What is Learning Corner?

Please note that (links to) some old articles have been retained in view of their topicality and relevance. In the right bar on this page, you will find a list of the Top 10 Latest Articles. Also, twice every week (Tuesday and Friday) we will add new links to interesting articles.

To do well in GWPI, you should be knowledgeable, well-read, and more importantly, possess an aptitude to learn. While learning is important, what makes the task difficult is the large number of reference sources, such as websites, print media, and visual media.

As locating, identifying, gathering, and sorting material of relevance is a difficult and time consuming job, we will do all this for you through Learning Corner: A diary of recommended readings. As the name suggests, this blog will feature the best articles on the Web on a wide array of topics.

How to navigate through Learning Corner?

(a) On the header of this page, you will find four major channels (also called folders): General Awareness, Politics, Economy, and Miscellaneous.

(b) As you move your cursor over a folder name, let's say 'Politics', you will see a dropdown menu showing two sub-folders - India and World.

(c) Further, each of these sub-folders will again display a dropdown menu, where you will find multiple categories under which links to articles, each with a short intro and complete with labels, are featured.

Why are the articles labeled?

At the foot of each article, you will see a label or multiple labels. Let's say, on a said page, a particular article has been labeled "Leadership" and "Management". Now, if you wish to read all featured articles on "Management", all you have to do is to click on the label "Management" and you will find all "Management" labeled articles on a single page.

What are Key Labels?

While all articles have been labeled with tens of labels, we have identified a few Key Labels that will be of great interest to you. On the right side of this page, you will find a set of such Key Labels.

As explained above, if you click on a Key Label, let's say, "Recession", you will find all articles labeled "Recession" on the same page.

We hope that you explore and benefit from this unique feature.

Happy Reading!