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Three words which come to my mind when I look back at the past year at FMS Delhi are opportunities, friends and hectic (not necessarily in that order). FMS, one of the oldest b-schools of India, has provided me the opportunities to learn about myself in terms of what are my strengths, weaknesses, how good or bad team member I am, how to improve myself and learning about corporate world. So, what were those opportunities? The opportunities relate to learning from highly experienced faculty, peer group, and through interacting with distinguished alumni from the corporate world.

The faculty place a lot of emphasis on case-based learning, practical applications of the concepts taught and discipline in the class. Faculty are very considerate but once the deadline has been agreed by the students, rarely there will be an extension and they expect you to be punctual.

I remember our Dean’s words on the day of inauguration ceremony: “Some of you have come from places, which are more than 1000 kilometers far from Delhi and don’t afford to lose a class by being late to the class. Think twice before you knock on the class door if you are late to the class.” Most of the faculty remember the students by their name and some faculty remember the popular students even by their nicknames (all students have nicknames on campus).

Corporate interaction mostly happens through top management talks, company presentations and live case study competitions. It helps us get an idea of how different it is to pursue a career in different domains and skill set requirements for different domains.

“Process takes care of itself” is an adage which we used to hear from our seniors in the first semester and as the process unfolded itself we were able to understand the logic behind the adage.

Both academic and society work gives an opportunity to work in different teams at once. While not all of us stay in the hostels, we complete the group work either in the college or by coordinating online. All learning is not confined to indoor, whether it might be through live projects or events like Merchants of Delhi or Gram Darshan.

Merchants of Delhi is organized conducted by the school’s Marketing Society and E-Cell. In this event, the participants are divided into groups and they are tested how well they perform with limited resources and marketing skills. While many of us have visited villages before for a vacation to our grandparents place, in Gram Darshan you gain different perspectives as you try to understand how the lifestyle of villagers is different from city folks and understand and solve their main issues through the newly learned skills at MBA.

While all these opportunities come along, the hectic schedule leaves us with very less free time. However, we try to make the most of it and societies like Cultural and Sports organize events spread across the year to rejuvenate us. Some of the events to mention here are annual cultural and sports fest Elysium, Inter College Sports Meet, Inter Section Competitions, LAN Gaming, Poker Nights and Arm wrestling.

Peer learning provides us with a lot of new perspectives and helps build a mature outlook. As FMS follows absolute grading, peer learning only reinforces it.

Apart from important communications which happen through email, a lot of other communications – right from a serious discussion to banter happen on WhatsApp groups. Banter and memes made by the creative batchmates make you smile even in a stressful situation.

Friends are confined not just to your batch; we also make close friends with folks from senior batch and the junior batch. The seniors are always there to mentor and help clarify doubts. Vihaan, the social service cell, organizes an event called Silent Auction, a fund raising flagship fun event where both the faculty and students float proposals for different activities and there are bids placed by others who are interested in them. The funds thus raised are used for various activities that Vihaan undertakes. Apart from raising funds for social cause, it is also intended to increase the interaction between people of common interests from both the batches.

In short, life at FMS is about a great deal of learning and a lot of fun!

Education          :   B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus.

Work Experience :   Worked as Management Trainee for two years at T.I.M.E., Hyderabad.

Hobbies :           Cycling, watching movies & playing cricket.

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