IELTS training is carried out on a comprehensive scale and is in-depth. Batches are formed on roll-on basis. To introduce to the candidates the pattern of the IELTS exam, they are put through an orientation, which explains the details of the IELTS exam, before they join the rest of the class either on week ends or on weekdays. It also gives detailed information about length of passages, content of dialogues, accents heard, kinds of questions, marks allotted, time available, band score, etc. Samples of the answer scripts for Listening, Reading and Writing are also provided. The students are also given ‘take-home’ material to build up their lexical resource as required for the Writing and Speaking modules.

The candidates are trained in all the four modules on a daily basis in both the weekday and the weekend batches. During the training period, the class listens to the recordings and reads the reading passages together in the stipulated time. The faculty explains the answers at the end of the session and helps sort out individual problems. Reading, and Listening sections are done as daily tests. Writing and Speaking sections of the test are done under personalized supervision of the faculty in charge. Each student is given performance feedback at the end of each section. The candidates are also given feedback on their writing Task I and II as well in the form of remarks on Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource and Grammatical Range and Accuracy. They are also provided with sample answers for writing which helps them improve. The Speaking section is dealt with during training, with the Cue Card section alone being different for each candidate, on a daily basis.

We also conduct 5 mock tests for IELTS .We provide the students with headsets to simulate the experience of the actual test. The tests are evaluated in the same way as in the actual IELTS exam.

This course is offered at the following places:

Ahmedabad Cochin Kozhikode Trivandrum