Previous Exam Analyses


The School of Law, Christ University (SLCU), Bangalore, conducted its Entrance Exam for admission to its 3-year Degree Program in Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) on the 30th of April, 2017. As mentioned in the exam notification, the paper consisted of 120 questions to be answered in 120 minutes with each correct response carrying 1 mark and each incorrect one having a penalty of 0.25. There were five sections in all viz., English Language Comprehension Skills and Verbal Reasoning, General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability, Reasoning: Critical, Analytical and Logical, and Data Analysis and Interpretation. The students were allowed to attempt the sections in any order and there was no time limit for each section.

The test had the following pattern:

Section No of Questions Level of Difficulty
English Language,Comprehension SkillsandVerbal Reasoning 30 Easy
General Knowledge & Current Affairs 25 Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability 25 Moderate-Difficult
Reasoning: Critical, Analytical and Logical 20 Easy
Data Analysis and Interpretation 20 Easy-Moderate

The English Language, Comprehension Skills and Verbal Reasoning section had questions from sub-areas like RC, Antonyms/Synonyms, Fill in the blanks, etc. The questions were direct and the level of difficulty was low.

In the section on General Knowledge & Current Affairs, most of the questions were from static GK. The questions were asked from areas like Polity, Economics, History, Awards, Sports, Personalities, etc.

The section on Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability had questions of varying difficulty level. Nevetheless, the overall difficulty level was easy-moderate. The questions were from Arithematic, Algebra, Pure Maths (P&C, Probability), Geometry. A decent student could have managed to attempt a good number of questions in this area.

Reasoning: Critical, Analytical and Logical section had questions from coding-decoding, calendars, clocks, direction sense etc and were direct in nature.

In the section on Data Analysis and Interpretation, questions based on bar graphs and tables were predominantly asked. However, the difficulty level was again easy-moderate.

All in all, the overall difficulty level of the test was easy-moderate and an attempt of of 95-100 with around 80 percent accuracy may be considered to be a good shot.

All the best!!