GD/PI/Essay Preparation!
(Chat Transcript)

pk : Please arrange following B schools in descending order: Tapmi, NMIMS Bangalore, Nirma, SIBM Bangalore, K J Somaiya(IB)

chintan : hello sir, i am expecting a very low score in cet this time,so sir k.j.somaiya has management qota through donation which i go for?
saurabhjaiswal : try getting into some decent PUNE institutes, PIBM/ LIME/ BIMM/ INDIRA etc. also look at NL Dalmiya, Mumbai / ITM etc

catmission : sir,pls arrange mdi,nitie,sibm-p,new iims
bharat : The answer to this Q depends on which of the new IIMs; in a very general way - MDI> New IIMs> NITIE> SIBM-P; also, you can look at both the NEW IIMs and MDI in the same category.

rohi : how is ifmr
kranthi : good insti,discuss your options before you decide...

chintan : sir, this time my cet went too tough,was it tough for me only or was it tough for all?
asim : You may go through our analysis, using the following link

nikki : sir my communication skills r poor/? hw shud i do preprations for gdpi??
rkrishnan : Dear Nikki, Read the editorial of newspapers.While doing it , pl.keep a notebook b76y your side. Note the words whose meaning you dont know and understand the context in which it has been used.Keep repeating the exercise everyday till you can recall the meaning without having to check the dictionary.The other aspect is fluency which can be achieved only through speaking.These actions will take time in showing results. If your grammar is weak that will also have to be understood.

wren : Sir should I apply to GLIM PGDM program through 78%ile in XAT?
asim : Go ahead and take a chance but you would have slim chances.Best Wishes.

mishraneha834 : Sir, i got 96% in MAT ..plz suggest colleges in Pune in terms of good placements apart from IMDR, SINGHAD as these are not accepting mat scores
saurabhjaiswal : LEXICAN / PIBM / SADHNA / BIMM

: sir howz the placements for vjim???? is vjim worth joining??
asim : We grade it among the B grade B-Schools, the avg sal for this year has been around 4 Lakhs p.a.

pawan : Gud Eve......Pls arrange NITIE(PGDIE), FMS , IIM(new 6)

pritha : i have got admission in BIMTECH(noida) and SDMIMD(mysore) for PGDM course.Which college is better???
kranthi : Both are equally good chose the one nearer to you....

mishraneha834 : sir, how is INDUS BUSINESS ACADEMY BANGALORE? got 96% in MAT.
asim : Not bad, though looking at your performance, you may aim for better B=Schools like CHRIST,AMITY-Noida,BIMM-Pune,IMDR-Pune and ITM-Navi Mumbai.

wren : Do I apply to Welingkar Mumbai through a XAT score of 78%ile?
asim : Go ahead, you can take a chance.Best Wishes.

visu : wht abt dimr delhi ?? hws tht ??
asim : We do not rank it among the TOP 120 B-Schools

catmission : pls rank the order of preference in new iims
asim : All are equally good, you may pick any one based on geographical proximity.

gkumar49 : sir please arrange following clg: IIT kgp MHRM, LBSIM, BHU and DSM-DTU. I do not have any issue with hr.

k2 : Sir is Percentile calculated on the number of students who registered for the exam or on the number of students who appeared for the exam. Plz tell the the relevant figure for Cmat as i have to calculate and submit Percentile for a college
kranthi : appeared for exam.

wren : How is WE Bangalore compared to Mumbai in terms of placements?
asim : Mumbai campus has an edge

kumar : Hello sir ...please help me out here sir.....please arrange these colleges in terms of good placements....IIT madras,IIT kharagpur,BIM trichy......Also should i wait and try for the newer IIMs next year....will the b school selection have an impact on my growth after moving into a Job?
bharat : The kind of school you choose should depend on (a) quality of education, (quality of faculty, and (c) peer group. In some way, your choice of school definitely reflects on job prospects.BIM> IITM> IITKGP.

pritha : what are the average placements at BIMTECH(noida) and SDMIMD(mysore)??
kranthi : Please refer to their mandatory disclosure documents on their website,that is the official word...

phani : sir i got 60%ile in CAT can I apply for SIES
asim : Go ahead.

pawan : New IIM fee (approx)? I heard FMS has only 10-20k ......have u ever came across any hidden expenditure in FMS?
asim : Around 8-10 Lakhs and around 20 k respectively.

dolly : plz arrange IBA, ramaiah, vjim, ipe , christ???
kranthi : christ,vjim,iba,ramiah

chintan : sir please answer question was first and yet no reply
asim : answered,plz check

rahul3115 : sir i got 79%ile in feb mat and also am a fresher.what are my chances in GLIM chennai
asim : pretty slim, still there is no harm in taking a shot at it.

vicky : how is ibs hyd in terms of faculty,quality of edu and it better than xime,sdmimdand itm nm in finanace? ignore placements and roi?
saurabhjaiswal : IBS Hyd is extremely good on all counts, exceptv that they take too many students and the placements suffer henceforth

333333333333333 : sir, i have converted both sdmimd and imt nagpur.from chat i have known that due to less fees and all sdmimd is a better option. but, in sdmimd major recruiters are infosys and tcs. these IT companies have restrictions like 60% allthroughout and no year gap. i have 3 years academic gap. so, i am worried about joining sdmimd. can you please tell me whether non-it companies have "no gap" criteria and do they regularly recruit from sdmimd?
saurabhjaiswal : generally IT cos prefer NO GAP candidates. . noo-IT cos do not have that stringent requirements, i would still advise you to get a decent summer training whichever b-school u finally choose

visu : is iipm is wort joining??
asim : We do not rank it among the TOP 120 B-SCHOOLS

vb : i have convrted ibs is it in finance specialization?pls reply
kranthi : good.discuss your options in person before you decide.....

saurabhjaiswal : JIMS / JAIPURIA/ IBA / BIMM/ INDIRA. . . .

deepak3115 : sir ji indus business academy which campus is better banglore or greater noida
asim : Bangalore

bharat : Read extensively, practice writing; also check the Essay prep article on the GDEI Briefcase Homepage.

rohi : lbsim vs ifmr vs nirma vs scit
kranthi : lbsim,nirma,ifmr,scit

rahulv : sir is scit worth ?
asim : Its a decent option if one is interested in making a career in IT.

vicky : ibs hyd,xime,sdmimd,itm nm. pls arnge in terms of brand value?
kranthi : nm,xime,sdmimd,itm mumbai,ibs hyd.....

bgca2g103 : points to remember in GD/PI/Essay Preparation!>>>?
bharat : All in one question? :) Read the transcript in the entire chat. Also, for GD & Essay, read extensively, incl current affairs; put in practice through Mock GD / Essay, & gain on clarity on why MBA, hobbies, strengths & Weaknesses. Hope this helps :)

544 : good evening sir...which one is better in terms of faculty, placements and brand name... nmims-bangalore or sitm-pune. I am a fresher and want to do an MBA this year itself...i have converted only these two..
saurabhjaiswal : SITM will be a sectoral course, NMIMS is a general MBA prog. . . If u want to keep your options open during placements , go to NM

sandy : sir i have a final call from IMT G DCP (may be upgarded to IB or FT) and TAPMI. Which one should i choose between them. IMT G has batch strength of 600 and tapmi 300 (located at realtively reomte place)
saurabhjaiswal : TAPMI general course will be advisable against IMT G specialised course on the basis of placements. . .

wren : Sir I have a gap of 3 yrs after graduation with no work-ex. This is becoming my nemesis in interviews as I am not confident and look nervous, and am not able to answer the questions I could have answered. What do i do for this?
kranthi : You have to give your uncomfortable past a decent burial,discuss how....


catmission : so,which new iim can be preferred as equally as mdi sir?
asim : We grade IIM A,B,C,I,L,K,MDI,JBIMS,FMS and XLRI among the TOP 10 Grade(not ranked), they are all almost equally good.

moretti : what are average placemnts at SDMIMD???
kranthi : Pls,read their mandatory disclosure document...

rajesh : sir i GOT 480 in MAT i want to do mba in this year can i choose bimm indira-pune
saurabhjaiswal : Indira might be possible / try PIBM & LEXICON too

mba : i wnt to ask wheather high intake has an effect on the placements?if i can come within top 25% then whether that effect is minimized or not?
kranthi : YES.YES.

pankaj3115 : sir ji i get selected in empi delhi.what abt JIMS rohini is it better option then empi
saurabhjaiswal : EMPI and JIMS are almost equal. . . i would rate JIMS a bit higher

rahulv : asim sir-thanks for reply.i have only this colleges at a good level rest are mat colleges(mat-97%ile).any other mat colleges better to it ot scit is better to any mat colleges.avg placement of scit.i completed
asim : If you are interested in making a career in IT, then SCIT may be preferred,Best Wishes.

chintan : sir,is there any management quota in k.j.somaiya?
bharat : Pl check with the college admissions office; however, most colleges have Management quota.


sohail : Sir the other day i asked for a mail id of TIME where i could explain my query, and i mailed it to but nobody bothered to reply.
bharat : Sohail, we are sorry for this development; please expect a reply by this weekend.

moretti : will welingkars bombay take students with CAT score of 75%?
saurabhjaiswal : if they have called u at that score ther's not going to be a bias during selections ! ! ! do well in GDPI phase

dolly : sir i heard markrting specialization is not that compatible for girls is that true???
asim : Not true,if one truly has the interest and aptitude, then one can do any task comfortably irrespective of ones gender.

kumar : hello sir...pls rate bim iit madras and iit kgp in terms of placements
asim : Both offer pretty good placement facility though,IIT-Kh seems to have a slight edge

mishraneha834 : got 720 as composite score in MAT....suggest colleges in delhi,NCR?

pankaj3115 : thanx sir ji.....any tips for GD/PI of JIMS rohini.....because i have GD/PI on 1 april.
saurabhjaiswal : nothing special , just don't mention that you have converted EMPI. . . read this Rajoana mercy / clemency case topping the headlines these days / if u are student read why the DTC was not introduced in this budget

paglu : how is vanguard bschool regarding faculty and all?
kranthi : We have not taken any stand on that yet as the institute is in its infancy.......

sandy : @ saurabh sir. I heard that IT is bulk recuriter at TAPMI. I have bee n working in IT for the past 2.5years. Dont want to come back to IT . Can u be pls more elaborative about the stand u took. thanks
saurabhjaiswal : look dear, IT cos are major bulk recruiters at most b-schools ( apart from top 15 ). . . ensure your summer internship in a preferred sector and not IT / prepare yourself to forego the lateral placements benefit that only IT cos will offer YOU, , , , rest is OK

p24 : Sir i got the call from christ university.GD and micropresentation is on 1st April.Is it worth joining? and i want to know how to start micro presentation?...wheter i need to give my brief introduction before starting Micro presentation?
bharat : Christ is a decent college; whether you should join this school or not is not the question for now; convert the call into final admission. in Micro-presentation, introduce the topic, explain the ideas you have listed - like the idea first and then back it with an example; conclude; do not read everything present on the slide; maintain eye contact with the panelists. And yes, prepare well and rehearse before the actual presentation. Best wishes.

wren : wren: Sir I have a gap of 3 yrs after graduation with no work-ex. This is becoming my nemesis in interviews as I am not confident and look nervous, and am not able to answer the questions I could have answered. What do i do for this? kranthi: You have to give your uncomfortable past a decent burial,discuss how.... With whom should I discuss this?
kranthi : With your mentor and guide if you have one else find one may be one of our faculty or any competent guy..

sg : sir amity noida and ibs hyd at par?
asim : Yes

neha2411 : sir got 630 composite score in mat with 630 marks can i apply bimm pune?
saurabhjaiswal : yes, also look at LEXICON , PIBM etc

santhosh : What should one do when everyone is shouting in GD
rkrishnan : Dear Santosh, This is quite normal.It is the responsibility of of every member of the group to ensure that some semblence of order is established.Infact you can take the initiative.

mishraneha834 : how is iba,bangalore?
kranthi : TOP 150.

pawan : Source of extempore preparation for FMS?
asim : Go through past topics, though one should be ready to face both knowledge based as well as abstract topics

pawan : I feel GD/PI classes are over at TIME. what about FMS?
saurabhjaiswal : call your centre, they must be doing something again for FMS

oshene : Rate them, NLDalmia,SIES,WE,ITM,IBSmum,IMT Hyd?what is e-business,is it worth joining PGDM in e-business?
saurabhjaiswal : no point joining e-biz . . . nothing very specialised. .. WE / ITM / SIES / NL thats it

dolly : howz the placements for finance in vjim???
asim : Not bad, for this year the avg sal was around 4 Lakhs p.a.

kranthi : NO.

bpca1sp25 : Sir, sorry for asking ques out of topic...... Request you to pls arrange GLIM PGDM, Welingkar PGDM, Siescoms, Kirloskar(harihar)PGDM in descending order of preference keeping in mind ROI,fees,rank etc....
asim : Answered,plz check

wren : Where would you place GLIM PGDM in your rankings?
kranthi : top 50 to 75.

544 : plzzzzz reply sir...
asim : Answered,plz check

visu : any study material u suggest for gd pi preparation??
kranthi : alredy answered.check transcript.

kumar : suppose i get selected in BIM Trichy.Can I reach places the IIM gradates reach(in the future)?
kranthi : YES,Provided you make right moves...

sg : should i apply to welingkar,my cmat rank is 1852 and score-218
saurabhjaiswal : please apply, good chance

oberoi : I got selected in IMT Ghaziabad dual country it worth doing?
asim : Only concern is the ROI, if that is not a criteria then it is a good option.

neha2411 : Great lakes gurgaon as per time ranking ????
bharat : Not ranked by T.I.M.E.

paglu : 68 in cat ... is welinker posible... with good gdpi? wats the chance in mum this year? if get bang. , sud it b worth comparing to fostima, ndim
bharat : De diya! ;) With that percentile, very difficult chance at WE. Focus on converting all calls; however, prefer WE-M and then WE-B.

ankit : Sir I have got call from TAPMI. Can u tell me how should I prepare for the selection process of TAPMI and what they are stressing on?
saurabhjaiswal : nothing different from the regular GDPI process of other b-schools, revise current affairs though with your own perspective though

visu : i ws student of time till jan. cn i get gdpi brifcase on my homepage? i didnt find it? pls help hw cn i get

bpca1sp25 : Sir, sorry for asking ques out of topic...... Request you to pls arrange GLIM PGDM, Welingkar PGDM, Siescoms, Kirloskar(harihar)PGDM in descending order of preference keeping in mind ROI,fees,rank etc.... scored 240 in CMAT & 99.05%ile in MAT... W8in for ur valuable reply....
asim : GLIM(If fees is not a constraint)=WE-MUMBAI>SIES>KIAMS

mumf2g128 : Sir would PGDM in Financial Services from Kj somaiya be a good there any scope in this field since it is a specialized one
asim : Its not a bad option if one is genuinely interested in making a career in this domain, if one is not sure then it is better to pursue a regular mba/pgdm program.

balu : sir,my academics are 10th-59%,12th-74%,graduation-57%,i got 92%percentile in cat..can i get into top 40 b schools.
kranthi : You can try...

dilemma : sir plz rate welingkar, great lakes, and siib for two yrs flagship course.. which is d best??
saurabhjaiswal : SIIB / WE / GLIM is my suggestion


wren : How is KJ Somaiya PGDM FS program?
asim : Not bad if one is genuinely interested in making a career in that domain

kushagra : Sir I got a call from IMT dubai. Is it worthy giving interview? My qualifications are. 10-59.6 12-72.3 BBM-55.50 MAT-78.97 CAT-74.43 CMAT score 75 and rank 30623. Apart from IMT I have call from Christ, St joseph's college of business administration b'lore, ITM navi mumbai.
bharat : Avoid IMT-Dubai. Convert the other calls; go for ITM Navi Mumbai if you convert.

oberoi : how is the MBA prog of iit kanpur and iisc bangalore??
kranthi : good,but that word is always relative....

dolly : thank u asim sir..:)
asim : welcome

pawan : Please experts ans me........Is it better to take sponsorship for new IIMs or leave current company?
kranthi : Which is your current company....

santhosh : Sir, What should one do when everyone is shouting in GD?
rkrishnan : Already answered. Check transcripts.

dilemma : plz reply..
asim : Answered,plz check

mishraneha834 : howz MITSOB & SADHNA IN PUNE?
asim : Not bad.

siddharth712 : sir my 10th- 91% 12th - 83%, btech- 76%(till 7th sem).. i m a fresher. got 629 composite score with 78.61%ile in feb mat what are my chances of getting a call from bimm pune?????
saurabhjaiswal : fair chance , look into INDIRA / LEXICON as well

hope21 : good evening, i wanted to do mms in finance do i need to do some certification course as many people are saying in case you want to go for finance it will enhance your resume ? your take ? and is kj mms finance and pgdm fs same ??
bharat : No certification program is needed to pursue a Master's program in finance. Beef up knowledge of academics, improve communicative ability, and boost overall academic performance when you are pursuing the program. The two programs are different though some credits might be same.

bpca1sp25 : Does affiliation of an institute matter while considering admission..?? as for some institutes courses are AICTE approved but not affiliated to any university......???? Kirloskar harihar, welingkar,GLIM ARE some of them
asim : Does not matter to a large extent as long as the B-School is a reputed one.

himzz : Hello sir..I have converted NMIMS-banking .Should i go for it considering 2 yrs wrk-ex in IT,but yes i have interest in the course,but doubt its ROI and will it be better to do if we consider placements and all.
asim : Its a pretty good option if one is genuinely interested in making a career in this domain.

dilemma : can a fresher get a >10 lakh package from siib...?
saurabhjaiswal : become top 5% performers in your batch . . . )>

rokstar : can i know the answer of my one and only question?rate these colleges in decreasing order TAPMI,LIBA,KJS(IB),welingkar,DSM DTU,IMT N )
saurabhjaiswal : LIBA / TAPMI / KJIB/ WE what's DSM DTU ? ?

bpca1sp25 : Sir pls reply to my queries.... pls
asim : Answered,plz check

mishraneha834 : got 96% in MAT... how are chances for me to get in BIMM?
kranthi : good....

544 : sir it's been 30 minutes since i posted my query...please replyyyyy
asim : Answered,plz check

harry : sir wht are my chances at nl dalmia for pg at cmat score of 155 please reply???????
asim : Answered,plz check

ramky : Sir i got admissions in VJIM and im looking at other options like BIMM, Indira .. what u gotta say sir. shall i stick with VJIM or for BIMM and Indira. And it will be really helpful if u can guide me as on how to deal BIMM GD E I ? MAT DEC 604, 71%
bharat : BIMM> VJIM. For note on GDEI prep, please check this transcript. Anyway, for GD & Essay, read extensively, incl current affairs; put in practice through Mock GD / Essay, & gain on clarity on why MBA, hobbies, strengths & Weaknesses. Hope this helps :)

joy : Sir what should be done in CASE study based gd(I have IIM Shillong GD/I on 15th April)? So can u jst demystify in few points plz?
rkrishnan : Dear Joy , Pl. go through GD/PI briefcase in your home page on our website. You can also buy Trishna publication on how to do well in GD/PI

dilemma : @saurabh sir is ur rating( SIIB / WE / GLIM is my suggestion) in acsending or descending order?? plz tell!
saurabhjaiswal : descending >)

mishraneha834 : suggest colleges in Delhi,ncr....96% in MAT...plz plz reply me.

srinu : sir i had got low score in cat i am a TIME student my problem is i lost my materials can i purchase a new material will the institute issue for me a new material i want to know please reply me sir
kranthi : Please visit your nearest branch and talk to the counsellor there....

sri : sir sdmimd and IMT Hyderabad .Which one to choose? I am 20 months experienced in IT?
kranthi : sdmimd.

henil : Sir what should we do to get a chance to speak in GD???
rkrishnan : Dear Henil , In a GD you have to speak.There is no question of somebody allowing you or not allowing you. You have to make all efforts to put your point of view across.

balu : on what basis essay (writing analaysis)topics could be asked in iim's
swapnila : The essay topics could be on current affairs or topics relevant to events happening around us.You can check the GDEI brief case for some sample topics.

mk : liba or sibm b?
saurabhjaiswal : SIBM B is a bit higher than LIBA, my suggestion

oberoi : I got selected in IMT Ghaziabad dual country it worth doing??
asim : A similar question has been answered,plz check the chat transcript

pawan : @Kranthi........its a public sector in defence production . Earning 40-42k in hand
kranthi : Go for sponsorship.

mk : new campuses of nmims or sibm b?
asim : Almost on par

mk : gim or liba or tapmi?

mk : welingker or sibm b?
kranthi : former.

harry : asim sir please reply...................sir wht are my chances at nl dalmia for pg at cmat score of waiting since 30 min.
asim : Please check

nilofar : Sir please choose 1 from ----- SCIT, IMT nagpur(PGDM FINANCE), BIMTECH (IB), NIAsom pune, ITM navi mumbai

dilemma : how can we start preaprin for mba subjects which are gonna b taught in first year?? esp mba(ib).. any suggestions?
asim : in case you want to do some thing in advance then i would suggest that you work on your MS OFFICE skills(esp powerpoint and excel), as this would come pretty handy.

oshene : Does package depends on the company or on specialization?Is this correct always package of fin> package of Hr.
bharat : Salary offered depends on work profile offered by company, which itself is a function of, among others, one's skills, attitude to learn, performance in program, and communicative skills.

harry : no one is replying plzzzzzzzzzzzz reply sir....
asim : Answered,plz check

mk : welingker or liba?
bharat : Welingkar :)

mishraneha834 : BIMM IS AICTE APPROVED?
saurabhjaiswal : pls check on their website too .. . . mandatory disclosure

harry : At 155 cmat wht r my chances to get a call 4rm nl dalmiya..............
saurabhjaiswal : 50-50 , please explore more options

shruti : sir what is the approx. ranking of welingkar
asim : We rank Welingkar-Mumbai among the BBB grade b-schools,ie among the TOP 50 B-Schools

cat87 : Bharat sir, my cat %ile is 88, i have been shortlisted for pgdm(ib) at kjs, i have performed well in gd/pi, is there any chance of upgradation to pgdm, as i applied for both, pgdm being the first preference
bharat : There is always that chance. Let's hope for the best. Best wishes :)

prat : hv got final call from scmhrd n iift kolkata ....which is better?
saurabhjaiswal : any specilisations preference

argha02 : SIBM Pune or XIMB?
kranthi : SIBM P.

harry : common sir reply.......time is running out........
asim : Answered,plz check

333333333333333 : sir, sdmimd has provided the names of some recruiters like MINDTREE, TELENOR, FEEDBACK their website. are these information trustworthy? because from my experience i have seen that even if companies just visit & don't recruit even a single person, colleges tend to give their names as recruiters , how do i know that these companies have actually recruited people on campus?
saurabhjaiswal : your fears are surefooted, , , these things happen, why not mail someone inside sdmimd and ask directly OR if possible pay a visit

gk89 : sir, greatlakes 2 yr or lbsim or imi(hr)?
saurabhjaiswal : IMI hr is my choice if you r even a lil bit inclined towards the field

jagan : Sir, is it right to cut into a person's point in GD if he is talking for a long time?
rkrishnan : Dear Jagan , Yes you can particularly if he is repeating himself and also if you have not spoken 3/4 times before.

cat87 : bharat sir, my cat %ile is 88, presently working in tcs(4 months exp), 10th - 88.33, 12th - 92 , - 78.5, i have converted bimtech, i have attended gd/pi of tapmi(waitlisted), kjs(ib), fore and ifmr, is bimtech suitable to my profile?
bharat : I suggest you attend all GDPI at all schools; try to convert all calls; if you make it to TAPMI, then join it! Order of preference should be: TAPMI> FORE> KJSOM> IFMR> BIMTECH.

prat : iift kol or scmhrd?
asim : Answered,plz check

mishraneha834 : how is SCMLD,PUNE?
saurabhjaiswal : good, training is rigorous

bpca1sp25 : @ASIM Sir: will GLIM PGDM be a viable option if one seeks to get admission into a b-school with avg. placements >~6 lacs...?? Maximum amount that i can afford is around 8 lacs... then which b-school will be better...????GLIM PGDM(if worthy then can take educational loan for 13 lacs), WE mumbai, Siescoms, Kirloskar, IMDR....Pls reply Sir
asim : Yes, fee structure at GLIM is a concern, considering the fee factor, you may prefer WE-Mumbai followed by SIES

anshu : ibs gurgaon vs bimtech
asim : BIMTECH-Noida

anjali : nmims ban or sibm bang..wt shud be prefrd?
asim : Both are almost equally good.

harry : @saurabhjaiswal sir then which colleges should i apply at 155 in cmat.........n wht would be cuttoff of cet 4 nl dalmiya.....
asim : Please check out

cvsk : Hi. . Got a call from SDMIMD. May i know how good is this college interms of placements and ROI??
asim : Its a decent option, we grade it among the BBB gradde B-Schools, the avg sal in past has been around 5 Lakhs p.a.

mishraneha834 : have 96% in it any ICFAI WOrTH except hyderabad campus with dis score. plz guide me?
asim : Prefer ITM-Navi Mumbai,BIMM-Pune,IMDR-Pune,CHRIST-Bangalore

prat : is there any difference in placements in iift delhi n iift kol?
saurabhjaiswal : noting majorly, the faculty base is good in Kol as well and the brand is SAME. . . some of my IIFT Del students tell me that its bettre in Kol

bharat : Zero impact! Autonomous bodies are typically not affiliated to any univ, which makes them offer PGDM instead of a Master's degree. A cool example: IIMs!

oshene : How is KC-mum,XIMR,Fr.C.Rodrigues,Chetana? is any one worth?
asim : CHETNA-Mumbai may be preferred, we do not rank others among the TOP 120 B-Schools

anjali : have converted sibm b..had a fantastic gd/pi of liba...havent applied to we yet...wt shud be my order of preference..i m more inclined towars opting for finance...
bharat : SIBM-B> LIBA

paglu : give reply of my imp. qus.
asim : Answered,plz check

mishraneha834 : @asim sir- IMDR not accepting MAT Score acc. to DTE website
saurabhjaiswal : apply to others BIMM / PIBM / INDIRA / LEXICON

nitesh : which topic should i prepare for GD/PI of GLIM chennai??

cvsk : With 79 in CAT , how are my chances at Welingkar and GLIM PGDM?? Please help me out.
asim : Moderate chances for WE and slim chances for GLIM

ashu : which is better to join? one of the new 6 IIMs or FMS??
kranthi : FMS DELHI.........

mishraneha834 : sir, what are my chances in jims rohini......96% in MAT?
asim : We do not rank it among the TOP 120 B-Schools

ashu : what is the scope of SP JAIN International management course? is it better than FMS??
bharat : Prefer FMS over SPJIMR's IM program.

nilofar : plssssss answer hukam..!
bharat : Hukam has already answered; check transcript. And yes, it would help if you do not try to be sarcastic.

somu : Sir I have converted SITM and Waitlsited in SIOM(expected to convert). Bit confused to join, tell me in terms of placements n future growth for which one i should go for. I'm B.E graduate CSE with 14 months of exp in HCL with Networking profile.
saurabhjaiswal : if u wanna take advantage of your work-ex during placements take SITM else SIOM

sid_cat : hello sir..i am working in PSU, having work experience of 2.5 year. joining new IIM is worthful or not??
bharat : YES.

cvsk : Got call from SDMIMD but waiting for Welingkar n GLIM results. Deadline for SDMIMD to pay the 1t installment of Rs. 1 lakh is 31 March.What should i do sir? Will they extend the date if i explain my problem??
bharat : Speak to SDM; explain in simple terms, like - you are trying arrange for funds and that will take some time :)

rimi : If one is able to initiate the gd 1st den,is he supposed to introduce himself or just start away with the topic given.With 83 percentile(646 score) in which colleges in Pune or Mumbai I can secure a seat.I did t give Cmat or Mhcet.
saurabhjaiswal : no intros pls, introduce the topic and put forth your ideas on the same, advisable not to take a stand early on

raju : what is the criteria for shortlisted students in fms this time ...... still unanswered.......................
saurabhjaiswal : CAT percentiles with sectional above 90%ile it seems. . . as per the calls recd. at our centres

harsh : i have my liba gdpi tommorow. on which topics should i focus for gd?
asim : Right now relax, just ensure that you go through today's newspaper.Get every thing in order,sleep well today, reach the venue on time,stay confident,i am sure you will make it.Best Wishes.

siddgup : Can i prefer IIT B & D over new iim's??
asim : No, New IIMs should be preferred.

visu : thanks to all sir.....
asim : On behalf of everyone, you are welcome,Visu

asim : Answered,plz check

siddgup : in pagalguy rankings IIT k is above IIT M. Do you think this is correct ? in your rankings they are same.
asim : Both are almost equally good.

siddgup : How is IMT Ghaziabad is better than IIT Kanpur? Everything is on upper side for IITK like placements,ROI,brand etc.
asim : Both are almost equally good, though as far as the ROI, IIT-K has an edge.

prat : should i then prefer iift kol over scmhrd? i am interested in finance and i am a fresher
saurabhjaiswal : yes, IIFT over SCMHRD

rahulv : sir plz answer me...2 ques in the list
asim : Answered,plz check

ashu : in the new 6 IIMs, please give the prefereble order. when will the results of new iims comes?
asim : All of them are almost equally good, you may prefer anyone based on your geographical proximity

333333333333333 : sir, how secured are we in sdmimd , placement wise after taking a 9 lakh loan?
saurabhjaiswal : wud take 5 years to repay

pk : When are the IIMs result expected ? Is it possible that one person can be selected by multiple IIMs in the final shortlist ?
asim : Probably April second half,yes it is possible.

kkk : I hav 92 percentile in MAT. i hav cleared gd/pi & got a cal from NDIM. i hav applied to empi, should i go for pgdm in NDIM or go through the gd/pi in other colleges ??
saurabhjaiswal : take NDIM , empi /Bimm are just at par

siddgup : iit kharagpur or iitk? want to join iitk?
asim : Both are almost on par.

cvsk : Sorry sir for reposting it, but i am waiting for your reply. May i know the influence or effect the recommendations in the GLIM application have on the candidature's selection? Will it play a major role??
bharat : They give an idea of what people think about you; however, they generally carry positive views of you. ... so most Indian b-schools do not place as great a stress as Western schools do.

somu : how is sitm placement wise. Are there placement 100%.
asim : Pretty decent,the avg sal in past has been around 6-7 Lakhs p.a.

ashu : will there be extempore in the FMS GDPI??
asim : Possible.

silva : Sir ,is IMT G IB worth joining
asim : Yes, its a good option.

silva : sir is imt G finance worth joining
asim : Yes.

ashu : In The FMS final selection, what is the tentative weight age of 10th, 12th grad, Job Ex GDPI.
asim : They have not revealed the criteria.

ashu : will there be extempore in the FMS GDPI?? In The FMS final selection, what is the tentative weight age of 10th, 12th grad, Job Ex GDPI.
asim : Answered,plz check

wren : Sir plzzzzzzz answer!!! :( wren: How is WE Bangalore compared to Mumbai in terms of placements? asim: Mumbai campus has an edge. Sir How big an edge? How is VIT as a B-school?
bharat : Wren, stop posting so many times... you are spamming! Prefer We-Mumbai over its Bangalore campus.

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