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Sleep deprivation was my first experience and the most frequently occurring memory when I try to recollect of anything related to my last three months at XLRI. Like a data pointer pointing at a memory slot, my memory is only fetching for the n-1 or n+1 hours of sleep where n=3 by default! I know it sounds highly exaggerated but yes, when you step into your dream b-school next year, I’m sure this would be the top most complaint you’ll be nagging about – the others being the General Body Meetings (GBM), committee selections, SIPs, the academic pressure, being the victim of the ‘Clash of the Titans’ (I am leaving this for you guys to guess, you’ll understand this terminology next year!

Well, you still have a choice to eliminate most of the items I mentioned above except for sleep. The best parts are a lot of ‘gyan’ and support from the senior batch, the group bonding – there is one mini-India here as there is a lot of diversity in terms of region, culture, language, work experience, interests, goals in life, etc. The late nights at Bishu da and night canteens and most importantly, the #XL Culture, which is the core of every student of XLRI; it is our pride!

At XLRI, life moves at a roller-coaster pace! We had our mid-term right just 20 days after the start of the academic year. With a tsunami of project deadlines, things rush and pile up so quickly.

It is then that you realize that time is the most valuable thing in your life. There are times when I wouldn’t sleep for 26–28 hours at a stretch and it worse just around end-term. But then it is not just academics that deprive folks of their sleep. Students hit the gym at 2 am; a rock band practices all through the night. Let me tell you, I totally love this schedule as I learnt a lot from this.

It is just that we do not push ourselves to achieve our maximum potential and that’s what you learn at a top b-school. You tend to value time much more than anything else and that’s what determines your success. Hard work is taught the hardest way.

Coming to the faculty, we have the best of the best professors in this country. They are gods in their own fields. It feels great to sit through their lectures. Their teaching style is very different from what we had before (like in under-graduation course).

Amidst all this cut-throat competition if I pause and retrospect, I can only think of my preparation days: the amount of hard work I put in to get to XLRI. All those dilemmas, challenges, those crazy mock test scores which would change your happiness+confidence quotient within no time, those sleeplessness nights before the exams, preparation for the interviews, talking to your mentors, and most importantly the immense confidence I had in myself to get here. It is all worth it! Every bit of it! Just work hard, give your best shot do not sympathize with yourselves for lack of time because the world here runs at a different pace.

Do not aim for an MBA for the sake of a better placement or a high paying job. That’s not the criteria. Just enjoy the process, think of a lot of learning that would transform your personality and approach your goals.

I specifically stressed on time in this article because this is the “differentiating factor” in any competitive exam or field. The person who knows how to optimize it is the winner. All the best!

  • Education B.E. in Electronics & Communications Engineering from CBIT, Hyderabad.
  • Work Experience Senior Marketing Executive (21 months), Myhome Constructions.
  • Hobbies :  Painting & foodie.

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