particular exercise for the first time plane to visit that exercise after a week or 10 days and try to solve without referring to the earlier work. Try to think and solve. Once you are through then refer to the class note book and go through the points that you have missed. This method works to ensure that we do not forget the concepts that you have learned.

jitesh : sir plzz tell some strategies that one should look at during last 20 days for xat 2013
ramachandran : Please continue to study hard and consistently

gv : IIM C and I cut off for SC category
ramachandran : Difficult to guess. Also, it might be useful for you to look ahead. Please start preparing for GDPI

praveen2010p : apart from GDPI briefcase ..what should i read?
vivek : The pink papers.

arjun : Is trishna good for verbal...many says that they are full of errors
vivek : Who says?

shobhit : i m just start my coching for mba in times institute tell me how i prepare my course of cat and how we read english meanings pls help me sir??
tssmurty : The faculty will give you an overall picture in the INTRO CLASS. In addition, you should read on a regular basis and with concentration. Pick the unfamiliar words/ expressions and make a list of those and go over them on and off. It is a continuous process.

shubhrans : sir i have attempted 81 questions in snap 2012 with 70 percent accuracy any chances of a call
thomas : it will depend on which college you are looking at. the score wont be enough for the top 4 colleges.

umang : ramchandran sir: i got 93 percentile in sept. mat .. so shall i apply to glim chennai for pgdm course??? what are the chances of getting a call.. ? plz answer my query its a request...
tssmurty : You can try. There are chances.

a2k : Sir How to be consistent with Ur effort and concentration when u didn't joined classes and a working guy with two years off experience?
vivek : If you are starting now, then around 2-3 hrs 4-5 days of concentrated effort should be fine.

praveen2010p : what is pink paper sir?
vivek : You need to find that out. Google it up. This is another skill you need to develop. If you do not understand a business terminology, look it up on Wikipedia / Google. The more you do this, the better you would get.

galvatron : According to the previous trends in CAT exam what raw score in CAT out of 180 can fetch a percentile of 95+ approximately?
thomas : it will depend on the difficulty level of the paper . normally a core above 90 should easily get you 95+.

cmat : witch type of Question ask in english section in cmat exam ?
vivek : Similar to CAT but easier.

parthpatel : sir please suggest some good novels.?
tarannumraza : 'Animal Farm' ,'Lord of the Rings'Books by Dan Brown,John Grisham,Jeffrey Archer,Paolo Coelho,autobiographies of successful leaders.old classics.You can start with 'The Alchemist'Read a lot & enjoy your reading !

kxcl3m004 : Sir i am basically from animation background.have 1 year work experience.from 2012 to end of 2013 i am not working focusing on cat should do job or do i only prepapre for the time gap of more than 1 year will create any problem for admission..what should i do
deepak : It is not advisable to leave a job in order to prepare for CAT. Almost all of the CAT takers every year are either in college or are working. You need not give up on one thing for the sake of other

: gud eve sir,i had a deep passion to do mba in top 30 colleges so that have taken coaching this year in time but i didnt gave my cat exam well and i was week in all sections and i am totally depressed plz give the suggestions for cat-2013
ramachandran : Please believe in yourself. Please work really hard. You might surprise yourself!! Please concentrate on your preparation. Other things will take care of themselves

bhca33034 : Is GMAT syllabus very different from CAT? What extra do we need for GMAT?
tssmurty : It has a specific pattern. Visit Most of your CAT preparation will be of good help.

aarpd : Firstly thanks for starting this chat, Ever since i gave CAT i am wondering about CAT 2013. I am TIME student for CAT 12 batch. I have work experience of 2.5 years. i usually scored 50 to 80 percentile's in AIMCATs. how should i start preparation for CAT2013..i have fair idea of Quant and Verbal. divide my prep process into 3 phases of 3 months each and advise me what i shud do during initial and final stages..Thanks in advance
ramachandran : Please study hard and consistently. It is actually as simple as that!!

cmat : sir for MMS course admission tack from cmat or mhcet
vivek : MHCET is gone. CMAT replaces MHCET

shobhit : my bca is persuing so pls tell that my mba decision is good for my future or not ............i want job pls tell?
thomas : if its just sbout the job an mba from any top college will assure you that

kxcl3m004 : Sir my English speaking power is should i prepare myself for gdand pi section or should i join any regular classes
ramachandran : Please equip yourself with knowledge. Also, lose inhibition while speaking.

galvatron : what raw score in CAT out of 180 can fetch around 99 percentile approximately?
vivek : Cannot be sure as the normalization can mess up things.

a2k : Sir How to be consistent in your effort and concentration level when you didn't joined the regular classroom teaching and you are a working professional with two years of experience?
ramachandran : If you are aware of the scope of the exams , you can start the preparation

kxcl3m004 : Hello sir i m not getting my answers for given query plzz check it give the proper solution to it
tssmurty : Your questions are answered. Please check.

shobhit : any one college from snap will give me the job or not??
thomas : no college will assure you of a placement. but the top 4-5 colleges generally see pretty much every student getting placed.

od : I am in the super long term course for cat 13 since july in TIME. What should bw course of study now?
govindrajan : Already answered.

ngca2t737 : Sir i have given CAT-12,it was not so good what if i take admission in the top possible b-school and then give CAT-13 and then go for an IIM,Is it possible to do so ,if possible ,then will it b a gud decision ?
vivek : Get all the admit offers - we can decide then.

aryan : dear sir,tell me which best in operation mgmt program spjain,nitie,nmims,sjsom,kjsom plz arrange rank wise.
ramachandran : Have you applied in all of them? ranking might be relevant after admission offer is got

shubhrans : sir now for xat 2013 practice from previous year xat papers and mock xat is a good strategy
thomas : the last couple of years xat was pretty tough. we expect a slightly easier paper this year. so it wont be a nice strategy to do the previous years the mockxats.

tara : sir, is it possible to keep preparing for cat while pursuing mba. do u think its fessible? if yes, pls suggest where to concentrate this year avg aimcat %ile was around 50.
ramachandran : Yes. All areas

od : I am third year comp engineering student in TIME long term course, would it be better if I have some industry experience and then give the CAT/CMATs?
ramachandran : You might as well give this year too

alonso : Hello sir
Is delhi school of management(d.t.u) a descent mba clg???
tarannumraza : yes it is.

kxcl3m004 : 10+2-74 %, B.SC ANIMATION-56% WITH ONE YEAR RA ,1 YEAR WORK EXPERIENCE 2011-2012.if i get a good percentile in cat will it create any problem during admission for iims for the given academic records...
thomas : the top iims do give weightage for acads. if you get a good score you can still expect a few calls.

ngca2t737 : Sir apart from material provided by TIME,Please suggest some classic books for additional practice in Quant which will then leave no stone unturned ....books from engg will also do..
ramachandran : T.I.M.E material will be more than sufficient

boon : sir my CAT exam this year was not i want to prepare for CAT 13.can you please tell me the study material for CAT 12 and CAT 13 are similar or i will take CAT 13 material
ramachandran : They are not very dissimilar. Please prepare hard. That really is the key

cat13d : @Govindrajan sir that's what I exactly do. I don't mark anything on my package and keep it clean so that I can use it for the last attempt before D-Day. But the technique you told about 10 day recap looks really helpful and will be definitely putting in my regime. Sir please throw a microscopic view point on vocab preparation. You can take me as the person with poorest vocab on this earth. Regards
tssmurty : Varied reading is the best source of help. through this you'll also pick the contextual vocab which will help you in the usage. In addition, do some vocab exercises from books/ online stuff.

shobhit : 10+2 igot 64% in my bca is persuing and my till percentage in bca is 57% if i clear tha cat examthis percentile will create problm in admission or not?
thomas : similar qn already answered.

od : But is industry experience a huge factor in me understanding the course in a better way?
ramachandran : No

snap : sir, i have done bba and have 2.5 yrs work ex. can i apply to SIOM. eligibilty criteria says i can but thr mission statement says to focus on engineers.. pls help me
tarannumraza : If you fulfill the eligibility criteria then apply.

gv : I have an entrepreneurial experience. Does this give me a cutting edge ..In the interviews at IIM's
thomas : a small advantage. it will depend on the number of years and nature of experience.

kxcl3m004 : Belong from week academing background.Sir can u provide me the study plans for cat for all the section...can i able to make it to iim...
govindrajan : A good score in CAT will help. You have to plan your study by first identifying your strong and weak areas. Give more time to those areas where you are weak and work on your strong areas at frequent intervals.

od : about 15 online practice tests have been uploaded, but our branch is not in sync with the topics online. is it branch specific, or could we be lagging?
thomas : do the online tests after you have covered the topics in class.

mba : good evening sir, does delhi college of economics offer mba degree? if yes, what is the admission criteria
tarannumraza : yes .check their website for details.

boon : sir the student home page will be closed after CAT 12 result or i can access it after that also.
tarannumraza : you will have access to will be using the gdei briefcase there.

aarpd : I have score 182 in NMAT any chance for bengaluru campus?sorry for deviating from topic.
thomas : very difficult to say. would say slightly less than 50 percent chance.

od : I am targetting for a top 25 b-school for cat/cmat 13. What should be my course of action for the rest of the year?
govindrajan : Go through the next class topic before attending the class. Go through the class room discussion at the earliest after the class. Practice the basic exercises first and advance exercises later. Make sure that you solve all online sectional tests. This will help in regular visit to each topics. Practice..Practice... Practice.

umang : I got 93 percentile in sept. mat .. so shall i apply to glim chennai for pgdm course??? what are the chances of getting a call.. ? plz answer my query its a request..
tssmurty : Answered. Please check.

gv : IIM T or IIT M
ramachandran : Please look at the B School ranking on the SHP

gv : But IIM T was not covered in the rankings
thomas : i think you should opt for iimt as it carries the iim tag.

umang : I got 93 percentile in sept. mat .. so shall i apply to glim chennai for pgdm course??? what are the chances of getting a call.. ? plz answer my query its a request..???
thomas : if its great lakes chennai that you meant , no chance.

kxcl3m004 : Sir does time provide gdand pi classes for regular basis...if not suggest me some institute related to that topic.
tarannumraza : Check at the concerned may join the regular gdpi for CAT ASPIRANTS. They are on now & wiill go on till may/june.This is best for IIMs.after that you can join in the CRT program .there too you will get intensive practice.

od : When would the AIMCAT-2013 start?
thomas : you will have one in feb. it will be on a regular basis from may.

od : Essay-Writing skills neccessary in any of the exams?
tarannumraza : yes .essay writing forms an integral part of the XAT .All the IIMs will have the WAT (essay writing)in the 2nd stage.

success : expect higher than average percentile in CAT 2012, which B-school shall i apply now. i have not applied for any college yet
ramachandran : Question not very clear

pup : Hello sir 
I just wantd to knw wdr Bimtech noida a descent clg..plz through some light on its cutoff and average pkg..
thomas : if you are looking for colleges under MAT, its a nice college. the cutoff should be around 650.

od : How many people take the AIMCATs on an average?
ramachandran : More than 25,000 candidates at the very least. In any case , the number does not matter, it is the percentile that does

cat13d : @govindrajan sir..please provide me with the solution. Though it has been already answered but your take will be really helpful as it seems we have developed a rapport. Regards
govindrajan : what's your question ?

ed : sir Pls. tell me...i solved all GAT's and look into time general awareness magzines .Apart from that i look from economic updates from pratiyogita darpan and other GK papers and things on economics ...will be sufficient for GK section in XAT2013
tarannumraza : good preparation. you cannot at any point put a fullstop to gk of luck!

lively : Could you please give some tips on preparation for XAT 2013
govindrajan : Apart from the topics that you have been through in CAT course you have to pay attention on Decision Making and Essay writing. Be prepared to face tougher questions.

od : Am I okay on the academic front if I have a 60-65% in my grads, or would I have to score more there to get into a good b-school?
deepak : Not much you can do at this moment if you are in this chat room (must be 3rd yr or 4th yr student), so do not overtly worry about something that you cannot change. Acads do play a role in selection, and this weight varies across institutes. But overall, you should be fine if you perform well in the rest of the areas such as CAT, GD, PI and Essay

kxcl3m004 : Approximately how many question i have to attempt for above 95 percentile..
thomas : cant say for sure as it eill depend on the difficulty level of the test you write. a raw score above 90 will defenitely give you 95+ percentile.

umang : thomassir: so sir acc. to u what shud be the score in mat to get a call from there?
tssmurty : Around 95 in MAT.

som : sir what is the avg pkg of IIM Lucknow?
ramachandran : There is usually a range

bharat : sir i was week in all sections plz give me a suggestion frankly whether if i work hard then is it possible to get into the top 30 colleges
ramachandran : Certainly yes!!!

success : i joined 2012 CAT course in TIME, what courses shall i avail now for CAT2013.
tssmurty : Don't understand your question. Please be clear.

cat13d : Sir my question is......I don't mark anything on my package and keep it clean so that I can use it for the last attempt before D-Day. But the technique you told about 10 day recap looks really helpful and will be definitely putting in my regime. Sir please throw a microscopic view point on vocab preparation. You can take me as the person with poorest vocab on this earth. This might be my last question as I am having my semester exams from tom regards
govindrajan : AS tss murty sir said a varied reading would help. Given the time constraint that you have, utmost attention in class room is one that you have to ensure.

od : I have an engineering background and dont know squat about economics, though interested to learn about it. Any definitive book to guide me?
ramachandran : NCERT 12th std books on Economics are a good starting point

umang : thomassir: so sir acc. to u what shud be the score in mat to get a call from there?????
tssmurty : Answered. Please check.

piyush : Hi Sir I joined enhanced test series of TIME. Now do I need to enroll seperately for GDPI. If yes, will I have to pay charges to TIME. n also let me know the charges??
ramachandran : Please talk to your Centre

success : Will joining AIMCAT test series is alone sufficient to bell the CAT next time (2013) since i already joined batch of CAT2012
thomas : yes.revise from the material you have.

cat13d : Govindrajan sir placed my question its about vocab preparation please seek it..the query box is not taking my request. Regards
tssmurty : A similar question is answered. Please go through the chat transcript.

som : what is the range sir?
tssmurty : 12 to 13 lakhs.

od : Are the dates of OMTs flexible as to not clash with graduation semester end examinations(usually in December)?
tssmurty : May be there will be some dates close to the test dates.

srini611 : we were asked to give feedback regarding cat biannual there any possiblility of this issue?
deepak : Your guess is as good as ours!

success : What does TIME provide for GDPI preparation
tssmurty : Complete package -- from basics to mocks.

srini611 : Does IIM CALL with low percentiles have so much difficulty in convert?
ramachandran : Question not clear

kansal : plzzz tell me I m doing BBA which is a Management program.. what should I read for GD/PI .. ShouLD I follow all commerce questions on from GD/PI Briefcase..
tarannumraza : go through the complete briefcase.update yourself on current issues of national & international importance.Do practice writing essays also in different time-frames.

od : What would be the frequency of CAT13
deepak : What do you mean by frequency?

cat13d : The team responsible for such a wonderful response to all my query and proving me a deep insight...THANKS a lot. I think that I am pretty much confident and clear about m endeavor. Thanks again Regards
ramachandran : Best of luck!!

iam : in SNAP they didn't give stress on Business GK and i couldn't make something out of the GK section, now, what could i expect in XAT-2013 GK?
tarannumraza : Keep on prepering .they are starting this section after along gap. so no one can say for sure. focus on business gk

shashank : @tssmurty-sir,is the material provided by TIME enough to build concept in a particular subject?will you recommend some books for further studies?
tssmurty : Go through all TIME's material. It's sufficient.

srini611 : HOW good is GIM under cmat?
tarannumraza : very good

od : What would be the frequency of CAT13 classes from now on? I know not the right platform,but branch guys are vague. Would be useful in scheduling.
ramachandran : Please DO talk to your Centre. They are best equipped to answer

success : Basics to mocks for GDPI, when will it start for CAT2012 students?
tssmurty : Please check with your Center.

cat13d : Thanks Tssmurty sir and Govindrajan Sir for attending my queries. Your help have flamed a new vigor in me to achieve more. Thanks a lot.
govindrajan : All the best from team T.I.M.E.

shubhrans : sir i am very dejected because i am not good marks in any of the entrance tests which i have given as of yet the results are not out but the faculty are telling according to my attempts that those are less attempts i wasted this year i had resigned form my job for cat preparation but nothing is going fine please suggest something
ramachandran : Please do not lose hope. Please believe in yourself.Please work really hard. You might be in for a pleasant surprise!!

kxcl3m004 : Sir for 3 weeks i m following the study material of time but not able to solve any question in excercise...
ramachandran : Please believe in yourself. The basic concepts are not too difficult.Please work really hard. You might surprise yourself!!

kxcl3m004 : When the cat 13 will be held and from which centre the question paper is bein set
govindrajan : It would be held during OCT, NOV 2013. Do not bother about the issues which does not have any relevance to your preparation.

srini611 : Is tiss gk different from NORmal mba entrance tests(like iift,mat,cmat)?
ramachandran : Slightly. More India-Centric

od : In the online tests, I score in the "good" category. What is more important, speed or accuracy in CATs?
ramachandran : Both.

srini611 : CAN u tell a startegy for XAT GK regarding stock type gk questions, Apart from current affairs?
ramachandran : There are no stock GK questions. Good reading will help.

kxcl3m004 : As a beginner from where or which book should i start my preparation for qa and verbal section as well as di
govindrajan : The first lot of material contain Basic Study Material for each area. Go thorough these books thoroughly before you receive your second lot which contain advance study material. Make a good use of online sectional tests.

123 : sir do u think any change in the pattern of cat exam in 2013.....if so wen it will come to public notice/
tssmurty : Please wait and see.

srini611 : Does xat test barrons wordlist vocabulary..or it is okay with norman lewis word list?
ramachandran : They do not follow any particular book. Please develop UNDERSTANDING of words by reading. Reading.

srini611 : HOW good is XIME under XAT?
ramachandran : Good

srini611 : can u name good colleges under XAT?
tarannumraza : XLRI,XIMB ,GIM ...check the list given on the homepage.

shashank : sir,i find the flash cards words very difficult to there any other method for learning words at a slow pace? also,do backlogs in engineering severely affect ones chance of getting into a good college???
ramachandran : Do not mug words. Please develop a FEEL for words. This will come through reading

od : Are ALL the words in the flash cards provided necessary to flip through, or should I be ok with reading whatever newspapers i can>
tssmurty : Reading is more important. I think you can finish the Flash Cards also as you have a lot of time.

ronit : SIIB,SIBM-B, SCIT expected cutoff for SC category ???
tarannumraza : around 70-75 marks.

123 : sir how is xiss under xat ...plzzz replay as its not relevant question
ramachandran : Good

kxcl3m004 : Thanks a lot for all of your valuable suggetion to all the respected sir..i hope i will make it to iim this was premangshu from kolkata sealdah batch.
govindrajan : Team T.I.M.E. wishes you all the best.

bhaw : Sir, i have given CAT'12..and will give CMAT 13 which colleges are best to apply in north india?
tssmurty : It depends on your scores.

shashank : sir,last night i started with the quadratic eq material from TIME,and at the end of exercise i got 60%question ques is,what should i do to increase my percentage?
govindrajan : Ensure that you make a proper noting of class room discussion. Go through this notes before and after solving the exercise. This would help in improving thought process and also helps in revising difficult concepts.

karthik : hi sir I just started preparing for cat Can u give some ips?
tssmurty : A similar question is already answered. Please go through the chat transcript.

od : Clock's ticking, so let me thank you all for answering a ton of my questions. Hope another session would soon be in the offing! :-)
ramachandran : Yes. Good luck

neil : i hav givn cat 2012 n m nt 2 much satisfied wid my perfrmnce,m planning to go for prep one more year...wil it b oaky as m dis year passout from btech
tarannumraza : wait for the results first !You can prep for another year. in the meantime join a job.

kansal : @Vivek sir.. for gd/pi also read pink papers. what r they.. please explain in detail.........
tssmurty : Finance and business newspapers are called pink papers because of the colour of their pages.

ak : Hello Sir! I am TIME 2010 student. I got 80% in the CAT2010 but I was not serious. I havenít taken CAT-2011. I took CAT 2012 without much preparation. I am average in Quant, good in LR&DI and poor in VA with 18 months of work exp. I would not be able to spend more than 2 hours a day on weekdays. So currently I am planning to go for weekend classes. So would you suggest me to prepare on my own and take AIMCAT test series or attend long term batch, as I was not regular in CAT-2010 classes?
ramachandran : Joining might help. However, it isYOUR own effort that will help.All the best

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