JEE Previous Papers

The JEE Main off-line Examination of 2014 was held on 6th April. It was a 3 hour paper, which started at 9:30am. The test paper had 90 questions for 360 marks. There were 3 parts in the question paper consisting of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The order of subjects were different in different versions of the booklets. The options given for the questions were also shuffled in various versions.

Each subject carried 30 questions. All questions were objective in nature with 4 choices and there was only one correct response. Each question carried 4 marks for the correct response and -1 for wrong response. There were no 'Assertion Reasoning' type of questions in any of the subjects this time. All questions were 'Single Correct Multiple Choice' type.

Test booklet was given back to the students at the end of the examination. Initial response from the students was that the Physics part was tougher than the Mathematics and Chemistry part. Chemistry and Mathematics were rated as 'Easy to Medium'. There were a few problems in Physics which are found to be tough; at the same time very easy questions were also present.