Chat on B-school selection!
(Chat Transcript)

pavan346d : sir please rate fore (converted ib & core waitlist 8) vs bim tirchy vs kj somaiyah vs bimtech (core)vs liba?
asim : KJS,FORE,BIM-T are almost equally good, but KJS has an edge over others.

rs : good evening...............converted narsee mumbai HR and MICA ............awaiting MDI (hopeful of getting HR)......which 1 would be best for me.................profile 2012 engineering fresher
charlton : MDI Gurgaon would be good.MICA would be good if you are interested in Mass Comm.

astha : sir have offer from Jaipuria Noida PGDM-Marketing and BIIB Marketing which one 2 choose and why?
bharat : BIIB as it it higher ranked than Jaipuria

decem4 : which is better symbiosis school of banking management or itm navi mumbai
asim : ITM-Navi MUmbai

astha : How is jaipuria as a brand can we expect off campus job with decent pkg?
asim : T.I.M.E. does not rank it among the TOP 140 B-schools

ragini : how is chetna ? mba - finance is my choice.with cmat score 209 is PGDM finance at chetna possible to get ? what are the chances for MMS finance ?
asim : Decent, cant comment about MMS as i need to know your reservation status?

vkjv : sir i have attended the classroom course previous year i want to join the online sectional tests will it be the same as the previous year because that sounds really boring
deepak : What do you mean online sectional tests? They will only be available for enrolled students. They will not be available to you even if you take the AIMCAT package.

shubh : Sir I have converted bimtech core and icfai Hyderabad plz suggest which one should I go for
bharat : Without an iota of doubt, BIMTECH!

pavan346d : hows international business course in fore?
asim : Decent,though not on par with their PGDM program

rajbir : asim sir ,applied to PGDM -- welingkar , dalmiya , sies (gdpi done) . waiting for chetna form's to be out. can you suggest any other college in mumbai for finance
asim : Please mention your scores/rank

shrey : Sir, which one is better to take NM capital market or IMI New Delhi PGDM?
asim : IMI=New Delhi as it is their flagship program and it would offer you a chance to choose a career of your choice.

ayush : Sir Kindly Suggest: IMT DCP- Convert, XIMB HR- WL56, XLRI HR- WL 135, IIT KGP MHRM- Result Awaited. What should I do. These are the only options I have.
bharat : Ayush, we suggest you wait for all results; if tomorrow you have face of problem of choice, we will discuss it - you can email to

luna : which is the better for HRM? xiss or kj somaiya?
bharat : KJSom

rahul : IMT full time vs IMI PGDM? Please justify your choice, and if possible give the pros and cons of each.
asim : IMI-New Delhi as the batch size is smaller, You should choose IMT-G only if you are confident of standing among the TOP 25% of the batch ( during placements ).

abhi_hyd : i have coverted itm navi mum,sies,bimtech,christ,vjim,ipe..i am interested in finance..arrange the colleges as per preference..
asim : BIMTECH

astha : Sir have offer from Jaipuria Noida marketing and BIIB Marketing which one 2 choose and why? can not drop this year. have 2 take admission
ramnath : We dont have Jaipuria in our b-school rankings Astha. What is BIIB?

shubh : sir plz do rate these b schools according to placement bimtech core ,icfai Hyderabad , ifmr Chennai

decem4 : which is better ssbm or itm nm in terms of placements and roi
asim : Answered,plz check

vkjv : @deepak i mean correspondence
deepak : Ok. No the tests would not be the same eitherway.

nmb2013 : Hw is the mba banking course of nmims???.... specially for someone wo has specialised in banking during graduation... and wud it be better than pgdm from kj somaiya??....
bharat : Yes! NMIMS is a top 20 school.

spinelli : Sir, which IIM gives minimum weight-age on 12th marks?
asim : CHECK

figo : Sir,I'm from HYDERABAD do you think i should attend UBS interview in Chandigarh.I have converted FORE but its fee is my concern...
asim : Answered

robert : sir FORE PGDM VS IIT KGP (MHRM). Please suggest
asim : Choose IIT-KGP if genuinely interested in HRM or else choose FORE

siddharth : can u plz arrange fore ,imi, tapmi, iit r, nirma,lbs
asim : IMI-New Delhi can be preferred.

ragini : BHARAT SIR , how is chetna ? mba - finance is my choice.with cmat score 209 is PGDM finance at chetna possible to get ? what are the chances for MMS finance ?
bharat : Pretty good chance. Chetna is a decent school at the local level. If you are in college, we suggest you work harder and take a shot at this year's entrance tests.

astha : @bharat sir but i spoke at times center jaipur they said jaipuria. confused
bharat : Astha, please email your query to

abc : sir plz arrange sibm -b,nm-b,liba converted all
bharat : NM-B> SIBM-B> LIBA

rahul : How do you propose I answer that question? All students would think themselves to be pretty confident of doing well at placements.
deepak : You seem to have misunderstood the statement. Top 25% in acads in that college by the time of placements.

mike : sir my x is 75 xii is 64 and grad is 67 and in ph catogry hoow much to get in cat to get exact the call from iim-l as my first pref.
deepak : >75 %ile is the minimum requirement. You will be considered only if you are above this mark for Lucknow.

ayush : Further to my query, is there any chance at all for XLRI HRM WL 135. XIMB HR WL 56 I suppose will get cleared.
bharat : XLRI-HRM - outside chance; XIMB-HR - very good chance.

rajbir : ASIM SIR , CMAT SCORE is 208 , rank - 7000 . 10th - 74% 12th 77% grad 72% . ATMA score 96.4%.
asim : You could have applied to KJ Somaiya also ( all PGDM programs)

spinelli : Sir, how much weightage does XLRI and FMS give to class 12th marks?
bharat : Please check the admission criteria at the respective websites. C'mon, you can do at least this!

xyz : How is placement in MHRM IITKGP?
prajnanray : The college is good... Great alumni... So placements should be good

mba13 : Rate pgdm core- Bimtech, Imt-N, Imt-Hyd, Xime-Bang
bharat : BIMTECH> IMT-Nagpur> XIME> IMT-Hyd

siddharth : sir ,plz arrange iit r,imi delhi, fore,tapmi,lbs,nirma
prajnanray : IMI, Fore, Tapmi, Nirma, IIT R

ragini : bharat sir , i graduated last year -BBI (71%). i intend to start my mba this year itself. is placement good at chetna ? avg package ? quality of education , exposure ??? awaiting your reply
bharat : Decent college... average pay has been around Rs4.5 lakh in recent years

ankit : can you please rank this program IIM C PGPEX XLRI GMP IIM L IPMX AND SPJAIN PGPM
prajnanray : SPJAIN is the best

sirravinder : sir can you rate the following please- nitie, imt-g(dcp), iit-khrg, iit-m, iit-kanpr, new-iim's, nmims-cm, mib-mhrod, imi-d(pgdm)............interested in consulting profile post MBA.
prajnanray : NITIE is the best. New IIMs will definitely be extremely good in sometime

astha : @asim sir 10-60, 12-57, mat 69. cat 55 can not drop this year . have wrkex of 14 months with collabera as technical recruiter. have option Jaipuri and BIIB. what is the avg pkg of both
asim : Looking at your profile, i genuinely think you deserve better, in case you insist on an answer then BIIB. Still i recommend you take another shot at CAT/other exams with an aim at better b-schools.

afroz : Also, continuing my queries Q2. Which is better comparatively, IIT Kharagpur or IMT - G. i have this very slight inclination towards IIT Kharapur as the intake at IMT -G is a lot and fee at IIT Kharagpur is half of what is at IMT-G. (Although fee is not much of a matter to me)Q3. If IMT-G asks to pay 1st installment and still the results of other colleges like new IIMs are not yet out, what should i do? Should I wait for the results or pay the fee?
deepak : You should look at the new iims, followed by nitie and iit kharagpur.

mba13 : Bimtech has increased its pgdm core seats by 60. Will it have affect on placements and avg package after 2 years
asim : Cant say as it also depends on how good/bad Indian eco does after 2 years, Overall BIMTECH is a good b=school.

figo : @Asim sir,I'm from HYDERABAD do you think i should attend UBS interview in Chandigarh.I have converted FORE but its fee is my concern...
asim : FORE is a better option.

abhi_hyd : how abt placements in ITM finance navi mum??wt is batch intake
asim : Its a decent program, Total intake for all the programs is around 300.

mucb2dxyz : BHARAT SIR , WHAT IS E- pgdm at MET ?? IS IT DIFFERENT FROM PGDM ? how good is it for finance ?? my cmat score is 199.
bharat : Not recommended.Would suggest that you go for PGDM core at non-top 25 schools.

astha : @asim sir but Sir BIIB hasnt got any ranking after 2010 that is why i am little apprehensive and what is the avg pkg of biib
asim : Correct, hence i repeat myself,ideal thing to do is take another shot at CAT.

figo : @Asim sir,please arrange FORE-IB VS NIRMA VS KJ SOM-IB vs NIT-T
asim : FORE and KJS are almost equally good, though KJS has an edge.

rajesh : dear sir, tell me NMIMS MBA-Core mumbai is better than spjain PGDM.
asim : sp jain is a far better option.

abhi_hyd : sies or itm nm regarding placements
charlton : SIES ranks above ITM

opium : sir, i have converted XLRI (BM). didn't get any iim calls (my cat %ile was just 95.xx, though i expected 99+). should i take up XL or give cat 2013 a shot? (feeling extremely sad after seeing ABC converts)
prajnanray : XLRI is comparable to any of the top colleges in the country.

ankit : @BHARAT: can you please rank this program IIM C PGPEX XLRI GMP IIM L IPMX AND SPJAIN PGPM
bharat : What's your profile - academic and work?

mba13 : Bimtech pgdm core or NIBM pune ? Interested in finance.
bharat : BIMTECH... do not ask the same question in different forms!

pranav : Dear Sir, Please rate KJSOMIYA, TAPMI and IFMR for PGDM in Finance.
prajnanray : TAPMI, KJ Somaiya, IFMR

ankit : i have 6 year of experience in SAP ERP Field...
prajnanray : IIMC PGPEX if by far the best... misunderstood PGPM as PGDM

ankit : @bharat i have 6 year of experience in SAP ERP Field...
bharat : In that case, I suggest you go for IIMC PGPEX... high pedigree with small batch and very good quality of education.

abhi_hyd : @prajnanray: rate acc to placements >>itm navi mum,sies,bimtech,christ,vjim,ipe
prajnanray : BIMTECH, ITM, CHRIST

sunder : sir cmat score required for sies
ramnath : Should be upwards of 275

sam : final yr job,cat 91%ile...can I defend a 1yr gap and get into a top b school wid a gud cat'13 score?
prajnanray : How will you defend it?

rajiv : sir i have got admission in scmhrd and fees is also a concern for me,so do you think UBS,chandigarh will be better in that respect?
bharat : Bank loans are easily available... also repayment period is stretched over a considerably long period of time. SCMHRD is better in terms of quality of education, industry interface, overall exposure, and placements.

vapour : I have converted SIBM good SIBM B is??
charlton : Have you converted any other calls? It is a good institute. You may join the same if you are keen to do your MBA this year. But if u are open to waiting one more year and trying one more time to get into a very good school, u may do so. Gather some experience in the mean while.

raghavvats : how good is ssbm ???pls help
asim : decent, if you are interested in making a career in banking industry.

opium : sir, so is xlri in the same league as ABC, reputation and placement wise? (just tht it was my dream to get abc, so i'm thinking if i should give one last shot?) or is it a big risk to leave lri?
charlton : Hi, I think you should join XLRI.

tco : which is a better b-school? Nirma, Ahmedabad or GIM. on what basis are you rating them
asim : Both are almost on par. NIRMA provides better ROI, GIM provides better education and infrastructure. If fee is not a constraint, Overall GIM has an edge due to its quality of course delivery.

peace : Sir,how is NIT Suratkhal for MBA program? I have a CAT percentile of 75.Please guide.
bharat : Hmmm... not a great place to do an MBA... we suggest you work harder, prepare better and take the tests again this year.

prashantkhatri : IIM lucknow or FMS? belong to kanpur and only 4 lakh can afford for the rest i have to go for loan tell me which one and why???????????
prajnanray : FMS is comparable to any of the top B-schools. The fees is ~50K

vapour : Hello Sir,I have converted SIBM good SIBM B is??
deepak : answered already, pls dont spam.

raghavvats : how is the placement and roi at ssbm
asim : Not bad (though not as good as some of the other SIU group of b-schools )

sam : cn i defend 1 yr gap by statin dat only IT jobs were available bt i being an electronics engineer i didnt want to join IT sector...?
deepak : No. If you are so passionate about electronics, you would much rather do an MS. How will you then explain your MBA plans? Dont look for excuses, just state the truth.

vapour : Tapmi vs SIBM B vs Fore vs Nirma...Please arrange..!!
asim : TAPMI followed by FORE

cat1234 : sies or sdmimd or xime ?
asim : A similar query has already been answered,plz check

bharat : sir,i have converted SCMHRD,should i wait for another year or i should take admission.I have a work ex of 2 years now
charlton : Hi, I think you should do your MBA from SCMHRD unless you are absolutely sure of doing well on the CAT and targeting the IIMs....

partha : Sir, I have got IMT(Ghaziabad)PGDM(EXEC) 15 month full time course offer. Pls guide me abt placement ( avg ctc, % of students getting placed) etc. Very urgent.
charlton : Have you applied to Executive MBA Programs at Top 6 IIMs, XLRI? These would be much better than IMT.

raju : Hi Sir, I have around 2 years work experience in IT. Can I join TAPMI?
bharat : Yes! Top 25 school!

krypton : How is the scope of International Business???
asim : Pretty good, if done from a top notch b-school

csk1 : if the faculty ccoud plz ans my query i would be really grateful to them..plz rank sdmimd mysore , sies , nl dalmiya?

siddharth : i m waitlisted at 150 pgdm in imi delhi and converted fore what r my chance of converting imi delhi.
asim : Moderate chances, keep your fingers crossed

devendra : sir,bimhrd or itm navi mumbai ? interested in finance
asim : ITM-Navi Mumbai

prashantkhatri : sir what is your call between FMS and IIM lucknow
asim : IIM-Lucknow, as brand IIM is very powerful and it can do wonders for your career in the long run.

kiran : @Bharat Sir,I am selected for the MBA at Amrita,Coimbatore and also wait-listed in Army Institute of Management. I want to join this year only. Please suggest me if joining Amrita is a good option or not,also in terms of ROI. And is it better to go for MCA(I have done BCA in grad) in NIT's rather than joining Amrita?
bharat : MCA and MBA are like apples and oranges - not comparable. Ask yourself what kind of a career do you want for yourself; any long term aim. Amrita is a decent school for MBA, with very good infra and avg pay of Rs5 lakh.

ram : hi how about nit trichy, what is the minimum cat cut off for oc to get admission
deepak : Above 90

ram : Please let me know the cat cut off of iit madras for oc atleast tell approximate marks
deepak : It is impossible for anyone to tell the marks. You would need above 98.5%ile to get a call.

pranav : @prajnanray, Sir for PGDM in Finance KJ SOIMYA is better or IFMR as people say IFMR is only for FInance.
prajnanray : Right... IFMR is Institute for Financial Management and Research

nitin : sir could you arrange SCMHRD,IMTG,XIMB,TAPMI,IMI,Great Lakes?
prajnanray : SCMHRD, XIMB, TAPMI, IMI, IMT, Great Lakes

ram : and what is the min, avg max pkge of nit trichy mba
ramratnam : In the recent past it was about 6 lacs.

kunal : I have converted MBE,Delhi university.How do u rate it? I have NITIE,IIM Kashipur,KJ Somaiya,Sydenham,JBIMS final results awaited. What should be my priorities?
asim : JBIMS>IIM Kashipur>NITIE these are your top 3 choices. Let me add in the long run we expect the new IIMs to do better than almost all the non-IIM b-schools.

krypton : PLZZZZZZ Sir i have Info. Tech. as my academic background. I hav been selected for PGDM in International Business, by Balaji Institute of Management- Pune. Should i go ahead and take the admission for IB?
prajnanray : What do you do?

cat1234 : plz rank sdmimd,itm,xime ?
asim : ITM-Navi Mumbai>XIME>SDMIMD

siddharth : prajnanray sir u ranked in my query imi better then tapmi but in nitin query u ranked tapmi better then imi.
asim : Sidharth, T.I.M.E. ranks IMI-New Delhi among the AA grade B-schools and TAPMI among the A grade B-schools.

ram : i dont have good academics in 12 th 56% and 75 & 69 in 10th and if i get 90 in cat. what is the possible colleges can give a call to me.
deepak : Acads play a role in selection process in varying degrees. But CAT score plays a more crucial role in almost all the top B schools. So do not worry about things which are not in your hand and concentrate on preparing for CAT.

anabam : Sibm Bangalore or iit roorkee? And r all the new iims better than these two?
asim : Yes, all the new IIMs are better than these two. Both are almost equally good, though IIT-Roorkee offers better ROI.

july : scms or amritha banglore?how is roi?
ramnath : Amrita in BB category and SCMS in B. Easy to choose, aint it?

bharat : Besides IIM,is it worth taking risk for NITIE & MDI next year as i have SCMHRD conver this year
charlton : If you can assure yourself that you can do very well on the CAT next yr, then wait otherwise you may join SCMHRD this year.

ram : it is good to join in nit trichy, i have 3 yrs ex and i am getting 2/p.a may i know your suggestion?
bharat : NIT-T is a good school; however, if you are employed, then why not take a shot at this year's tests, with better prep and hard work.

ram : @ramratnam-i want to know min, avg and max of nit trichy
deepak : They do not publish such figures.

krypton : yelppppp Sir i have Info. Tech. as my academic background. I hav been selected for PGDM in International Business, by Balaji Institute of Management- Pune. Should i go ahead and take the admission for IB? (I AM A FRESHER)
prajnanray : If it is okay for you, then i think you should give CAT another shot, also try for a job in the meanwhile

kunal : How is MBE(Master of Business Economics),Delhi University..Should I prefer it than Sydenham and KJ Somaiya?
bharat : Hmmm... would recommend the program as the fee is very low and placement is also very good, better than the other two

sam : btech final job,cat 91%ile,acads-80%+ shud i opt for KJS pgdm-retail or imi kolkata/bhubaneshwar or give cat'13?
nvs : If you're motivated enough then a shot at CAT is worth taking, look for some job to support you for the next one year

ram : can you tell the approx cut off for iit roorkee
deepak : You could worry about these at a later stage. Like I suggested earlier, please concentrate on CAT for the moment.

curious : what are the best colleges for MBA in tourism, i got 56ile in CAT 2012.. i m an OBC?
bharat : There is not a single top college which offers a program in Tourism Management. Why not do a core MBA and then look for opportunities in tourism sector?

kunal : I have 263 in CMAT. HU OBC. What are my chances for JBIMS and Sydenham?
ramnath : May not be very high...the cut off is expected to be over 275/280. Hood luck anyways.

iamnobody : Which one is better NIRMA or LBSIM..converted LB but having difficulty to join as it doesnt hv hostel facility...but last date to pay fee is 20 april and I cant wait for NIRMA blindly...really confused...
ramnath : Tough call. LB has location advantage but a slightly lower avg pay. For you, NIRMA has the hostel advantage to i guess. Doesnt make sense to wait blindly. Pay the fee for LB..if you choose NIRMA later, you will be refunded a part of it, as per the AICTE norms.

anabam : @asim sir, since I have already paid for sibm n cancelling my admission would cost me 30,000. And Bangalore being a better city
asim : I repeat myself both are almost equally good. Let me add new IIMs are far better than these 2 b=schools.

ronit : LBSIM ,BIMTECH ,BIM-T ?? arrange them plz

mike : sir will u answer my query r not
deepak : answered long back. stop spamming.

nitin : How you rate SCMHRD as a B school in india?Top 20?Top15?
deepak : Top 30. You could check them here -

ram : i dont have good academics in 12 th 56% and 75 & 69 in 10th and if i get good percentile, exactly iit madras cut off. Will iit madras will give me a call to next ground. Thanks in advance
ramnath : have to hope for the best here. Good luck.

iamnobody : Sir my new IIM interview went well so was IIT delhi telecom case I get selected for both which one shud I select..sorry asking it before the results because u people are not always available for b-school selection discussion...
asim : New IIMs

sam : how is ximb , ms ramaiah and aims? are the details of placement provided on there respective websites true?
bharat : XIMB is the best of the lot, a top 25 school. As for genuineness of info on school websites, am afraid we have to go with whatever schools share.

dtha : sir i have waitlist 284 in imi-pgdm. are there any chances of a convert?
asim : slim-moderate chances

ram1988 : my prof is 10 th -76,12th-66,be-52,fresher it worth joining sdmimd? howz the coll in terms of placement?is it worth taking admission?
ramnath : While SDMIMD is a decent school, if you have a job on hand, it is worth your while to give CAT another shot

krypton : Sir I cannot wait this year..Is it ok 2 go for International Business from Balaji Institute-Pune? Can I aspect a good future for my career if I go into IB?? I am an average student.
prajnanray : If you cannot wait for another year then there is no other way

anabam : @ asim sir thank you
asim : Welcome

bharat : sir could you pls answer my query
deepak : Your question has been answered bharat

vapour : Hello, I am being waitlisted at IMT G,Tapmi and Fore...converted SIBM B and paid 1st installment of the same ..Is it worthwhile to go ahead with SIBM B in case if i do not get a convert from the institutes I have mentioned?Please reply..!
bharat : Yes. SIBM-B comes with a very good pedigree.

sudheer : sir can i join amrita coimbatore.. my other option is mit pune.. is it a good college, worth joining?
bharat : Amrita is much better.

mike : is anybodyy there
deepak : Mike. Stop Spamming or we will be forced to block you. Check the chat transcript for reply to your question.

peace : Sir,when there is a fish market type of situation in GD,is it good to be silent or join the group?
bharat : Are you not in the wrong chat! We suggest you try the GWPI Briefcase.

krypton : SSSSir I cannot wait this year..Is it ok 2 go for International Business from Balaji Institute-Pune? Can I aspect a good future for my career if I go into IB?? I am an average student.
ramnath : Though you are an avg student, a good performance in a decent school like BIMM will be a good foundation for your career. You may join.

jatin : i hv a question sir i have got selected in empi bm how are the avg plcmnts and the highest placements and i have 65 in 10th 75 in 12th and 59 in bba.what should i do so that the best companiies select because there are sm comp who demand 60 percent in graduation so what should i do to get good placements and does evry compny ask for 60 in graduation plz reply to my query
ramnath : Jatin, we dont rank EMPI in our B-School list...check the full list here

kavs : hello sir,want to know how is ibs dehradun branch????
ramnath : You mean T.I.M.E. Dehradun? Wrong place to ask this question dont you think :) Approach the center, talk to the counselors, and faculty (if possible) and form your opinion. Talk to existing students too.

mike : r u therre
bharat : am here and now you won't be here!

kavs : is ibs dehradun worth joining or not....pls reply???
asim : T.I.M.E. does not rank it among the TOP 140 B-schools

pranav : Sir, For Finance , please prioritize in KJ Somiya, Tapmi and IFMR..
ramnath : While KJ & TAPMI are rated above IFMR, if you are interested purely in finance, you may choose IFMR

vapour : How you rate SIBM B as a B school in india?Top 30?Top40?
asim : T.I.M.E. ranks it among the BBB grade B-schools ( not among the TOP 40)

kunal : Sir u ranked IIM Kashipur better than NITIE but less than JBIMS..Why so? I think JB and NITIE are at par. Also this time new IIMs did not have good placements then why favour them than other Non IIM top B schools?
asim : In the long run brand IIM will surely help ones career in an extraordinary manner. JBIMS is a better option than NITIE on almost every parameter placmeents,roi,brand etc.

anuj : hello sir ge i completed be ec in 2012 and currently i working in my experience will be counted??? ther e is any difficulty i face during pi? answer
ramnath : Yes Anuj, your experience will be counted as long as it is paid and full time.

kavs : reply???
bharat : IBS Dehradun is not recommended - not in our TOP 140 list.

iamnobody : @ asim sir..wat if I hv to choose Ops between IIT-D nd New IIMs..Seniors at IIT-D said their Operations is best in country..
asim : In the long run brand "IIM" will surely help ones career in a big way.

kerry : sir i have converted imt gzb finance and imi delhi. I am fresher and i am very confused between these two colleges, according to the current scenario placements have not been good and batch size is very huge in imt. Suggest me the college between imt and imi for finance.
ramnath : IMI has better avg pay and, you are correct on the smaller batch size.

bharat : sir i am confused between IMI Delhi,IMT Delhi & SCMHRD?what you prefer?

234 : my academics in 10th, 12th,B.E IS 65.if i get good percentile,SAY a like 96 to 98.Will iit madras will give me a call to next ground. please answer this question
deepak : No you would need above 98

kavs : @ramnath sir....i m talking abt IBS dehradun mgmt clg...
ramnath : Ohh...we do not rank it in the top 140 ...see the full list here

raghavvats : sir pls reply is it wise to take loan for ssbm pls reply
bharat : Raghav, we can not decide for you whether you should take a loan or not; the average pay at the institute is Rs6.5 lakh - which makes it a good school; we suggest you discuss with your family.

tenali : which r de best colleges offering international placements??
ramnath : Almost all the top 10-20 schools offer international placements. Check the list out here

siddharth : sir i m posting it 4th time plz clear why u r ranking imi, fore better then iit r as it has low fees, iit tag , avg pa 7.5.
bharat : Siddharth, one more post and you will be blocked. Why do you think we have this chat - to give our personal opinion? Our answers reflect our organisational belief - give the best advice; IMI is rated above other schools as it provides better quality of education/faculty/exposure, has excellent industry and better placements.

nitin : is SCMHRD TOP 25?
deepak : We dont rank each college, we grade them. This falls under 21-30.

umang : sir how's ibs hyderabad ??? sir m damm confused plz tell me .. last date to submit the fees is 19th april??
asim : T.I.M.E ranks it among the BB grade B-schools. It offers good education and infrastructure. Fee is very high and the ROI is not good.

iamnobody : Sir wat are my chances at KJ Somaiya with 93%le in CAT decent PI and avg WAT..avg profile 43 months work ex...they called so many ppl this year that it is becoming difficult to speculate the results..
ramnath : Good chances.. all the best

tenali : off the the prevoius chat, one of the faculty asserted about the posting of an article on student i cnt trace ny..pls help
bharat : Email your query, with title of article, to

ram1988 : how do u rate sdmimd as a bschool in india?top50?top60?
ramnath : In top 75 ram. Check out our b-school rankings

kkrypton : :::But can i expect a good career in International Business? Is it that the opportunities r limited??
asim : Placements for most of the IB students would be regular placements and not in foreign trade and hence the IB program is not much sectoral in nature.

anuj : @ramnath sir i doing graduation in engineering and working in there is any disadvantage in pi??
deepak : They like diversity, so if anything it will only work to your advantage.

234 : @deepak if i 98+ can i get a call from iitm, apart from my academic profile status
deepak : Their minimum acad requirement is 60%, so yes.

mat : how is the pgdm-finance course in ifim banglore.
ramnath : Decent course with an avg pay of about 4.5 lpa

dtha : sir, i have 96.6 in cat and have to take admission this year. i have these converts imt-g(dcp), fore, tapmi.. can u please arrange the colleges according to which one would be better.
ramnath : IMT first and Fore & TAPMI together after that

siddharth : sir a humble request plz reply??
asim : Sidharth please go through Bharat sir's answer, i totally agree with him.

234 : what is the min cut off for KJ somaiya
ramnath : Around 90 percentile

jaga : hello sir,presently I am working for CTS,I have 18 months of Experience, I want to know which IIM that consider work experience as the most important factor than academics.
deepak : Generally, most of them give more weightage to acads than to work exp. Having said that, work exp and acads are not nearly as important as CAT score is, to make the cut.

vapour : Does SIBM B ranks among top 50 B-schools??
asim : T.I.M.E. ranks it among the BBB grade B-schools

kunal : Sir, Nitie and New IIMs results will be out by april end but JBIMS final results will be out by July end by which I would have already paid the fees for the coll mentioned and will be almost 2 months into my course. So does it make sense to leave New IIMs or Nitie for JB later?
ramnath : should cross the bridge when you get to it. Join which ever school you want to, with utmost seriousness..not with the mindset that you are anyways going to leave after 2 months. If in a worstcase scenario, you dont make it into JB, you would have lost 2 valuable months in the very important first term...that may turn out to be too much to lose.

sam : KJS retail vs IMI kolkata/bhubneswar vs CAT'13...btech final job, CAT 91%ile,acads 80%+
asim : CAT-13 with an aim at the IIMs

rajiv : sir i am waiting from so longggggggggggggggg could you please answer my question "sir,could you please compare finance & marketing at SCMHRD"
ramnath : should not be about what is good in a college. It should rather be about what are you interested in. That will serve your purpose better, in the long run.

pranav : Sir, would it be wise if this year I leave IFMR, TAPMI and KJSOMIYA. and prepare for SPJAIN and IMI, next year??
asim : Yes (though aim at the IIMs and not SP JAIN OR IMI) , if you have the will power to do so. Best wishes.

sam : sir plz reply
deepak : Has been answered

ashwin2211 : sir, can you tell abt the 6-months internship at itm?
ramnath : Ashwin...Alums/current students are better sources for this info, about specific achools

mat : sir,i got 36000 rank in cmat can you suggest me some good colleges?
ramnath : Unless you are desparate to get into an MBA program this year itself, it is worth a secnd shot next year, to get a better rank and target a better college. Not many god colleges to recommend at this rank as of now.

rupu : hows ndim delhi at 173 un cmat and 14000 rank
ramnath : Not a bad school, bu there are better schools that you may look at with that rank..schools like FOSTIIMA, BIT Mesra, NIT Durgaur etc

kkrypton : ONLY 13 MINS LEFT @Asim Sir..u said placements through IB would be regular. Sir should i atleast expect a good starting package? What kind of jobs i may get?
asim : Depends on which b-school you join, if you join IIFT-New Delhi/Kol, the avg salary is usually around 11-12 lacs p.a.

shreyansh : sir plz answer,, plz.. got 94.5% in CAT. any good college to apply now or should repeat?
deepak : Sorry, too late now.

bharat : I am an IT guy,i am still not sure what will interest me more in college so i am asking for the overall scenario of finance & marketing in SCMHRD?????????
deepak : You can give yourself time for that. You dont have to choose one of them as soon as you enter the college.

tenali : due to work constraints i cdnt attend last chat on prep tips..need to clarify is known sm materials r not as tough as those in real exams..n aimcats wd be of same level as real is it normal to get a lesser score in the initial aimcats???
deepak : Lesser compared to what?

vapour : Does SIBM B ranks among top 50 B-schools?? Also how are the placements at the same??
asim : Yes, placements are pretty decent, the avg salary is around 7 lacs p.a.

tenali : deepak sir, this is my frst attempt, so with practise only frm sm, wdnt i be havin lesser exposure wen compred to those hu r amidst their 2nd/3rd round of lesser compred to them??
deepak : Oh ok, in comparison to competition? After you are done with SMs, get on to the online tests. By the time the aimcats begin, you should be better equipped. Do not worry about the competition at this stage. The idea is to learn as much as you can - both the subject and exam strategy.

bhola : sir,I have hear from my frenz that USMS is far better college than IMTG,IMI Delhi & FORE in terms of ROI?Is it true?
ramnath : Govt schools have lower fee. If you are talking about DFS, then yes...the avg salaries are comparable with the other schools you mentioned, but the fee is much lower there.

shreyansh : deepak sir, I can apply to IMT dubai as far as i know. but fee problem is there, sir I am going to be a gmat teacher in quantitative aptitude as my job, can this give my cat score good boost? BUT I heard work ex is not counted for teaching in coaching?
deepak : Forget IMT Dubai. Yes, being a teacher would make you stay in touch with the subject so it would be good. It will be counted as work exp if it is full time and not part time.

kkrypton : plzzzzzzzzzzzzz @Asim Sir.I will be joining Balaji Institue of International Business .Sir what can be d starting package?
asim : cant say, it depends on how the indian economy is doing after 2 years. Let me add that lower rung b-schools suffer more during the economic recession than the top rung ones. I repeat myself, if possible take another shot at CAT/Other exams with an aim at better b-schools

pravin : How are PG courses at Sydenham and KJ Somaiya as compared to MMS. Which is better?
asim : Equally good ( PGDM and MMS)

mat : sir pgdm-finance in itm chennai or ifim banglore.
ramnath : We dont rank ITM Chennai in our list. IFIM b'lore can be preferred.

tenali : thnk u deepak more...will the 2nd n 3rd module of correpondence course, be havin only test modules...or some tips n strtegies too??
deepak : We do not offer any separate module for tips/strategies for correspondence students. After each AIMCAT you need to check your individual test analysis. That will give you a better picture of your weak areas, strong areas, your selection of questions etc. We will also be providing an analysis along with the results, which will also suggest a good strategy for that particular exam.

pranav : Sir, what is avg and maximum package for Finance in PGDM for KJSOMIYA, Tapmi and IFMR??? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply it is pending for a long time...
bharat : It will always remain pending - why? Because the schools do not give any breakup of pay for different specialisations.

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