Type Title Date Added
Events Online - ESSEC Achiever - 27th September 2020 23-Sep-2020
Events Online - ISB Achiever - 19th September 2020 17-Sep-2020
Events All India - Exclusive Webinar with St. Gallen School of Management - 23rd September 2020 16-Sep-2020
Events Online - ISB Achiever - 6th September 2020 04-Sep-2020
Events All India - Exclusive Webinar by T.I.M.E. National Head - Study Abroad - 28th August 2020 20-Aug-2020
Events All India - Exclusive Webinar with IE Spain - 14th August 2020 05-Aug-2020
Events Online - IIM-B EPGP - 24th July, 2020 15-Jul-2020
Events All India - Webinar with Smith business school, Uni. Maryland, USA - 10th July 2020 04-Jul-2020
Events Delhi - Online GMAT & ISB Achiever Meet - 19th July 2020 25-Jun-2020
Events Online - webinar with King's College, London - 26th June 2020 13-Jun-2020
Events Online - Enhance your career opportunities with MBA/MS options abroad - 12th June 03-Jun-2020
Events Online - The QS World MBA Fair Digital event - 30th May'20, Saturday 21-May-2020
Events Online - GMAT Webinar with SMU - 18th May 13-May-2020
Events Online - GMAT Webinar with GMAC - 4th May 29-Apr-2020
Events Kolkata - GMAT Seminar with ISB - 21stMarch 13-Mar-2020
Events Online - GMAT Webinar with ISB - 20thMarch 19-Feb-2020
Events Online - T.I.M.E. Presents a Webinar in Association with INSEAD Business-school on "Career Options & Opportunities" - 11th April 07-Nov-2019
Events Nagpur - T.I.M.E. Presents a Seminar with EDHEC Business School on "MBA Options & Opportunities in EUROPE" - 13th November 05-Nov-2019
Articles Importance of IR in college applications 24-Oct-2019
Events Nashik - GMAT/GRE Seminar - 29th August 27-Aug-2019
Articles Advantages of GMAT exam 07-Aug-2019
Articles What is Master's in Management? 07-Aug-2019
Events Chennai- GMAT Seminar - Broaden your Horizon, India & Abroad - 23rd February 02-Jul-2019
Events Chennai- GMAT Seminar at VIT-Vellore - 9th January 22-Jun-2019
Events Mumbai - GMAT as well as ISB & EDHEC B-school seminar - 21st - 23rd June'19 18-Jun-2019
Articles Study Plan - GMAT Online Exclusive 15-Mar-2019
Articles Study Plan - GMAT Online Elite 15-Mar-2019
Articles Study Plan - GMAT Online Superior 12-Mar-2019
Articles Study Plan - GMAT Correspondence 12-Mar-2019
Events Delhi - GMAT Seminar on "Revitalize your MBA options with GMAT® Exam" - 28th September 22-Feb-2019
Events T.I.M.E. offer Admission Consulting Support 27-Dec-2018
Events Hyderabad - Revitalize your MBA options with GMAT Exam - 20th December 17-Dec-2018
Events Gurgaon, Delhi & Mumbai - The MBA Tour - 21st, 22nd & 27th January 11-Sep-2018
Events All Metros - US MBA Fair - 27th July to 3rd August 20-Jul-2018
Events Kolkata - Seminar On “Application Deadline and Timeline - Spring Admission" - 15th February 10-Jul-2018
Events Online - Global MBA Week from 13th July to 23rd July 06-Jul-2018
Events Chennai - GMAT Seminar with ISB - 29th June 14-May-2018
Events GMAT/GRE Summer Crash Course 17-Apr-2018
Articles How to Ace the GMAT Exam 23-Feb-2018
News Merit-based US Immigration : Trump 31-Jan-2018
Articles Study Plan for GMAT 02-Dec-2017
Articles Deadline 2018 Intake 17-Oct-2017
Events Crack your GMAT Verbal 12-Oct-2017
Articles Management Abroad 07-Oct-2017
Events Online - Global MBA Week from 17th July to 25th July 10-Jul-2017
Events Online - Global MBA Week from 17th July to 25th July 04-Jul-2017
News GMAT Exam New Feature - Section Order Selection 16-Jun-2017
News Report your GMAT Score 17-Apr-2017
Articles Recent Changes in GMAT® Exam 10-Apr-2017
Events Delhi - T.I.M.E. in association with JOHN HOPKINS University presents a session on "Career Options in USA" - 29th February 30-Dec-2016
Events Pune - GMAT Seminar - 8th September 24-Nov-2016
Events Metros - US MBA Fair from 29th July to 5th August 09-Dec-2016
Events Bangalore - GMAT Workshop - 14th, 15th & 21st March 06-Nov-2016
Events Kolkata - Free GMAT Seminar : MIM/MBA In India and Abroad : Process and To Dos at T.I.M.E. Jadavpur on 27th October 09-Feb-2017
Events Hyderabad - GMAT Seminar with GMAC - 15th June 08-Jan-2017
Events Jamshedpur - GMAT Seminar with ISB - 16th September 16-Sep-2016
Events All Metros - The QS World MBA fair - 1st to 9th December 01-Oct-2016
Articles GRE®Test - GMAT®Exam Score Comparison Tool 30-Aug-2016
Articles Applying for F-1 Visa 01-Sep-2016
Articles World of Opportunities 01-Sep-2016
Articles Now is the time to Study Abroad 01-Sep-2016
Articles Bschool selection 20-Sep-2016
Articles AICTE Approval for GMAT 20-Sep-2016
Articles Change in Pattern from 5th June 2012 02-Sep-2016
Articles B-School Essays – Things to keep in Mind 01-Sep-2016
Articles GMAT AWA 01-Sep-2016
Articles Demystifying the GMAT: Guarding Against Bias 01-Sep-2016
Articles Initial Integrated Reasoning Percentiles Released 01-Sep-2016
Articles Young Leader's Program at ISB 01-Sep-2016
Articles More management aspirants take the GMAT 01-Sep-2016
Articles GMAT council plans to attract more aspirants 01-Sep-2016
Articles IIM Calcutta, XLRI become members of GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) 01-Sep-2016