India’s CEO Factory (JBIMS)

The daily grind

Its 10:30 pm on a day before a public holiday. I am waiting for the next day’s lecture schedule. The schedule comes at 11:00 pm. Darn! We have classes from 9:00 am till 9:30 pm and that too, on a public holiday!

I finish off the remaining part of my assignment whose deadline is 11:59 pm, and start working on a presentation that I have to present the next day. Half asleep, unable to concentrate anymore, I go to bed. Next day I wake up at 7 am to reach the nearest local station at 7:30, keeping a buffer of 30 minutes for my travel. The local train usually takes one hour to reach Churchgate station. Today, the western line trains are running late. They do follow the principle of uncertainty. I wish that I hadn’t overslept and kept some more time as a buffer. Amidst all the sprint-work against Audis, Mercs and buses, I somehow manage to reach the class by 9:10. The professor is kind enough to allow me to sit for the lecture, but I get an L remark on my assignment. This would affect my internals. Damn the sleep!

At 10:00 am when we break for lunch, I complete the remaining portion of my presentation and manage my meal. Thank God, I completed most of it beforehand. I rush through my lunch and gear up for the next lecture. Presentation goes well and I also manage to sail through the next lecture trying to grasp every ounce of the concepts of fixed income thrown at me. Boy, this is some serious fun!

The self-discovery

If you think that you now have a fair idea of life at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), or Bajaj as it is mostly called, well, you’re mistaken. We have some spells of free time too. That’s when some of the students find time for corporate and b-school competitions while others find time to catch up on lost sleep. Life can be confusing and uncertain at times at Bajaj. You are always in a race against time. Yes, the Bajaj clock runs five minutes ahead of time! Every moment you are discovering yourself. You are on a constant hunt of finding that perfect fit for yourself, where you can comfortably apply the skills and knowledge that you have learnt.

The resources

The faculty at Bajaj has absolute command over their subjects. Most of them are visiting faculty who have already made it big in their respective business roles. The main advantage of learning from them is that they throw at us the real life situations that they have already faced or experienced. It helps one understand the concepts better. Their pedagogy and the business skills that they impart are simply a class apart. And they are pretty strict too; a five-minute bio-break can turn into a nightmare, if you are late by seconds.

The opportunity

Mumbai is called the land of opportunities. I could not agree more. Studying at this red brick building, surrounded by top corporate houses in the financial capital of India, is equivalent to opportunities knocking on your door! The SoBo (read South Bombay) b-school is located in a place where you may happen to find a certain CEO’s car parked in the lane next to your college building.

If you ask a sample of population, not many would be able to tell about JBIMS. Scaling new heights with great modesty is what the institute has been doing for the past several years. The result is evident. Without any marketing of any sort, the institute is branded as the CEO factory of India.

The legacy

If you ask any outsider who has some idea about JBIMS, you would often come across terms like ROI, placements, and infrastructure. But, very few really understand the latent things that the institute is made of. Bajaj stands for the hard work that every student puts in. It stands for the continuous toil that one goes through to make oneself ready to face the challenges as and when they are thrown up by the corporate world. It stands for the legacy that every batch leaves behind. It stands for the finest professional managers that it creates. It stands for the glory that the students of this institute embrace. It also stands for the Darwinian thought of the ‘survival of the fittest’ and Mumbai ensures that Bajaj does stand for it!

The transformation

To say that this b-school has transformed me will merely be an understatement. It has done a lot more than that. I am a different person now than I was before entering this institute. One learns to prioritize things. One becomes efficient in managing things. One gets accustomed to the fast-paced life, which the corporate world expects from an efficient manager. The institute provides you with a launch pad; the height that you want to soar to depends entirely on you. If you are lucky to make it to Bajaj, come with an open and inquisitive mind. The institute has lots to offer and will welcome you with open arms.

Education              :    B.Tech. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi.

Work Experience  :    Assistant Manager (Quality Assurance, 28 months), NTPC.

Hobbies :               Painting, crafting & travelling.

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