My Little Heaven (IIML)

A year ago, I had no idea my life would change so drastically. Getting a good percentile in the CAT and getting selected by IIM Lucknow were the moments I thought were the changing agents of my life until I reached the campus.

Life on an IIM campus is entirely different and equally amazing, especially if you are at IIM Lucknow (all biases included). You enter the campus with two giant sculptures of Mahatma Gandhi leading the way and Krishna showing the path to Arjun on the chariot. Looking at them fills you with a sense of pride. As you push ahead, the campus, with its overwhelming greenery, rich flora and fauna, leaves you mesmerized. You think, “oh, I am going to go surely on regular walks and would roam around in the campus daily… that I would utilise all the facilities and amenities available.”

Having a humungous library wakes up the book lover in you who has the determination to read all the books there. Soon, the reality dawns upon you and your life get changed. Here I am not saying it turns for something wrong, but evidently not as rosy as you imagine it would be on campus.

As soon as the classes begun, you get to know the real value of sleep. Every day you are loaded with amazingly long and tedious assignments. The burden of doing a group project is more than doing it alone. Waiting for your team to assemble, then long hours of discussion and unending opinions, yield a fruitful project. With your day starting with an early morning rush to the class, where getting late is not an option. In the zeal to arrive at the class on time, you may have to skip your breakfast, especially if you had slept late and woken up very late (but just in time for the class).

Day-long classes sometimes end in the evening or go on late into the night. But as soon as they end, it’s your day that starts. With group meetings, completing projects, making presentations, submitting assignments, reading case studies, preparing for next day’s quizzes, trying to participate in the plethora of competitions available to sharpen your skills, and other activities to boot. In the due course, you realise that the beautiful campus, with its large number of peacocks, porcupines, snakes, variety of insects, dogs, birds, and an incredible variety of flowers, along with amazing people around, help you get moments of relaxation that rejuvenate you to get started again.

Another amazing and proud thing particular to IIM Lucknow is its ‘student-run mess’. Yes, you are read it right. We have a student-run mess and the food here is good, or I should say, amazing. Unlimited variety of dishes ranging from dosa, sambhar to chole bhatura, parantha, jalebi, ice-cream and rasgulla (writing this I know I am going to the mess after finish this piece!), everything is available here. And it all tastes good.

But food apart, life here is not just about busy project works or food or greenery; it is something more. It is about how you change as a person and how you groom your personality from just an ordinary girl/guy next door to a polished MBA graduate.

Attending classes on time, wearing those heavy business suits, and slogging day in day out prepares you for the long corporate career ahead. It tells you that time is important not just for you but for others too. It is necessary to give presentations as in the real world; you will keep on presenting your ideas to the world. On such occasions, clarity is important, and there are no second chances in the world. It is important to learn it all here itself. You understand how case studies are a reflection of a real life situation, and you find out how to go about solving them. They tell you no decision is right or wrong, it is what you make of it. You learn and apply, and you use and learn. I am sure, if one wants to groom their personality, one should get into either the defence forces or an IIM. Both make you work hard, but that work gives you an immense pleasure of learning and knowing what life is. How beautiful it is to know things and apply them!

Working with people from varied cultures and ethnicity, speaking different languages and different educational background makes you learn what unity is and what diversity is as well. Celebrating with them, having fun with them and learning with them are experiences, which are difficult to express in mere words. An experience one would crave for all over again, after graduating from here.

Interactions with amazing professors, industrialists and corporate managers in top positions present you with myriad opportunities to learn. You see your alumni’s eyes gleaming with joy whenever they talk about their campus, or their visit there. They give you a goal of enjoying and imbibing all of it till you are here. It is etched in your heart deeply, so much so that you can never forget the positive change it brings to your life. Life on campus, most of us won’t experience again, is something to worth die for if it is Life at IIM Lucknow.

Education              :    B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering from SRMSCET, Bareilly, UP.

Work Experience  :    Assistant System Engineer Trainee (13 months) for TCS & prior to that, Asst. Manager (six months) for Mahindra Associates.

Hobbies :               Travelling, reading, & writing poetry.

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