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GGS IPU CET(Law) 2016

Unlike every year, this year'sIPU-CET(Law) came with some elements of surprise in the GK and theLegalSection. However, the questions in the English and the Logical Reasoning section were easy and on the predicted lines.

Total number of questions :150

Time :150 minutes

  1. English :Number of questions:38

    a) Reading Comprehension- 2 questions (Very Small RCs with direct questions).The difficulty level was EASY.

    b) Choose the correct option (Questions on Vocabulary (2 to 3 questions), Idioms and Phrases(5 to 6 questions), Parts of Speech (4to 5 questions)).The difficulty level was EASY.

    Some of the questions are as follows:

    • Which word relates to taste? i) Plate ii)Palate iii) Pallate
    • When I feel I am just like another person, I feel ______ for him. i) Sympathy ii) Empathy
    • What part of speech is "which" when used in a sentence as "Kerala is an Indian state which is known for spices"? (This is not the exact question but the idea is the same)
    • What part of speech is "than" when used in a sentence as "Coffee is better than chocolate"? (This is not the exact question but the idea is the same)
    • What part of speech is "one's" when used in a sentence as '"One should not leave one's windows open while leaving the house."? (This is not the exact question but the idea is the same)

    c) Para-jumbles-4to 5 questions. The difficulty level was EASY.


  2. Legal GK and Aptitude : Number of questions:37

    a) No principle based questions. The questions of Legal Aptitude were few in number and had just facts and a question of Legal Knowledge. The difficulty level was EASY.For example:

    • A goes to B, who is a shop-keeper, and asks about the quality of a particular product. B misrepresents the product by making false positive claims about it. A knows that B is misrepresenting the product. B has committed-
      i) Cheating ii) Breach of Trust iii) Criminal Misappropriation iv) None of these
    • A finds a gold watch lying on the street. He picks it up and goes to a shop to sell it. A has committed-
      i) Theft ii) Misappropriation iii) Cheating iv) None of these

    b) 90% of the questions were from Legal GK. The level of Legal GK ranged from MEDIUM to TOUGH.Most of the questions weren't on the past years' pattern. For example :

    • What kind of liability does a Tort impose on a person? i) Unlimited ii) Limited iii) Liquidated iv) Unliquidated
    • What does Protection from Double Jeopardy mean?
    • Who is a Promisor as per the Law of Contracts?
    • Freedom of speech is available to the-
      i) Citizen of India, Indian and Non-citizen, Everyone, Citizen and Judicial Officers.
    • Which article of the Indian Constitution deals with the "Abolition of untouchability" ?

    c) Some Legal Maxims were asked. The level was EASY.For Example:

    • What does 'Ibi jus ubi remedium' mean?
    • What does'Ex turpi causa non oritur actio' mean?


  3. General Knowledge: Number of questions: 37

    90% of the questions were from Static GK. The remaining 10% were from Current affairs. The level of questions ranged from MEDIUM to TOUGH.

    Some of the questions are as follows:

    • Who brought about the standardization of the language 'Gurumukhi'? i) Guru Angad ii) Guru Ramdas iii) Guru Amardas iv) None of the above
    • Which is the oldest National Park in India? i) Gir ii) Kaziranga iii)Jim Corbett
    • Who was the richest man of the year 2014?
    • Who won the FIFA Ballon d'Or award for the year 2015? i) Messi ii) Ronaldo
    • Who is Francois Hollande?
    • What is the extension of the MS Word files in the Operating System Windows 2007? i) .doc ii) .docx iii) .txt iv) .ppt
    • Which of following is used to convert word to bits ?
    • What is found in the Smog in cities?
    • Where did the Ghadar newspaper start in the year 1913?
    • What is the source of methane?
    • By which year does the Jawahar Lal Nehru Solar Mission targets to deply 20,000 MW of grid connected solar power?
    • Which state will host the 2016 National Games?


  4. Logical Reasoning: Total number of questions: 38

    a) The questions were not asked from any of the popular topics like Coding & Decoding, Blood Relations, Clock and Calendar, Seating Arrangement and Distributions, and Syllogisms. The questions tested the IQ of the students at a very preliminary level. Thus, the difficulty level of questions was EASY.

    uestions were based on the following topics:

    • Pick the Odd Number out of the series of numbers
    • Swapping of Mathematical Operations and BODMAS ( If + means -, - means x, / means +, x means /, then what is 2-2+3/4x6 ?(This is not the exact question but the idea is the same)
    • How many words can be made out of the given set of jumbled letters?

    b) Only one question on Cube tested the Analytical Reasoning of the students. Question was as follows:

    • One cube which is white in colour initially, has been painted Red on two of its adjacent sides, Black on the other two adjacent sides, and Green on the last two adjacent sides. The cube is cut into 64 pieces. Answer the following questions (A total of 6 questions were asked)
    1. How many cubes will have no colour on its face?
    2. How many cubes will have only two of its faces coloured?
    3. How many cubes will have only one of its face coloured?
    4. How many cubes will have less than 3 faces coloured?


    A good student should have made atleast 100 correct attempts out of the total of 150 questions.