Founded in 1982, FutureSoft is an international software company focused on the development of Enterprise Content Security solutions. The DynaComm i:series product suite allows organizations to filter and monitor Internet and e-mail access and also to track and categorize individual files stored within their network. Headquartered in Houston, TX with a field office in the United Kingdom , the company's customers span the globe and include corporations of all sizes, government organizations, educational institutions and individuals seeking high-performance solutions.

Leadership Team

  • Tim Farrell - CEO & Co-Chairman

  • Claire Shaw - Director of Business Development -UK & Europe


  • Educational services Consulting Services


  • The Dyna Comm i: series :- This line of Enterprise Content Security products help organizations increase productivity, decrease legal liabilities and maximize network bandwidth. It consists of three independent but complimentary products, Dyna Comm i:filter, which is an Internet filtering solution, Dyna Comm i:mail for e-mail and spam filtering, and Dyna Comm i:scan for electronic file surveillance

  • Dyna Comm connectivity series : support for Digital,IBM,Hp,Unisys

  • The Multi View Software Family provides Internet productivity and management solutions by exploiting the power and portability of UNIX and Linux while providing accessibility via the Web, PCs, thin clients and UNIX workstations.  


  • Future Soft believes that excellent products are created, sold and supported by exceptional employees. Future Soft recruits and retains the most talented professionals in an environment in which they can thrive.

  • Future Soft constantly seeks self-motivated, energetic and talented individuals who are looking for a challenging work environment, competitive salary and a great benefits package.

  • Future Soft can accommodate all of your training needs with their flexible education program. Their experienced professionals will develop a comprehensive education program to meet your particular requirements.

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