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IIT JEE MAIN 2022 - REPEATERS - XII Std. 20th Sep, 2021 (Monday) - Monday to Friday

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T.I.M.E., the National leader in entrance exams, brings you the most comprehensive course material for JEE MAIN 2022 – REPEATERS COURSE.

The classes, materials and tests are packed in such a way that those who adhere to the schedule and also practice as per our guidelines will have an edge over their counterparts.


In this course, the theory of each chapter is explained in detail followed by workout sessions where the problems pertaining to that chapter will be practiced. After each session, Daily Tests will be conducted to instantly evaluate the student’s understanding of the topic. Apart from chapter-wise Unit Tests a Cumulative Test will be conducted after every four to five chapters to reinforce the learning of the students. Solutions for all these tests will be uploaded on the SHP so that students may verify their answers and make appropriate changes to their approach. Twenty Revision Tests (RTs) and their discussions are a part of this course. Of the 15 Mock Tests, 10 will be completed before the first JEE Main exam in January 2022 and the balance 5 Mock Tests will be conducted before the second JEE Main exam in April 2022. A Crash program will be conducted in March 2022 towards preparing the students for the second attempt of the examination. Thus, a comprehensive approach of covering the topics and drilling the students in the JEE Main exam pattern will eventually prepare the students to get excellent results in the competitive exam later.

Guidance for Course Selection: This course is for students who have completed their XII Std. and are looking at dedicating a whole year exclusively for JEE preparation targeting JEE MAIN EXAM in 2022.

What does T.I.M.E. offer for this JEE MAIN REPEATERS online video course?

  • Experienced and highly qualified faculty who will guide and facilitate easy learning of the subject.
  • Dedicated Student Home Page (SHP) and APP in order for the students to access the video classes and various tests.
  • Scheduled online classes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Study Materials (SMs) provided as Printed Books and E-Books for student convenience.
  • Exclusive Study Materials containing Numerical type questions (SMN) provided as Printed Books and E-Books.
Video Classes 750 hours
Study Materials -- E-Books 41 Nos.
Study Materials -- Printed 23 Nos.
Daily Tests (DT) 268 Nos.
Solution Handouts for DT 268 Nos.
Unit Tests & Cumulative Tests 90 Nos.
Solution Handouts – Tests 90 Nos.
Revision Tests (MRT) 20 Nos.
Solution Handouts – MRT 20 Nos.
Mock Tests 15 Nos.
Solution Handouts – Mock Test 15 Nos.

With 29 years of training experience, our trainers have mastered the skill of bringing the best out of every student. Throughout the course, our faculty helps the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and groom them to improve their performances. The thoroughness in approach ensures that the quality of inputs provided to the students will be nothing short of the best.

Course Fee

Rs. 40,000

Watch demo classes and convince yourself of the quality of T.I.M.E. online course :

Circles Part 2
Laws of Motion Revision 1
Ray Optics 1
Straight Lines Part 3
Alcohols Revision 1
OLMRT3012103 - C
Course Fee

Rs. 40,000