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    FAQs on JEE MAIN 2013 Online Exam

    The aspirants of the JEE (Main) 2013 examination are given the option to appear for the examination in the Online mode. The aspirants can opt for the same while they are applying for the JEE (Main) examination through the site http://jeemain.nic.in. The last date of submission of application is 15th Dec 2012. Note that the Online test is meant ONLY for the B.Tech/ B.E. aspirants, i.e. for Paper 1 of JEE (Main) 2013 ONLY.

    The Online testing mode of the JEE (Main) 2013 has brought in lot of queries from the aspirants regarding how the exam is conducted, whether and how the testing mechanism differs from that of the Paper and pen (Offline) tests etc. Below given are some such queries and clarifications to them:

    Q. What is an Online test?

    A. The candidates answer the questions appearing on a computer screen by using a mouse click. They will answer the same number of questions in the same amount of time as that of a Paper and pen test.

    Q. What about the Medium of examination?

    A. The medium of examination also remains similar to that of the Offline tests, i.e. English or Hindi and an additional choice of Gujarati is given only to candidates appearing from the state of Gujarat. The student also has the option to change the medium of examination during the time of examination with just a mouse click.

    Q. Does the Online test require internet connection? Will the speed of the exam process depend on the speed of the net connection?

    A. NO! Online tests use LAN (Local Area Network) only to make the examination process safe, secure and uninterrupted. As there is no requirement of internet, the speed of the exams does not depend on the net connection. The aspirants will NOT experience any slag due to this reason.

    Q. What happens if there is a technical problem with the computer?

    A. There will be additional computers made available at every Online test centre and hence the candidate will be immediately provided with another computer to complete the test. The time lost in change of system will be duly compensated as each and every second will be recorded by the server. There will be a technical help person (IT professional) also available at the centre to take care of such issues.

    Q. How secure is the Online testing mechanism?

    A. The testing mechanism is very secure with zero error possibility as only a minimum human intervention is allowed.

    Q. Will any special training be required to answer Online tests?

    A. It is enough if the aspirants know the usage of mouse, i.e. to move around with a mouse and use the mouse to click on an answer etc.

    Q. What is the schedule (dates and time) of Online tests of JEE Main (2013)?

    A. The Online tests of JEE (Main) 2013 will be conducted on select dates between 8th April 2013 to 25th April 2013. The first slot of tests will be from 9.00 hrs. to 12.00 hrs. and there is a possibility of a second slot (if required) from 14.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.

    Q. When can the candidate opt for the date/ time slot for the Online test?

    A. The exact slots/dates for computer based examination will be displayed on the website by 1st February 2013. The candidates will be required to make their slot/date selection through online mode during 1st February 2013 - 15th February 2013. A candidate who opts for computer based examination and does not make this selection, for whatever reasons, shall be randomly assigned a slot based on the availability.

    Q. Can the time/ date slot be changed at a later time?

    A. No, the date and time slot given for a candidate cannot be changed.

    Q. Is the option to appear for the Online tests of JEE (Main) 2013 available at all centres?

    A. The list of centres for the Online test cities are given in the brochure and the same list appears as drop down list while filling the application form. The Candidate can opt for city of his/her choice as per this list at the time of filling application form only. (Click to see the list now)

    Q. Can the centre choice be changed at a later time?

    A. The candidate chooses four cities while giving choices for the online tests. The city and further the centre of examination are finalised by the authorities, NO change of centre will be permitted.

    Q. Should the candidate be given special instructions before the examination for the Online tests?

    A. The candidates will be given additional time to read through the instructions before the start time of the examination. For all such purposes the candidates are requested to report at the examination venue one and a half hour before the exam time.

    Q. Is it possible to change mode of examination from Offline (pen and paper based) exam to Online (computer based exam)?

    A. Yes, the candidate can write mail with the subject caption as "Change of mode of exam from Pen and Paper to Computer Based" giving his/her Registration No. and choice of city for Online examination.

    Q. Can the aspirants get a feel of the Online tests?

    A. Yes, on the JEE (Main) 2013 site a sample online test is uploaded. This test can be downloaded to a computer and then the aspirants can take the test. The interface of the exam, method of marking the answers and other flexibilities of the Online test will become familiar by doing so.

    T.I.M.E. offers Online Test Series for JEE (Main) 2013! Click here for details!

    Q. Will there be a question booklet like in offline examination?

    A. The candidate can read the questions on the screen and then answer the same by using a mouse click. There will be four options to choose from and the candidate can click on an option to mark that as an answer.

    Q. How will a candidate do his/ her rough work/calculations etc if there is no question paper?

    A. They will be provided with plain sheets for doing the same at the exam venue.

    Q. So, will a Candidate get the question paper of Online (computer based) exam as he/she gets in Offline (Pen and Paper based) exam?

    A. Yes, the question paper will be mailed to each and every candidate after the exam schedule is over.

    Q. When will the results of the Online tests be published?

    A. Combined result will be published along with the Offline (Pen and Paper based) examination candidates, i.e. eligibility list for JEE Advanced by 7th May 2013 and All India Rank list by 7th July 2013.

    Q. What are the additional features available in the Online mode of exam?

    A. The candidate has the facility to view the status of his/ her attempt questions right on the screen throughout the exam.

    • There will be a panel on the right side of the computer screen showing all the question numbers of that section in different colour schemes which will indicate which are the questions answered (green), left un answered (red) and marked for review (blue).

    • The candidate can change the option of the answer during the exam duration and it is one of the most important feature of computer based examination.

    • The candidate can review or re-answer any question at any point of time during the examination.

    • The candidate also has the option to mark any answer for review at later stage during the examination.

    • Candidate will get the flexibility in choosing the exam date and the shift (if two shifts are offered) of his/her choice as per the convenience of the candidate.

    • It will make Candidate feel confident on use of Information technology.

    • Finally there is a difference of Rs.300/- in Exam fees as compared to Offline (Pen/Paper) mode if he/ she opt to appear for the Online test!

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