CAT 2017 - CAT Day Analysis

Welcome to T.I.M.E.'s CAT Score & IIM Call Predictor!! This unique tool has multiple features to help you know where you stand, based on your performance in your CAT 2017 exam.

The "Scaled Score Predictor" feature will predict the Scaled Scores, both sectional and overall. This is the first time that anyone in the country will be doing such a prediction, backed by all the relevant, in-depth understanding of the scaling and equating processes that the IIMs would be performing on the raw scores, to account for variations in difficulty levels across slots and across sections.

The "Percentile Predictor" will predict the sectional and overall percentiles that students are expected to get in the CAT. Please note that the percentiles can be correctly predicted only after an accurate and process-based calculation of scaled scores, as mentioned above.

The “IIM Call Predictor” will consider all possible inputs, starting from CAT performance, expected scaled scores and percentiles, along with a host of profile related information, that students will share with us, and predict their chances of getting a call from each of the IIMs. This process will be done by applying, strictly and comprehensively, the selection procedures as laid out by each of the IIMs, incorporating all relevant aspects like normalization of academic scores across education streams & state boards, weightage to work-ex, and diversity etc.

The "Actual Raw Score Calculator / CAT Scorecard Analysis" will enable students to know their actual raw scores and also accuracy in the actual CAT, given the final scaled scores that they will get in their CAT2017 scorecard. Our understanding of the normalizing and equating process of the CAT will enable us to back-calculate and give accurate information about the "true test performance" by filtering out all the mystery/effect of the scaling and equating that is done by the IIMs, before giving out the scorecards.