CS Paper-II

The type of questions will be mostly related to the passage. For example, the passages may be social, political or scientific in nature but NO prior knowledge of the subject content will be required to answer the question. It is the ability to draw a logical conclusion from the content of the passage that would be tested to the hilt. That further implies that the candidate has to sharpen the skill sets like speed reading skills along with the skills of accurate comprehension. A voracious reader will definitely have an edge in so far as the familiarity with the subject matter of a passage goes. However, mere familiarity with the topic does not necessarily imply that the answers to the questions would be accurate. What is called for is the application of a diverse set of skills, like the abilities to draw inferences, understand the inherent assumptions, if any, decode the tone, understand the writing style, etc. It is to be noted that the passages coming across in "Comprehension" will be bilingual in nature. The "Comprehension" passages and questions are quite challenging. This would be so because candidates would be attempting these passages in the language of their choice, English or Hindi, and they will therefore be engaging in English Comprehension, or Hindi Comprehension, as the case may be. The passages could be of any length, and need to be read carefully. The passages are from variety of topics like social, political, economic, scientific, technological, etc. An IAS/IFS officer has to deal with various government programmes, policies, social, administrative problems. He goes through variety of reports which are from different scenarios like social, political, scientific, administrative etc. The questions test the readers understanding, not only of detail but also of implications and inferences. Some of the choices are fairly close and therefore require some thought. As such, candidates who haven't everyday familiarity with English, or Hindi, may find these RCs a bit difficult. The scenarios presented to them are fresh in nature and he should have the necessary skill sets to deal with them and comprehend and resolve the problems at a much faster rate. NO prior knowledge of different scenarios or situations will be tested.