Non-Engineers have the best-ever chance to get into IIM Ahmedabad now!!

IIM Ahmedabad has been the torchbearer of quality management education in India, thanks to the exceptional education, brand value and outstanding placements that students get here. In addition to providing students with top-class education and careers, the institute is also ahead of the curve when it comes to moving with the times. IIMA strives to […]

God’s Own Campus (IIMK)

We call it the ‘K Life’! I will start off by saying that it is very, very different from graduation. Well described as the ‘pressure cooker’ model, our first year is packed with tight schedules, case studies, group projects, presentations, sacrosanct deadlines and summer placements. The first week was a nightmare because you get to […]

My Beautiful Campus (IIMC)

A stint at IIM Calcutta is considered to be a pivotal part of the course that aims to produce cadres of 21st Century managers. For the uninitiated, IIM Calcutta was the first IIM to be established and is the only Indian institute to have EQUIS triple accreditation. While the institute is renowned all over the world […]