Chat on B-school selection!
(Chat Transcript)

rohitk : converted itm navi mumbai(marketing) and upes power management
asim : ITM-Navi Mumbai

mayank : Good evening everyone, Got a admission call for IMT-G IB. so how is IB and is it better than IMI ???
kapilbhandari : IMI is better

sri1209 : sir i have converted insurance business management in bimtech??? is it good to go for a sectoral specific program???
asim : Answered plz check

chandranil : I secured admission in NM Mumbai Mba-Core.I've 21months work-ex in TCS. Should I join or attempt next year to achieve ABCL?
bharat : NM Core ranks among the top 20 programs in the country. The school provides very good quality of education, with the average pay at around Rs13 lakh. The decision to join or not is a personal decision you will have to make.

rahi : chetna ,met ,itm which is better among 3?
bharat : ITM would rank higher than the other two

rohitk : converted itm navi mumbai(marketing) and upes( power management) which one to go with terms of placement.........
kapilbhandari : upes is a petroleum institute and one of the best in the country itm nm is better than bimm pune

prakashrajput : Its a good college. can be joined.

akshay : how is tapmi school of business jaipur??
asim : Too early to comment, we need to wait and watch as to how much they are able to deliver their promises.

sri1209 : sir other than navi mumbai campus of itm tel me other campuses that is better???
asim : Prefer only their nm campus

mucb2n084 : how is ITM - DUBAI ?? i got final selection call.
prakashrajput : fee is too high. Not worth.

rahul : Hi! I have converted IMT Ghaziabad's Full Time program. IMT has been ranked quite high since a long time, but over the last few years we have been hearing criticism about its enormous batch strength. Because of a huge batch, many people are left unplaced, and most of the people who do get placed get mediocre jobs. So, as experts on B-School selection, what would be your take on joining IMT? Please treat it as a standalone case, without comparison to other colleges.
bharat : Already answered; please check transcript.

ranga : hellow bharath sir...vjim or imt hyd in terms of placements and roi
bharat : VJIM is pretty ok at the local level; while 100% placements are not happening, they still are managing about Rs4.5 lakh in average pay.

vicky : how Bimm pune exec. pgdm
prakashrajput : avoid.

rahul : Hi! Amongst the following institutes, what should be the order of preference, considering the specialisation as marketing? IMT Ghaziabad, XIMB, VGSOM, 6 new IIMs, IMI. If possible, please also give a brief explanation of your order. Pros and Cons associated with each institute etc. Thank you!
sunil : IIMs first, even though they are new the brand image counts. Then IMT G, VGSOM are close and after that would come XIMB and IMI

rohitk : bimm pune vs itm nm choose one .............converted
bharat : ITM NM

mum : sir, pls arrange these college.. IBS Kolkata, IPE, NDIM,Jaipuria ghaziabad, VJIM Hyd..
asim : You can prefer VJIM and IPE over others.

sudheer : gd evng sir, i have a final call from ibs ahmedabad. is it worth joing, taking all the fee amount as loan? i have no other colleges.
kapilbhandari : may not be a great idea

born2pursuemba : IMT DCP 's fee is too high but is it worth joining cuz im planning to take a loan and is there any provision for conversion frm DCP to PGDM at ghaziabad have u seen any such cases im very much confused worried cuz like love for MBA happens once ...Rescue me pls
asim : Its a pretty decent course, but the ROI and the intake is not attractive. Regarding the last query please get in touch with their admission department.

admission : i have have calls from ifmr, nirma and welingkr. my score in cat is 83percentile, in btech 59, 12th 60% and 10th 90%..what are the chances of converting the calls
kapilbhandari : Your selection is based on Written Exam, Academic record, GD, PI and work ex. How did you do your GD/PI ?

just_nishu4u : Hi,sir.I had left my job and I have to take admission this year itself.I have converted-BIMTECH(PGDM),SDMIMD,IMT-N till now.Waiting for the result of GIM.Which one should I go for as of now??
bharat : GIM> BIMTECH> IMT-N> SDMIMD. IMT Nagpur will admit 360 students in PGDM (66o in Ghaziabad and 240 in Hyderabad). To place such a large number of students in good economic conditions, forget in today's bad economic scenario, is a huge task.

mum : Sir, IPE has started its HR program last year.. Should I go for it?
kapilbhandari : What other options you have ? Is this your first attempt or the second ?

rahul : Hi! What is your opinion on the 6 new IIMs? God willing, if I do get selected in one of them, should I consider joining them? What would I be basing this decision on, only the brand value? Lets assume I convert IMT, XIMB, VGSOM, then what should be my take on the new IIMs? Eagerly awaiting a reply. Thanks a lot!
bharat : Yes, you should join one of the new IIMs. In the long run, the positive brand image will rub off the new schools too. Also, they make for better schools than the other schools in your list.

vaib90 : great lakes (pgdm) or bimtech-pgdm(core). Which one should i choose sir..?
sunil : go for great lakes

asingh : Sir please tell me which one is better TAPMI or Fore?
bharat : FORE

saisirisha123 : Good evening sir,converted IMT NAGPUR.How good it is?Is it worth of paying 10Lakh?
sunil : it is a decent school. What was your CAT percentile and what are your other options. these will determine whether you should join it or not.

bharat : ITM NM, and then Dombivili

ankur : Hello sir , i got in AMRITA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ,BANAGLORe ,what do you suggest ?
kapilbhandari : What are other options ? If you dont have any other options and this not your first attempt thn you would do well what u have in hand

manu : ifim banglore good college or not?
asim : Answered,plz check

sri1209 : pls help me sir i have converted the insurance business management call for bimtech??? is it advisable to join???
prakashrajput : if you any other option (a job or any other call for a mainstream branch) then dont. If you are sure you have to get into a B-school this year itself then do.

ttt : is experience from a private limited company(Capgemini India) considered for admission to mms under mumbai university/pgdm by kj somaiya/welingkar??thanks
sunil : yes it is

india : is kengeri campus of christ univ is good to join
kapilbhandari : what other options do u have ?

kuloth : I got a final call from TAPMI, IMT-G (dual Country) & Great lakes - PGDM, and waiting for IIM-A, New and FMS.
kapilbhandari : What is your query ?

rajendra : dear sir,tell me which better teaching base quality KJ somaiya or NMIMS Mumbai and both average and highest domestic placement packages.
deepak : we rate nmims a grade above kjsom

saisirisha123 : christ,IMT nagpur,Welingkar,IFMR.Please can u give ranking?
kapilbhandari : IFMR-Chennai, IMT Nagpur, Welingkar, Christ

champ : do you think i should join IMT ghaziabad which is having total batch size of 660 ?
prakashrajput : Its a very good college. Definitely worth joining.

vaib90 : great lakes-pgdm or bimtech-pgdm. Please help me pick?
bharat : BIMTECH... a known devil is better! GLIM's two year program is new, with no track record. Go for BIMTECH.

mayank : Got a admission call for IMT-G IB. so how is IB and is it better than IMI ???
bharat : While IMT would rank slightly ahead of IMI, we would want you to consider a few numbers: IMT Ghaziabad will admit 480 seats in PGDM and 180 in Dual Country PGDM. To place such a large number of students in good economic conditions, forget in today's bad economic scenario, is a huge task. IMI will have 180 students. The average pay is more or less same. So, make your decision now.

bharat : HCU, IIFM, PCU

rahul : I have 22 months of work ex, and I want to do my MBA in marketing. I had 97.48 in CAT, 95.3 in XAt(missed XLRI due to sectional cut off), 97.11 in SNAP (missed SIBM Pune). I have given interviews for IMT, XIMB, VGSOM, 6 new IIMs, IMI. I want to join this year itself, but some people have suggested me to try again next year. I am not too keen to do that, but I would like an opinion from one of the experts.
prakashrajput : you have some very good calls. If you convert XIMB or the IIMs, Join. Else write CAT next year.

kevin : sir i got selected for sdmimd bimtech(core)and imt nagpur(pgdm)and there is high chance of me converting xime.
kapilbhandari : IMT Nagpur

mno : uoh, average package??? no. of students placed is only 25 out of 60,please clarify this....
bharat : That's true. Like most schools, UoH is struggling to place the entire batch. But if you work hard and finish in the top 12-20% of the batch, then you will get placed at all schools.

amrit : sir,i have got final call from asb,combatore....sdmimd waitlist...i am also thinking to apply to siescoms mumbai...please arrange them in best to good order...also please tell as i have already asb in hand, will i be in great loss if i opt asb in comparison to other two as all are in BB category
bharat : Don't spam! Actually they are all of the same BB category; hardly anything to differentiate, with almost same average pay between Rs5-5.5 lakh. Consider fee and location also.

neha : Hello sir..i hve converted sdmimd mysore n itm kharghar for wich institute shall i opt for???
kapilbhandari : SDMIMD

mayank : Got a admission call for IMT-G IB. so how is IB and is it better than IMI ??
kapilbhandari : IMI is better when compared to IMT-G, IB

db : I have got imt-g dcp, how is it? is it worth 18 lacs?
bharat : Please read this chat transcript about our views on IMT-G, incl on this program.

mayank : Got a admission call for IMT-G IB. so how is IB and is it better than IMI???
asim : Answered,plz check

mayank : Got admission call for IMT-G IB. so how is IB and is it better than IMI???
prakashrajput : go IMI

bharat : They are all of the same BB level; Though in some ways, NL Dalmia would be slightly ahead of SIES and ITM.

saisirisha123 : Sunil sir,THANK YOU SIR for replying.I have BIM,IFMR,WELINGKAR,ITM and Christ.CAT percentile-85%le
sunil : are you considering writing CAT again. If not then IFMR would be a better choice

mayank : ot a admission call for IMT-G IB. so how is IB and is it better than IMI ???
asim : You can prefer IMI-New Delhi's PGDm

mum : SIr please rank these colleges icfai kolkata, IPE, VJIM, NDIM
asim : You can prefer IPE and VJIM over others.

dimp09 : sir i converted itm nm, mitsob, ms ramaiah banglore. which is better in terms of roi or placements? m very confused..
asim : answered

dimp09 : sir i converted itm nm, mitsob, ms ramaiah banglore. which is better in terms of roi or placements? m very confused..
asim : itm-nm pgdm is a good option

jatin : sir i have got admission in empi how is the college and i have got the bm programme how are the placements and if i get in top 10 of the collegues in the college will i get a good job offer
kapilbhandari : EMPI BM is okay tyoe of college

satyasml200 : Sir I have 3yrs exp in INFOSYS LTD. , CAT 92 , 80% Career..
kapilbhandari : What is u r query ?

ankur : sir is amrita school of buisness bangalore is gud enough as it has dual degree program with SUNY . and strength is 60
asim : Not bad, but their ASB-Coimbatore is a better option.

mohit : Converted IMT IB..Sir can you please elaborate little bit about IB specialization..I want to work in FMCG Company...What type of job will be offered to me?
asim : Most of the jobs are regular ones, very few ib jobs on offer.

csk11 : which is better mba or pgdm from same college????

sri1209 : how is sies sir in terms of placements??? shud i prefer it over nl dalmia???
asim : Yes, you can.

tarun : Please arrange top 5 colleges in order according to their ranking for executive MBA in India.
asim : IIM A,B and ISB. All 3 are equally good. FOLLOWED BY IIM C.

rak : Sir, How is IIM Kashipur??
asim : Pretty good, remember brand "IIM" is very powerful and it helps you in every stage of your career.

rak : Are New IIM's better than MDI??
kapilbhandari : Yes, in the long run

sri1209 : sir i have already taken a break for a year but gt dismal scores in cat??? is it advisable to take break for another year n prepare???
asim : You can , provided you have a job in hand.

csk11 : which is better from sies pgdm or mms???
bharat : Both are same; MMS is offered by university-affiliated program while PGDM is offered by the same school in autonomous capacity. Quality of education matters more than the name of the program. Remember, even the IIMs offer PGDM!

binny123 : can i make into PUMBA with cmat 176 nc-obc?
prakashrajput : from Maharashtra? NO Otherwise.

rajendra : dear sir which better operation mgmt program KJ SOMAIYA or NMIMS mumbai.

sahil : sir,please suggest me either i go for ISB&M nande OR JIMS terms of placement and return on investment
asim : T.I.M.E. does not rank them among the TOP 140 B-schools

rohitk : aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnssssssswwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr
asim : Answered,plz check

sri1209 : @asim sir pls help me i have converted the insurance business management call, bimtech??? how good is the program need a reply
asim : Not bad, though it is not as good as their PGDM or PGDM IB program.

lily : Sir, how is tapmi jaipur?
kapilbhandari : its under manipal university and its a new program - not advisable

surya123 : liba or bim? which is better?
asim : BIM-Trichy

venkatesh_g : Hi Sir, Please arrange Great Lakes Chennai (PGPM-1 Yr), GIM, KJ SOmaiya, Wellingkar… Already converted GL PGPM .. and positive hopes about remaining 3 colg converts as well… Plz help decide... Thanks
bharat : GIM> KJ Somaiya> GLIM> Welingkar - in that order. Do not look for GLIM's one year program if your work ex is less than 3 years.

binny123 : MET or SIES?
asim : sies

komal : Hi..Which colleges should I target with 236 marks and 3950 rank in Feb CMAT?
bharat : Vivekanand Education Society's Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Xavier Institute Of Management & Research, Mumbai Thakur Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Rizvi Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Lala Lajpatrai Institute Of Management, Mumbai Chetna's R. K. Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai MET's Institute Of Management, Mumbai IES Management College And Research Centre, Mumbai B.K. School Of Business Management, Ahmedabad Great Lakes Insitute Of Management, Chennai R.A.Podar Institute Of Management, Jaipur Welingkar Institute Of Management (WE School), Mumbai (PGDM Program)

india : @kapilbhandari i have no other option than christ
kapilbhandari : then join Chirst

lily : How is edi gujarat for a fresher, if no options in hand?
prakashrajput : can be joined.

nenci : sir DALMIA IES MET SIES CHETNA THAKUR VIVEKANANDA.. pls give the ranking.... please answwwwwwweeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr
asim : check

surbhi6 : plzzz arrange adarsh group of institutions,era B-schl,flame schl of business,CIMS baglore...please arrange in ascending order?
prakashrajput : go with the college offering the lowest fee.

prem : Can I convert JBMIMS with 290 marks and 45 rank in Sept CMAT?
asim : Yes, low-moderate chances. Best wishes for GDPI.

born2pursuemba : pls answer sir its really very crucial
asim : Answered,plz check

sri1209 : how good is national insurance academy, pune???
kapilbhandari : if u r interested in insurance sector, then u can look at it. What are the other options u have ?

sameer1216 : sir how woud be imt nagpur
asim : Pretty decent, T.I.M.E. ranks it among the BB grade B-schools.

sahil : sir how is IMDR? IN TERMS OF PLACEMENT ?
prakashrajput : its a good college. worth the money.

champ : imt ghaziabad vs imi delhi?
prakashrajput : IMI

vaib90 : Sir please suggest, should i wait for ifmr result or should i pay the fee at great lakes-pgdm. Please reply sir. I'll have to pay up within this week.
prakashrajput : please join great lakes.

niti : how good is icicibank providing course in mba in finance tied up with manipal
sunil : it depends on your other options. not bad in itself, but not great either.

figo : @asim sir BIMTECH(PGDM) or XIME OR NITT please reply
asim : NIT-T in terms of ROI will be a better option.

afroz : Sir IIFM BHOPAL or HCU?
prakashrajput : IIFM

mno : how good is b.k school of manegement????
asim : Pretty decent, T.I.M.E. ranks it among the B grade B-schools

manu : nl dalmia ,sies mumbai ,christ ,sdmimd ,itm mumbai ,scms ,ifim ,nitw arrange them in order please?
asim : check

shweta : how is nmims b?
asim : Pretty decent, T.I.M.E. ranks it amogn the BBB grade b-schools

prem : KJ Somaiya or Welingkar or BIMTECH for Retail Management?
asim : KJS followed by Welingkar-Mumbai

jatin : sir i have been offered dua specialization in empi whats the advantage i have got marketing and finance does one has to study more on dual course and whats the effect on avg salary.
prakashrajput : its generally better to go for a single specialisation courses.

sudheer : thank u sir and what about mitsob, can i consider it if they offer me specialization like marketing or finance..?
kapilbhandari : do u have any other option

sri1209 : tell me the nit's that are gud for mba apart from nit trichy sir??? pls reply !!!
asim : Not as good as NIT-Trichy, to know their ranking (grade) please check

india : which is better among sies, kj somiya, nl dalmiya, glim, prin welinger for hr...thank u
prakashrajput : GLIM, KJS, WE, Dalmia

surya123 : bim or ifmr?
prakashrajput : BIM

viny : Sir? ITM (PG) or Swami Vivekanand (MMS) or Chetna's (PG)
asim : ITM-Navi Mumbai followed by Chetna

sameer1216 : sir how would be placements in it i am waiting for results for IMI-HR,bim-trichy,kjs-mumbai could u please telll me and i am a fresher would it be fime if i take cat 2013 and try again
kapilbhandari : u can look at kjs-mumbai

figo : @asim sir 283 marks in CMAT and 796 rank which mumbai colleges to try for under DTE i'm outside maharastra student.
asim : Department Of Commerce And Management Studies, University Of Pune (PUMBA), Pune N. L. Dalmia Institute Of Management Studies And Research, Mumbai SIES College Of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai (For MMS Program) Vivekanand Education Society's Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Xavier Institute Of Management & Research, Mumbai Thakur Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Rizvi Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Lala Lajpatrai Institute Of Management, Mumbai Chetna's R. K. Institute Of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai MET's Institute Of Management, Mumbai

anubha : Sir, how is TAPMI Jaipur?
bharat : Anubha, this is a new school. As such, we do not have any extra info. What may work for the school is that: one, there are not any good b-schools in Jaipur and second, the school comes from TAPMI group, which is known for its good quality of education. Dunno what they mean by - "placement support from TAPMI".

shaharyaar1410 : CAT 65%tile,MAT 91%tile. Converted JIMS-rohini & NDIM. Any other good colleges in NCR region. Till now filled only these two colleges.
saurabhjaiswal : JaiPuria, ISB&M, EMPI, Accman

venkata : sir,how is itm navi mumbai for marketing?can we expect 90% of placements..?wat is the avg pay for marketing?i have to pay first installment fee before 9 aprl me sir
kapilbhandari : do u have any other options. If no then u can look at it

neha : Sir sies,dalmia,met,chetna,ies,itm nm, upls arrange ..asim sir plssss rpl
asim : You can prefer one out of SIES,ITM-Navi Mumbai and SDMIMD.

planet : got admission in imt hyderabad .should i wait for hcu ?
asim : IMT will be a better option.

anubha : Sir I have attended gd pi of imi kolkata,imi bbsr,ipe and vjim...please arrange these institutes in decreasing order of preference..
prakashrajput : same order.

champ : @ prakashrajput sir marketing at IMT Ghaziabad or LBSIM??
prakashrajput : IMT

satyasml200 : I have 80% career,cat 92%,3yrs exp INFOSYS... converted TAPMI,IMT NAgpur.. which college should I join? Please rate TAPMI,KJSomaiya & BIM trichy? Is Tapmi worth joining for a 3yrs work-ex guy?
prakashrajput : ya. u can join TAPMI. avoid the rest.

sri1209 : sir how is pondicherry university??? is tat gud???
kapilbhandari : for which program ?

mukesham : sir my iit kanpur gd/pi on 11th april.IIT kanpur gives 25% weightage (sir is it true??)and i have no work experience.Also i have low cat %ile.Should i go for gd/pi?????Please answer
sunil : dear mukesh, giving up before even trying is the sure shot way to fail! Suggest you give it your best shot first and then wait for the outcome.

venkata : sir,how is itm navi mumbai for marketing?can we expect 90% of placements..?wat is the avg pay for marketing?i have to pay first installment fee before 9 aprl..
saurabhjaiswal : ITM Navi Mumbai would be worth considering for mktg avg placements are 5 to 7 lakhs (for mktg). go ahead!

afroz : sir which one is better in terms of placements IIFM BHOPAL or HCU?
prakashrajput : IIFM

manu : sir ifim good or bad college sir please give reply???????
asim : T.I.M.E. ranks it among the others category b-schools ( not among the TOP 100)

born2pursuemba : @ASIM if i say that I have converted LBS along with IMT DCP then what should i choose considering risk and good prospects
asim : LBSIM, if fee is a imp criteria of selection in your case.

rahul : Hello Sir. I have converted ICFAI Hyderabad. Waiting for results of FORE. Can you guide me which would be a better option to join ?
asim : FORE

sangam : plz ans sir it has been very long time to waiting 4 ans got final admission call from SCMLD pune, also applied for VIT, Rajgiri, what should i do? should i go to SCMLD, how is placement?
saurabhjaiswal : Yes! go for SCMLD Pune, you will locational advantage too

niti : what job oppurtunities is there in iifm bhopal
prakashrajput : go through their placement report. its pretty detailed.

rahul : ICFAI Hyd vs FORE ?
asim : FORE

ash2211 : Sir, itm-nm,alliance,sies,mitsob,edi,acharya,chetana,,please arrange in descending order....
saurabhjaiswal : ITM NM, SIES, ALliance, EDI, Chetna, Acharaya, Mitsob.

anubha : sir, how is XIMJ?
asim : T.I.M.E. does not rank it among the TOP 140 B-schools

mum : Sir how is IPE? Wat about their placement?
kapilbhandari : which program ? their main flagship program is good

mucb2n084 : THANK YOU prakash sir. SIES , DALMIA , WELINGKAR - Mumbai , ITM - NM . is a score of 209 enough to apply to these colleges ?? .
prakashrajput : yupp. please do.

pavan346d : which is better bimtech (pgdm),siom, welankar (mum), fore, bim tirchy, kj?
asim : check

figo : @Asim sir BIMTECH(pgdm),XIME,NITT please arrange
asim : Answered a similar query,please check

just_nishu4u : Areyyyy!! Mera bhi koi answer dedo plzzz!!!!! Hi,sir.I had left my job and I have to take admission this year itself.I have converted-BIMTECH(PGDM),SDMIMD,IMT-N till now.Waiting for the result of GIM.Which one should I go for as of now?? N,how will u rate IMI-Kolkata??
kapilbhandari : IMT-N is good but wait for GIM

venkata : itm navi mumbai or christ or HCU?(only for marketing)
prakashrajput : christ

anubha : Sir itm mumbai or ipe?
asim : ITM-NM

orco : Sir plz arrange: NDIM ,VIT B,IISWBM(MHRM),BIT MESRA?
saurabhjaiswal : Only NDIM should be considered out of all

champ : sir LBSIM vs FORE?
kapilbhandari : Fore

sahil : sir itm navi mumbai or VJIM?
prakashrajput : ITM

jb007 : sir how is the iim indore ipm indore? Is it worth joining? it also does not provide any degree..
sunil : It is a definitely a good option

mucb2n084 : how is xaviers XIME ,mumbai compared to chetna ????
asim : Chetna is a better option

jb007 : sir how is the iim indore ipm program? Is it worth joining? it also does not provide any degree..
asim : Yes, its a good option.

manu : scms good college or not
asim : Its a decent b-school

vaanya : Please arrange these colleges in order...SIES,NL Dalmia,ITM Navi Mumbai,BIMM,IMDR,INDRA
asim : CHECK

mike : Sir Plz Reply..typing 3rd time...SCMHRD-MBA(Infrastructure Management) or SIBM,Banglore ? Considering i have 2 years experience in Infrastructure sector.
saurabhjaiswal : Even if you are inclined towards infra sector then also SIBM Bangalore makes much sense, as it would widen the scope further, you can shift the branch whenever you feel like, going for infra would keep you confined to that sector only.

mani : scms coachin good or bad collge
thomas : just avg. what are the other options you have?

sreejith : sir, i have converted bimtech and tapmi calls. Next in line are bim trichy, kj somaiya.Do you think I should attend the remaining ones or go for tapmi?
prakashrajput : u can go for TAPMI

figo : @asim sir FORE-IB or NIRMA
prakashrajput : FORE

rahul : Sir with 82 percentile in feb cmat is it worth applying for nl dalmia and sies pgdm program
prakashrajput : how did u get a percentile?

neha : Plsss asim sir do ans.....
asim : Answered,please check.

sameer1216 : sir i got seat in imt nagpur would it be fine going this year or next year
prakashrajput : if you have an option, write next year.

brown_coconut : Hello Sir .. I have converted BIMTECH and have to pay first installment by April 4rth ...
asim : Congratulations, what is your query?

mba13 : cmat score is 195 can i apply for welingkr mumbai..tell me othr optiond also
asim : Yes, provided you have a good profile ( for pgdm programs they give good amount of weightage to profile also)

sahil : SIR PLEASE arrange ..itm navi mumbai,JIMS rohini,upes ,vjim, ISB&M,EMPI
asim : ITM-NM can be preferred.

sandyn1 : Sir/Maam I am working in an PSU insurance firm for 1.5 yrs now- earning abot 38-39 k a month. Next year due to the central government wage revision it is likely to get hiked by 5-6k. There is a good chance of mine in TISS hrm&lr. I am very confused regarding what to do?? Shud i stick to my job or go for TISS? How do u rate TISS hr? Is its placements compareable to IIMs and XLRi s ??
saurabhjaiswal : TISS HR avg. placements are probably the best in the industry, if you convert TISS Hr pl don't have any second thoughts, should consider..

ash2211 : can I apply to welingkar with a score of 200 in cmat or 85%ile in atma?
saurabhjaiswal : yes you can apply to we school

sameer1216 : sir please reply ,go for imt nagpur or wait for results of imi hr,bim trichy,kjs
thomas : it will be better to wait.

champ : sir marketing at IMT ghaziabad or FORE??
prakashrajput : IMT

brown_coconut : Hello Sir .. I have converted BIMTECH and have to pay first installment by April 4rth ... Other options i have is TAPMI and KJ Somaiyah which i know are better ..but results would be out by April Mid ... I am a 3.5 wrk ex ..but need to do MBA this year .What shall i do .Shall i pay the first installment ???
asim : Well, considering your profile,you should ideally be targeting the TOP 40 B-schools, BIMTECH does not figure among them.

jatin : how is empi avg package i have got into their flagship course
saurabhjaiswal : Rs 3.5 to 5 Lakhs p.a.

garima : Sir how is Christ vcu program (9 months in U.S) w.r.t placement
bharat : You should avoid Dual Country Programs unless they are between two top schools. We will not recommended this program.

sreejith : sir, please answer my query.....tapmi or kj somaiya or great lakes...?
saurabhjaiswal : KJ SOM, TAPMI, Great Lakes in dat order

mani : sir i got ndim ,gsib ,ifim ,alliance ,nitw i got admission sir
prakashrajput : alliance/nitw depending upon your financial constraints.

disha : Sir plz answer ur views on NMIMS hyderabd in terms of roi?
asim : Its a decent option.

brown_coconut : Asim sir sorry could not put the quesry ..wrngly hit enter
asim : Answered,plz check

acda : Symbiosis institute of computer studies and research(SICSR)-MBA(IT) or MHRM from IISWBM?????????with both HR and IT having equal preferences for me!
prakashrajput : IISWBM

praloy_saha : at the end if i only have ibs,Mumbai as a choice? it worth joining?
sunil : if tha'ts your last option and you cannot try next yr too, then

mani : sir i got cmat 157 can i apply for wellingkar ,nl dalmia ,sies
thomas : with this score the chances are very less . apply to colleges below them

amrit : i am in ,with many ,in wailist for sdmimd...they said check after 25th of march for updates,i checked it says "still in progress"....any chances i will make through it...does in sdmimd waitlist moves up?....any cases in past?
asim : Yes, it moves a lot.Best wishes.

rahul : Sir what are the Rankings for ICFAI Hyderabad & FORE ?
asim : check

: I have converted IMT HYDERABAD. Do not have any other calls and have already dropped an year to take cat. Now what should I do. Should I go for Imt Hyderabad or leave it. Please reply. Please.
bharat : IMT Hyd will admit 240 students. To place this class size will be a massive task. Why not get a job, work hard, and prepare well for this year's tests?

neha : Thnks alpt asim sir:-)
asim : welcome

mishty : Sir, Is there any chance of mine getting into PUMBA? cmat-143, caste-open, but i have domicile certificate..??
prakashrajput : have a shot at the lower colleges.

india : what colleges can i apply with a score of 213 in feb cmat
asim : Amity Business School, Noida ICFAI B-School, Ahmedabad ICFAI B-School, Gurgaon ICFAI B-School, Hyderabad ICFAI B-School, Mumbai IMT-Hyderabad IMT-Nagpur Institute Of Management Development And Research, Pune Institute Of Technology & Management (ITM), Navi Mumbai SSN School Of Management & Computer Applications, Chennai UPES Institute Of Management, Dehradun Welingkar Institute Of Management, Bangalore Alliance School Of Business, Bangalore Balaji Institute Of Modern Management (BIMM), Pune Gitam School Of International Business ( Gsib ), Visakhapatnam Vit Business School, Vellore Kirloskar Institute Of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), Harihar

keval : I have got FIIB Delhi. It is worth or not ?
prakashrajput : avoid.

komal : I have poor marks in my graduation..reason is that my mother was on bed rest for 2 years and only I was there to look after her...should I tell this in interview if they ask why low marls in graduation?
prakashrajput : yupp. its a perfectly acceptable explanation.

ash2211 : Sir ,How is Acharya in terms of Roi?
bharat : There is no info on Acharya placements in the public space. Even their website does not provide any info!

man : sir i got cmat 157 can i apply for wellingkar ,nl dalmia ,sies???????
thomas : chances of conversion are very low.

rani : Christ kengri campus or BIMM Pune for marketing?
asim : CHRIST

garima : With 178 in cmat should I apply 2 WE
prakashrajput : only if you have a good profile.

prem : K J Somaia or Welingkar or BIMTECH for retail management?
prakashrajput : KJS

sameer1216 : bharath sir,which would be better chance of getting seat wellingkar or kjs for fresher
bharat : 100% chance! :-)

disha : sir ur views on school of petroleum mgmnt gandhinagr,kj som(pgdm communiction)? i have converted at nmims hyderabd...shld i join?
asim : Not fair to compare both, as both offer different sort of programs. Choose based on interest.

nenci : sir i got 185 n from SC caste.. which coll i can get... pls answer sir
asim : Which Exam?

sudheer : sir reply my qwery, mitsob-marketing, m.s.ramaiah, ibs ahmedabad? plzz plzza sugeest me the best choice....?
kapilbhandari : MITSOM

asim : Answered,plz check

just_nishu4u : Sir,how will u rate IMI-Kolkata.The current students r claiming the avg. to be around 6.5lacs and they also had few banners,suggesting the companies that have come to campus.Tehy r saying that the placement report will be out soon.So,how do u see the scenario of IMI-Kolkata? M from Kolkata.
sunil : not great, unless you have no better option

rahul : Rankings : Icfai Hyd and FORE ?
bharat : WHAT??? Are you sure you want us to select one here? By one thousand miles, it is FORE!

venkata : final question,ou hyd or itm navi mumbai(only for marketing)?consider only placememts ...not fee structure.
bharat : ITM NM

champ : what is decent package for IMT ghaziabad marketing graduate?
asim : Around 7-9 lacs p.a.

rahul : @prakash rajput the general formula to calculate ppercentile is total students applied minus our rank that multiply by 100 and the outcome divided by total number of applicants, please whether I can apply to nl dalmia and sies pgdm course as last date is 31 st march
prakashrajput : give it a pass.

shaharyaar1410 : CMAT I score 138,rank 14000, CMAT II score 154,rank 19000, any chance for PUMBA,outside maharashtra candidate.
prakashrajput : no.

brown_coconut : hello ... All my CMAT score is 238 ... and AIR is 3810 ..can i look forward to syndenum (SIMSREE) ???
thomas : if you are an oms student , the chances are very low.else you have a small chance depending on the gd/pi.

sreejith : please reply sir,tapmi or kj somaiya or great lakes...?
asim : which program of gl?

mum : wat's the average package of IBS kolkata, IPE, VJIM,NDIM?
bharat : Not much info available about IBS Kol; though IPE and VJIM run avg pay of around Rs4.5 lakh

rahul : Rankings : Icfai Hyd and FORE ?.
prakashrajput : if you have good acads, please join ICFAI.

sameer1216 : sir imt nagpur or imi bhauneswar
bharat : IMI - BBSR

sahil : SIR it pgdm dual specialization is ok or single specialisation?.i have also heard heard that after getting certificate of dual specialisation one cant try for goverment sector? plz suggest sir ..m waiting
prakashrajput : dual specialisation has nothing to do with govt jobs. single sp. are better.

india : with a score of 213 in feb cmat can i apply for sies dalmiya great lakes
saurabhjaiswal : yes you can apply to all

mba13 : in 10th 80%, 12th 68%, btech 65%, cmat 195..nw can i apply for welingkr mumbai
prakashrajput : please do

rani : Pondicherry University Vs Indra Pune Vs Bimm Pune
saurabhjaiswal : BIMM, Indra, Pondicherry in that order

disha : wht arse chances of converting to kj som pgdm wid cmat 218 and no wrk exp
asim : Not bad, best wishes, try to do well in GDPI.

champ : lbsim VS fore -IB
bharat : FORE

raju : sir ,i have got call from GREAT LAKES-pgdm.As it is a new batch and fee is very high(13.5lac).what to do?
sunil : It is a decent option

bharat : ITM NM is the best of the lot. Then consider Alliance and IBA.

sameer1216 : would we accept cat score
prakashrajput : it does.

sakshi : Sir, i have converted SIBM B, and i need to pay the first instalment by 5th April. However I've also got a GD/PI call from KJ Somaiya on 31st March. What should I do sir?Should I still pay up? Whcih colg is better of the two? Is SIBM B worth securing a seat in? as i will be losing 30,000 bucks if i withdraw admission later.
saurabhjaiswal : consider SIBM Bangalore

mucb2n092 : Is vgsom a good option with kj imt
asim : Yes

vaanya : Please arrange them in order...Pondicherry university,SDMIMD.Christ,ITM nAVI mUMBAI,BIMM,INDRA
bharat : ITM> SDMIMD> Christ> BIMM> Indra> PCU

vipul : SIBM,Banglore or IMT DCP?
prakashrajput : SIBM

jaffa : My MAT Score is 59.83 Percentile. If i Apply to SIES Will I get a Call ?
thomas : no.

sahil : thanku prakash sir
prakashrajput : u welcome

dimp09 : sir i converted itm navi mumbai, Ms ramaiah banglore, mitsob. which is better in terms of placements??
prakashrajput : ITM

just_nishu4u : Sunil sir,I have already payed the 1st installment of BIMTECH(PGDM).Waiting for GIM(not high hopes though with 83.41%ile in XAT).I have 14months of work ex. and so was asking about IMI-Kolkata.If I get through IMI-K,then should I leave BIMTECH?? Provided I don't get in GIM too.Plzz answer sir!!
saurabhjaiswal : yes good decision.. I would rate IMI K higher than BIMTECH, GIM would come after IMI K

orco : What is the avg package offered by VIT-B SCHOOL?My cmat score is it worth applying?do i have any better options?
prakashrajput : it is advisable that we get a job and write CAT this year.

vinayak : apologies PGDM and mms
bharat : Info on PGDM and MMS already provided. Check chat transcript.

india : when will the dte announce the gdpi dates
asim : soon, keep checking their website.

shubham : Sir plz suggest whether I should go for SOIL or GIM?
asim : Answered,plz check

sam : sp jain's MGB is it worth?
asim : Its a good program, but the roi is not attractive.

disha : Thank you sir :)
asim : Welcome

jatin : sir i hv taken admission in empi as it is not a very good college what should i do to get good job offers and how much percent is good in mba
saurabhjaiswal : Try to be in top 10 position, utilize your time by taking more projects, delhi has plenty of opportunities. focus on your learnings & try to get the best placements based upon your good academic records.

nenci : ASIM sir.... CMAT exam 185 score from SC caste.. good coll of mumbai pls reply........... plssssssssssss sir
asim : Good chances at almost all the b-schools.Best wishes, prepare well and do well in the gdpi rounds.

sam : Sir I got final call from IMT Hydreabad .Should I take admission in this. I don't know anything about how good this institute is? suggest me what to do
thomas : it depends on what you are doing now. if you have a decent job, dont join the you have any other options in hand?the college is just avg.

mum : mum: asim sir pls tell me abt the infra of ipe.. is it better than ibs kolkata?
prakashrajput : IPE is better than IBS Kolkata

sameer1216 : bharat sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me sir I got 91% in cat this year im a fresher and thinking to give another shot,i got calls from bim trichy,kjs,imi hr and got seat in imt nagpur could u please advise me what to do
prakashrajput : writing CAT again is a good idea.

shubham : Kindly suggest me whether I should go for SOIL or for GIM?
asim : GIM

sakshi : Sir,at 235 feb cmat score, what are my chances of converting PGDM call from KJ Somaiya? is it evev good? Avg Placement? Which other colleges can I apply to with my score through centralised counseling?
prakashrajput : very slim chances of KJS

vipul : SIBM,Banglore or IMT DCP? sir plz bata do na
prakashrajput : SIBM

monika : my cmat score is below 100, which college should I apply for?
prakashrajput : give it a pass.

sameer1216 : sir I got 91% in cat this year im a fresher and thinking to give another shot,i got calls from bim trichy,kjs,imi hr and got seat in imt nagpur could u please advise me what to do
prakashrajput : write CAT again.

acda : should i attend the interviews of NDIM/CHRIST eve if i have converted MHRM of IISWBM
prakashrajput : Christ yes.

bharat : would not recommend this college

vipul : iim ahemdabad or isb hyderabad
saurabhjaiswal : wat is your total work exp.

abc : sir, pls answer...... how is MSRIM? Placement? & ROI?
bharat : We will block you if you spam! Average apy at around Rs4.5 lakh.

nick : With a cat score of 95 should I pick IMTG(DCP) ? No other calls
thomas : if you are confident of doing better next year, it is worth giving one more try. a little better performance can get you a few iim calls.

planet : arrage the orderr imt hyderabad, itm , ipe, hcu, nit warangal.
bharat : ITM NM> IMT Hyd> IPE> HCU> NIT

rahul7 : Sir. ICFAI Hyd vs FORE vs Great Lakes Chennai PGDM ?.
sunil : Great lakes

disha : Sir wht is avg package at NMIMS hyderabd?
asim : Placements are still on, the avg salary will be known only after couple of months.

rahul7 : Sir. ICFAI Hyd vs FORE vs Great Lakes Chennai PGDM ?..

sakshi : Sir kindly arrange the following in order of preference, SIBM B, Welinkar, KJ Somaiya, Great Lakes PGDM (also mention their average packages if possible)
saurabhjaiswal : SIBM B, KJ SOM, Welingkar, GLIM

mohitsachdeva : MAT 99.9...Should I target IMDR and INDRA pune?
asim : Your percentile is awesome, you can think of taking a shot at CAT-13 with an aim at much better b-schools.

planet : sir please arrrnge imt hyd, itm ,ipe, hcu, nit-w.
saurabhjaiswal : ITM would be the best option out of all.

sharda : Please arrange INDRA,BIMM,IMDR,CHETA,NDIM
saurabhjaiswal : BIMM, NDIM, (INDRA & IMDR both at same level).

monika : will I get admission in mumbai, as my score in cmat is below 100?
thomas : difficult to get into any decent college unless you have reservation.

vipul : iim ahemdabad or isb hyderabad???i m expexting one of them work experience is 3 years
saurabhjaiswal : IIM A if you convert both

hemant : Shold I fill Great Lakes PGDM with 236 marks and 3900 rank in FEB CAMT?
saurabhjaiswal : yes pl go ahead!

sameer1216 : sir i have attended time coaching this year will time give aimcat package for me
bharat : If you have enrolled for CAT 2013, then yes, AIMCAT series will be a part of your course. As for your calls, try to convert all interviews calls into final admission. If you face a problem of choice tomorrow, then we will help you decide.

vijju : How good is IPE HYD for 3 + years experience??
asim : Not suitable

vipul : saurabh sir plz bata do na 3 saal ka work experience hai...ab to bata do
saurabhjaiswal : IIM A

priyankur : Imt hydrabad(finance)/ itm navi mumbai(i-connect pgdm(finance)). I am fresher,2011 passout. In which college i will join?
saurabhjaiswal : ITM Navi Mumbai FIN mkt is a good option

debas : Sir, How is IMT hyderabad and nagpur??
bharat : IMT Nagpur will admit 360 students while Hyd campus will have 240, with another 66o in Ghaziabad. We believe that placing such a large number of students in good economic conditions, forget in today's bad economic scenario, will be a huge task.

manu001 : Experience: 4 years 2 months in IT. Calls : a) Great Lakes Chennai – PGPM (1 Year) b) IMT Ghaziabad – PGDM (2 Year) c) XIM Bhubaneshwar – PGDM(2 Year) Interested in IT & Operations management. Sabbatical Option from the current company for all the 3 courses is available. Which one should I go for?
sunil : IMTg

shubh : sir can u plz tell me d reason y to go for GIM and not for SOIL?
saurabhjaiswal : SOIL is not AICTE approved..

revu : Sir, How would u rate Sibm, Bangalore with regard to Tapmi and Welingkar. (not placements)... pleaseeee helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp !
saurabhjaiswal : TAPMI is still better academically but you can also consider SIBM bangalore.. We school would not be in the same league.

: Sir pls answer is IMT HYDERABAD , AICTE approved. How is the college and the faculty. No workex no other options and cannot get a good profile job. Please suggest. Should I join this institute.
bharat : IMT Ghaziabad has a very good reputation. However, IMT Hyd is a new campus... so no track record. Also, they are going to admit 240 students! Very difficult to place these numbers. Why not try to get a job?

shubh : ISB is the same.. its not approved as well.. Any other reason?
saurabhjaiswal : industry acceptance & Academic curriculum are not comparable to GLIM or ISB

brown_coconut : Please arrange them in the order KJ Somayiah ,TAPMi ,BIMTECH,IFMR ,We School(mumbai) ,XIME.Please reply to my query !!
saurabhjaiswal : K J SOM, TAPMI, IFMR, BIMTECH, W School, XIME.

prince : Sir, IMT-G, XIMB or SIBM-P?
saurabhjaiswal : SIBM Pune, XIMB , IMT G

saurabhjaiswal : LBSIM general prog.

bijay : pz 164 cmat score and 5yr job exp oms candidate which colleges could i expect
thomas : there is no school worth leaving a five year job at your will be better to try once more.

mukesham : sir nit kurushetra is showing more than 100% placement on their website.sir it is believable????
saurabhjaiswal : Except for NIT Trichy. no other NIT is matching that level.

shaharyaar1410 : my first attempt in CAT & MAT.passed in 2012.converted NDIM & JIMS as filled only these two.plz suggest..
saurabhjaiswal : NDIM

moti : Arrange them in order....SDMIMD,BIMM,Chetna,SIES,N LDalmia
saurabhjaiswal : SDMIMD, BIMM, SIES,

prince : KJ Som(PGDM) or TAPMI?
asim : TAPMI offers better education and infrastructure, where as KJS offers better ROI, choose based on what is more important for you.

raj : itm nm or christ
saurabhjaiswal : ITM NM

priyankur : sir plz tell me in which college i will join IMT HYDRABAD(FINANCE) / ITM NAVI MUMBAI(I-CONNECT PGDM(FINANCE)).
saurabhjaiswal : ITM Navi Mumbai would make much sense

thomas : itm navi mumbai.

bharat : As of now, there are not any good schools where sale of applications is still open. Please check the list of schools for yourself, make a shortlist of schools you wish to apply and then send a mail to

sameer1216 : plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir i am a time student and wants to register for aimcats-2013 if i got a call next year will i be trained again for gdpi
sunil : AIMCAT students will need to enroll for GDPI module once they get calls

sai : SIr please arrange... ALLIANCE,christ,itm navi mumbai,ibs hyderabad
saurabhjaiswal : ITM NM, IBS Hyd, ALLiance & Christ (at same level)

arun001 : Hi Sir, XIMB(PGDM) or IMT G(PGDM) and Great Lakes(PGPM)??? 4 years xperience in Infosys.
saurabhjaiswal : GLIM ( no second thoughts)

raj : avg placement for itm nm for finance??
saurabhjaiswal : Rs 5 to 7 lakhs

mum : icfai hyd and IPE which 1 is better option?
saurabhjaiswal : ICFAI HYD

dipti : Hello Sir I want to take admission in PGDM(HR) which will be good college in Mumbai plz rank. vivekanand, ITM, Bharti vidyapeeth, IES, Chetna
bharat : ITM is the best of the lot

bn : sir if i recall correctly time ranks mica in top 20. Suppose you had to compare mica with only the marketing programs of other b-schools, where would you rank it then?
bharat : Please do not ask such open questions. TIME ranks MICA in the top 30. Ask for comparison between some specific schools.

sameer1216 : thnq sir
bharat : 100% chance for both schools

ranisachdev : How is pondicherry univesity?Can we compare to sies or sdmimd?
bharat : SIES and SDM are better than PCU

siddgupt : How is IIT Kanpur MBA sir ?
sunil : relative to what? by itself it is of course a good choice

figo : @ bharat sir UBS or BIMTECH
asim : UBS-Chandigarh has an edge in terms of ROI.

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