Previous GATE Analyses

GATE 2017 was conducted on 4th Feb,2017 in 2 slots with ME as the major dicipline. It covered 5 Streams viz. ME,AR,TF,AG,GG. As known already, earlier ME used to be conducted in 3 Slots, but this year it was conducted in 2 Slots only. The exam went off smoothly with no major issues being reported from students across cities.

As per the usual format of GATE exam, the online exam consisting of questions on Technical Stream-wise Concepts, Engineering Maths & General Aptitude, was to be completed in a total time of 180 minutes. There was no problem reported as such for the online portal and the exam interface as everything went on smoothly.

Analysis of the Exam

Question Pattern

A higher proportion of Numerical Questions appeared in ME Stream and it was also observed that there were more Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions in comparison to last year. Both the above factors made the exam slightly tricky as there were lesser number of direct Theoretical questions and Multiple-Choice-Questions(MCQ's), which are usually easier to attempt than Fill-in-the-blank questions.

Exam Interface

The exam interface for GATE’17 was similar to last year. With the Virtual Calculator already being put on GATE 2017 website, students who had had sufficient practice of the calculator on the website were at a slight advantage.

Overall the user interface of GATE’17 was mostly similar to the one provided in the Mock GATE exams provided by T.I.M.E. where a student gets a complete view of his attempted questions along with questions marked for review.

Exam Analysis

Mechanical Engg.

(a) Forenoon Slot: There were good no.of questions from Strength of Materials, Thermodynamics &Fluid Mechanics, but substantial weightage was given to Manufacturing Technology. Questions from Design Part were moderate in number as well as the complexity.Level of questions in Engg. Maths & Aptitude was easy and most of the questions could be easily answered.

Overall, the paper was between Moderate to Difficult as compared to that of last year.

Distribution of Marks:

Subject 1 Mark Q 2 Mark Q Total Marks
Heat Transfer 1 2 5
SOM 3 3 9
Engg.Mechanics 1 2 5
FM 4 3 10
Machine Design 2 1 4
Manufacturing Technology 5 6 17
Industrial Engg. 0 2 4
TOM 1 3 7
Thermodynamics 1 4 9
Total 70

(b) Afternoon Slot: More or Less Equal weightage has been given for core subjects in the exam conducted in the Noon Slot. The no.of MCQ's and NAT Questions are approximately equal in number. However in terms of marks wise NAT Questions has little more weightage compared to MCQ's.This time answers for NAT type questions can be typed from computer keyboard also.Overall the paper was found to be Moderate.

Distribution of Marks:

Subject 1 Mark Q 2 Mark Q Total Marks
Heat Transfer 2 2 6
SOM 4 1 6
Engg.Mechanics 0 1 2
FM 3 3 9
Machine Design 1 4 9
Manufacturing Technology 4 4 12
Industrial Engg. 2 2 6
TOM 2 4 10
Thermodynamics 2 4 10
Total 70