Notifications whose last date to apply is over

Exam Notifications

Exam Name Regn. Start Date Regn. End Date Exam Date Fee Notn. (PDF) Web site
MAT (CBT2) 01-Oct-2022 13-Dec-2022 17-Dec-22 Rs 1850
IBSAT 01-Jul-2022 16-Dec-2022 24 and 25 December 2022 Rs. 1800/-
MICAT-2 22-Nov-2022 16-Jan-2023 28-Jan-23 Rs 2100

B School Notifications

B School Application Start Date Application End Date Fee Prospectus Website
Delhi school of Economics (MBA-IB & MBA-HRD) 20-Nov-2022 05-Jan-2023, Rs 1000 for SC/ST/DA/EWS and Rs 2000 for others
Department of Finance and Business Economics University of Delhi 30-Sep-2022 07-Jan-2023, For 2 Programs Rs 1000 for SC,ST/DA and Rs 2000 for others,For 1 Program Rs 700 for SC/ST/DA and Rs 1200 for others
FORE Delhi 10-Oct-2022 Information not available, Rs 1770 for one prog, Rs 2360 for two prog, Rs 2655 for three prog,Rs 2950 for four Prog
IFMR KREA University 25-Oct-2022 30-Apr-2023, Rs 1500
IIFM Bhopal 01-Dec-2022 10-Feb-2023, Rs 500 for SC/ST and Rs 1000 for others
IMI New Delhi 01-Sep-2022 18-Dec-2022, Information not available
KJ Somaiya Mumbai 10-Nov-2022 18-Jan-2023, Rs 3000
LBSIM Delhi 01-Oct-2022 22-Dec-2022, Rs 1500
Manage Hyderabad 01-Nov-2022 31-Dec-2022, Rs 600 for SC/ST and Rs 1200 for others
SCIT Pune 04-Aug-2022 22-Dec-2022, Rs 1000 per program
SCMHRD Pune 04-Aug-2022 09-Dec-2022, Rs 1000 per program
SIBM Bengaluru 04-Aug-2022 08-Dec-2022, Rs 1000 per program
SIBM Hyderabad 04-Aug-2022 12-Jan-2023, Rs 1000 per program
SIBM Pune 04-Aug-2022 09-Dec-2022, Rs 1000 per program
SIDTM Pune 04-Aug-2022 09-Jan-2023, Rs 1000 per program
SIIB Pune 04-Aug-2022 30-Dec-2022, Rs 1000 per program
SIOM Nashik 05-Sep-2022 05-Jan-2023, Rs 1000 per program
SSBF Pune 04-Aug-2022 16-Jan-2023, Rs 1000 per program
TAPMI Manipal 05-Nov-2022 20-Dec-2022, Available Programs: Single-1850, Two-2450, Three-3200, Four-4000
We school (Welingkar) Mumbai & Bengaluru 14-Nov-2022 15-Jan-2023, Information not available
XIMB (XUB) 25-Sep-2022 09-Dec-2022, Rs 1600 for first option and Rs 400 for each subsequent option