JEE Advanced 2019

JEE Advanced is becoming an online exam from 2018 onwards. As an aspirant of JEE Advanced 2019, it is necessary for you to practice tests online and understand how the interface works.

We will be uploading a variety of tests for you to practice online:

  • Evaluation tests, which are chapter based.
  • Cumulative tests, which are multiple chapters based.
  • As you enter into second year you will get more Evaluation and Cumulative tests for second year.
  • Further in the second year, there will be JEE Advanced Revision Tests. These tests will expose you to different patterns of questions across subjects and will also help you revise your JEE Advanced syllabus by broadly dividing it into five portions.
  • These will be followed by online JEE Advanced Model exams – which will be conducted as per the national schedule.

ALL tests will remain open after the specified date (except the model exams) – you can attempt these tests at your convenience. It is suggested that you revise the prescribed syllabus thoroughly before you take the test.

Remember each CT has three separate tests in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Try and attempt each set of tests within a two day frame. Solutions and your performance will be available to you ONLY AFTER you complete all three tests in the CT.

Read the instructions carefully before you start the test. Check out the schedule and syllabus of tests given below.


OLETM3001921 Sets, Relations and Functions 60 MIN. ETM01 23-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETP3001921 Units and Dimensions 60 MIN. ETP01 23-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETC3001921 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 60 MIN. ETC01 23-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETM3001922 Prerequisites 60 MIN. ETM02 25-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETP3001922 Motion in 1D 60 MIN. ETP02 25-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETC3001922 Structure of Atom 60 MIN. ETC02 25-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETM3001923 Trigonometry 60 MIN. ETM03 30-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETP3001923 Projectiles & Circular Motion 60 MIN. ETP03 30-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETC3001923 Periodic table and Chemical Bonding 60 MIN. ETC03 30-Oct 19-May After Test
OLETM3001924 Quadratic Equations & Expressions 60 MIN. ETM04 01-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETP3001924 Laws of Motion 60 MIN. ETP04 01-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETC3001924 States of Matter and Thermodynamics 60 MIN. ETC04 01-Nov 19-May After Test
OLCTM3001901 Units M1-M4 90 MIN. CTM01 03-Nov 19-May After Test
OLCTP3001901 Units P1-P4 90 MIN. CTP01 03-Nov 19-May After Test
OLCTC3001901 Units C1-C4 90 MIN. CTC01 11-3 19-May After Test
OLETM3001925 Complex Numbers 60 MIN. ETM05 15-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETP3001925 Work, Power, Energy 60 MIN. ETP05 15-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETC3001925 Equilibrium 60 MIN. ETC05 15-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETM3001926 Sequences & Series 60 MIN. ETM06 20-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETP3001926 Rotational Dynamics 60 MIN. ETP06 20-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETC3001926 Redox Reactions and Hydrogen 60 MIN. ETC06 20-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETM3001927 Permutations & Combinations and Binomial theorem 60 MIN. ETM07 22-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETP3001927 Gravitation 60 MIN. ETP07 22-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETC3001927 s-Block Elements and p-Block Elements 60 MIN. ETC07 22-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETM3001928 Straight lines and pair of lines 60 MIN. ETM08 30-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETP3001928 Properties of Matter 60 MIN. ETP08 30-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETC3001928 Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles 60 MIN. ETC08 30-Nov 19-May After Test
OLETM3001929 Circles and Conic Sections 60 MIN. ETM09 04-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETP3001929 Oscillations & Waves 60 MIN. ETP09 04-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETC3001929 Hydrocarbons and Environmental Chemistry 60 MIN. ETC09 04-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETM3001930 Probability and Statistics 60 MIN. ETM10 07-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETP3001930 Heat and Thermodynamics 60 MIN. ETP10 07-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETC3001930 Solid State 60 MIN. ETC10 07-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETM3001931 Linear Inequalities and Mathematical Reasoning 60 MIN. ETM11 11-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETP3001931 Electrostatics 60 MIN. ETP11 11-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETC3001931 Solutions 60 MIN. ETC11 11-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETM3001932 Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Properties of Triangles 60 MIN. ETM12 14-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETP3001932 Current Electricity 60 MIN. ETP12 14-Dec 19-May After Test
OLETC3001932 Electrochemistry 60 MIN. ETC12 14-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTM3001902 Units M5-M8 90 MIN. CTM02 15-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTP3001902 Units P5-P8 90 MIN. CTP02 15-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTC3001902 Units C5-C8 90 MIN. CTC02 15-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTM3001903 Units M9-M12 90 MIN. CTM03 18-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTP3001903 Units P9-P12 90 MIN. CTP03 18-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTC3001903 Units C9-C12 90 MIN. CTC03 18-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTM3001904 Class XI Portions 90 MIN. CTM04 21-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTP3001904 Class XI Portions 90 MIN. CTP04 21-Dec 19-May After Test
OLCTC3001904 Class XI Portions 90 MIN. CTC04 21-Dec 19-May After Test