T.I.M.E.'s Courses for NEET

NEET Repeaters Course

  • One year programme for students who have completed class XII.
  • Intensive Classroom training complemented by Basic Study Material that focuses on both concepts and techniques of problem solving.
  • Integrated and summarised coverage of NEET syllabus with enhanced focus on solving Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Multiple levels of tests for regular tracking of the students' test performances – Repeaters’ Unit wise tests and Cumulative tests.
  • Series of National NEET Revision Test Papers for a proper and structured revision of 11th & 12th standard topics.
  • Additional series of NEET Revision Test Papers for a second level revision.
  • National level NEET Mock Tests and analysis.
  • Comprehensive set of NEET Repeaters’ course materials consist of the following printed materials:

    • Separate NEET based Study Materials for Biology, Physics & Chemistry
    • NEET Repeaters’ Unit Tests in Biology, Physics & Chemistry
    • Cumulative Tests in Biology, Physics & Chemistry
    • NEET Revision Test Papers in Biology, Physics & Chemistry in two sets
    • Solution booklets for problems in Study Material Books
  • Progress Report Booklet to keep record of the student's performance in order to keep the parents updated on a continuous basis.
  • Intensive Final orientation for NEET, with quick (third level) revision of syllabus, every day tests and NEET Model exams is included as part of the course.