GMAT Video Lectures

T.I.M.E., the national leader in MBA Entrance training, brings to you "GMAT Concept Videos", an exhaustive module covering the most important concepts in GMAT prep, presented in an interactive manner by our top faculty members. The videos will be provided as an additional, optional module to you, upon enrolment.

The video sessions would be elaborate and will help you learn and review the concepts of select topics from all test areas of the GMAT. These sessions would be useful in case you missed a few classes and wish to make up for the lost sessions or if you wish to have a revision of the sessions for more clarity in the subject areas. These videos will have the added benefit of being accessible at any time of day and a place of your convenience. All you would need is a working internet connection!

Sentence Correction

Reading Comprehension
Skills Tested

Basic Classification

Integrated Reasoning
Graphic Interpretation

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