Chat on B-school selection!
(Chat Transcript)

sonu : hello sir, i took my cat yesterday(evening slot). I am expecting around 110 marks. how much percentile can i expect??
suresh : Its difficult to predict the %tile.

mba : sir, i have done few PY papers of nmat i found that these were quite easy as compared to time mock nmat and there were not many higher maths quetions, could you please tell if there is any significant change in the nmat format after 2008. if yes, then pls tell what was it?
vivek : We try to make the paper which is as close to the actual paper as possible - infact slightly tougher as you pointed out. The distribution of areas is also similar to the actual paper.

saur : Which IIT MBA college is the most rated among all IITs?
asim : IIT-Bombay, ie SJMSOM,we grade it among the AAA grade B-schools

anuj : hi sir. whats the expected cut off percentile for fms ?
kapildixit : last year it was around 98.5

sam : Hi I have attempted 10 in Quant& DI and 14 in verbal & LR, How much percentile can i expect. Plz help I need to apply to colleges
kapildixit : It is very difficult to predicts percentile as there are multiple slots and multiple difficulty levels. Try to apply based on your AIMCAT percentiles and check your accuracy as per last few tests.

chintu6 : i got 193 in cmat my profile 10-88% 12-93% btech-88% can i apply for gim and we school mumbai ?
suresh : 193 rank?

superstar147 : sir i have given cmat first test and secured rank 797. which colleges do you think i can make it to from GIM, KJ SOMAIYA, SYDHENAM, JBIMS
asim : GIM for sure, others unlikely if you belong to Gen category(for MMS).

samir : hello sir i got 150 marks in cmat and around 11000 rank please suggest me some good colleges
asim : IMT=Nagpur,IMT-Hyd,Welingkar-Bangalore,IPE-Hyd,Fortune=New Delhi,VJIM-Hyd

dlcb : sir, in time nmat mock i scored total 175, can i expect to clear actual nmat.(considering last year its cut off was 210)
kapildixit : yes you can. Practice a bit on your speed and improve accuracy in last days.

richa : Hi Sir..How is Great Lakes? I am 35 Months Experience...
suresh : Its good institute if you are getting above 90%tile in cat. you can target great lakes.

sherli : Sir , as everybody suggest bank po papers for irma, i got 150 total in ibps po which was one the toughest as also reviewd by T.I.M.E . Also taking the fou secs of IRMA i got 120, reasn 26 , quant 37, eng 33, ga, 24.. is XIMB within my reach with these ?
kapildixit : Yes it looks. Practice mock IRMA as well read for section on Social Issues and concern. This year weigtage to English and Reasoning is up by 10 questions each.

iift : pls suggest stretegy for iift, not expecting anything from cat so have to crack iift at any cost. pls suggest a plan. thank you in advance.
bharat : If you have been preparing for the CAT, then the same work will do for various test areas like QA, DI, Reasoning and VA. One additional area is GK; for GK, follow this strategy: Go through the GA Note (Study Material) booklet for stock GK (like history and geography). Also use the GAT papers, each with 50 questions. For exams like CMAT / IIFT / IRMA / SNAPTest, read the OMET GK Special material published in the September 2012 issue of MBA Education & Careers. Also focus on features like India & the World (essay), Eco Fundas for you, Business GK, Current Issues & Events, and Current Event Chronicle (this feature captures important tid-bits). In addition to this, please run through the GK Model Papers feature titled, Improve your GK.

bab : what is bank management and how good is SYMBIOSIS SCHOOL OF BANK MANAGEMENT??
asim : We grade it among the other's category, its a decent place, though NIBM-Pune would be a better option.

anks : sir from where should i practise for my nmat exam?
kapildixit : You will be getting OMETs in which NMAT papers will be available online on your students home page.

dl : sir, i have nmat on 31st pls suggest 2 days plan i.e. what to do in these 2 days?
asim : Revise all your concepts and formulae, do not take any new mocks now, just revise all the earlier ones. Best wishes.

tanzy : how much percentile can i expect with a score of 84 in cat?
suresh : Its difficult to predict the %tile.

hey : sir in the versatility section of sp jain form wat all do we hv to mention?? only academics or can v include xtra currics like horse riding, dancing, as well?? plz reply soon
kapildixit : Versatility means- Capable of doing many things competently.Having varied uses or serving many functions/domains/designations/positions now answer accordingly.

anuj : to add to what richa asked, pls highlight on the one year mba offered by great lakes for experienced people..
asim : Its a decent program for people who have adequate amout of experienced,it provides good faculty members and placements, though it is not in the same league as IIMs or ISB-Hyd.

mbq : sir, in nmat how many questions from higher maths we can expect?
tanuja : very less..

mayank : sir, whys is that nmat always turns out to be tougher than the aimnmats...last year i had scored 229 and 219 in the two aimnmats and enede up getting just 199 in nmat....dis year i scored 234 and 201 in the aimnmats and will probably end below 210 in nmat as i found it really tough in comparison to the aimnmats?
tanuja : it may be because of the exam anxiety is not so generally .

abcde : sir my september cmat score is 226.i belongs to NC-OBC Category.plz suggest me some good colleges.

richa : Sir do the no of attempts matter in CAT? If a person attempts 15 - 16 questions in Section 1 with 95% Accuracy, then can we expect a decent percentile in tht section?
asim : Cannot be predicted as IIMs carry out normalization of scores.

taran : Gud evening Sir/madam, i m giving my cat exam on 25th oct. and i attempt 16(Q) in sec. 1 and 18 (Q) in sec.2 with approx 55 to 65% aaccuracy ,so how much %tile should i expect ,and which clg form should i fill and i does not want to go outside ncr, i m so confuse sir plz help me .....
tanuja : very hard to predict, write feb mat for more options

manu : Sir i am an SC candidate what percentile should i get to get the call letter of iims
asim : Aim at 70 percentile Overall with 50+ percentile sectionals. This will enable you to secure multiple IIM calls(even at a slightly lesser percentile you may gain atleast one IIM call).

kkk : hi sir! i am from SC category. i am expecting around 75 to 85 percentile in CAT. what B-schools should i apply? can i apply in iims?
suresh : you dont have to apply IIMs, If you clear the cutoff you will get a call. You can target some other colleges like SP JAIN ,FORE and LBS.

anks : sir what is d expctd cut off for mhrod/mib programmes from du?
asim : Around 90 percentile

superstar147 : Thank you asim sir. sir how is great lakes chennai compared to GIM?
asim : For people with good amount of work ex, Great lakes 1 year program is a better option.

abhijeet : hi sir/mam i want to do mba in IT or operation which colleges should i apply?
kapildixit : SCIT, SICSR, SIOM are few choices through SNAP NITIE through CAT IT is available as a specialization in almost all good colleges.

sirius : SIR, with score 169 & rank 8813.. any good colleges through CMAT ??
kapildixit : CMAT will conduct state wise counselling after State GDPI. Cannot comment but certainly you can get decent colleges in Maharastra as well other states accepting CMAT scores.

bab : which one is better WELINGKAR ,IBS HYDERABAD great lakes?
vivek : In terms of 2 yr programs - We > IBS. As Great Lakes 2 yr program started last year, we have not rated it

richa : Via SNAP apart from SIBM and SCMHRD , which colleges are worth filling? Mainly SIOM?
suresh : SIIB would be the better choice.

tanzy : just give an idea what percentile a range if you may 84 marks in cat
asim : Sorry, it cannot be predicted as IIMs carry out normalization of your raw scores.

nmat : good evening sir, from where should i practice for nmat as we have only 2 mocks?? pls suggest..
kapildixit : sectional tests will help you a lot.

mayank : @asim sir, whys is that nmat always turns out to be tougher than the aimnmats...last year i had scored 229 and 219 in the two aimnmats and enede up getting just 199 in nmat....dis year i scored 234 and 201 in the the tow aimnmats and will probably end below 210 in nmat as i found it really tough in comparison to the aimnmats?
vivek : If you look at the chat discussion here, there are students who feel the opposite to be true as well look at @mba. We try to set the paper slightly tougher than the actual paper so that you are best prepared.

suhail : Hi, which ones are the good colleges to apply with 80 - 90 %ile range in CAT
vivek : You can try LIBA, XIME, TAPMI, NIRMA, etc.

var : What will be the admission process through CMAT? How much would be the expected cutoff for the goa institute of management through cmat and cat?
vivek : GIM does not take CAT. Its admission is thru XAT and CMAT. Last year, the cut off was around 190 thru CMAT

sonu : my profile is as follows: 10th 76.14 %, 12th 67%, B. Tech 78.1% and work ex.= 15 months as of now. i am expecting 98+ percentile in cat . should i apply to S P Jain? I have heard that they give a lot weightage to academics..
nvs : Definitely yes at your expected CAT score other things shdn't matter

senthil : Does FMS and SPJAIN have reservations for NC OBC? what would be the cut-off percentile for NC-OBC?
bharat : FMS, yes; SPJIMR, no. FMS cutoff was around 85%ile.

anks : kapildixit sir,we have just got 2 aimnmats nd they are not sufficient.are we going 2 get few more papers?
kapildixit : Look NMAT is more on speed try to practice sectional tests they will certainly help you.

eh : sir i don't expect gud %tile in my exam .should i apply any school dis yr.i want to try next yr again pls help sir.
suresh : which exam? CAT?

kevin : hi sir what is the expected cutoff for FORE school of mgmt.?
bharat : Around 85%ile

vik : My AIMCAT has often been around 70- 80... I am from sc category. Suggest me some good colleges in south India other than iim's. No work ex.. 2011 passout
bharat : Push your scores further... as of now, consider BIM, IIT Madras, NIT Trichy, Christ

aditya : Sir, Could you please rank the B schools in order among LIBA, SIBM (Blore), NMIMS (B'lore)
suresh : 1. Sibm Bangalore 2. LIBA 3. NMIMS Bangalore.

champs0312 : hello sir i got 62% in ssc-2001,52% in hsc-2003,i will complete the graduation in bcom in 2014.if i score above 95%tile can i get admission in "aaa" graded b-school as mention on t.i.m.e website.
suresh : Indeed you will get a call however above 98%tile.

krcc2xs15 : sir ,i had got 187 marks in cmat. and 6139 rank.which good college can i get through this result.
asim : A similar question has already been answered,plz check

sunny : sir i have cat exam on 5th .what r the things i must revise
asim : All the concepts and formulaes to begin with, if possible go through the AIMCATs. Finally take a couple of mocks(do not take them 48 hrs from your cat slot). Best wishes.

anks : sir is there any sectional cut-off in snap?
suresh : no.

amu : for nmat.. i knw d portion... i m nt able to properly prepare.. i wanna knw a strategy for d same.. pls guide
asim : Except for the section on Logical Reasoning, all the other sections of NMAT get well covered with a good preparation for CAT. However, it would be advisable for a student to work on his/her speed mathematics as some of the questions under Data Interpretation tend to be calculation intensive. Also, 120 questions in120 minutes means that the candidate needs to be really quick in solving the questions. The questions in reasoning section of NMAT are: · Series, Analogies, Odd man out, Coding & Decoding, and Symbols & Notations · Analytical puzzles (Linear arrangement, Circular arrangement, Distribution, Comparisons and Selections) · Critical reasoning (Assumptions, Conclusions, Inferences, Strong & Weak arguments, Courses of action, Cause & Effect, Assertions and Reasons, Deductions, Input / Output, and Decision Making). The CAT students have received the reasoning Study Material - SM 1001308 and SM 1161206 (both with solutions). SM 1161206 covers the topics - Series, Analogies, Odd man out, Coding & Decoding, and Symbols & Notations. These topics were introduced to the CAT students in Logic Basics - 2 (LAHO 1001302). One can quickly get thorough with these topics by solving the exercises from SM 1161206. Particularly the questions based on Coding & Decoding and Symbols & Notations test the speed of the students. SM 1001308 has one exercise for each of the topics in analytical puzzles. There was a thorough discussion of each of these kind of puzzles in Logic Basics - 1 (LAHO 1001301) and in LAPEs and LATs. Among the critical reasoning topics, Assumptions, Conclusions, Inferences, and Strong & Weak arguments were discussed in LR classes for CAT students. For the topics, Courses of Action, Cause & Effect, and Assertions & Reasons, if the students want to refer to some extra material apart from the T.I.M.E. Material, he / she can take the help of Critical Reasoning book authored by M.K. Pandey. The questions based on deductions are different from the deductions questions given in CAT. These questions need to be solved using Venn Diagrams. For these questions and Input / Output & Decision Making questions, students can refer to the reasoning book authored by R.S. Aggarwal. However, these extra materials should be referred to only after the student has exhausted the T.I.M.E. Material. Finally, T.I.M.E.’s OMETs for NMAT are perhaps the best source for preparation.They come very close to the actual NMAT entrance exam paper and one should give maximum importance to these question papers as they give sufficient exam practice to the candidates. The candidates can accustom themselves to the NMAT pattern by taking these mocks.

senthil : Sir I belong to NC-OBC and I have 52 months work experience. What would be minimum CAT percentile required to get a good IIM?
nvs : cut-off's for each category are given on the IIM Wbsites as well our t4e homepage, pl go thru that. Generally speaking, NC-OBC should get around 90+ to stake a claim at the top-IIMs

superstar147 : Sir which is better great lakes chennai or GIM?
vivek : For 2 yr program, GIM. However if you have more than 2 yrs workex, then Great Lakes

anuj : how good is fore and lbsim for experienced people with 3 yrs of experience?
asim : You may keep them as a back up option, if you are keen on pursuing MBA this year itself. We grade Fore among the A grade B-schools and LBSIM among the BBB grade B-schools.

eh : sir during campus recruitment do the interviewer check back the cat and other entrance score again?
asim : Not really, though having a good percentile,rank can be highlighted in your resume as one of your academic achievement.

chintu6 : got 193 in cmat rank 5315 my profile 10-88.5% 12-93% b tech-78% can i apply for gim we school- mumbai?
vivek : Apply

bab : which one is better IMT NAGPUR , IISWBM(KOLKATA) ,
suresh : IMT Nagpur will be the better choice.

eh : @sureh yes cat n cmat
suresh : tell me your background.

amu : for nmat i need a extra material.. wic book u recommend after completin time books for LR..
asim : T.I.M.E. material is more than sufficient for your preparation. In case you want another source you can prepare with TRISHNA publication's books on LR,QUANT AND VA, they are available at most of the T.I.M.E. offices.

roni : Sir in aimcat some of my scores are 99+,98+,98+,97+,97+,95+,95+,95+,95+,94+,93+,91+,90+......With 1-2 mishaps...I have attempted around 48 questions in cat....What kind of a percentile can i expect???????Please reply sir....
kapildixit : very tough to predict but certainly on a higher side. Just start preparing for GEPIs

sirius : @kapil sir, does that means i cant apply other states colleges ?!! can i get IMT NAGPUR with that score 169 ? i also want some sugggestions of colleges fom u sir, thanx
kapildixit : you can certainly get from all states.

lolita : sir, when can we expect the first round of nmat scores? last year they used to release it every two weeks!
vivek : We too are expecting the same :)

kkk : sir how different is the pattern of iift and snap from cat? how should i prepare for them specifically?
vivek : You can look at IIFT and SNAP patterns of last 3-4 years on our home page. Pls keep in mind, SNAP and IIFT (for the last two years) do not have sectional cut offs. Also there is GK in these tests and the marks allotted for each question is different.

aditya : Sir, could you please rank LIBA, SIBM (B'lore) and NMIMS (Blore) amongst themselves?
bharat : NMIMS and SIBM BLR are new campuses, with high parental pedigree; so both are equally good, with LIBA in next place.

sherli : pls ans sir.. m waiting
asim : Answered,plz check

kkk : sir i am a dentist. is it disadvantageous for my profile?
nvs : Not at all, only thing is how do you justify why MBA, and rem'ber there are always a few doctors who study at top B Schools in India

taran : sir sectional cut is really matter to get admission in cat clgs..and which are these clgs..
kapildixit : Sectionals are really important for IIMs, FMS, MDI, SP Jain, but as you go down focus is on a high overall score and balanced performance where sectionals may be on a lower side.

superstar147 : sir by may 2013 i will have 10 months of work experience. which college should i prefer GIM or Great lakes?
kapildixit : GIM is better choice.

rums : hi sir, i have nt taken any exams so far, do i still stay with a chance to take up the test and apply for the schools?
vivek : Yes. Apply to XAT, SNAP, TISS and the Feb CMAT. You obviously would not be able to apply to colleges that take only CAT scores.

ady : sir, wid my current aimcat percentile , highest bein 72.4 what all colleges can i apply ??
suresh : KIMS,SDMIMD ,ITM navi mumbai and BIMTECH NOIDA.

hi : how are the MBA programs of 1)NITs 2)IISc ? around what percentile is required for NIT Trichy, NIT Durgapur and IISc?
bharat : MBA from any of the NITs is pretty good; NIT Trichy cutoff was around 90%ile, with lower cutoff for the other NITs.

suhail : Hi which colleges under SNAP should i apply to....considering I was scoring 70 %ile in AIMCATS on average
tanuja : you can aaply to SIBM, SIIB SCMHRD,,,, but you need to practise a little more before snap exam according to snap pattern /

abcd : XIMB, GIM N GLIM percentiles required to get a call through XAT ?
vivek : XIM and Great Lakes (1yr program) take both CAT and XAT Scores. Cat Cut off for XIMB - 95%tile with 90%tile+ sectionals. XAT Cut off 95%tile with sectional cutoffs in mid 80s. Great Lakes 85%tile + overall in CAT / XAT no sectionals. GIM takes XAT and CMAT scores. Cut off (last year) XAT 78%tile (no sectionals) and CMAT a score of around 190

sherli : posting ag9 so sorry, bt plz ans Sirs, everybody suggest bank po papers for irma, i got 150 total in ibps po of 17th june which was one the toughest as also reviewd by T.I.M.E . Also taking the four secs of IRMA i got 120, reasn 26 , quant 37, eng 33, ga, 24.. is XIMB within my reach with these
tanuja : yes , it is reason being the time of 2 months which you have before your XAT exam \

amit : Sir, currently i am working with an IT firm, with pack of 4.5 LPA.In case i get this opportunity, should i join K.J.Somaiya ? or is it better to try next year ?
bharat : KJ Som is pretty good; however, considering your current pay, the school may not add great value as the average pay is around Rs6 lakh (which you would get to in two years if you continue working).

sonu : i am expecting 98+ percentile in cat. should i start preparing for GEPIs or should concentrate on other exams like iift, snap and xat?? i have already applied to these institutions.
vivek : Both should go hand in hand. Pls make sure that you brush up your GK. It would be useful for GDs as well.

anku1234 : Sir my score in sep mat was 550 which clgs can i apply for plz tell me
kapildixit : MAT colleges usually look at 500+ score and give weightage to GDPI and your overall performance. Based on your selective locations you can apply to many colleges.

vik : Which IIM's are good for a candidate looking for a marketing profile
vivek : All IIMs

taran : sir if i does not fill many clgs form then there is any chance,that those clgs, call us if we cross that clg %tile...
nvs : No, unless you apply how can they call. Some not so good colleges do that but mostly based on MAT Scores, not based on CAT Score

anuj : any executive mba courses in india which require 3-4 yrs of experience (not 5) at the time of joining ?
nvs : GLIM - 1 yr prog is probably one of the best for that exp

saur : Sir, I gave my CAT yesterday. What should I study for GD/PI rounds? Which is the best magazine to read for general awareness and current affairs?
suresh : you get a magazine from TIME every month, apart from this you can always go for Competition in Focus,Business today and please refer the economic times every day.

umng : sir my september mat percentile was 93.5.... is it enough to apply at great lakes or shall i give mat again ???
suresh : its sufficient.

vips : sir my cmat score is 187.( AIR 6211) 10th - 83.66, 12th- 79.66, BE - 74.41 .... category - GEN. ...I also have a work experience of 2+ years in Steel industry,.. Which colleges should i apply??
kapildixit : CMAT will conduct state wise counselling after State GDPI. Cannot comment but certainly you can get decent colleges in Maharastra as well other states accepting CMAT scores. But you have to make a judicious choice as you are already working. You can also take CMAT-Feb as they take best of two. There is no hurry of applying.

arjun : My profile is below, 10th - 81%, 12th - 82%, B.E - 80%, My average AIMCAT percentile - 60%, plz give me exhaustive list of colleges can i apply for?
kapildixit : WELLINGKAR,SDM-IMD MYSORE, BIMTECH, IBS-HYDERABAD, IMT NAGPUR, HCU, you can add from BBB, BB, B category mentioned in October magazine of T.I.M.E.

preetan : Hello Sir,I want to know how to prepare for the xat exams.
vivek : The prep is very similar to CAT. Pls ensure that you go through the previous 3yrs XAT papers on you SHP and take the Mock XATs that T.I.M.E. Conducts.

bab : wht is the expected cut off for BIMTECH ,alliance,christ for cat and mat?
asim : Around 70,60,75 percentile for CAT.

ady : sir last year i got calls from bimtech noida , itm navi mumbai , christ , etc but i left dem wid d hope of getting better college. with my current aimcat percentile LBSITM AND IMI are possible ??
tanuja : very hard to predict ,, but it is possible

john : sir.... i need to get admission in gim so what wil be my cut off score in xat?
vivek : Already answered. Pls check chat history

666 : Sir, I took my CAT today, I am expecting a score of around 95 which colleges shall I apply to
suresh : FORE,LBS, IMI , NITIE.

vik : Rate IIT-M, BIM
bharat : IIT Madras is ahead of BIM

amu : apart from gk.. wat is imp for SNAP.. N NMAT...?? lik d main areas i wanna knw for des 2 exams.. pls guide..
nvs : Check the old paper patterns on the t4e homepage

: 13 sure correct(15 questions attempted) in Quant. & 13 sure correct(22 questions attempted)in vocabs.on 13th oct. 2nd slot, can one expect 80 percentile+ score? which colleges will i apply to. i got 70 percentile in aimcats on avg.
tanuja : 80 you can expect but prediction is tough

sid : sir, i've enrolled for class room coaching for cat-2012. will we have gd-pi sessions before the result come out? when are they going to start?
vivek : Usually start in Jan second week. But depends from center to center.

eh : @suresh i never reach the cut off in aimcats and cmat sept.igot only 79.sir i really want to try next yr again.on the other hand i want to join fast to one of the gud b- school.
suresh : what is your profile?

arjun : sir plz order this: GIM, IFMR, LIBA, BIM, LBSIM, GLIM(1 yr PGPM), TAPMI, ITM-mumbai
vivek : If you have more than 2yr exp GL is the best. If you have less than 2yrs, you would not be eligible for the 1yr program. For the others TAPMI > GIM >= LIBA >= IFMR >= LBSIM >= BIM > ITM

rums : I havent been to any of the coaching centres. I have talked to couple of centres about it. but i guess all centres are running thier last batch of dis year. I dont know how to prepare or what schools to apply ?
nvs : Most of the T.I.M.E. centers would be starting a crash batch for FEB 2013 CMAT, it'll be advisable to join in that course as CMAT has got huge acceptance among the B Schools

sherli : thank u sir, but am targeting its Rural management prog through IRMA.. not XAT.. its way to tough for me.. so will it be fine ?
asim : There is no harm in taking XAT also.

vips : anybody plz answer /////...... plz tell some gud colleges in which i can apply
suresh : what are your last 6 aimcat score?

abhishek : Sir please let me know the books for General knowledge (XAT) preparation?
bharat : For XAT GK, go through the GA Note (Study Material) booklet for stock GK (like history and geography). Also use the GAT papers, each with 50 questions. For exams like CMAT / IIFT / IRMA / SNAPTest, read the OMET GK Special material published in the September 2012 issue of MBA Education & Careers. Also focus on features like India & the World (essay), Eco Fundas for you, Business GK, Current Issues & Events, and Current Event Chronicle (this feature captures important tid-bits). In addition to the above, please run through the GK Model Papers feature titled, Improve your GK.

abcde : i am a final yr student.for me,plz arrange them in order: kj somaiya,gim,great lakes,irma,we,imi delhi,fore delhi,scmhrd,siib.
vivek : KJS > SCMHRD > IMI > SIIB > GIM > FORE. Apply to IRMA only if you are interested in rural management.

eh : sir is there any importance of the score % of entrance test for the b-school during any recruitment?
nvs : B School placements depend upon your performance in the college and not on CAT etc

tanuja : iift, sibm pune, schmhrd great lakes sibm banglore

preetan : Can you tell me that xime sees the sectional cut off or overall and what percentile we must get so xime can give a call
vivek : for the past 2-3 yrs, there have been no sectional cut offs at XIME. Cutoffs are around 80%tile in CAT / XAT

abcde : i m from NC-OBC Category.can u plz tell me all the good instituted having OBC Reservation.

hey : thanx dat means v can include xtra currics as well right??
kapildixit : ya

lucky : sir..which colleges i should apply under xat ??
suresh : tell me about your last 6 aimcat scores.

shail : gave CAT yesterday.. expecting between 65-75 percentile.. what good colleges under that score ?

rahul : what was the cut off for UBS last year GEN category
asim : Around 85 percentile

abhi : Please give me some tips for CAT-2012 as my CAT was on 3rd November.. I am weak in Geometry.. How to improve on that.. and How to manage other areas in these remaining days
tanuja : solve your handout properly after revising all the formulas and concepts ,,, in these remaining 2-3 days do less of doing and more of seing, revise more

preetan : for general knowlege manorama year book and the magazines given by time and one gk awareness book given by is enough for gk for xat if not then what should be done
suresh : read the economic times every day and refer competition in focus magazine.

rahul : how many seats are their in TISS college
tanuja : which course ?

eh : @suresh sorry can u pls tel me wat do u mean by profile.
suresh : your graduation stream

sunny : sir what is cut off for fms for sc candidates in cat exam
asim : To be safe aim at 70+ overall percentile with 50+ sectionals.

anks : what was d cutoff for ubs last year?
suresh : 90+

umng : sir where can i apply through cat ... i'm expecting somewhere in 70-75 range in cat...?

arjun : i have more than 2 years of exp. What percentile through CAT is minimum for applying to GLIM(1 yr PGPM), LIBA, IFMR, BIM, TAPMI, LBSIM, GIM
vivek : Great Lakes - already answered. The others take around 80 - 85Tile overall in CAT / XAT

senthil : Sir I have 4 and a half years of experience. Is there any executive MBA program available for this experience?
nvs : GLIM offers a very good 1 yr prog

lucky : sir...i got around 80 - 90 percntile in all tests..
suresh : LIBA,XIMB and GIM.

abhishek : Sir my academics are 10th- 88.80% 12th- 63% and BE -66.21% from Nagpur University. I m expecting around 90-92 percentile in CAT. Kindly suggest me some colleges based on my academics and percentile.
suresh : Kirloskar,SDMIMD,FORE,IMDR.

abhi : I have 50% in class X and 55% in Class XII.. Please tell that If I do well in CAT, SNAP AND IIFT.. alsong with GD/PI.. Does my academics weightge a lot for final convert or not.. please help me regarding this..
vivek : You can overcome these problems. Do not worry. Concentrate on your exams for now.

anuj : can you pls mention the colleges which run the executive mba courses with 3 yr of experience(n not 5) as minimum exp required.
vivek : Great Lakes, ISB. With three yrs of exp the others are not worth the effort.

taran : sir i have already give my cat exam n i expect 70 to 80 marks ,so which clgs form should i fill bt with in delhi or ncr
asim : We cannot predict your percentile based on your marks as IIMs carry out normalization process.

ankita : i had to give 5 colleges as for MAT to consider my score, i selected siva sivani, vjim, doon dehradoon, ind ins. of finance -delhi & alliance.. have i slected good enough ? doon & iif as backup though,.. if iget good score, i can apply then ..
kapildixit : Alliance, christ, iba are also ok+ you can apply once you get score card also.

anks : what was d last years cutoff for nirma university and lal bahadur shastri?
asim : Around 80 and 85 percentile resp.

hghjbhj : sir i am expecting around 95+ in CAT. which colges should i apply to?
vivek : NITIE, XIMB, IMT G. If you are writing SNAP and XAT apply to SIBM P, SCMHRD and XLRI as well.

akhil : I am having 5 +years of experience in IT, mainly interested in HR/Social sector. Will you suggest me TISS HR for 2 years/ XAT GMP for 1 year/IRMA MBA for 2 years ? Also, will my IT technical experience help in my profile shift to HR(precisely, in terms of role and pay package hike)?
bharat : Current profile will not pose a hurdle; however, often candidates are asked about - why two years, why not one-year program and vice versa (depending on where you apply for; Apply for TISS HR, MDI's PGDM-HR (over 90%ile cutoff) and XAT PM&IR two-year programs; check out more about GMP since it is more of a general management programme (as the name goes).

arjun : Expecting CAT percentile - 65 to 80%, Average AIMCAT percentile - 60%, work exp - 2.5 years, 10th - 81%, 12th - 82%, B.E - 80 %. Plz tell me which college to apply?

666 : Sir, I am expecting 95 in CAT, any chance to get mba courses in IIT mumbai or delhi
suresh : very less chances are there.however you can target IIT chennai and Khadagpur.

abhi : How to prepare for IIFT an SNAP General Awareness.. Is time material is enough for GK..
asim : For section on General Awareness, in addition to reading newspapers regularly, it would be advisable for a student to prepare from the following sources: Last 10-12 issues of MBA Education and Careers including October edition (T.I.M.E. Magazine) GAHO and GAT question papers Economic Times Manorama & CSR Year Book - it helps in preparation for stock type questions While preparing for this section, a student should focus on issues related to National & International Events, World Bodies, and Foreign Trade related information. Finally, OMETs for IIFT/SNAP question papers are perhaps the best source for preparation. It comes very close to the actual IIFT/SNAP entrance exam paper and one should give maximum importance to these question papers.

modiforpm : sir,thanks for all the time,patience and support my test is scheduled tomorrow hope to see you guys in next chat session if everything goes well.cheers
nvs : All the very best

rums : is there any possibilities for me to get into any of the xat classes to take up ma exam on jan 6?
vivek : Contact your nearest T.I.M.E. Center

: sir , please please answer to my earlier post. also tell which institutes i must apply to, under xat if i m getting avg.70 percentile in AIMCATS?
vivek : Apply to GIM, LIBA, XIME, Welingkar and TAPMI

hghjbhj : what is the cutoff for MICA?
tanuja : around 90

kevin : sir, is IBS Hyderabad a good option when it comes to placements? Is it worth considering given its high fees??
asim : Its a decent b-school,we grade it among the BB grade B-schools, yes, you should apply to it if you have adequate funds to meet its fee requirement. Overall its a decent option.

niki : Sir my acads 10th- 80%, 12th -75%, B.E 92%.. through CAT around 75_85percentile.. what colleges can i get ?

bab : cat cut off for Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBSIM) , Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)which one is better??
suresh : LBS is 90+ its a good college.

preetan : Can you please tell me how to prepare for xat exams. 7-8 vocabulary.8-9 general awareness 9.30 to 10.30 logical reasoning 10.30 to 1.30 quatns 2.30 to 4 verbal ability 4 to 5 logical ability 7to 9 data interpretation
vivek : What are these 9:30 to 10:30 ..? Pls elaborate

vik : Please rate, BIM, GREAT LAKES, IITM
vivek : For 2 yr programs IITM > BIM > Great Lakes

shesadri86 : Sir,Which is the Better college for HR XLRI/TISS/MDI?
suresh : all the three colleges are better.

drock : which colleges should i apply if i expect to get around 80 to 85%tile in cat?

pran : sir my amcat performance was very poor and i am unable to predict my cat score,which institute should i apply now or should i cocnentrate more on snap and nmat.
suresh : what was your last aimcat score?

ady : @ suresh sir: last year i got calls from bimtech noida , itm navi mumbai , christ , etc but i left dem wid d hope of getting a better college. with my current aimcat percentile LBSITM AND IMI are possible ?? (74 percentile highest in aimcats till now)
suresh : you should get minimum of 90%tile in CAT for these bschools.

rohit : sir, i am from business intelligence(IT) sector and i see BI as a stream in IMI.. i am not sure if i will get into imi delhi.. wat about imi kolkata.? is it a decent clg?
vivek : Avoid as its a new campus and you have already go experience. Do not look at course / stream unless you are fully confident about it. I would suggest get into a good college. The placements would be taken care of.

hardwork : i have 76% both in 10th and 12th,61% in btech,20 mnths of work- ex till now..if i get above 90 percentile for which colleges can i apply?
kapildixit : IMT, FORE, IMI, KJ SOMAIYYA, MDI ,SP JAIN, BIM, GIM, can be looked at.

anks : sir pls suggst some of d good courses provided at tiss?do they hv sectional cutoffs?
tanuja : as pr the last year exam there is no sectional in written ..but check once again on the tiss website about the exam pattern

vivek : Should be around 75%tile

rahul : @Tanuja : Mainly for HR course in TISS. What other courses are good in TISS apart from that social service
tanuja : there is ma in social enterpreneurship , hospital management and some more

preetan : can you tell me good colleges in kolkata and bangalore other than iims
tanuja : iift, xime

suresh : score above 670

john : what is the cut off marks for sibm,scmhrd for gen category?
asim : Last year it was overall 91.75 Marks,84.5 marks respectively for SIBM-PUNE AND SCMHRD.

abhishek : Sir with 10th -88.80% 12th - 63% and BE - 66.21% and CAT- 90-92 percentile can i expect any IIT or NIT
nvs : IIT not very sure, but NIT yes. Why don't you apply to BIM, KJS, WELINGKAR, TAPMI etc too

abcde : i m in btech final profile is 10th-86%,12th-78%, should i apply to s.p. jain as it is profile based??
suresh : what percentile are u expecting in CAT?

preetan : I want to get good score in xat.but the thing is i am confused what strategy should i apply for to prepare for much time i must study and how much time to give each subject as i am weak in quants section
vivek : If you look at last year's XAT paper, all the questions came from the first maths book. Start with making sure that you have covered all those topics in quant. Also look at the prev years papers on you SHP to see the pattern of paper.

preetan : Can you tell me for the xat preparation time material is sufficient
tanuja : are you done with the material basic, practise exercise material and mock xats ?

rohit : Hi Plz suggest good colleges under the range of 75 - 85 %ile
kapildixit : fore, nirma, sdm, wellingkar, bimtech

dishwalla : My last AIMCAt score was 40 percentile . which colleges should I apply Category : SC
asim : Please mention your range of percentile also average percentile

satya : cutoff of IPE HYD through MAT ?
bharat : Around 75-80%ile

vips : is GLIM 1 yr program gud for a 2+ yrs work-ex candidate. what are the expected cut-offs of CAT, XAT or CMAT for this course?
vivek : Already answered.

rums : how much score is needed in Xat to apply for good B schools?
vivek : 75%tile+

pran : plz suggest me the bst clg for foriegn trade and investment bankin whicg accept other than cat score and other than iift??
bharat : SIIB

abcde : is there any good college under MAT havin salary package >8 lacs.if yes,plz mention few.
nvs : I do not know if there are any MAT colleges offering that sort of a package, but why look only at packages, what about learning !!. Do well in your core area, success will follow you.

rohit : What score is required in MAT to apply in JRE college. Can we apply through September MAT
suresh : what is JRE college? plz explain.

sid : sir, my aimcat percentile has been 85%ile. i guess my cat went a little better than a typical aimcat. should i apply for imt-g? Am a fresher still in my grad.
vivek : Yes

san : what is the average package for the goa institute of management
bharat : Around Rs9 lakh as revealed by the school

deep : sir wat kind of attempt and scores are req to get 99+
asim : Cannot be predicted as it also depends on the difficulty level of your slot.

rohit : sir, wat about wellinkar bangalore.? the expctd cut off and average salary package?
nvs : around 70%ile and avg @ 6 lacs

jain : Sir i mm pusuinb (hons) in christ university xth 92 % X11 96 % Degree till now 82 % MAT SEp 96.77% CMAT 180 Rank 6006 I m lookin for good colleges in Blore n Chennai MBA in Finance My options Christ , XIME , SIBM blore, LIBA, Pls arrange them...
tanuja : liba xime christ sibm ,,, check for Time list/ category of colleges

dishwalla : @asim Max 50 % and rest in 40 percentile range

preetan : What is SHP and first maths book
vivek : SHP = Student Home Page. First Maths books is SM1001301 if you are a T.I.M.E. Classroom student.

deep : sir wat percentiles are req for calls from a b c..i am a fresher
asim : AIM at 99+ overall with high sectionals.

asim : Its a decent b-school, the cutoff is expected to be around 70-75 percentile.

san : Sir please reply
bharat : sorry for the typo... for GIM it is Rs7.86 lakh

mj : Sir, my prof: 10th- 92%; 12th- 92.4%; B.Tech- 77%. What %ile should I score to ensure a call from top 15 B schools? I expect around 90%ile based on my AIMCAT scores. what B schools shud I apply to to ensure safe admission?
suresh : your CAT percentile should not be less the 98 to get a good call.

pran : suresh sir my last amcat score was around 60
suresh : target FEB MAT and CMAT.

rohit : also, any good suggestions about iifm bhopal?
kapildixit : IIFM bhopal is a decent B school. Cut offs are in the range of 70-75%iles. Its a niche course in Forest Management only those with such interest should apply.

kichu : I am already placed in IT concern , with 4.4 LPA.. I am looking for MBA colleges in and around Tamilnadu and want to do MBA coming academic year itself because i am already 3 years experienced. I am aiming for IIT madras . If i do not get IIT Madras and great lakes , can i choose BIM trichy or NIT trichy .
vivek : Given that you have 3+yrs of workex - I would say avoid NIT Trichy. I would request you to rethink on the strategy for apply to colleges near your hometown only.

eh : @suresh commerce with 51% sir
suresh : target MAT DEC,FEB and CMAT FEB.

arjun : what is the minimum percentile for TAPMI, GLIM (1 yr program. I have more than 2 yrs of work exp
vivek : Already answered. Pls check chat history.

pran : bharat sir hows the placment of siib???
bharat : Avg pay around Rs7.78 lakh

vips : through SNAP which colleges should i apply for ? 10th - 83.66, 12th- 79.66, BE - 74.41 .... category - GEN. work exp - 2+ yrs.
vivek : Can you provide your AIMCAT scores?

jain : sir pls rply :(
asim : Answered,plz check

rums : could u suggest me 2 to 3 buisness schools for Human resource?

sunny : what is cut off in iims for sc category students
asim : A similar question has already been ans. Plz check

ghtrjnghjyu : what is the xpectd cutof for MICA, NITIE, FMS, IITB, IITD, MDI, IMT-G? and da avg salary
asim : Aim at around 90(You need to do well in MICAT also),97,99,98.5,98.5,95,92 percentile resp.

madhu123 : Please reply to my earlier post.My average AImcat score is around 80.In cat ,i am expecting 85-95%.My profile xth 73 xii 73 jharkhand board,CGPA exp 3 years.Please tell me which college is hould apply for?I
vivek : Look at Great Lakes, Chennai, IITs at Mumbai, Del and KGP (depending on your actual score), TAPMI, IMT G.

rohit : is great lakes a decent clg, considering i have 1.5 yrs of exp.?
vivek : You would not be eligible for the 1yr program. 1yr program is too new. I would suggest look at other colleges.

john2 : sir my aimcats avg 70%le i am expecting much percentile in CAT nd even more in XAT.please suggest some B-schools.i am still in my graduation..
vivek : Apply to GIM, LIBA, TAPMI, XIME, NIRMA Univ, IFMR. If you are giving SNAP then SIIB and SIBM Blr.

pran : suresh sir what about snap and nmat,bcz still more than 1 month is there for snap and nmat also?
suresh : yes! you can target these exams with lot of hard-work and practice, I m sure you will get a call.

smita : my current package is 7.5 LPA in HPCL, we school mumbai, and K J Somaiya good for me or not
bharat : Smita, in light of your current pay, we will not recommend We and KJSom

mj : Sir, IMT ghaziabad cut off last year pls?
bharat : around 92%ile

kkk : sir what score is required to get into SIIB (SC category)?
suresh : 60 +

vips : I was not able to give my AIMCATs regularly due to work schedule... but on an avg 75 percentile.
asim : Looking at your profile, ideally speaking you should be targeting SIBM-P and SCMHRD, in case you are keen on pursuing MBA this year itself, the add SIIB and SIBM-Bangalore to that list.

bab : sir IBS hyderabad fees is so high does it give the good placements??
asim : In past the avg salary was around 5.5-6 lacs p.a.

john : how many seats available in tiss-hr mumbai for gen category?
asim : Around 30

shesadri86 : What is the average salary package of TISS?
nvs : around 10+

senthil : If I apply for ISB executive program with 4 and a half year experience, what would be the min CAT percentile required?
asim : They do not accept CAT scores, you need to apply with GMAT scores.

shankar : Sir, CMAT rank is 625 and score 252, any possibility for getting admission to a good college, i am least concerned about placement as i might return to where i work now
asim : GIM,WELINGKAR-MUMBAI and Great Lakes=Chennai

sunny : is there reservation for girls in iims and fms
asim : No.

200000000000000 : what is the form fee for tiss
bharat : These kinds of questions make us feel sad; if you are on the web, I suggest you check the institute website or this website to gather such info! For one program, it is Rs920; check this link -

asim : Almost all the TOP 30 B-schools provide very good options(except for places like TISS and MICA).

naive1999 : got 186 marks in sept CMAT . will it be sufficient for IMT NAGPUR, HYDERABAD OR NIT DURGAPUR?
asim : You have a decent chance.

manas20 : sir how is ndim ,empi n vjim ? n average placements..
kapildixit : average B schools. Please check websites for av.placements.

jain : is XIME acceptin CAT scores...? IF yes wat can b expected cut off...?
nvs : Yes around 70%ile

goel : good evening sir,mam. I would like to know if i should apply to goa institute of management i am a engineer with one and half year of experience with an CMAT score of 238
suresh : what is your rank in CMAT?

preetan : these are timings for preparation for xat preparation 7-8 vocabulary.8-9 general awareness 9.30 to 10.30 logical reasoning 10.30 to 1.30 quatns 2.30 to 4 verbal ability 4 to 5 logical ability 7to 9 data interpretation Please tell is it okey or any changes required
tanuja : i think a span of 2 hours will be better than a duration of 1 hour

dishwalla : asim sir please answer my query : In Aimcat Max 50 % and rest in 40 percentile range. Caegory Sc , which colleges to apply
asim : Answered,plz check

nir : @asim sir...what is the last year expected cut off for HCU..and avg PAck.
asim : Around 75-80 percentile for Gen category, the avg salary was around 4 lacs p.a.

jain : wich is betr SIBM Blore XIME or Christ Pls Arrange....
asim : SIBM-Bangalore is a better option.

umng : Sir what were the cut offs for mat in great lakes last yr..??
kapildixit : For 2 year prog they called at 90+ percentile

john : is there any -ve marking in nmat and iift?
vivek : NMAT No, IIFT Yes

taran : sir my aimcat %tile is 40 to 50, bt my cat exam is far better than that so how much %tile shuld i expect n which clgs form shuld i fill..
kapildixit : it is very difficult to predict this way. you should apply to various ranges i.e 70-80- 1b school, 60-70-2 b schools, 50-60-5 b schools, 40-50-5 b schools.

rohit : considering CAT score arnd 70-75 percentile.. which clg wld u suggest? wellingkar,itm mum,iifm bhopal, kj somaiya,bimtech noida, xime?

ghtrjnghjyu : what cud i xpct in cat if my aimcat percntile is arnd 85-93%? if i gave my cat wid sme efficiency?
asim : Around 95 percentile, if your avg percentile was around 90 in the AIMCATs.

: how is Petroleum Mngmnt, Dehra Dun?
suresh : good course however confined.

senthil : With 4 and a half years experience, if I apply for ISB executive program what would be the min CAT percentile required?
vivek : ISB takes only GMAT scores.

kapildixit : good B school, we rate it in BBB category.

deepek : Sir my academics are 10th- 85% 12th 64% and BE with 65.21% and i m expecting 95-97 percentile. Please suggest me some colleges. Is there any Chance of any IIT and XIMB. I am from General Category.
suresh : Target FORE,LBS,IMI and IMDR. You have to get minimum 98%tile to get in to an IIT.

naive1999 : sir CMAT cutoff for great lakes 2 year program?
vivek : We expect it to be around 200

bab : cut off for IMT(hyderabad),vjim which one is better in placements ?
asim : Around 70 and 50 percentile. The avg salary at VJIM is around 4-4.5 lacs p.a. We dont have IMT-Hyd placement figures as till now not a single batch has passed out(2011 estd)

manas20 : sir plz suggest some good b schools through mat...

aac : Please give the info regarding MFC.The median salary in particular.Also,would you recommend it for Non finance background students?
suresh : MFC is a decent course by Delhi university, you must have minimum 85%tile in CT to apply this course. you can go for this course even if you are not from the finance background.

john : does time's monthly magazine is enough for the preparation of iift gk?
vivek : Partly. Pls go through our tests and class handouts as well.

anks : my profile: 10th 82% 12th 78& BTech 66% work ex 26 months average percentile in AIMCATS 65-75 CMAT score 200 pls suggest which all colleges to apply????

john2 : what is the cutooff for FMS and when will the notification release
suresh : notification has been released already and the last year cutoff was 99.3%tile for the general category .

smita : @bharat sir,in reference with my previous question (current package is 7.5 LPA in HPCL, we school mumbai, and K J Somaiya good for me or not) which other B-school I should apply through(XAT, SNAP,CMAT)(10th, 12th both-88.4%, CGPA-8, work experience-2yrs, category-OBC)
bharat : Without reference to your AIMCAT performance and going by your current pay, we suggest FMS, JBIMS, XLRI, MDI, SPJIMR, IIFT, NITIE, IITB, IITD, SIBM.

sourav : Sir Christ Xime SIBM blore Alliance...? PLs arrange
kapildixit : SIBM-XIME-CHRIST ALLIANCE fee structure is on ahigher side so ROI is relatively low.

abcde : can u plz name some colleges with avg salary >8lacs??

anuj : can you pls mention the colleges which run the executive mba courses with 3 yr of experience(n not 5) as minimum exp required...
vivek : Already answered. Pls check chat history.

manas20 : sir plz suggest some good b schools through mat....
tanuja : christ, amity alliance business school

surya : sir what is the average salary given in vjim hyd
asim : Around 4-4.5 lacs p.a.

bhargav : Good evening sir, How will be MS management in US ? Which university preferable through GRE exam and i don't have experience
vivek : Not relevant question.

jain : is it worth investin 6 lakhs in SIBM blore than in christ n XIME which is approx 6l...? placements...?
vivek : Yes

anks : @vivek: sir i want to take admission this year anyhow. so pls suggest some fallback options as well w.r.t my previous questn.
vivek : Apply to GIM, TAPMI, XIME, LIBA, Great Lakes 1yr, NIRMA Univ, Welingkar (Mumbai Campus)

deepek : What is the CUT OFF for S.P. Jain.My academics are 10th- 85% 12th 64% and BE with 65.21%. Is there any chance?
vivek : Looks bleak

abcde : wt abt avg salary of GIM,FORE,SIIB and IMI delhi??
bharat : FORE- Rs8 LAKH, IMI - 9.75 LAKH, GIM - Rs7.86 lakh, SIIB - RS7.78 LAKH

jain : is it worth investin 10 lakhs in SIBM blore than in christ n XIME which is approx 6l...? placements...? sry its 10l for SIBM
vivek : Still Yes

manas20 : sir plz arrange..vjim, ms ramaih,bimm,christ ,ndim
asim : Check

amey : if i give fake work ex certificate of 10 months are there any chance bschool can find it . howz is indira institute of mgmt is it better than met or ximr. i hav worked there for 1 month and getting 1o months work ex certificate
asim : Never deal with fake certificates, it would be the biggest mistake that you could possibly commit.

hey : My Profile is Xth-88.6%, Xii-83.2% n be-80.54%...shud i apply to sp jain??
suresh : tell me your aimcat scores!

jain : SIBM BENGALURU or XIME... Specialisation in Finance...
asim : SIBM-BANG

aac : Please provide median salaries for these colleges : GIM,TAPMI,BIM(Trichy),KJ Somaiya (PGDM),MFC
tanuja : all ranging 5-10 average

anks : @vivek: does xime accept any score other than XAT? if yes, then wat is d percentile req?
asim : They accept CAT scores also aim at 75+ percentile

sk : gud evg sir. i am sure tat i will qualify in CAT12. sir can u suggest me bschools to apply so tht i get a call
suresh : tell me your aimcat scores.

name : is there sectional cut off in nmat?
asim : In past they had sectional cutoffs

smita : IIT MBA colleges accept XAT score or not?
asim : NO

bhargav : Sir please suggest me top college in which we can get a call for 80%le and no experience NC OBC student?placements imp sir
suresh : LBS,FORE,IMT Nagpur,Kirloskar and SDMIMD.

1990rahul : sir i wanna know hows IMI
bharat : IMI is doing great; top 30 school... average pay Rs9.75 lakh

anuj : percentile required for IMI ? It takes cat/xat ?
asim : For IMI-New Delhi target 90+ in CAT

poirot : percentile requirement of ximb?
asim : Last year for PGDM it was CAT Overall-94,VA/LR-95,QA/DI-90 XAT Overall 94 QA-60,EL-70,DM-60

taran : kapil sir i m expecting 60%tile then which clgs form should i fill..plz rply sir....
kapildixit : Amity, BIMM, MET, MITSOM, Asia Pacific. IBSAT, MAT, CMAT should also be considered

amey : is there any way bschools can find out if i give fake workex certificate of 10 months in a local company the boss of company wont tell it is it any other way bschools can find out
asim : Do not use fake certificates, the panel would be qualified enough to make out whether you are being honest or not.

hey : suresh sir i gave my score...also i have 14 months of work ex..kindly suggest..
suresh : you can target LBS,IMI NITIE and KJ SOMAYA.

deepek : academics are 10th- 85% 12th 64% and BE with 65.21%. My MAT sep 2012 score was 97.76 percentile.Kindly suggest me some good options.

bhargav : is Gitam inst of management(vizag) is good for student expecting 5-6lacs pay? if not tel me which is best
asim : Looking at your expectation , it would be advisable for you to target B-schools in the BB category and above.

chand : gud eve sir. my CAT is on 2nd nov, I hv 95-100 % accuracy in DI, but my VA is very poor, plz suggest hw much i shud attempt in 2nd section n what type of ques. plllzzz
kapildixit : This is very difficult to predict you should attempt those questions in which you are full sure. You should focus on your own accuracy.In VA attempt only those questions in which you are sure.

shankar : @asim,thanks for your reply...i can get back to work now :)
asim : You are welcome, Shankar

anuj : is IMI a worth option for 3plus experienced people? considering the fact I am expecting around 95 percentile in cat.
tanuja : it is not a bad option ,,, good it will be if you have options in your hand so that you can choose better what is your currnt package ?

lazy : Cut Off for Welingkar, Fore and Lal Bahadur Shastri school of management through CAT?
asim : Around 80,87,84 respectively.

hey : sir kkindly reply...plz plz plz
asim : In addition to that you can target IMT-G,FORE,WELINGKAR-MUMBAI,TAPMI-MANIPAL,GIM

manas20 : sir how is imi kolkata..
suresh : IMI delhi is better.

mukund : hi sir, can you tell me any hw to prepare of gk for iift.
suresh : you can go for the magazine provided by TIME you can also go for some good magazines like Competition in focus business today. read a lot about international organizations like WTO,Wold bank ETC.

hey : Thanx sir...but does that mean not SP Jain??
suresh : i m afraid no.

anks : which one is better among xime and nirma???
bharat : NIRMA ranks ahead.

praloy : sir please answer my cmat score is 191 how are my chances in imt ngp or hyd,great lakes?
asim : Decent chances at IMT, moderate chances at Great lakes.

preetan : Can you tell me imi accept xat score and wat is the cut off its sectional one
asim : IMI-New Delhi admits students with CAT, check Last year the cutoff was around 90 percentile overall with around 60 percentile sectionals(For PGDM).

anuj : @tanuja - I am earning around 7.25lakhs
tanuja : then it is not very recommended

deepek : What is the cut off for IIT-K and IIT-M?
tanuja : iit m above and around 98 for general category

chotabheem : Sir which B-School I should enrol into with a C.A.T score of 75-80??
suresh : SDMIMD,KIRLOSKAR and ITM navi mumbai.

sk : suresh sir plz answer
suresh : you can target KJ somaya,IMDR and SDMIMD.

deepek : and IIT Kanpur??
asim : Around 93 percentile with sectional cutoffs.

ramesh : Sirs I've read on a website that IIT-D's placements for the last year were fake and they were hyped to a larger extent than what is shown? How do you rate IIT-D? Infact, Is going to IITs better than IIFT?
tanuja : iift is better

pran : suresh sir plz answer my que my profile is 10th 74.48%,diploma 77%,degree 58%,open category,amcat score is 75 to 80 percentile plz suggest me good colleges from cat as well as snap exam??
suresh : target SDMIMD,KJ somayaya,KIRLOSKAR harihar. In SNAP Go for SIIB and SITM. Regards

john2 : my profile X-89% ,+2-91.4% , 75% ,aimcats avg 75% please suggest some b-schools for me...

sourav : sir avg packages @ Christ, Xime , SIBM bangalore
asim : Around 5,6,7 lacs p.a. respectively.

shibbu : sir my cmat rank 2555 academics about 70% in all (10 +2 +3) and 14 month experience .In which i should apply for best .Please answer sir .

bhargav : sir please answer me about AMITY University in DUBAI? is it preferable?is placement are good in that?how much will be FEES?
bharat : That's way too off for an MBA! Ignore the school. There are plenty of good schools in India!

deepek : what is the cut off for IMT Nagpur? With academics X-85% ,+2-62.80% , 66.21% is it possible?
asim : Around 70 percentile

abcde : B.TECH final year student,got placed at 4 lacs. 10th-86%,12th-78%,btech-74%. aimcat %iles:71,81,64,30,80,62,42,55,53,70,72,80,79,72. NC-OBC category.which colleges should i apply?? plz give atleast 10 choices.
tanuja : fore , lbs, imt

anks : mbe and mbe how about these collges???
kapildixit : MBE, MIB are good B schools.

umng : sir does great lakes look into the profile of the candidates as well as my sept. score was 93.5 percentile and my profile is as follows:- 10th- 69.2% ,12th-56% , graduation- about 67 percent(college topper) ... Sir is there ne chance at great lakes chennai??????
bharat : umng, GLIM, like all schools, look for hard working and enthusiastic to learn students... you have no control over your past (like acads) but you can definitely control your performance in GD/Essay/Interview at any top school, incl GLIM. Work hard and brighten your chances!

subha : apart frm iim's what are the other good colleges one can apply under cat score...plz suggest
tanuja : IMI, FORE, IMT, LBS ,

deepek : Cut For IMT nagpur is only 70 percentile??? Is it a good college?
asim : Its a decent b-school,we grade it among the BB grade b-SCHOOLS.

anks : mbe and ,mib how do u rank them??? what is d percentile required??
suresh : which college are you targeting for these courses?

cat : what is the avg package of Great lakes, chennai? my cat percentile in 2011 was 98.3 and how do you rate great lakes? among top 30? or 40?
kapildixit : GLIM 2 year prog started last year only. We have not rated it. Its 1 year prog is very good with a good placement track.

hi : is there a management program at SRCC ? how is it?
asim : Yes, we rank it among the BBB grade B-schools

sony : sir,i had no work ex... i am so worried about work ex mandatory for XLRI?
asim : No, just work hard for XAT. Best wishes.

taran : kapil sir, which clgs form shuld i fill in ncr under 60 to 65%tile as im not want go outside ncr.

jain : Does LIBA accept CAT...? if yes cutoff...?
tanuja : XAT score

amit : how is indira institute of mgmt
bharat : Pretty decent; Average pay Rs3.84 lakh in 2012

chotabheem : Whether non-engineering students can apply in Technological B-schools, like NIT,SIITS or Jadavpur Universities
suresh : NO

sourav : LIBA or SIBM blore...?
suresh : SIBM Bangalore then LIBA.

jj : MIB, Delhi school of economics Master of business economics (MBE)
kapildixit : Both are good choices.

chand : to score 85%ile, is 17-17 attempts in both sectns is ok if accuyracy is 90%
kapildixit : cant predict. But looks a good attempt for 80%ile still not predictable.

sakshi : Sir i am an engineering student from electronics and communications..which is the best college for me under SNAP?
suresh : what SCMHRD and SITM.

taran : sir, which clgs form shuld i fill in ncr under 60 to 65%tile as im not want go outside ncr.
suresh : EMPI and IILM.

umng : sir 93 percentile in mat . - is it really a safe score to get a call from there??
suresh : yes, You can target All good MAT allied bschools.

sakshi : What is the cut off for IITs and NITs?
suresh : which IIT?

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