God’s Own Campus (IIMK)

We call it the ‘K Life’! I will start off by saying that it is very, very different from graduation. Well described as the ‘pressure cooker’ model, our first year is packed with tight schedules, case studies, group projects, presentations, sacrosanct deadlines and summer placements.

The first week was a nightmare because you get to see all the hours of the night you have never seen before and you will be caught nodding off in class the next day. You will get a feel of how to work hard and learn how valuable time can be – just one minute late and you are thrown out of the class.

Moreover, we get introduced to the remarkable experience of class participation (CP) which contributes to 25% of the marks. So, nodding off in class is unaffordable. Also, there is a fine line between class participation and desperate class participation (DCP), so you need to really listen in class and unless you contribute something of value it is useless. The professors here are the best and call themselves “instructors” rather than professors.

Let me assure you it will get a lot better after the first week. IIM Kozhikode campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in India. It is like this breathtakingly beautiful hill resort located far away from the usual hurry-burry of a city. The scenic view we get from our hostel rooms can take away any stress. Then there comes the long night walks with friends. It is a night campus and whenever we get tired of studying, people here take a break and go for a stroll, which is an amazing experience. In all the rooms lights would be on till 4:00 am and no one actually sleeps.

One of the best experiences one can take away is the experience from group works. We will be put in different groups every time and the kind of connectivity and benefit we get is remarkable. We learn how to work with different people irrespective of the cultural and regional differences and bond very quickly.

another important aspect of studying at IIMK is that we get to be pals with some of the brightest minds of the country and that helps us develop more intellectually. Life here changes our thought process, clear away the misconceptions, broaden the narrow mentalities and makes us more open and accommodating. IIMK has a very diverse mix of students with folks almost every state of our country.

Last but not the least, we have the ‘parties’. To celebrate even the smallest things, parties are organized, which are full of great fun and are hugely enjoyable. Thus though we have tight schedules, we do maintain a balance out here .Not one cultural and religious festival is missed. So far we have celebrated Janmashtami, Ramzan, Ganesh Chathurthi, Onam and the list continues. Life at IIMK is awesome and I hope to enjoy, learn, and utilize my two years here to the maximum.

Education      :       B.Tech. in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation from College of Engineering, Trivandrum.

Hobbies          :       Singing, reading and travel.

More               :       Loves to make small innovative electronic projects like flash  piano and digital thermometers in her free time.

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