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Particulars Class 10
Online Course
Class 9
Online Course
Class 8
Online Course
12,950 12,450 11,950
Video Sessions 400+
(Approx 100 hours)
(Approx 100 hours)
(Approx 100 hours)
Study Material Booklets 7 7 7
Practice Tests
Individual Tests 48 48 46
Cumulative Tests 12 12 11
Model Papers 6 6 6

Video Sessions :

400+ Videos (Approx 100 Hours) of Lectures covering Fundamental concepts & problem solving by the best IIT JEE Faculty.

Study Material :

The Material is well-researched by our team of experts with detailed understanding of the content and pattern of both the school / board and competitive examinations. We provide study material in PDF Documents covering various concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Reasoning along with practice exercises, which help students score higher in both school and competitive examinations.

PDFs are mapped with Video sessions

Practice tests :

The tests help our students assess their strengths and weaknesses in concepts as well as subject areas so that they can plan for improvement in the necessary areas. They also ensure that our students undergo comprehensive practice. We provide different types of tests like Individual Tests, Cumulative Tests and Mock Tests in our material.

Individual Tests are necessary for the students to understand where they stand after preparation of each chapter. Students need to regularly test themselves to get the best results.

Therefore we have provided Two tests in each testing module.

Cumulative Tests :

Cumulative Tests are descriptive in nature and carry 50 marks. They are further divided into three sections - I, II and III. The tests in section I and II are modelled on the school/board exams paper pattern. Section III is a combination of school/board exams paper pattern which will require application of concepts too.

Model Papers :

Model papers cover all chapters, will have all the three sections and will be descriptive in nature. These papers will be useful to test the student's grip/knowledge on the entire syllabus . The duration is about 2 hours and will carry approximately 80-100 marks.