About Civil Services Mains

As per the revised pattern, written test in MAINS carry 1750 marks and Interview carries 275 marks.

Interviews will be going on simultaneously with different panels. Typically, each panel interviews three candidates in the pre-lunch session and three candidates in the post-lunch session. On the day of the interview, all the candidates enter a central hall. In the central hall there are 8-10 tables. Every such table is occupied by 5-6 candidates. Each such table belongs to a specific board or interview panel. Each of the 5-6 candidates occupying a particular table will be interviewed by ONLY the related board (For every candidate, the table which he/she occupies is predetermined. No candidate can occupy any random table. This means that the panel which is going to interview the candidate is pre-determined). Each board/panel consists of 5 members. Inside the interview room, is a U-shaped table. The board is headed by a chair person, who is seated at the centre. Each candidate goes thorugh one interview. Interview of each candidate lasts for about 30 min.

All panels consist of 5 people. Interviewers can be from different services or eminent personalities like academicians. It is ensured that the candidate does not return to the central hall after the interview - thus preventing any feedback on that particular day's proceedings being given to the candidates yet to be interviewed on that day. Among the members of the panel, the chair-person is very important - he/she starts and ends the interview.

Content of the interview
Questions are based on the bio-data, as well as on the district and state the candidate hails from. While there will be questions on national and international issues, the main focus is likely to be on bio-data of the candidate as well as the district/state of the candidate. A lot of questions will originate from the bio-data - including questions like the meaning of the name of the candidate, etc. Interview will be in the language of the candidates choice - choice made while filling the Mains form.