Chat on XAT 2013 & Tips for GD/Essay/PI preparation!
(Chat Transcript)

rohit : Sir with a score of 21-24 marks, what would be my percentile in XAT? Do i stand a chance to get admission in TAPMI? Please help
ramratnam : Last year's overall cut-off for TAPMI was 50 so you do seem to have a chance. Your %ile is likely to be above 70. All the best.

swapniliit : Hello. I got 25 in paper and 9 in GK of XAT. I have not filled XLRI and XIMB. Where should I appply ?
saurabhjaiswal : imt, gim, tapmi, spjain

annie : hello! expected sectional cut offs for xat this year?
kapilbhandari : For XLRI PGD-BM Overall 90, VA - 70, DM - 80, QA n DI - 92 PMIR, 88, 80, 70 and 80

pinky : sir,my xat score is 19.25(without gk) according to time..and 21 test funda...what r my chances for imt hyd??
asim : Moderate chances.

hopeforthebest : sirs,i am getting 4.75 marks in DM,2.5 in VA and 13 marks in Quants in XAT2013 according to TIME i have chance to get calls from xlri,ximb?
deepak : Both the colleges have sectional cut offs, calls seem unlikely given your low VA and DM scores

re : dm-7.25, qa-9.75, engl-10.5...overall 27.50....chncs for xlri-bm/hr
kapilbhandari : I doubt that at this score

asdf : VA-7, DM -6.5 and quant -5.5 as per TIME key, please let me know the overall percentile I can expect with a total score of 19. (XAT)
avinash : Around 75 %tile.

parvathij : Sir, following are my marks VALA: 9.25 DM: 10.25 Quant: 5.5 Total: 25 Do I stand a chance for HRM call from XLRI?
asim : Less chances, 28-30 marks may result in 90 percentile(Around 90 percentile could be required).

pinky : a score of 19-21 what colleges do i have a chance??
asim : A similar query has already been answered,plz chk

rj : Hi, What can be the expected cutoff both sectional and overall for XLRI,XIMB,IMT-G
saurabhjaiswal : refer our website for a detailed analysis

raam : sir,my xat score is 20 and i'm a nc-obc candidate...which colleges should i apply?
asim : IMT-Hyd/Nagpur,ITM-Mumbai,CHRIST,KIAMS,VJIM are some options.

rj : Hi, What can be the expected cutoff both sectional and overall for XLRI,XIMB,IMT-G
asim : Around 90(high sec),94(mod sec) and 92(no sec) percentile respectively.

swapniliit : Hello. I got 25 in paper and 9 in GK of XAT. I have not filled XLRI and XIMB. Where should I appply ? I am SC candidate, please advise accordingly. Thanks.
asim : Your reservation status would not be helpful for these b-schools as they do not follow reservation policy. Looking at your expected score you may apply to TAPMI,GREAT LAKES, IFMR,LIBA,WELINGKAR-Mum and GIM.

sss : sir what can b d expected cut-off for xime?
asim : Around 70-75 percentile

hopeforthebest : i have over 90% in my 10th and 12th and 81% in my engineering and 14 months work exp..with my XAT score will i get a call from SPJIMR ?
saurabhjaiswal : yes, u might

saurabh91 : Hii, Sir my expected marks are 12.5 chances for welingkar
asim : Seems unlikely.

as : sir, is it true that tapmi's last year cut off was around 50%ile?..if yes, i have 32 months work ex in finance...last drwan salary 3.1 LPA do you think i can get into tapmi if i score above 50%ile..
deepak : yes tapmi had a cut off of 50%ile last year. GD was an elimination round. You can apply for it.

dynamicarmaan : my scre is varin 4m 23.75 to 28.5 4m different institutes...... roughly my sctnals r... VA- 8.75-9.75, DM- 11- 10.5 , QA- 6.5 to 8... i hav aplied for xlri hr n ximb.... is der ne chnce??
saurabhjaiswal : less chances with XLRI, but fair enough for XIMB

abc : sir how is NDIM and UPES???? should i apply to these colleges. have 700 composite score in mat????
asim : You could aim at better b-schools like Christ,ITM-mumbai and Great Lakes-Chennai.

brad : Sir getting 21 in xat without gk !! What are my chances for gim ? Which other college shoudl i apply n what percentile can i expect at this score ?
saurabhjaiswal : you stand a good chance

riya : sir, last year what was the cut off for hrm, health administration and hospital administration of TISS from sc category? PLEASE REPLY SIR.....
saurabhjaiswal : we are sorry , we do not have these cut-offs for TISS ( sc category ) separately

re : in d new tissnet format...wot in your opinion wud be a comfortable score 2 get to the nxt round
asim : Honestly it cannot be predicted as it depends on the difficulty level of this year's paper.

tuskerr : Sir, would I able to clear the sectionals with 8-9 in DM and 12.5 in quant?My overall is 40.I have applied only to xlri
saurabhjaiswal : pls apply to atleast 2 more institutes, and u should get XLRI call too

sweety : sir, i got 21 marks in xat according to time key... wat colleges can i expect???
asim : A similar query has already been answered,plz chk

annie : VA-17.25 DM-8 QUANT-6.25. can you please tell my options? will it be sufficient for xlri hrm and ximb pgdm?
deepak : Bleak chances for XLRI, but a good chance at ximb.

navin : Sir,My XAT score is 10.5(section-1)according to TIME key and 15.25 acc to Testfunda. What r my chances for TAPMI?
pcr : Perhaps a little low for TAPMI, but take a chance, luck could work in your favour

rohit : Sir please tell us what percentile we can expect for 21-24 marks?? Chances for TAPMI?
asim : If they go ahead with last year's strategy of giving calls at lower percentage and calling a large no of students for GD(elimination round), then you have a good chance of getting a call.

pappu : sir what is expected cut off for xiss ranchi
asim : Around 60 percentile

mucb2b : CAT results on way... between 75-85 percentile wic colleges..??
avinash : refer to category BB and B ranked college on our website.

rj : Hi, What can be the expected cutoff both sectional and overall for XLRI,XIMB,IMT-G
asim : Overall around 90(high sectionals),94(moderate sectionals),92(no sectionals) respectively.

shah : Sir can you share the expected sectional and overall cutoffs in xat for xlri bm and hrm programmes
deepak : We gave it in our analysis.

rahul : hello sir my net score is 15.25,.......wat percentile i can expect?? & corresponding college?
avinash : Around 65.

pr : sir i tick only one institute in snap form,shall i apply another institute?l know my question is not part of this cheat but it is urgent.
asim : I did not understand your question, please explain

mucb2b : i m givin 1st time gdpi.. can i get from time classes..?? n wil der wil b mock gdpi conducted..??
kapilbhandari : If you are a regular student you can attend GDPI classes, else you have to enroll for GDPI course. Of course mock GDs and PIs will be conducted and you will be given extensive feedbacks on this.

ram : sir, how GLIM PGPM course i want to specialize in finance(investment banking or consultancy) it good option i have 30months of exp...and do sugggest any other college which is good in finance (other than top 10)
saurabhjaiswal : GLIM is good, also explore MFC ( delhi univ. )

xat : Hello Sir,QA-15 DM-8 VA-2.75 Overall-25.75, Can I expect a GDPI call from GIM??
kapilbhandari : High chance at this score

rohit : Sir what are the options still open with a score of 21-24, can you please help? Any top 30-35 colleges?
avinash : LIBA,GIM,IFMR,TAPMi, WE.

swapniliit : 25 in paper and 9 in GK of XAT.Where should I apply, I am SC candidate.
asim : Answered.

raam : quant-11.5 va-4 dm-4.5 with a total of 20...chances for wellingkar and ta.pai??
saurabhjaiswal : fairly good

saurabh91 : How is ITM-Khargar for operations??
saurabhjaiswal : not upto the mark ? consider marketing or finance there

aamir : Va-4.75,dm-10.5,qa-3,overall-17.75.what r my chances 4 welingkar?
saurabhjaiswal : very good, cosider applying to ITM too

re : dm-7.25 qa-9.75 verbal-10.5 overall 27.50 chncs for xlri-bm/hrm
kapilbhandari : I doubt that

rj : please tell me the expected cutoff for XIMB
asim : Last year for PGDM course it was CAT Overall-94,VA/LR-95,QA/DI-90 XAT Overall 94 QA-60,EL-70,DM-60

rahul : with a score of 15.25 a/c time,chances of XISS HRM Ranchi??
pcr : decent chance

shah : For an overall score of around 34.. What colleges can i apply now.. I am an nc obc candidate
kapilbhandari : Need to know your section score also. However if you clear SCOs, then you can apply for any college

rb : wat tym is cat result expected on 9th ??
asim : could be 8th midnight(starting of 9th).

jyoti1001 : VA 9.25, DM 12.25, QUANT 9.25, overall 30.75..can i expect a call from xlri for bm?
kapilbhandari : Considering the difficulty level, you may get a call. However sectional cutoff in Quant seems on the line

saurabh91 : At 12.5 will i get a call from ITM- Khargar
saurabhjaiswal : yes , u might

sss : sir what ws d last yrs % for xiss?
asim : Around 60 percentile in XAT.

tuskerr : Sir, would I able to clear the sectionals with 8-9 in DM and 12.5 in quant?My overall is 40(exc. G.K.).I have applied only to xlri
avinash : likely to be in the range of cut-off.

rk : quant-11.5 VA-4 DM-4.5 with a total of 20...what would be my % what are my chances for gim,wellingkar and should i apply gor T.A pai???
pcr : Considering the overall diffficulty of the paper, a score of 20 may help you apply to places like TAPMI, GIM, LIBA

rj : Please give some tips for GD/PI preparations
kapilbhandari : There is no substitute to reading editorials of newspapers (if time magazines also, esp T.I.M.E.) on daily basis for GDs. Check the current hot topics and read about them. Form groups among your batch mates or known persons and share ideas. For PI, introspect yourself on all things written in your CV first. You should know all that inside out.

mucb2b : i m gettin nt paid status for ssbm.. can u giv me link to payment procedure..??
asim : check

vikramaditya : Hi, My XAT scores VA-10,DM-8.5 quant-14.25 OA=32.75 according to your key. what will be my %le and calls that i can expect and how to prepare for them accordingly
pcr : Considering the difficulty level of the test, that is a pretty decent score, and you stand a chance of calls from XLRI and XIMB. Focus on general awareness, including analysis and opinion building on issues of current importance. Introspection and self-analysis will help you prepare for interview questions. Prepare for questions on your work(if working) and brush up on subject basics

rb : wat tym is cat result expected on 9th jan ?
deepak : 12 am

jyoti1001 : i have been shortlisted for IIFT'S GDPI round.They have sent in a CV form which have questions based on career and management.Will the answers form the basis for questions asked in PI?
deepak : Yes that is very likely.

aparna : this is third time i m posting my query at overall score of 13 in xat what percentile i can expect?
asim : 40-60 percentile

xatter : at a score of 23.75 what percentile can i expect? any chances for xibm /gim?
asim : XIMB seems unlikely(for PGDM).It may translate into around 80 percentile

ishan : Hi Sir, I am getting a score of 31.25 according to TIME key and 38 (excl. GK) according to the Testfunda key with a score of 7 in Verbal Ability. Could you please let me know if I could get a call for gd pi at XLRI or XIMB? Thanks!
pcr : Considering the difficulty level of the test, that is a pretty decent score, and you stand a chance of calls from XLRI and XIMB

srm : sir, what was the cut off of ifmr last year? does it have sectional?and hows it in comparison to gim...
asim : T.I.M.E. ranks both among the BBB grade B-schools, they are on par with each other. In case you are interested in finance as a specialization then you could prefer IFMR over GIM. Last year the cutoff was around 80 percentile.

shah : Sir can the analysis in terms of marks can be shared. Its given in terms of percentile. How many marks are a safe bet for 90 percentile plus score
avinash : 32+ seems will fetch above 90 percentile.

swapniliit : Sir. Can you answer my questions PLease... Thanks
asim : Answered.

mucb2b : main core areas to prepare for gdpi..?? considerin m givin for 1st time..
avinash : For interview- prepare for career goal, why MBA based questions apart from GA(will also help for GDs) and subject undertaken in last qualification. Keep updating GK. refer to GDEI briefcase on your student homepage.

xat : Hello Sir,QA-15 DM-8 VA-2.75 Overall-25.75, Can I expect a GDPI call from GIM??...please reply.
asim : Moderate chances(only because of VA score).

admission : hi sir, wat must be CAT %le to apply for TAPMI ??
asim : Last year they had given calls to a large number of students and the GD was kept as a elimination round, hence the cutoff was pretty low, ie around 50 odd percentile. This year it may/may not be same. Earlier years the cutoff used to be around 85-90 percentile.

galvatron : Sir my academics are as follows 10th - 91.20%, 12th - 79.50%, BE - 81.70%, and my CAT 2012 attempts were as follows : Section 1: 21 attempts (100% accuracy), Section 2: 22 attempts (18 correct and 4 wrong) please tell me if i can expect a good percentile and if i can make it to atleast one of IIM's as i have lost hopes due to my failure in IIFT with 49.70 marks. Please reply. Thank you.
pcr : You know it depends entirely on how you've done in comparison with the others! Keep your hopes up. From what you say, you seem to have done decently

asv : Sir,Could you please guide me about preparing for GD and PI? What kind of questions should I expect in Interview etc.. and points to be taken care of to fare well in GD?
deepak : We will have GDPI sessions starting soon, attending them should be a good starting point!

aamir : Va-4.75,dm-10.5,qa-3,overall-17.75.what r my chances 4 GIM? Sir which is better GIM or welingkar?
saurabhjaiswal : gim is better, fair chances for both

ampriy0001 : 10.75 in quant enough to cross sectional cutoff for xlri?
deepak : Borderline case, keep your fingers crossed!

asd : sir I got 14.25.Can u tel to which college I can apply. Can I apply to TAPAIM?????????????
deepak : 50-50 chances

rahul : WAt is the expected cut off for XISS Ranchi HRM?
asim : Last year it was around 60 percentile.

mucb2b : Expected cut off for Sibm bang..?? N can giv me link for ssbm payment procedure..??
asim : 82+ for gen category students. Check ssbm website for details for the other query.

ishan : Thank you for answering my previous question. I am cat 2012 student of the Ameerpet branch. could you please let me know if the gd classes will resume. If so, will it be institute wise (i.e. IIM's, NMIMS, XLRI) or will it be a common class. Could you give us an idea when these classes might start. Thank you.
deepak : They will start soon, once the results start coming in. The batches will be divided into iim batch and non-iim.

apoorvtwr : sir net score of 17.25 in xat...excluding gk....applied to GIM...any chances??
avinash : Appear very bleak chance.required around 30.

neha : sir expected score for xime???
asim : Around 70-75 percentile.

asd : sir with 14.25 mark which college can I get??? Can I get cal from TAPAIM???
asim : Yes, if they follow last year's process.

annie : thanks deepak sir. :)
deepak : you are welcome

jyoti1001 : I am a qualified CA & CS,got shortlisted for IIFT's next round and also got a profile based call from S.P. Jain,could you please tell me how to prepare for PI?What kind of questions can I expect?What qualities do they actually look for during the PI?
pcr : Apart from what follows examine the connection between CA/CS and mgt - your ability to use that to present yourself as a good prospect will work in your favour. In addition, focus on general awareness, including analysis and opinion building on issues of current importance. Introspection and self-analysis will help you prepare for interview questions. Prepare for questions on your work(if working) and brush up on subject basics

qwe : 2 colleges i have applied have gdpi in the same week.both conduct 2 rounds of the process,what shud i do?shud i ignore one?
kapilbhandari : I assume you have call from both. Go for the better one and write a request mail to the other siting the reason for change in date. You should not leave any option just because of date clash

swap : va -11 DM -8, QA/DA 12.25 , GK 11.5..What are my chances ?? overall 31.25.... Only xlri
avinash : Already answered similar question in thread.

mucb2b : I am first GDPI guide lines please.
pcr : Focus on general awareness, including analysis and opinion building on issues of current importance. Introspection and self-analysis will help you prepare for interview questions. Prepare for questions on your work(if working) and brush up on subject basics

shubh : sir i am getting a total score of 25.25 is gim,imt ghazbd. or ximb or xiss in scope
asim : Good chances for GIM, others seem unlikely.

gaurav : sir i m getting VA 4.5 DM 2.5 and QA 11.5.. What are my chances? i have applied for both XLRI and Ximb
deepak : Very bleak, given they both have sectional cut offs.

avnish : sir which type of quant questions asked in tiss?
asim : Check

asv : My Profile-10th-94.4%,12th-70%,Btech-65.58% and having 18 months of Experience in IT. What should be the ideal score to be obtained so as to get a call from LIBA,Bharathidasan and TAPMI?
avinash : 85-90 % tile score around 28-30.

apoorvtwr : sir m getting 17.5 in xat excluding GK...applied to GIM through xat...any chances of getting a call???
avinash : Appear very bleak chance fot GIM.

rohit : IMT G dates are still open? What would be the cutoff throught XAT?
asim : Around 90-92 percentile(No sectional cutoffs)

ketan : What is the marking scheme in XAT ?
deepak : +1 and -0.25. I hope you are a CAT 13 student!

kvp : For a score of 17.5 according to TIME key..what are my chances for TAPMI , GIM,Great lakes ?
pcr : Perhaps a little low for TAPMI, but take a chance, luck could work in your favour. Better chances with GIM and GLIM

navin : Sir,Pls suggest me some colleges for xat-10.5 (time key) and with MAT score 80 percentile. .Thank you

avnish : how can i prepare quant for tiss?
pcr : the quant for tiss is not different from the quant for CAT or CMAT. Brush up well, focus on your weaker areas, and you should be fine

rsksharma : I have 7 years of experience and have applied for GMP. what would cutoffs for GMP be like are they similar to BM?
asim : The final selection is mostly dependent on your profile and your performance during the PI.

mucb2b : Should giv ssbm gdpi wen I want to do MBA in finance..??
avinash : Banking management is only one functional aspect of finance. But you can keep it for back-up if you are open and flexible for banking function.

ampriy0001 : Sir,one more question was there. Do other colleges also look at paper 2 for selection or is it just for xlri. PS - I am a fresher, so less knowledge.
deepak : Varies from college to college, you can check their respective website for info on that.

anand : itm navi mumbai, xime, xiss, we school mumbai, kriloskar, great lakes please arrange
asim : Please check

sush : how should i prepare for gd from today as i am a cat 13 aspirant
kapilbhandari : There is no substitute to reading editorials of newspapers (if time, magazines also, esp T.I.M.E.) on daily basis for GDs. Check the current hot topics and read about them. Form groups among your batch mates or known persons and share ideas. You should be aware of all the current topics by the time you near results next year.

anand : How can i prepare for gk for cmat..?
kapilbhandari : In the given time, read all issues of T.I.M.E. magazines and also all handouts given to you

asd : how much mark required for XIMB????
asim : Around 30-32 marks overall for PGDM

jk : sir,how good is st.joseph,s college of business administration under xat?
asim : Not among the TOP 10 Under xat.

gaurav : does imt gaziabad take xat score? and if yes what are my chances of converting it with my xat score?
kapilbhandari : Yes they take. Your score should be overall 92+ percentile

asim : Around 96 percentile and around 80 percentile respectively.

007 : sir how would you rate imt Nagpur,is it worth applying considering roi...
asim : Its a decent b-school, T.I.M.E. ranks it among the BB grade b-schools.

apoorvtwr : sir which college shd i go for at score of 17.5
avinash : XIME b'lore, XISS ,KIAMS, IMT Nagpur.

anand : How is xiss for hr? and what is its average placement/cuttoff for hr?
asim : Pretty decent,T.I.M.E. ranks it among the B grade b-shcools.Avg Sal was 6.25 Lakhs p.a.(2012)

jack : sir,what would be NIRMA university CAT cut off? today is last date for application...plz answer me sir
asim : Last year it was 80 percentile overall with 50 percentile sectional

akash : sir my score according to time key QA-9.25,VA-11.5 DM-15..Overall-36.75..what are my chances for xlri HR and BM?
avinash : Likely based on Overall if QA score falls above cut-off.

yashi : sir the questn ppr did not mention that there is any sectional cut off though it asked to maximize score in each section.Does that mean xl may not follow a sectional cut off thing??
kapilbhandari : No. They always have SCOs.

anand : I am expecting 28 right and 22 wrong in xat. can u please tell me where would my percentile land. (approx) please reply
kapilbhandari : Should be approx 80 %tile

hg : i have a score of 15 in XAT2013.. do i stand a chance in GIM or XIME, bangalore or TAPMI?
saurabhjaiswal : xime possible, tapmi /gim are diffficult

rahul4288 : Hi Sir, IRMA : missed out on GK IIFT: 41 NMAT: 203 This is what i could manage thus far. Will the following XAT score yield me a call from: 1)XLRI HRM (2)XIMB (3)IMT-G(4)GIM (5)Great Lakes (6) SP Jain VA:14 DM: 10 QA: 7.25 OA: 31-32(excluding GK) Kindly answer.
avinash :

saurabh91 : DO JBIMS accept MAT score
asim : No

gaurav : sir what can be SPJIMR'S cut off for xat?
kapilbhandari : 85 %tile for profile based and 95 %tile otherwise

sss : i am expecting 27 in xat. is there any chance for xlri hrm?
asim : Moderate chances are there if you can manage to cross their sectional cutoffs. Best wishes.

rt : @ asim sir..sir,i attempted around 30-35 questions on time xat calculator evaluation is shown only on overall 20 questions...what the problem is?????..i am sure of my attemts and score updating in calculator..again for certainty..when i am reposting my details in is showing 0 in every sections.....???????
deepak : No one else had an issue with score calculator so far, however do send in your answer choices and mention your time id card number. You can mail it to

gaurav : sir is Nirma university better or IMT gaziabad?
pcr : IMT Ghaziabad, then Nirma

mucb2b : I had studied gk a lot for snap n xat... Bt m Nt findin worth ma scores for it.. little screw.. pls guide for cmat
avinash : Don't look back , add on GK, current affairs, burning issues ... will help you during GDPI.

lubi : Please tell me how would rate XIME,GIM,GLIM,TAPMI ?
pcr : Broadly - TAPMI, GIM, GLIM, XIME

rahul : COLLEGES which i should apply at 15.25 score??
avinash :

galvatron : Sir does JBIMS accept CAT score and if yes what would be the CAT cutoffs for JBIMS?
asim : 99+ percentile

shuv : hi sirs..I am getting VA -10,DM-12,QA-9..what are my chances for XLRI/XIMB
saurabhjaiswal : fair chances for both

deepak : I assume you mean for a call from XLRI, they do not mention how much, they just say that they may look at academics as a part of selection.

nirav : i m getting 36(according to time)...trying only for xlri. no other colg apllied except xlri.wat chance....heard that tapmi's date is still there should i fill it for safety net and how is it (avg pkg,100% placement and fees???)
saurabhjaiswal : fill tapmi as a safety bet, good b-school . . . fair chances for XL

avnish : sir when will jbims declear application form 2013-2015?
asim : A similar question has been ans, plz check

swapniliit : Sir, JBIMS applications will start after CMAT feb results are out, right? They have a CAP round?
asim : DTE-Maharashtra conducts the admission process, for more details please check

pllo : sir with a score of 15,can i expect a call from xiss-hrm?? and is dr ny chances for xime?
saurabhjaiswal : u might get both

yashi : Sir,wat may b the cut off marks for xlri-hr???
kapilbhandari : overall around 28-30

rahul : sir pls. answer
avinash : Answered.

rsksharma : would i be shortlisted for GD PI gmp xlri , Exec-PGDM IMT ghaizaibad with a xat total score of 26(Verbal =11, Analytical and DM =13 , Q+DI=5)
kapilbhandari : For IMT chances are high, but not for XLRI

saketh : Hi Sir,My XAT Score according to the key is 23 ( VA-3, DM-10.5 QADI-4.75 and GK-4.75) What are my chances for GIM or XIMB . Please throw some light on it .
kapilbhandari : No chance for XIMB, however may get a call from GIM (less chance here too)

ajay : AT 17. DO I STAND A CHANCE IN ANY COLLEGES FROM IMT HYD/GIM//XIME. please answer sir, yes or no?? i just want to face the reality now(no hoping).. plz reply..
saurabhjaiswal : gim looks difficult, rest two possible

yashi : Sir plz tell the cut off for xlri-hr??? and also req cut off in quant for it.
asim : Last year the cutoffs were Overall 88 Percentile and 80-EL&LR,80-QA,70-DM

sunil : sir im getting 20 in xat 2013 what would be my expected percentile.can i apply for tapmi,liba with this score
saurabhjaiswal : pls apply to both

shah : Sir how should i prepare for general questions in tiss.. questions related to ethics, values etc
pcr : focus on general awareness, including analysis and opinion building on issues of current importance. Introspection and self-analysis will help you prepare for interview questions. Prepare for questions on your work(if working) and brush up on subject basics

iam : which book/source should i refer to for TISSNET gk?
asim : check

mucb2b : Welingkar cut off in cat for MBA in finance.. ??
asim : Around 80 percentile for Mumbai campus.

aug : which are the important current topics for gd?
pcr : have a look at the GDWI links on your SHP

bs729 : sir my scores according to test funda are : va-10,dm-10.5,qa-11.5,gk-7...wat r my chances for xlri bm and hrm calls?
avinash : Likely if this reflects our keys as well.

vishnu : sir i got 28 marks,but havnt cleared sectional cutt off in quant(attempted onle 6 qns),i am a fresh graduate(bba).what are my chances???please advice me.pls
kapilbhandari : There are some schools like GIM, Tapmi, IMT Ghaziabad, which don't go for SCOs. So good news is that you may get a call from there :)

yashi : @KAPIL SIR. thnk u sir bt cn I get a cl if my score in QA is 8 wid overall of 30???
kapilbhandari : Quant 8 may be a borderline case. Less probability. Cut off can go to 10 ish. Good luck

abc : what is the expected cut off for LIBA dis year?
asim : Around 75 percentile

saurab : Hi Sir...My scores are VA/LR: 8.5, DM: 7, QA: 16.25, OA: 31.75 except GK. What are my chances of getting a call from XLRI-BM and XIMB?
saurabhjaiswal : DM could be achille's heel for XLRI, XIMB looks possible

ia : sir, my score according to time website is 6. is dr ny hope? wt percntile can i expect?
kapilbhandari : I am sorry to say, but this is too low a score for any decent call :(

vishnu : sir i got 28 marks,but havnt cleared sectional cutt off in quant(attempted onle 6 qns),i am a fresh graduate(bba).what are my chances???please advice me.pls..
avinash : you can target XIMB,GIM,GLIM,TAPMI,WE

ankit33336 : what is expected marks for imt-g,n,h ,liba,ifmr,itm,tapmi
saurabhjaiswal : ifmr/tapmi/ LIBA/ imt N, 75%ile plus

: Sir, my XAT scores according to TIME key are : QA: 13.75, VA: 15, DM : 13 , Gen awareness : 17.5 I have only applied for XLRI - BM. My avg AIMCAT percentile is 98.12. Please tell me how much chance I have for XLRI-BM as I am pretty tensed.
pcr : You seem to have done pretty well. Keep your hopes up - decent chances of a call

hg : Sir, is XIME better or Christ?
pcr : XIME, then Christ

ratincatrace : Sir i'm getting VA_10,DM-9,QA-3 what are my chances and how much percentile should i expect?
avinash : around 80 % tile.

: sir, why time has removed the rankings of b schools from their website?it has no link from SHP.
asim : check

anand : Cutt off of tapmi and gim?
kapilbhandari : GIM around 75+ % tile and Tapmi around 55+

saurabh91 : Sir, my NMAT scores are 171 & 172 can i get a call? Expecting 98 in SNAP and applied for SIBM-pune, SCHMRD, SIOM From where can i get a call. Interested in operations management with 8 months of work exp How is SIOM in terms of placement?
saurabhjaiswal : u shd get a call definitely from SIOM, its good ; take it with full prep. . . nm scores are not adequate for mumbai / may have to look at bangalore

ramesh : sir,what would be GREAT LAKES xat,cat cutoff for PGDM fresher? plzz ....answer sir
asim : Around 85-90 percentile

vishnu : sir i got 28 marks,but havnt cleared sectional cutt off in quant(attempted onle 6 qns),i am a fresh graduate(bba).what are my chances???please advice me.pls...plss reply sirrr
avinash : Already answered.

yashi : QA 8, oveall 30. What calls to xpect sir???
kapilbhandari : XLRI HR may get. (BM doubtful) Other colleges high chance

dn : sir what to do.. job at 3.2 pkg and try cat next year(can assume 90-95%tile next year also) or mba with any cat 90%tile collg?
kapilbhandari : You need to check the overall reputation of the college 1st. If you are getting entry into a decent B-school, then the growth you will get will cover for all the opportunity cost now. Else, considering you are getting 90 %tile this year, you will need very less time for CAT 13 prep. So join the job and prepare alongside.

anand : Does gk and essay is counted in over all percentile or only xlri sees its score
kapilbhandari : Section II will only be considered if you clear Sec-I

brad : 21 score imt nagpu / hyd / liba /ifmr / xime ? What are chanes for these college
saurabhjaiswal : FAIR CHANCES IN ALL, do apply

rohit : How is LIBA, IFMR, Wellingkar? Would you advice to join? I have 21-24 marks in XAT
pcr : All decent - Wellingkar, LIBA, then IFMR. Also, take a chance and apply to TAPMI - you never know!

: sir, what should my scores in xat be to expect above 90 percentile?
avinash : 30+

aditya : Will the CAT 2012 results be avilable online from 12 AM on 9th or is there any specific time do they release the scorecard every-year??
saurabhjaiswal : anytime after 12 midnight

abcde : sir,my OA - 21(without gk) (VA-7.75) (DM-6.5) QA(6.75) any chances of ximb-hrm??
saurabhjaiswal : 50-50 chance

brad : I have 54 in graduation but 21 in xat ..Eligible for liba n ifmr ?
kapilbhandari : You should get these calls :)

abc : sir, overall -14.75 where all shd i apply?
saurabhjaiswal : already answered

yashi : Sir can the GDs be rescheduled, since I may have my colg exms at that time???
deepak : You can request the college authorities, it is left to their discretion if they would entertain your request.

gaurav : sir what is the average package of TAPMI and the approx total fees? and also expected xat cut off for it?
asim : Last year the cutoff was Around 50 percentile(a huge number of people were shortlisted for the GDPI stage, where in GD was an elimination stage, almost 40% were eliminated at this stage) Total expenditure around 10 lacs,Avg Sal 8.01 Lakhs p.a.(2012)

mark : xat score according to time key is 13. any chances for tapmi,xiss,xime & welinkar
avinash : XISS seems in house others appears borderline and difficult.

ankit33336 : va 3.75,dm 5.75,qa 11.75, oa 21.25 and gk0.0, what percentile can i expect should apply to liba ,tapmi, ifmr and itm
saurabhjaiswal : yes , you should

cav : VA:10.5 DM: 11.5 QA:11 OA:33.GK :11.5. ANy chances for XLRI sir?
kapilbhandari : Considering the difficulty level chances are there. Just keep your fingers crossed. Good luck :)

lubi : Sir , is LIBA on par with GIM and TAPMI ?
asim : LIBA is a good b-school, but GIM and TAPMI are better options(TAPMI is the best one among the three)

pllo : sir how is xiss for marketing or finance in tersm of placemnts and roi
saurabhjaiswal : placemnets are just OK and so is the RoI

nadar : Its not relevant to todays chat but really need to know this-have we got mock tests for TISS in our Material(I am a regular classroom student for CAT). If yes, then where- Student home page?? plzz reply Sir..
asim : Please contact your local T.I.M.E. office

vikramaditya : Sir what %le will an overall of 32.75 fetch in XAT 2013?
avinash : Around 95%tile

ank : Sir,nmat 206 sec gud cutof clr hogi kya n i hve heard that conversion at this score is dificult if i get a cl
saurabhjaiswal : once u have a call, u shd work very hard on the GDPI front, conversions have happened in the past at the lowermost cut-offfs too

saurabh91 : At SNAP 98 any chances for SIBM-Pune or SCHMRD
asim : Low-moderate chance for SIBM-P and good chances for SCMHRD.

ankit33336 : sir would a score of 0.0 in gk spoil gd/pi round...very disappointed with this
kapilbhandari : First you need to clear Sec-I, then only GDPI will happen. If you get a call, then surely will effect, but not everything is lost. You can still prepare well and perform better in that :)

aryan : xime, sdmimd, simsree, itm-NM, ifib, isb&m, ifmr, lbsim, bimm, please arrange.
asim : check

cav : @kapilbhandari Thank you Sir.What abt chances in SP Jain and IMT G?
kapilbhandari : Very high chances.

yashi : Does the G.K and essay score count for getting a call???
kapilbhandari : No

anki : nmat score-102.any chances?
asim : seems unlikely.

sp : hw to prepare fr gd and pi ...i dnt have sufficient current affairs and general knowledge info...hw to start with it...and frm where??
saurabhjaiswal : get hold of some GK material for UPSC Current Affairs, read that and go thru THE HINDU regularly from now oN

raghav : hello sir, OA-17.5 as per TIME & 21 as per TF which colleges to apply????
asim : VJIM,IPE,welingkar-bangalore,CHRIST,BIMM,XISS are some options.

gaurav : sir this time i have done well in cat but screwed myself in xat.. i m very confident that i wil make wil it next time.. i have infosys joining date in may.. if in the mean time i get a decent college should i join or listen to my heart n give it another shot and try to make it to XLRI or other premier institute?
deepak : You should be getting calls if you did well in cat. Joining top 30 colleges is a no-brainer, unless you are very particular about iims or xlri

aryan : xime, sdmimd, simsree, itm-NM, ifib, isb&m, ifmr, lbsim, bimm, please arrange

bbl : Va-4.75,Dm-8.25,Qa-12.25. Overall-25.25 and Gk-12.5. General Category. Any chances for any of the top-4 colleges accepting XAT score?
saurabhjaiswal : all except XLRI and XIMB ( PGDM course )

nadar : At 85 in SNAP, what all colleges can i expect to get a call from??
asim : All except SIBM-P and SCMHRD.

vikramaditya : Sir, How to improve the preparation of, what all to start with and from where to start?? Kindly tell the action plan for the next 60 days
saurabhjaiswal : already answered, get regular with GDPI classes

123456 : sir,with 16 marks(xat calculator) which colleges i can think of applying..
asim : A similar question has already been answered,plz check

aryan : can i get a call from tapmi with 65 percentile in cat?
deepak : if they go by the same admission process as last year then yes

anand : Does tapmi/gim/xime/xiss consider sec-II
asim : No official statement has been made in this regard by them.

vikramaditya : Im an AIMCAT student.will i be able to attend GD-PI classes.
kapilbhandari : Yes you can, but at some cost.

rahul4288 : @Avinash Sir,its showing blank reply
avinash : Overall is ok for XL but QA score less likely to manage cut-off. therefore target other mentioned colleges, viz, XIMB,GIM,TAPMI,LIBA...

rajni : sir at 14 overall in xat whic colleges i should apply please mention the name of colleges please?
saurabhjaiswal : ndim,niilm, fostima, itm, empi, scms, ipe

gaurav : sir how is MFC delhi univ in comparison to imt-G pgdm?
asim : Overall IMT-G is a better option.

sj0291 : sir, i have got 27.5 marks in section 1 and 8.5 in ga. what are my chances??
saurabhjaiswal : all except XLRI

nadar : 193 NMAT score with sectional cut-off's clear according to last year SCO's. any chances??
asim : A similar query has been ans,plz check

anki : nmat score is 192.ny chances,pls reply
asim : Low-moderate chances for Hyd/Bangalore campus, keep your fingers crossed.

rajni : can i make it to sdmimd at xat 14 overall please sir reply?
avinash : not out of reach.

ratincatrace : sir how is tapmi in terms of placements and roi?
asim : Pretty decent, expenditure around 10 lacs and Avg sal last year was more then 8 lacs p.a.

rohit : Sir TAPMI selects people based on profile?
saurabhjaiswal : no preference shown as such

123456 : @asim sir..plz say tapmi at 16 score feasible....???
asim : Only if they give calls the way they did as last year and not the way they used to do in past.

gaurav : whats the avg package of imt-g and mfc del univ?
saurabhjaiswal : 8lacs plus

sp : hw z amity noida fr mba ??
asim : T.I.M.E. ranks it among the B grade B-schools.

aryan : i am getting 95 in snap out of 172 marks what are the chances for sibm-p, scmhrd and sibm-b?
kapilbhandari : Pune seems difficult, may get a call from scmhrd, sibm banglore almost sure

asv : Sir, I have Got NMAT score 178. Any Chances of getting into Mumbai Campus?
deepak : unlikely, going by last couple of year numbers

inayat : Sir, I got 207 in NMAT..any chances of me getting a call??
asim : Moderate chances for Mumbai, v.good chance for BANGALORE, assuming you cross the sec cutoffs.

ak : what is weightage given to work experience in XLRI and what should be my score to get a call from XLRI given that I am a fresher & don't have any work - ex ????
saurabhjaiswal : 32 plus with sectionals cleared

vishnu : sir will i get a call without applying to colleges??
deepak : no!

shimanshu : sir session khatm hone se pahle...plz mujhe bhi answer kar dena.. my score is 20.5(excluding gk) nd 23.75 overall..wat are my chances for welingkar nd GIM. Also with a sep CMAT score of 219,does Welingkar PGDM,kj PGDM & pgdm IB sounds plausible.. If not, then how much should i minimum aim to get myself in a safe zone in the feb CMAT..
saurabhjaiswal : u shd get both calls VIA xat scores. . . in Feb CMAT try getting 240+ for the college of ur choice

gaurav : i m particular to pursue my career as an investment banker.. so which is a better option SPJIMR,IMT-G,MFC del univ,XIMB?
saurabhjaiswal : spjain, ximb, mfc and then Imt

ph : Sir,any idea ,when will the final cut off be declared for NMAT this year?
saurabhjaiswal : 206

nandu : sir I scored 216 in NMAT,what are my chances?
asim : Bright chances for all programs(all campuses), if you manage to cross the sectional cutoffs

shaharyaar : getting 22/121 including GK and 21/91 without GK.. suggest good colleges.chances of Welingkar,XIMB or any good college? any chances of XISS HRM or any other specialization.?
avinash : You can target XIME,TAPMI,WE,ITM-NM,IFMR.

afroz : Good evening, sir I have heared that LIBA has 50% minority Quota.Are muslims included in this reservation?
asim : No, its only meant for Christians.

dlca2f837 : plz reply sir with a total xat score of 25.25 xiss,xime,tapmi and gim are in scope
kapilbhandari : Very high chance :)

ankit33336 : sir i am expecting 71-75 in snap can i get a call from sitm,siom or scit should i apply for these? plz rply
saurabhjaiswal : yes, fair chances , do apply

priya : sir i got 197 in nmat... any chances for nm college?
saurabhjaiswal : bangalore / Hyderabad campus look possible

bbl : Sir,can u tell me the top-5 colleges under XAT. thanks for replying.
deepak :

rajni : at 14 overall in xat xiss xime kiams possible? please reply sir
avinash : XISS within reach even other mentioned colleg. can be targeted with negative bias.

anil : Hi sir, pls suggest some coll with xat-11(time) and mat 89 percentile.
saurabhjaiswal : ndim, niilm, empi, itm, wellingkars, nl dalmia, scms

cp1620 : Sir, i hav xat score of 30 and good academic record but no work ex.. Any chances to get a call from SPJIMR?
pcr : You can hope for a call. Decent chances

abc : sir, section-1: 11.25 and section-2: 3.5, overall: 14.75. I AM A CHRISTIAN. WHERE ALL SHOULD I APPLY WITH THIS SCORE?
pcr : you should try LIBA

rajni : at 14 overall in xat xiss xime kiams possible? please reply sir..
saurabhjaiswal : yes , pls apply

jack : sir,blocks in B.E. will causes the problem during selection process of iims or any others mba collaege...?
pcr : do you mean backlogs, or break in the course. Either way, you will need to have a truthful explanation for that, and explani how you have learnt/recovered from the situation

brad : expecting 65 !! Can i expect call from sitm and ssbm ?
asim : Decent chance for SSBM, low chances for SITM.

cp1620 : nmat score- 201. any chances?
asim : Good chances for Bangalore/hyd, low chances for Mumbai campus.

vishnu : sir do answer me. mark 28 ,no work ex.havnt cleared sec cut off in quant.havnt applied to any colleges. pls tel me abt colleges is should apply.:(
saurabhjaiswal : ximb, imt, tapmi, gim

kishmita : sir i am getting a total score of 23 in the 1st 3 sections. wt would be my expected percentile on this score?
deepak : around 70%ile

aryan : cat cutoff for liba and its avg package
saurabhjaiswal : 80%ile plus

shaharyaar : what percentile can be expected at 22/121 or 20/91
saurabhjaiswal : 80 plus

rj : Please rank the college which are excepting score of XAT?
asim : You check it using the following link

jyoti1001 : IN sp jain's profile shet,what should we write under "my formative yrs"?the childhood experience or any period that help me become matured
avinash : This an opportunity to describe how you became 'YOU" over the time. what influneced your thought and take on various realm of life.

aryan : which are the top colleges accepting cmat 2013?

kishmita : sir with a score of 23 in 1st 3 sections, what is my scope in ximb,gim?
saurabhjaiswal : ximb looks difficult , gim looks possible

cav : Sir when will JBIMS notification be released?
saurabhjaiswal : we do not know, keep refering their website

princii : Howz EMPI, Accman & JRE college if m applying through MAT DEC (87.5%)??
saurabhjaiswal : good choices at your score , pls apply

jyoti1001 : thank you all for answering my questions
avinash : Welcome.

nandu : Sir I scored 21.5 in XAT(excluding GA),what are my chances?
avinash : Your score will stand around80%tile target TAPMI,IFMR,LIBA, WE,IFMR,KIAMS,XIME-B'lore.

anand : which is the best programme in tapmi and what is its cut off?
asim : PGDM, for the other query plz check the chat transcript for a detailed response.

nadar : Also my XAT score is 19(excluding GK)..any chances for LBS/ IMT-ghaziabad or any other clg????
avinash : It appear difficult try others likeIFMR,LIBA..

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