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Long: 92.51 East, Lat: 24.5 North; Near Silchar, Assam (India). CommunicationVia Guwahati (Assam, India) to Silchar. Air, train and road routes are available. Also there is direct air connectivity with Kolkata.

DepartmentsChemistry, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Humanities & Social Science, Mechanical, Mathematics, Physics.

Courses Offered

B Tech: Civil, Computer science , Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication , Mechanical.

M Tech: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical.

Ph D: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Humanities & Social Science


At NIT Silchar, training & placement assistance for the students is considered to be a high priority commitment. We consider the numbers of placement obtained by the graduating students in reputed organisations with our assistance an indicator of success of the institute.

As a part of the education process, our students are required to undergo industrial training and we ensure that they get the opportunity to have a first hand experience in real world before they graduate.


Name of the Institution : National Institute of Technology, Silchar (Assam)

Postal Address : P.O. REC, Silchar – 788 010 (Assam).

Phone No : 03842 233179

Email/Website : director@nits.ac.in/www.nits.ac.in

Programmes offered

Sno Programme Name Deptt.wise Current Enrollment Accerditation Name of HOD
1. B.Tech-Civil 174 Applied for Dr. AASH Barbhuiya
  B.Tech-Mechanical 208 Applied for Dr. Rajat Gupta
  B.Tech-Electrical 172 Applied for Dr. A.K.Roy
  B.Tech-Comp.Sc. 161 Applied for Dr. F.A.Talukdar
  B.Tech-Electronics 166 Applied for Dr. F.A.Talukdar
2. M.Tech-Civil 16 Applied for Dr. AASH Barbhuiya
  M.Tech-Mechanical 15 Applied for Dr. Rajat Gupta
  M.Tech-Electrical 12 Applied for Dr. A.K.Roy
3. Ph.D.-Civil 06 Applied for Dr. AASH Barbhuiya
  Ph.D.-Electrical 01 Applied for Dr. A.K.Roy
  Ph.D.-Mechanical 02 Applied for Dr. Rajat Gupta
  Ph.D.-Physics 05 Applied for Dr. P.P.Sahay
  Ph.D.-Chemistry 02 Applied for Dr. A.K.Sil
  Ph.D.-Humanities 05 Applied for Dr. Gurudas Das

Faculty/Staff strength

Professor Asstt.Professor Lecturer Visiting/Guest Lecturer
Civil 02 09 07 -
Electrical 03 02 09 -
Mechanical 02 03 10 -
Electronics - 01 06 -
Computer Science - 01 08 -
Physics 01 - 04 -
Chemistry 01 - 04 -
Mathematics - 01 03 02
Humanities - 01 03 01


A. Main Laboratory/Workshops available : Physics:-Condensed Matter Physics Research Laboratory; Physics Laboratory; Chemistry :- B.Tech.Lab.-1;Instrument Lab-1; Electronics:- Communication Engg. Lab; Communication Lab; Basic Electronics Lab; Microprocessor; DSP Lab & VLSL Lab; Data Structure lab, DBMS Lab Operating System lab; System Programming; Electrical:- Basic Electrical Engg. & Network Lab.; Electrical Machines Lab.; Control System Lab.; Power Electronics & Drives lab.; Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Lab.; Micro-Processor Lab.; Personal Computer Lab.; Power System & Energy Lab.; Analog & Digital Electronics Lab.; Water resource Lab; structural Engg. Lab; Geotechnical Lab; Environmental Lab;Survey Lab; Concrete Lab;Mechanical:-CAD/CAM Lab;Machine Dynamics Lab;Instrumentation Lab; Manufacturing Engg. Lab.;Heat Transfer lab.;Automobiles Engg. Lab.;Material Science Lab.;Metrology lab.;Air Conditioning Lab.;Solar Energy Lab.; Computational Lab.;Audio Visual Lab.;

Apart from these, these is a full- fledged Workshop in the department which covers the following steps_

Machine shop; Welding shop; Cartpentry shop; Moulding shop; Balcksmith shop; Fitting shop.

B. Library facilities available: Central Library for the institute

C. Research facilities available: Central Computational facilities, Library facilities; Equipments: Physics:-High vacuum Coating Unit (HHV); 6514 Electrometer Keith-Electrometer (Keithley make);LCR Hitester (Hioki Model No. 3522-50);PerkinElmer Lamba 35 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer; Hall Measurement set-up; Impedance Analyzer (Solartron Model No. 1260 A) etc.; Electronics:- High end servers, workstations, Software; Civil:-Wind tunnel; Flumes; Shear test Apparatus; Mechnical:- The following new equipments are in the equipments are in the process of installation – Mechanical training package; Air flow test bench with accessories; Computer linked Refrigeration laboratory Units; Computer controlled Petrol Engine test rig.; Computer Controlled Diesel Engine Test rig.; Computer Controlled UTM; Various compression ratio Petrol Engine test rig.

D. Other major facilities available: Electrical: - A number of versatile software which can be used for simulation work. A number of very good under graduate and post graduate projects have already been taken up. It has procured lab-View. With this the department has already complete few on-line projects. It has generated facilities for recording transient and steady state responses of any system; Mechanical:-Fluent Fluid flow Software for numerical simulation analysis of various fluid flow cases; NISA 3D fluid flow package for finite clement analysis of fluid flows; Various mechatronics control softwares for teaching purposes such as value actuation controllers, rotary & linear slide actuation controllers,PID controllers software etc; CNC software on fanuc for CNC lathe operations.; RoboX simulation software; The department has got its individual photo copier machine; It has got Overhead and LCD projectors as important teaching aids.

E. Special strengths of the Institution: Young and qualified motivated teachers, Most of the faculty members are highly qualified; There is a mix experienced & young as well as dynamic teachers; The department has got well-trained supporting staffs; the department is producing outstanding results in the last few years having its students topped in the final year B. Tech examinations; all most hundred percent campus placements.

F. Unique areas of areas of research/innovations completed in last

3 years or currently in progress in the institution (Deptt.)
: Solid state gas sensor; Carrier transport in semi conducting thin firms; Liquid crystal; Research work in inorganic Chemistry in progress; SMDP-II, VLSI project of MCIT, Govt. of India; River scouring problem; Ground water and pollution management; Mechanical :- MODROB project on ‘Development & Modernization of Instrumentation lab- completed; Research on vertical axis wind turbines- in progress; Research on various robot configurations on their optimum path planning- in progress; Research on Gasifier- in progress.

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