DigiGATE - Your Complete GATE Prep Program on a Tablet / Smart Phone / Laptop / Desktop

DigiGATE – by T.I.M.E. has been designed to assist you in your preparation for GATE Exam through Video Lectures by the Best GATE Faculty. You can learn from the Top-Quality videos from anywhere and at anytime – at your home, at your hostel room, during your breaks in between classes and even during your travel-time in buses.

Even if you are already preparing through Classroom Coaching, the video lectures will further enhance your understanding of basic concepts, will help you in revision of select topics and clarification of doubts.

On top of that, you can also test your fundamentals through our Practice Tests and Self-Administered Mock GATEs (SAMGATEs) with problems of varying difficulty and coverage.

Not only that, you can also write online All-India Mock GATEs (AIMGATEs) to evaluate your preparation for GATE against fellow aspirants from all over India.

All-in-all, DigiGATE is going to be your All-Round GATE Prep Assistant!

DigiGATE is available on -

  1. SD Card for Android-based tablet or mobile
  2. Pendrive for Windows-based laptop or desktop
  3. Online for laptop or desktop

Features of DigiGATE


  • 250-300 hours of Video Lectures covering Technical subjects, General Aptitude & Engg. Mathematics by GATE Experts.
  • Lectures with in-depth discussions on fundamental concepts & Problem Solving.


  • Well-structured & detailed Study Material in PDF documents with topic explanation and sample problems
  • PDF documents mapped with video lectures


  • Subject-wise & Topic-wise tests for extensive problem practice.
  • 20 SAMGATE exam on similar lines as actual GATE Exam


  • 10 Online All-India Mock GATE Exam (AIMGATEs) with All-India Rank, Percentile
  • Comparison of performance with large student base from test-takers all over India

Variant - SD Card/Pen Drive Validity Till Price (Rs.) Enroll Link
DigiGATE for GATE 2020 28th Feb’ 2020 ₹ 16,950/- Enroll Now
DigiGATE 2020 + 3 Months Extension* 31st May 2020 ₹ 18,900/- Enroll Now
DigiGATE for GATE 2021 28th Feb’ 2021 ₹ 17,450/- Enroll Now
Subsequent Addition 6 Months Extension ₹ 2,950/- Enroll Now


  • Available for ECE / EEE / ME
  • DigiGATE - SD Card works well on Android-based Tablet (Preferably 7.5 inch or above) or Android-based Mobile (Preferably 5.5 inch or above) - Android version - 4.0 or above
  • DigiGATE - Pendrive works well with Windows-based (Preferably Windows 7 or above
  • DigiGATE is available on SD Card , Pendrive & Online please select the option while enrolling
  • * 3 Months Extension at the time of Enrollment
  • For Subsequent Addition 6 Months Extension, please make the payment online & write us atgate@time4education.com for more information

Primary Objective of DigiGATE

What is in it for you ?

  • Access to the best GATE teachers from the convenience of your home or wherever you choose
  • Access to theory content from your device instead of heavy cumbersome books.
  • Provision of All India Mock GATE (AIMGATE) test with comprehensive coverage and varying difficulty levels, facility to write practice Mock Exams from Home.

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