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AILET 2017

AILET 2017

NLU Delhi conducted AILET on May 7, 2017. The test, however, was a little trickier this year and would have surprised many a test taker. As a result, the cut-off of the test is expected to be on a lower side. Let us have a brief analysis on each of the sections.


One of the major surprising elements this year was that the RCs were completely missing and the emphasis was on Verbal Ability. The questions were primarily on Grammar and Vocabulary. There were questions which were based on Para Jumbles, Antonyms, Synonyms, Cloze Test, Odd one out, Idioms and Phrases, etc. Because of the very nature of the questions, the section was a little time consuming. Nevertheless, a score of about 23-25 out of 35 can be considered a decent score for this section.

General Knowledge

The majority of the questions asked in this section were based on Current Affairs. As many as 20+ questions out of 35 were based on the recent events. Students who have been keeping themselves updated with the current happenings, would have found this section to be relatively an easier one. Apart from this, the questions on static GK were primarily based on Science. Out of 35, a score of 24-26 can be considered a good score in this section.

Legal Aptitude

This section had questions on legal reasoning and legal knowledge. The questions on legal reasoning were difficult and time consuming. To arrive at the correct answer, one had to really think through and look at the problems from various perspectives.

However, as was the case last year, legal aptitude section predominantly had the questions on legal knowledge. Apart from being difficult, the questions on legal knowledge were lengthy and time consuming. Most of the students would have found this section really difficult to tame. A score of about 22-24 can be considered to be a good score in this section.


The Reasoning section had familiar kind of questions from the topics like Odd One Out, Blood Relations, Direction sense, Arrangement, Series, etc. Apart from these, there were questions on Decision Making and Input-Output which the students would have found a little trickier to handle. A score of 26-28 can be considered a good score in this section.


Of all the sections, the one that would have given respite to the students was this particular section. The section predominantly had the questions from topics like Time & Work, Time & Distance, Averages, etc and were really easy in nature. One could have easily attempted 7-9 questions in this section.

All in all, owing to the difficulty level and a relatively lengthier paper, the cut off should be lower as compared to the last year’s. It is expected to be around 88-92 this year.

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