T.I.M.E.'s Offerings for CLAT


T.I.M.E., the National leader in entrance examinations, also brings you the most comprehensive Online courses for CLAT and IPM.

The Online courses are aimed at those students who prefer to prepare on their own – for various reasons, such as -

  • They are situated far off and cannot attend classroom courses
  • Their work/academic commitments do not leave them enough time to attend classes.

T.I.M.E.'s Online Course is the similar that one can get to a classroom programme for CLAT and IPM preparation. This course has been prepared based on our experience in successfully training thousands of students for CLAT and various other Entrance exams. The well-researched course material in our Online course ensures comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts, with solved examples, short-cuts and strategies for improvement of performance.

Our study material and test papers are prepared after carefully researching test papers of previous years, ensuring that you get the best and most relevant course material. Our complete study material is updated as per the latest exam patterns widely acknowledged by students as the most exhaustive and up-to-date in the market.

The T.I.M.E. edge

  • Expertise in conducting online exams – T.I.M.E. has over 25 years of experience in training over 20 lakhs students since inception.
  • CLAT Test series designed by highly experienced faculty members.
  • Participants from all over India for All-India Mocks including students from the best schools in India.
  • Post Exam Support for institute selection & Interviews

Course Variants

Course Variant Videos Ebooks Sectional Tests Mock Tests Price Enrol Now
CLAT 2018 Online Course - 17 150 40 (16 CLAT, 6 SET, 4 LSAT, 6 AILET, 2 BHU, 2 IPU, 4 MHCET) ₹14,950
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CLAT 2018 Online Course- Enhanced (With Videos) 90 hours (270+ Videos) 17 150 40 (16 CLAT, 6 SET, 4 LSAT, 6 AILET, 2 BHU, 2 IPU, 4 MHCET) ₹17,950
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The course enables student to learn at a pace that is convenient to them. The material developed by experts is comprehensive and developed with great care to ensure phased learning.

Basic Study Material (Booklets / E-books)

These 17 booklets / E-books help you develop and improve basic skills and fundamental concepts in all the areas that are tested. Students who go through this material diligently and practice regularly will be able to deal with all the common patterns of questions easily and quickly tackle difficult questions as well.

Online Sectional tests / Comprehensive Tests / Mock Tests

150 Sectional test including Topic-wise & Subject-wise Tests covering different subjects and topics covering in CLAT Exam syllabus and with varying difficulty levels and 40 mock tests (16 CLAT, 6 SET, 4 LSAT, 6 AILET, 2 BHU, 2 IPU, 4 MHCET) are provided online through Student Home Page. These tests not only give an overall idea of the level you are required to achieve but also provide ample practice to help you attain it. These mock tests replicate the actual exam in every conceivable way.

The entire Online Test Series will be provided through a Student Home Page where students can access the following apart from the above –

  1. Comprehensive Test Analysis
  2. CLAT & other Law Entrance Exam Notifications
  3. Alerts & College admission Notifications
  4. Provision to ask for Expert help