Certified by Guinness World Records TM Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz has been certified by Guinness World Records in 2007 as The Largest Quiz Ever held at one Location

Dear Teachers / Parents

Welcome to Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz, the Largest Quiz Ever as certified by the Guinness World Records TM. This section will introduce you to Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz and tell you how your students / child can possibly compete in this most keenly contested, most eagerly awaited quiz for school students in India.

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What is Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz?

Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz is the All India Inter-School Science Quiz organized and conducted by T.I.M.E., the leading entrance training institute in India. The event is open for the students of 8th, 9th and 10th Std of school students of all syllabi.

The National Circuit of this annual event was first conducted in 2006. From a total participation of more than 67,000 students in the initial year, the huge popularity of the Quiz has taken the cumulative participation over the years to to more than 16 Lakhs by 2015. The event grew at such a rapid pace that T.I.M.E. created a new Guinness World Record TM in 2007.

How do my students benefit by participating in Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz?

Participating in a Science Quiz like Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz encourages the student to take more interest in Science as he/she will start seeing the application side of science. This would encourage students to look beyond school text books to supplement their learning. This practice will help them in the long run.

Can my school / my child participate in Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz?

Please keep watching this space for details of the National Circuit of T.I.M.E. Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz. You can contact us at aquaregia@time4education.com .

The Quiz is open for the students of 8th, 9th and 10th Std.

In some cities, we conduct a School Level Preliminary Round where a written examination is conducted amongst all the participating teams from the school and then the top 3 or 5 teams (depending on the number of participating teams) are selected for the City Finals.

In some cities, we request the School Principal to nominate some teams directly for the City Finals.

What isthe format of Aqua Regia- The Science Quiz?

The Event is conducted in the following stages...

  1. School Level Written Preliminary Round

  2. City Finals - Stage 1

  3. City Finals - Stage 2

  4. Regional Finals

  5. National Finals

The entire national circuit takes more than three months to complete. As you will see, a team will have to go through 5 stages to eventually win the National Title. This format also makes it the most grueling and challenging quiz for school students in India. The heady mix of fun, learning and competition makes the competition phase all the more enjoyable for contestants and all other participants.

How do I prepare my students / child for Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz?

Rarely would you find questions straight out of the school text books appearing in Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz. The whole premise of this event that made it so popular is the practical side of science. Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz encourages students to look beyond the school text books to appreciate the practical and day-to-day manifestations of science.

To that extent, you can classify the content of Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz as Science General Knowledge.

We are sure you would want to sample some questions that have been asked in Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz...

So here we go ..

1. A series of pictures on the Screen capture the following .. Tintin and his detective pals - Thomson and Thompson are on hot pursuit of an outlaw...... in order to get after the fugitive, Tintin jumps onto a motorcycle...... The twins jump into pillion position ... Tintin is eager to go ... The twins have not yet braced themselves for the trip .... Tintin gets the bike going in a flash .... And the twins are thrown back into the road ....

What is the principle that explains the fate of the Detective twins ?

We are sure you would've worked this out by now.. Of course it is INERTIA.

2. On the Screen is the picture of a vagabond lady in rugged clothes - holding what looks like a club attached to a rope - near a pile of garbage. She was actually photographed by the research team of Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz on the streets of Kanpur. The Question - She was photographed while she was securing her livelihood. How does she earn her living?

Answers ranged from garbage cleaner to "lady entrusted with keeping away stray dogs from the locality". But one team on the stage did crack this one. At the end of her club was attached as magnet, she would scourge the garbage for pieces of metal, sell these at the local shop and get enough money for three meals a day.

These questions capture the spirit of Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz. You cannot find them in any Quiz books, but they are truly red-blooded science questions that interest and engage the scientific spirit in every student.

So you see, keeping your eyes and ears open to the happenings around you will help the students to prepare for Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz.

And of course regularly updating with the latest (and we cannot overlook the works done by the great minds over the centuries) in the field of Science will definitely help.

Good Luck
Team Aqua Regia - The Science Quiz