School Tuitions

Maharashtra Board

The program covers the school curriculum of the following subjects for the classes VIII, IX and X :

  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies ( History & Political Science, Geography& Economics)
  • Sciences(Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marathi

The classroom coaching commences in April and will continue till the student appears for his/her final examinations at school for the academic year.

Evaluation System:

The Maharashtra State Board has restructured and redesigned the syllabi to keep pace with the challenges of the changing world and bring it on par with the syllabi of other states.

The reframing of the syllabi of almost all the subjects ensures an adequate coverage of knowledge and information in accordance with the times and the age group of learners. It also ensures that a proper place is given to the culture, heritage, social reforms, life skills, student’s interest and needs, and that cognizance is taken of the very different abilities of students from heterogeneous backgrounds. An effort has been made to make the syllabi more futuristic and user friendly. The board has incorporated a constructivist approach that fosters critical thinking to create motivated and independent learners.

Subject Section External Asessment Internal Assessment
Section A
Physics 24 Practicals 20
Chemistry 12
Environment 4
Total - 40
Section B
Biology 24
Chemistry 12
Environment 4
Total - 40
Maths Algebra 40 10
Geometry 40 10
Geography and Economics 40 10
History and Political Science 40 10
English 80 20
Marathi 80 20
Hindi (entire) 80 20
Hindi Composite 40 10
French Composite 40 10

Maharashtra State Board has introduced questions on HOTS (higher order thinking skills) in its curriculum, to test the students on their in depth understanding of concepts. Approximately 20% questions are HOTS questions are based on the syllabus. HOTS Questions can range from 1 to 5 marks.

Mumbai Classroom Coaching Module: The instructional hours per week are 18. They are divided into 2 lectures of 1.5 hours duration each. Extra Lectures will be conducted in vacations . The lectures are utilised for English, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Studies. Weekly tests are incorporated to continuously evaluate students. Extra sessions on literary activities as well as workshops are organised through out the academic year.

Material Description: The list of the material (number of copies) for the classes 8, 9 and 10 is as follows:
Class 8: 6 study material booklets ( Notes /Worksheets) and test papers.
Class 9: 6 study material booklets ( Notes / Worksheets) and test papers.
Class 10: 6 study material booklets ( Notes/ Worksheets) and test papers