AIEEE 2010 Key and Solutions

AIEEE 2010 was a 3 hour paper with 90 questions in total for 432 marks - 30 questions in each of the subjects. Each subject had 24 questions of 4 marks and 6 questions of 8 marks - hence 144 marks in total per subject. There were 4 choices in all questions.

There were 4 versions - A,B,C and D. The order of the subject and the choices were complely jumbled in these 4 versions. In Mathematics, there were 5 questions of Assersion-Reasoning type, where as Physics had only 2. In Physics, there were 2 comprehension based sets - one with 3 questions and the other with 2 questions. Chemistry did not have any comprehension based or assersion-reasoning based questions.

8 marks questions were generally tougher/time counsuming compared to 4 mark questions. Many problmes in Physics required sound conceptual understanding. The choices for many numerical are so wisely set that if the student makes a mistake in one of the step, he/she will end up in a wrong answer. Mathematics questions were more student friendly compared to previous year.

AIEEE 2010 Key

AIEEE 2010 Solutions

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