The Place to ‘B’ (IIMB)

It’s six in the morning as I begin writing this and I am yet to go to bed. This is not one of those extra-ordinary days where it is the submission that has kept you awake. It’s just another routine day. It’s been just 10 weeks into my IIM Bangalore life and it’s been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride so far. I hear it’s going to get wilder in the coming terms. Have I scared you enough? Ha-ha! Don’t worry, “It’s worth it!”, they say and I hope so too. It’s almost impossible to put into words the emotions I have gone through in these three months but I’ll try and highlight some of them.

The classroom sessions are one of a kind. Most of the professors here are GOD-like and every session adds more volumes to your brains than any book ever could. Imagine a class where toppers from around the country have gathered for an ‘All Topper Conference’. Every session here will give you that feel. The learning curve is extremely steep. If you ask me, in just these 10 weeks, I have designed a marketing plan for Café Coffee day, analysed the hurdles faced by Ninjacart, a budding start-up and suggested improvements to the company, learnt how to prepare and deduce inferences from financial statements of conglomerates, formulated a game theory out of Lupin’s [Lupin is a pharma giant] strategy, these are to mention a few. The classes begin at 10 am, end at 1:30 pm, or sometimes around 4:30, each session being 90 minutes long. You are expected to be prepared for your lectures as surprise quizzes might await you in class. Saturdays and Sundays are holidays but you’ll find yourself very busy over the weekend with quizzes and submissions.

The campus is beautiful with stone walled buildings and lush green lawns all around. The Bangalore climate is amazingly cool, a perfect environment for you to chill around with a book and hot ‘chai’, just that you wouldn’t have the luxury of time to do that! With all the greenery and stone walls, it’s even cooler than outside. It’s like you live in your own little world far separated from the Bangalore traffic, noise and pollution. The mess food is good enough, I am sure, far better than the canteen fare at your college. There are other options as well- the amazing pasta at Au bon pain, the ravishing sandwiches and burgers at Amul, the hot fried maggi at Park ‘n’ Eat,  momos at Haneena’s, anything south-or-north Indian at AmruthKalash. There is food available round the clock to facilitate your 24-hour active schedule.

The one thing that distinguishes IIMB from other campus lives is that ‘We work hard and party harder!’ There are frequent L-square parties to enjoy and dance your way out of the stress. There are 32 clubs and societies you can be a part of. Name anything and I am sure, IIMB has a club for it. I am not mentioning anything about the orientation week and the club inductions here on purpose, because it’s an experience to get amazed. There is not a single ‘uneventful’ day here, and I mean it literally as there are events organised by different clubs happening round the year. At IIMB, you need to master the art of ‘choosing’ rather than ‘grabbing’ opportunities, yes, there will be so many. In these 10 weeks, I have been a part of ‘Aarambh’ – the freshers’ party, Ice-breaker, War of Sections, Spardha, Eximius – the entrepreneurship summit, these are just the fests. It’s such a happening place and that’s why learning to choose becomes a necessity at IIMB.

Another perk of being at IIMB is the amazing people you meet – the alumni as well as your batchmates and seniors. The people are from such diverse backgrounds – there’s so much you could learn just from them. I sit in a class amidst a doctor, a national level badminton player, Chartered Accountants, IITB gold medallist, a Miss India Finalist, CEOs of budding start-ups, people with as much as seven years of work experience and for me as a fresher, it’s intimidating, at the same time, amazing learning. Also, the seniors here are the best! They care and help you out so much, they are as good as your best friends. I forgot to mention one thing – I also got the opportunity to interact with Nandan Nilekani (co-founder & former CEO of Infosys Technologies), P. Chidambaram, former finance minister of India, Saugata Gupta, CEO of Marico, K. Ramakrishnan, former Marketing head of CCD, and many others. If this doesn’t excite you enough to get in here, I don’t know what will. Time to get back into the IIMB mode. Hope to see you here, at the place to be!

Education :    B.Tech., National Institute of Technology, Calicut.

Hobbies     :    Fencing & Archery (State-level Silver medalist in the latter).

More          :    Trained classical dancer in Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi.

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