T.I.M.E. CAT Results

IIM's No. of Selections
IIM Ahmedabad 116
IIM Bangalore 252
IIM Bodhgaya 1011
IIM Calcutta 160
IIM Indore 467
IIM Jammu 2394
IIM Kashipur 1317
IIM Raipur 882
IIM Ranchi 327
IIM Shillong 305
IIM Sirmaur 1674
IIM Sambalpur 1217
IIM Udaipur 770
Total 10892

It's no surprise that, as in the past, T.I.M.E. students dominate the IIM selection lists!

A total of 2805 T.I.M.E. students have been selected in CAT 2022 to get into the 13 IIMs for which results are publicly available and have been verified as on 5th October 2023.

These students have secured 10892 final selections to the IIMs.

We have not included the results for the remaining 7 IIMs, otherwise our numbers would have been significantly higher.“Results validated by VSMB and Associates on 05/10/2023”

Includes final selections into multiple IIMs by some students