B-School Selection!
(Chat Transcript)

: sir pls tell me ITM navi mumbai IB program.
asim : Its a decent program, though on the same footing as their flagship course. The ROI is not as attractive as PGDM. Their avg sal for 2011 was 4.3 Lakhs p.a.

chintan : hello sir, how is SCHMRD college?and what are the avg packages given?
asim : Pretty good, we grade it among the AA grade B-Schools, the avg pay this year was around 10 lakhs p.a.

chintan : sir, can i take now also admission in SCHMRD as the month of may is going to start?
asim : Kindly explain your question?

suraj : hello!!!sir im shortlisted in LIBA and TAPMI..which one is better?
asim : TAPMI

sharad : Hello Sir,I hav converted SDMIMD...As major recruiters here r TCS nd Infosys will I be eligible as i m 2011 pass out nd they consider no year drop???
asim : Apart from them a lot of other firms like Arvind Brands, Bank of Baroda, Bharti Axa, Fedex, Fenesta, ICICI Securities, India Medtronics, Janalakshmi Finance, Mapro Foods, Raman Fibre Science, Reid & Taylor, Sai India, ANZ Bank, Tyco Electronics, Himalaya Health Care Etc. had participated in 2011 placements.

priya : Gud Eve Sir. I have been selected for NIT trichy at 91.76 GEN-TN. I have 22 months of work exp. Due to personal reasons, i cannot join outside TN. Is it worth joining?
ramnath : Yes, especially as you cannot move out of TN. All the best

siddhant52 : hello sir i have got 93.58 percentile,89 marks in mah cet n i am an oms category student. do i stand any good colleges ???? should i appear for GD/PI ???
ramratnam : U may try the following: Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management, Mumbai Zagdu Singh Chartitable Trust's Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai St. Francis Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai all the best.

ashwini : I have been selected in LIBA and waitlisted in IFMR as No. 5 in Financial engineering.I am interested in finance.Pls advice which one is better among the two and wat are my chances in making it in IFMR.Also in terms of ROI which is better.
ramnath : You have a good chance at IFMR, all the best.

suraj : @asim sir...TAPMI says it is aacsb accredited.What's the impact of this on any bschool in general?
asim : It could help in marketing themselve abroad esp among the faculty members and students(esp nri and pio). Though it may not have a game changing impact, still its a good achievement.

chintan : sir, i want to say that are admission's in SCHMRD still going on as the month of may is going to start?
asim : Yes, i guess the wait list is still moving. That's the case at most of the B-Schools.

sam : sir i have got 86.07 percentile in mh-cet, my score is 75. what are my chances of getting top colleges like jbims, kj somayaji etc if suppose performed good in gd/pi.
rajeshsaraf : Top colleges..tough chance !!

indu : sir,which is better IMI bhuvaneswar or IMT Hyderabad?
asim : IMT-Hyd has the locational advantage.

venus : I did b.tech.Presently working in banking sector.Is it gud to join in MBE which deals mainly with economics(its completly new subject to me)??
asim : Yes,its a good course, if you are genuinely interested in making a career in that domain. I would recommend you go through the placements page before taking a call on it.

ashwini : I have applied to welingkar is it better than LIBA and IFMR for finance specialisation and ROI
ramnath : For finance IFMR much more known. Welingkar is below IFMR and LIBA in our rankings too.

hiiii : Sir I have got into NMIMS BANKING MANAGEMENT mumbai and PGDM bangalore.....If I take PGDM bangalore, den I will take finance specialization....So sir can u tell me which one sud I go for and why???? Pls do tell avg placement for both the courses....thank you....
asim : NMIMS-Banking is a better option if you genuinely want to make a career in banking industry,if you are not sure then opt for a regular PGDM program of NMIMS-Bangalore.

mucc1xj12 : what questions are asked in Pscycometric & creativity test for admission in welingkar??? how can i prepare for that?
ramratnam : Subtle questions checking out you optimism, leadership skills, team work, cooperativeness, friendliness, attitude, morality/ethics etc. are asked. You don't have to specially prepare for this. Simply have a positive and right mindset and when answering the questions, first check out what the question seeks to test and then answer.

priya : Thank you sir. How is the placement in NIT Trichy for people with exp ??
ramnath : Avg sal around 6 lpa....with workex, you may go above the avg, if you also perform decently in your acads

sharad : But Sir...other companies offer lower packages...is it true???
asim : Some do, some don't

nik : sir people say that itm nm provides placements in local banks,lic jobs and sales fields not good for girls especially is it true and sir i am not able to decide whether to take a drop or go to itm nm,i am in b.com final sem, my cat %ile was 77.32
ramnath : There is definitely no role for gender here. you may join. Interms of the jobs on offer, it depends on the company that hires you. Finally, as you are a fresher, another attempt can be seriously looked at

indu : IS it worth joining IMT Hyderabad?i have 90 percentile in CAT.I have other option as IMI Bhuvaneswar.
ramnath : We do not have it in our rankings Indu

ramky : Sir a call centre job with 7k salary will be considered for experience ? What should be the minimum tenure to be considered for experience ?
asim : Yes,if you took it up after grad and if it is a full time job. Usually B-Schools treat any one with less than 1 year work ex as a relative fresher.

siddhant52 : sir how about the placements of chetna , lala lajpat rai and zagdu singh ????
ramnath : Chetna is around 4.5 lpa. We dont have the others in our rankings

ashwini : In terms of salary package which one will be better LIBA or IFMR. Thanks
ramnath : IFMR is around 10, reliable info on LIBA is not available

vicx : hws ibs gurgaon??? n why??
asim : We do not grade it among the TOP 120 B-Schools

aniket : good evening sir, query regarding IMDR since there website dosent mention anythng about placement,hows the placement scenario is it worth applying ? sir please arrange in descending order IMDR,PUMBA,MITSOB,INDIRA,SIT
ramnath : IMDR/PUMBA followed by MITSOB/INDIRA

000gaur0000 : which college is better BIMM Pune OR IMS gHAZIABAD FOR FINANCE ?
ramnath : did you meat IMT ghaziabad....then then it is IMT

gujarat : sir i am select 4 the IBA-B.so sir i want to ask is that a best one na and should i inveat my money na? thare is nothing lika a fruad na?
asim : We do not rank it among the TOP 90 B-Schools.

piyush : gud evening sir which one is better in terms of placement USMS(ip university),jaipuria(noida),ITM gurgaon,EMPI,Maharaja angresen
ramnath : We only have Jaipuriand EMPI in our rankings and the avg sal is around 2.5 lpa for jaipuria. Official info on EMPI is not available, it is known to be around 3-4 lpa

vicky : sir with cmat score of 150 can i expect pgdm of dalmia,sies,welingkar,met,chetna ...
ramratnam : you can expect it in all of the following: Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai Sydenham Institute of Management Studies (MMS) Sydenham Institute of Management Studies (PGDM) K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai S.I.E.S. College of Management Studies, Mumbai N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA), University of Pune MET's Institute of Management, Mumbai Bombay St. Xavier College Soc.'s Xavier Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai Chetana's Ramprasad Khandelwal Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai Indian Education Society's Management College & Research Centre, Mumbai Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management, Mumbai

kushal : sir who is sinddhant institute of business mgmt in pune
ramnath : we dont have it in our rankings Kushal

gujarat : sir iba-b include in top 50 colleges?
asim : In case you are referring to Indus Business Academy-Bangalore,No.

ritu : if kj somaiya is 10 then what scit? if siib is 10 then what is scit?
asim : We grade KJS among the A grade B-Schools and SCIT among the BB grade B-Schools

karan : sir, I have scored 99.28 percentile {117 marks) in MHCET and 254 in CMAT Which colleges in mumbai can I get admission. I have converted GIM what is ur advice.
ramnath : what else have you applied to?

gujarat : sir iba-b ya itm-nm?
asim : ITM-NM

000gaur0000 : RamnathSir-- its IMS ghaziabad Which is better IMS ghaziabad or BIMM pune
ramnath : BIMM Pune. We dont have IMS in our ranking list

ritu : if we neglect roi & fee then regarding placement which is better mhrod or scit?
asim : Since both offer sectoral programs,Its like comparing oranges and apples,please choose based on your interest,aptitude and long term career goal.

venus : @ asim..I gone through the placements prospectus. So mainly are doing marketing and supply chain management for summer intern and finaly placed in analytics(mostly).and also if i joined in MBE, I think i will be in three fields(b.tech+banking(financal)+economics).Is it give any strength to my career or it will impact in negative way??
asim : Its a good option,if you are interested.

karan : what shall I do sir shall I wait for mumbai admissions
ramnath : Yes...you have a good cmat score.

ashwini : Is it advisable to take up financial engineering as it is too specific and may hinder wider job opportunities in the finance industry.But I am interested in math a lot. Pls advice.
asim : Its a good choice if you are genuinely interested in that subject,if you are not sure do not opt for it,prefer a regular PGDM or PGDM finance course.

kushal : sir it is necessary to do mba in top ranking only ......my score is 56 & percentile is 65 what should i do please advice meeeeeee
asim : In case you are not keen on pursuing MBA this year itself, i would strongly recommend you take another shot at CAT/CMAT other exams with an aim the TOP 30 B-Schools of India.Best Wishes.

hiiii : sir got 203 marks and 2500 + rank in CMAT....so sir which college are open for me...which level of college...pls name few....
rajeshsaraf : At this rank, there aren't any colleges, at least in top 150.

karan : sir olease answer me as I am confused
ramnath : Just answered..please check

ali : Sir IBS Mumbai or HK institute Mumbai??????
asim : We do not rank both among the TOP 120 B-Schools

mba : sir dalmia or sies for finance?
ramnath : SIES is ranked higher.

vicky : ramratnam sir didn't get u?
ramratnam : your score is good and you can go ahead for gd/pi in the colleges i listed. all the best

janish : M a fresher with 96%ile. Please arrange IMI, KJ Somaiya, Fore, LBS, Tapmi, Bim Trichy. (All with general programmes). I have 85 waitlist no. in IMI PGDM, do I stand a chance for convert because of buffer calls?
asim : IMI-New Delhi is the best option, you have moderate chance of converting it.

nik : sir pls can u answer me quickly as i am in a fix and not able to concentrate on my sem exam which is tomorrow, plsssss answer quickly
ramnath : just did

subhadeep : ITM NM financial markets how good are placements?
ramnath : Avg salary is around 4-4.5 lpa

vicky : how is welingkar pgdm e-biz program?
asim : Pretty decent if you are genuinely interested in making a career in that domain

khana : sir i got 38 in cet..how much mark i had better to get in gdpi so that i will get better collg in nagpur..rply plz sir
asim : Do not set any target,just go there are give your 100%, Best Wishes.

vicx : if placement doesn't matter is tht gud to join non top ranking b- school.
ramnath : it depends on which school you are looking at

gujarat : in cmat i got 95 score so is that a chance to get admission itm-nm?
ramnath : With this score, there will be no chance. Hard luck.

kumar : sir, I had attended the iim k interview.i have 6 months exp.i talked to seniors they suggested me to try next time 6 months is like fresher only.i should get 2 yrs ex for iims like K,I,L.Wats ur opinion sir?
ramnath : Experience is not what tilts the scale in your favour. Better cat score is what plays a major role. Try for next time and target a better cat score. All the best.

priya : NIT trichy is close to IIM Trichy. Will this have any positive impact on placements in NIT Trichy?
asim : Not much.

gujarat : sir what is the package of iba-b ans itm-nm?
ramnath : ITM Nm around 4-4.5 lpa

kushal : sir please answer
asim : Answered,plz check

ritu : sir is financial service program different to pgdm(finance)...is is good to do from kj somaiya?
asim : Yes,its a niche program.

ali : Hello asim sir I got 57 marks with 65.8 percentile.Sir please suggest some b school as per my marks which collge should i look for...
asim : Which exam, and your reservation status

aniket : sir better brand value IMDR or PUMBA ? since not looking anythng outside pune
ramnath : both are similar and in the same category...tough to differentiate. lets decide after conversion

pnst : How is FOSTIIMA B-School in Goregaon/mumbai. They are offering MBA + PGPM (Pondicherry university)but fees is 6.25lakhs for 2 years.
asim : Prefer their New Delhi campus

kushal : sir what about sahaydri institute of mgmt in pune is it good it is affilated to pune university & also aicte approval can i go a head
ramnath : we dont have it in our rankings Kushal

hari : sir i converted itm-nm, ibs hyd, ipe, christ which one should i go with and i applied for sies, nl dalmia
asim : If ROI is a majr criteria of selection then SIES is more attractive than other options.

bejois : Sir,I have converted BIM trichy.I am looking for a better role in IT like BA.Should I join or not join?
asim : Its a good option, it provides a attractive ROI.

gujarat : and sir what is the package of iba-b?
asim : According to their website Avg Sal3.84 Lakhs p.a.(2011)

venus : @ asim thanks.sir
asim : Welcome,Venus

mba : Sir pls rate: We bang, Met, chetna, ies, sies, dalmia
asim : SIES may be preferred, followed by WE-Bangalore.

asim : NMIMS-MBA Core program may be preferred.

piyush : sir fostiims new delhi or fortune institute of international business....... and whats their palcements.....
ramnath : repeat question....already answered..please check the transcript

subhadeep : wellingkar or ITM NM?//
asim : Welingkar-Mumbai

khana : and is there any reservation for army child in nagpur dbm college plz rply sir
ramnath : please check with the college or on their website Khana. We do not rank this school and hence cannot give more details right now.

jk : Sir, I hv 87% in Mh-CET n having 3+ yrs Exp. in Core Sector. Do i stand any chance in Welingkar? Also, average academics throughout...
asim : If you questions is about PGDM then yes, if you are asking about MMS then it seems unlikely.

mini : How is NIRMA?the fee is bng rvsd to 9.7.plz tl the avrge plcmnts n median plcmnt too...is it worth jng wd such a fee strctre?i m waitlisted.cnvrtd LBSIM n wtlstd in Tapmi.
asim : You may prefer LBSIM as it offer pretty good ROI, it also offers better location.

anirban : Between SDMIMD & IISWBM which will be better?
asim : SDMIMD may be preferred

kumar : sir, Please rank iim k,iim i,iim l,xlri jamsedhpur,fms accord to placements. Thanks.
asim : All are extra ordinary B-Schools,please get in touch with us after you gain admission in all of them,Best Wishes.

ramky : Sir will there be any bias between supplementary candidates with regular candidates . .
asim : Buddy, you cannot undo mistakes of past, be an optimisit and focus on your present and future. Work hard and gain admission into any of the TOP 30 B-Schools, as almost all of them acheive 100% placement figures.

mini : Also Nirma gves MBA degree so does it has any future problms in comparisn to PGDM whn entrng corprte world?
asim : As far as the corporate world it does not matter to a large extent.

ritu : anybody answer me....
asim : Overall MHROD is more attractive, as it provides a v.good ROI.

jolly : Which is better.... VGSoM or IIT-roorkee????
asim : VGSOM has an edge

gujarat : sir pls arrange ibs-mumai itm-nm and iba-b
asim : ITM-NM could be preferred if you made it to their flagship PGDM program

suvo : pls reply sir
asim : Overall SCMHRD may be preferred, though iit-kgp and IIT-Madras are also almost equally good. We grade all the three among the AA grade B-Schools. Let me add IIT-Madras provides a more attractive ROI.

ali : asim sir MH CET 2012 score is 57 and cmat's score 137 plz sir suggest some collge asim sir i m in open category
asim : You may not make it any of the TOP 25 B-Schools, though you have slight chances at Mahaveer Education Trust's Shah & Anchor Kacchi Engineering College, Mumbai Maratha Mandir's Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai Mahatma Education Society's Pillai's Institute of Management Studies & Research, New Panvel Anjuman-I-Islam's Allana Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

nik : sir pls answer itm nm or drop cat%ile was 77.32
asim : Please mention your academic and work profile,also mention as to which program have you gained admission into.

jk : Sir, wht's the avg. package of BIMM, pune?
asim : Looking at your work ex,its not suitable.

king : Hello Sir My brief profile is : 1. 6 years wor ex. Package is 11 lakhs ctc. 2. BTECH (82 percent), 12th (72 percent), 10th (84 percent). 3. CAT percentile (92.35), XAT percentile (96.25), GMAT (700/800, 5.5/6) I got interview call from EPGDBM NMIMS Banglore. How do you rate the program ? With my work ex and package should I go for it ? Will it help me change stream (move to capital markets, banking) ?
ramnath : it may help you change stream, but if you are not in a hurry, then would suggest another shot at GMAT for a better score and then target the exec programs at the IIMs/ISB etc

subhadeep : ITM NM how goos is it?
asim : Its a decent B-School,target their flagship PGDM program.

niki : Good evening sir i secured 85.13percentile in mh cet(75)marks do i have any chances for NL Dalmia pgdm
ramnath : Could be tough, but cannot rule out completely

hari : @ asim sir plzzz reply
asim : Answered,plz check

harsha8121 : sir among these 2 colleges IMT-NAGPUR & NIT-TRICHY which college is better?
asim : NIT-Trichy is more attractive.

suvo : sir scmhrd=100 then iit kgp ,roorkee,madras are how much ???
ramnath : refer to our b-school rankings to understand this

karan : 117 mhcet 254 cmat general category 2.5 exp IT company which college in mumbai can I get in CAP round
asim : Decent chances at K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai S.I.E.S. College of Management Studies, Mumbai

ashley : sir mh cet 2012 score 99 ie 96.6percentile and according to TIME i can get PUMBA with a score of 126. so should i wait for mh cet results as i have already taken admission in CHRIST COLLEGE
ramnath : Both are similar. Waiting is suggested if you are from Pune

theking : Sir bet NMIMS-B AND GIM which to choose....as nmims-b salary is higher than gim
ramnath : salary should not be the only parameter. NMIMS has a better brand, NMIMSB also has the location advantage.

green : sir i am from delhi. and i have chosen ibs gurgaon, what is the difference in ibs hyderabad, gurgaon and mumbai? should i choose the other two? i am also waiting for welingkar and kj somaiya retail management? suggest the best for me please
ramnath : Green...we only rank IBS Hyderabad in our rankings. Wait for welingkar and KJsom and then decide. All the best

kumar : ramnath sir, My question was not about goin through iim k interview.it was about placements there (wat seniors suggested )they r giving weightage to ur previous job exp.
ramnath : That changes from company to company. going by what they say, freshers should get no jobs :) Absolutely no point in gaining workex for better placement..infact completely illogical

green : tell me some colleges whose applications are still open, i have 86.51 percentile in cat
ramnath : Check the notifications page on time4education.com

piyush : fostiima(new delhi) or Fortune Institute of International Business new delhi......pls answer ramnath sir..........also what abt their placement..........
ramnath : FOSTIIMA is at 4lpa average. No reliable info in Fortune. FOSTIIMA is also cheaper in terms of fees by a lakh or so.

ramnath : Yes...it is in the same category as SDMIMD

swapnil : Sir,Which one is good for operation management ,SDMIMD or KIAMS harihar? Converted both Sir please answer my query....
asim : Overall SDMIMD is a better option.

hari : @Asim sir which one to choose itm -nm, sies, nl dalmia , christ and order them in descending order
asim : Both ITM-NM and SIES are almost equally good.followed by Christ-Bang and finally NL Dalmia

king : Hello Sir My brief profile is : 6 years wor ex. Package is 11 lakhs ctc. BTECH (82 percent), 12th (72 percent), 10th (84 percent). CAT percentile (92.35), XAT percentile (96.25), GMAT (700/800, 5.5/6) I got interview call from EPGDBM NMIMS Banglore. How do you rate the program ? With my work ex and package should I go for it ? Will it help me change stream (move to capital markets, banking) ?
ramnath : repeat question

jk : Kindly reply Sir :( .............
asim : Answered,plz check

asim : Since you have made it clear that your Parents want you to study at Ahmdeabad only, NIRMA is a good options(only IIM-A, MICA and IRMA are more attractive options).

ramky : sir plz answer my other query ?
asim : Answered,plz check

pnst : Profile: MHCET: 69marks, 81.21%tile, CMAT: 122 marks Rank: 16928 Work experience: Before graduation: 51 months and 24 months after graduation Current CTC: 4.65lakhs. I planing to pursue MMS preferably. Please suggest colleges for both PGDBM and MMS. What are my chances in PGDBM in Welinkar, Dalmia etc considering I my work ex. and good communication skills.
asim : Looking at your work ex, it would be advisable for you to target only the TOP 20 B-Schools,for more guidance you may write a mail to info@time4education.com

kushal : whaether chetana institute in bandra is good a what for pursing mba or pgdm
ramnath : It is a good insti

subhadeep : SIR, i have got admission offer in financial markets in ITM NM vashi. how good is the program? What about the placements ?
ramnath : It is a good program...all the best. Placement is around 4-4.5 lpa

jk : @ Asim Sir, Thanks alot Sir :) Wht abt PUMBA then ?
asim : Since you have 3+ years work ex, it would be advisable for you to target only the TOP 40 B-Schools, it does not figure among them.

karan : Sir which college can I get at 117 mhcet score and 254 in cmat
asim : Answered

kushal : sir i want to know about thakur mgmt institute whether i can do pgdm over there
asim : We do not rank it among the TOP 120 B-Schools

mucc1xj12 : Good eveng sir, Sir are the PGDM & PGDBM(Buiseness design management) courses have equal placement opportuinities in welingkar, because they have given avg. package as 7L, then which course is good than other one…?? should I choose for PGDBM if I get a chance??
ramnath : PGDM is the flagship course and should be preferred

jk : Hmmm...Got you sir. Thanks a Tonne :) Hv a grt Day ...
asim : Welcome

mini : BUt plz tl abt d median n average placmnts at nirma
asim : They have not revealed that info,only thing declared is that their highest sal was 10 Lakhs and avg sal 7 LAKHS P.A.(2011)

harsha8121 : sir i am waitlisted in NIT-TRICHY AND converted IMT-NAGPUR...after joining in IMT-NAGPUR is it preferable to go 4 NIT TRICHY?PLS ANSWER SIR
ramnath : Both are similar schools. Decide based on your location preference

piyush : sir pls tell me something about NDIM and IILM........which one is better....thanks in advance ramnath sir..........
ramnath : Both are similar and are in the same category Piyush. Not much to differentiate them

aniket : asim sir,ramanath sir can I please expect a answer ?
ramnath : yes....infact you can see the answer now :)

gujarat : sir waiting for your replyy.....plz ansssssss....
asim : Answered,plz check

charlie : Why is IIM Trichy(new insti) better than SIBM Pune(well established insti)? In what way does a brand name make a difference to ones career?
asim : Brand "IIM" is older and more powerful than Brand "SIBM".

kumar : sir, Displin... like hr,finance,marketing it wil be decided acc to our total score(cat+acad+profile) or choice basis?plz.
ramnath : Score first and choice next

ramky : thnks asim sir...
asim : Welcome,Ramky

peush : hi sir i have got 83 marks with 90 percentile in MHCET . I have schduled for GD/PI nt it will happen in mum while i reside in Delhi?I am an OMS student.Any chance in top 4 colleges (JBIMS,Sydenham,kjs or we) at this percentile as i don't want to waste money and time
ramnath : Tough for Top 4

green : which is better? imt nagpur or ibs gurgaon/mumbai?
asim : IMT

ramnath : what is your background?

confused : sir, if i'm having an option between pgdm and mms than what should i choose and why
ramnath : It doesnt make any difference...dont get 'confused'

sa : Sir, I converted IIT Chennai,IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee. . which one is better to join and why
ramnath : ceteris paribus, KGP has a better avg salary than Madras. Roorkee to be [preferred after these two as it is in the next category in the rankings

kumar : sir, Cat score cut off for nitie mumbai?
asim : For General category-Around 97 percentile overall with sectional cutoffs

kartik : how is ibs hyderabad? I have secured a seat and is it worth joining
asim : Its a decent option,it offers good infrastructure and faculty members. The only concern is their high intake and fee structure.

himud : ITM NM or SCMS cochin is better for finance?
asim : ITM-NM

subhadeep : any good college possible at 40 score in cet in maharashtra for an oms candidate?
asim : None among the TOP 30 B-Schools,if you are a general category student.

confused : Sir, if i'm having an option between pgdm and mms than what should i choose and why? arrange these B-schools according to d ranking for pgdm sies, dalmia, welingkar, met, ies Sir do reply for my queries....i'm in dilemma about pgdm and mms with a score of 74marks whether i'll be able to get an admission in good B-school....so do reply Sir....even the last dates for form submission are near.....
asim : Both are equally good,what is important is that you target better B-Schools.

karan : Sir so shall I leave out GIM and wait for the cap rounds as I have to pay fees of GIM by 2 may
asim : That would be risky, only MAHCET based B-Schools which are better than GIM are JBIMS,SYDENHAM and KJ somaiya. You are unlikely to make it to JBIMS, You have bleak chances at Sydenham. Hence its big risk.

kartik : sir what is the average package at ibs hyderabad
asim : According to their website it was around 5.5 Lakhs p.a.

suvo : waiting for a long time sir plssssssss reply plsssssssssssss
asim : Answered,plz check

arpit : IIFT-D converted, NITIE waitlist should be cleared. Can u advise between the two? I have no special interest in operations, rather prefer to make a career in Finance/Marketing.
asim : Since you are not interested in Operations, you may prefer IIFT-New Delhi

himud : which is the flagship program of ITM NM?
asim : PGDM

ram : sir,tiss or nmims core? iam so confused.please help
asim : TISS-HRM and LR should be preferred if you want to make a career in HRM or else prefer NMIMS-Core

newbie : @ sir i am waitlistd at 468 in TAPMI .Any chanc of conversion?
ramnath : Tight..all the best

arpit : Continuing the ques btw IIFT-D and NITIE, my only doubt is NITIE a better brand and in general gives better placements than IIFT-D?
asim : But most placements are for Operations, if you are not interested in operations then there is no point in joining it.

mt : how is epgdbm nmims banglore ?
asim : Its a decent option, though not as good as the similar programs offered by the IIMs,ISB,XLRI,SPJAIN ETC

chandu : i have an admission from iit Kgp , iit chennai , iit roorkee. which of these is the most preferred college.?
ramnath : repeat qn

karan : GIM fees too high so what is ROI from GIM
asim : Fee is around 10 Lakhs where as the avg sal last year was around 8 Lakhs p.a.

siddgup : IMT Ghaziabad or NMIMS OR IIT Kanpur? If i see placements, infra and evn brand + ROI in every aspect IIT is better ? Please suggest what i can choose i am very confused?
asim : NMIMS-Core is a more attractive option

jagan : Sir, I am fresher. Considering this should i take IFMR's DSF which i have been selected
asim : Only if you are aware of the program content and if you genuinely wish to make a career in that domain.

himud : is ITM NM good in terms of ROI???
asim : Answered,plz check

confused : pleaseeeee reply Sir.....pleaseeeeeeeeee
asim : Answered,plz check

ramnath : wait till you get the result after gdpi and then decide...do not jump to a decision now

swini22 : sir plzz answer my query..
asim : Answered

chandu : Sir, I have IMI , IIT (KGP,Roorkee,Chennai) which one among these is better and why.?
ramnath : similar qn answered..chk the transcript

jagan : Sir,How will my career growth be after taking IFMR's DSF?
ramnath : career growth post mba will purely depend on your performance, The brand and mba tag will only get you a job, growth in there will depend on the individual

maker : Sir Got through Isb hyderabad and Ibs hyderabad only problem is that isb hyderabad fees is very high, please tell me about IBS hyderabad also.
asim : ISB-Hyderabad is an extraordinary place, its worth every penny.Best Wishes.

swini22 : which is bettr ITM navi mumbai or chetna mumbai?
asim : ITM-NM

star : sir i got 109..98.45 %ile.........which colege can i expect?
asim : Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai S.I.E.S. College of Management Studies, Mumbai N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA), University of Pune MET's Institute of Management, Mumbai Bombay St. Xavier College Soc.'s Xavier Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai Chetana's Ramprasad Khandelwal Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai (Assuming you to be open category)

adi : How is the GLIEMR (Great lakes Energy management)?
ramnath : it is a good sectoral program, if you are interested

apache : How good is ITM NM in terms of ROI???
asim : Fees is around 9.5 Lakhs where as the avg sal is around 6 Lakhs p.a.

maker : Thanks a lot sir please guide me abput ibs hyderabad also
asim : It offers good infrastructure and faculty members, though its high intake and fee structure(ROI) is a concern.We grade it among the BB grade B-Schools(TOP 51-70 B-Schools)

star : sir which is better......dalmiya,sies or met???
asim : SIES

adi : IT at IMT ghaziabad or IIT madras?
asim : IMT-G if you are sure you will be able to stand among the TOP 30% of the batch or else IIT-Madras

ali : Sir atleast tell this much is it necessary that we should look for only AICTE approved collges???
ramnath : as much as possible, to lower your risk

karan : sir please tell me will I get welingkar pgdm
asim : Good chance,if you do well in GDPI,Best Wishes

adi : IT at IMT ghaziabad or IIT madras? If ROI is not a concern..
ramnath : IMT, with better location advantage

confused : thanx alot Asim Sir and Ramnath Sir.....have a great evening...:)
asim : On behalf of both of us, you are welcome

pnst : Sir only 3 min. left. Plz answer
asim : Answered,plz check

swini22 : plss reply sir...
asim : Answered

pnst : Thank you sir
asim : Welcome

karan : sir please answer
asim : Answered

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