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NTSE Correspondence Course 67 Individual test papers (41 paper based tests & 28 online tests)
15 model test papers
Extensive Online Support
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The correspondence course enables the students to learn at a pace and time that is convenient to them. The material is comprehensive and developed with great care to ensure phased and gradual learning. Every module has been developed keeping in mind the various patterns and question types that have appeared over several years. Developed by experts, the study material coherently helps the student develop the skills required in different areas. The large number of practice exercises creates test conditions and also provides vital practice. These exercises are supplemented by detailed explanations.

In addition, there is a Study Plan made by our experts and included as a part of the Course Material. This Study Plan helps you pace your preparation properly.

Study Material Booklets and Handouts

The Material is well researched by our team of experts with detailed understanding of the NTSE examination. We will provide three study material booklets covering various concepts of Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and Social Sciences along with practice exercises, these practice exercises will help students to score higher. Six handouts cover concepts and practice exercises on various topics of English as required by NCERT. The unique combination of questions in these practice exercises will help students to understand and interpret the basic concepts better and will also help the students to strengthen their concepts. Thorough practice of the exercises in the Study Material booklets and Handouts will enable the students to gain confidence and solve the different types of questions that appear in NTSE.

Test Papers

The tests will help the students assess their strengths and weaknesses in concepts as well as subject areas so that a student can plan for improvement if necessary. Tests will also ensure that the students will go through comprehensive practice. We provide different types of tests like Individual Test Papers (Paper Based & Online) and Mock Test Papers (Paper Based & Online) in our material. These test papers are designed based on the questions which appeared in previous years.

  • Individual Test Papers
  • There are 70+ Individual test papers, 41 paper based tests and 32 online tests. Students need to test themselves with these test papers.

  • Mock NTSE Test Papers
  • A total of 15 model test papers will be provided, these test papers developed on the lines of actual test of NTSE. Five of these are conducted Online on All India basis with detailed performance analysis. The analysis will be provided in the Student Homepage. As NTSE is a Paper based test, we are providing 10 model NTSE test papers in physical form for full length practice.

Extensive Online Support

For every student enrolled for NTSE Correspondence course, a dedicated Student Homepage will be made available on our website. The facilities on the Student Home Page are as follows:

  • Online Tests 
  • Information about changes in NTSE and regular updates 
  • Information about important Competitive Examinations 
  • A student can clarify his/her doubts regarding the subjects by posting them.

You can enroll for T.I.M.E. Correspondence Course for NTSE in three ways

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  2. Send a DD for your payment directly to our office at Hyderabad.
  3. Enrolling through Online Payment Facility

Please note that there is no installment facility for Correspondence Course.

  1. Enrolling at any T.I.M.E. office in the country
  2. You can enroll for the Correspondence course at any T.I.M.E. centre in the country. For this you need to submit the completed enrolment form and pay the fee in lumpsum at one time.

    The course fee can be paid in the form of cash or cheque or through credit card along with three passport size photographs. After you enrol at one of our T.I.M.E. centres. kindly ensure that you collect the receipt for the payment you made.

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  3. Enrolling by sending your payment directly to our office at Hyderbad
  4. You can enroll by sending a DD directly to us at Hyderabad. Please fill the enrolment and rules regulation form which can be downloaded from the link given above and send it by post along with three stamp size photographs.

    The demand draft should be drawn in favour of "T.I.M.E. Pvt. Ltd.", payable at Secunderabad and sent to the following address by Registered post:

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  5. Enrolling through Online Payment Facility
  6. Procedure to pay via Online Payment Facility is as follows,

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    • You need to furnish required details to us here to enrol you for the course and submit.
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