Life at Red Bricks (IIMA)

My typical day at IIMA starts at around 8:00 am when one my dorm mates knocks on my room door to wake me up. By then I would have hushed the alarm multiple times from 7:00 am. I hastily get ready and pack the required case material in my bag and rush to the mess for a quick breakfast at 8:30 am to keep me energised for the next five hours. By now, I have unconsciously started a timer in my mind, calculating the time required for the subsequent set of activities from walking to the mess, queuing up for my turn, trying to grab every single item on the menu, and a walk to the classroom. By the end of this pursuit, I reach the class by 8:44 am when the frequency of students entering the class is very high.

Classes start at 8:45 am, i.e., when the professor shuts the door and starts the case discussion. We have three consecutive classes until 1:10 pm with a couple of 20-minute breaks in between, where some students recharge themselves with a quick snack while some prefer to read the case for the next class. During the class, the students engage in a constructive discussion, which I feel is an important part of learning at IIMA. The professors do not generally give their opinion on a particular case; however, they put across all the necessary arguments and instil thought-provoking ideas which I feel contributes to a great deal of learning. After the completion of the third lecture at 1:10 pm, I engage in some post-class discussions with some of my fellow classmates as I walk to the mess to have lunch.

At 1:15 pm, I stand in the mess queue anticipating the possibility of a quiz announcement at 1:45 pm and making different permutations and combinations about the subject for which the quiz will be conducted. The whole lunch experience is the most anxious 30 minutes in the day, with little awareness of what I eat while constantly refreshing my email.

After the lunch, I wait outside the mess constantly switching my focus between my phone and the notice board. At 1:45 pm, there are shouts of a ‘surprise quiz’ and true to its nature, the PGP office does surprise us by conducting a quiz in a completely unexpected subject. I rush back to my room to go through the class notes and some of the previous year’s papers for the next half an hour. Finally, I leave for the class room at 2:25 pm with an air of confidence of doing well in the quiz. However, when I receive the quiz paper at 2:30 pm my expectations are shattered as everything seems new, especially if it’s a ‘Financial Accounting’ paper. On the other hand, I can see a gentle smile on my CA (Chartered Accountant) classmates who seem to be playing on a different field altogether, scribbling on their answer sheet and finishing the paper by the time I figure out what the question are all about! I try to concentrate on the job at hand trying to answer all the questions and eventually finishing at the last minute.

After the 30-minute quiz, I head back to my room to get some sleep for an hour. Around 4 pm, I play badminton at the sports complex which loosens me up from the hectic schedule at the campus. Playing badminton improves my concentration and at the same time helps to maintain physical fitness. Every student on campus has a unique way to relax and they engage in different extracurricular activities according to their interests.

At 6 pm, I go to some of the scheduled club meetings where we plan for various initiatives that are needed to be taken on campus. We also discuss the upcoming management events and delegate responsibilities to each individual to follow up at a later stage. Most of the events that are conducted at IIMA see huge participation from students across the country and are widely recognised.

After the meetings, I go to the library at 7 pm to finish the important assignments that are due by midnight. By 9 pm, I go for having a much needed meal. Post-dinner, I head back to the library to prepare for the next day’s class and to rush through the incomplete assignments. I submit the assignments just before the prominent deadline of 11:59:59 pm and continue my class preparation. At around 1 am, I take a small break for 20 minutes to grab some snacks at Nescafé and head to SAB (Students Activity Board) at 1:30 am to meet my study group for discussing the cases for the next day. We sit t analyse, together to interpret and note down the important points in the case studies for the next 2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the cases. At around 4:30 am, I reach my room and slump on the bed!

The experience on the campus for the students differs from one another depending on their priorities. This synchronous learning experience amongst 500 diverse personalities is what makes this entire journey even more interesting, enjoyable and worth experiencing.

Education              :    Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology from Osmania University (2011); Masters in Food Science & Technology from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK (2013).

Work Experience  :    Quality Manager (12 months), Vijaya Dairy.

Hobbies :               Playing badminton, singing & solving Sudoku puzzles.

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