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Mulupuru Ravi Teja - Final Selection: IIM A, C, S, Kashipur, Rohtak

Mulupuru Ravi Teja
T.I.M.E. Classroom CAT 12 Student
Final Selection: IIM A, C, S, Kashipur, Rohtak

  T.I.M.E. played a crucial role in my success

I have had a long association with T.I.M.E. Being a student of IIT Ropar, I was a part of the first IIT Ropar batch that wanted to crack CAT and joined T.I.M.E. The classroom teaching, sectional tests, mock exams, personal interaction, feedback and the mental support have been huge over the years. After an unsuccessful first attempt at CAT, I joined T.I.M.E. again.

Sectional tests were a huge help in the process of preparation as it helped to tackle one section/topic at a time and improve in it. Mock GDs and PIs were also extremely helpful. The weekend classes, mocks GDs and PIs, Gyan sessions and counseling helped me improve my confidence and work on my minus points.

I have been finally selected at IIM A, C, L and other IIMs and I have no hesitation is saying that T.I.M.E. played a real crucial role in final selection in the IIMs.

Mulupuru Ravi Teja
Final Selection: IIM A, C, S, Kashipur, Rohtak

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