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What T.I.M.E. offers for CAT/MBA

The CAT(Common Admission Test conducted by the IIMs) is the entrance exam for more than 160 management institutes across India, including the 13 IIMs. The competition in this exam is very stiff as the best brains in the country compete for the limited seats in the IIMs and other prestigious colleges. The questions in CAT assess your conceptual clarity and can be quite tricky. Therefore, you need systematic practice and well-honed skills to be able to do well in this test.

CAT 2009 marked the start of a new era, that of the computer-based CAT. However, the content and difficulty level of the exam remained the same as before. CAT 2011 has changed the very pattern of CAT by introducing sectional timings of 70 minutes per section and having only 2 sections, instead of 3 sections as was the trend in previous years' CAT. Let’s look at the test pattern of CAT and other national level MBA entrance tests.


While T.I.M.E.'s training programme is tailor-made for CAT, it will also help you to prepare for other entrance exams like XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, ATMA and MAT.

As you may be aware, T.I.M.E., founded and professionally run by graduates from IIMs, IITs and XLRI, is the foremost institute in the field of training and counseling, with wide experience and an excellent track record. It gives you the best training for CAT.

T.I.M.E. offers a structured and focused training programme to help you crack CAT and other premier management entrance exams. The training includes Class Room Coaching, Quality Study Material, Test Papers, Comprehensive tests, All India MOCK CATs (AIMCATs), Seminars, Personalized Counseling, Doubt clearing sessions and more. Complete details of what we offer are provided below.

1.T.I.M.E.'s classroom Course options:

Super long-term course: The duration of this course is 12 - 15 months. This course is ideal for students in their pre-final year of graduation.

b. Long-term course: The duration of the course is 5 - 12 months.

c. Crash course:T.I.M.E. offers the crash course at two different points of time:
a) During the months of May/June/July, when most of the colleges have holidays, for those students who cannot join the regular course on account of non-availability of a T.I.M.E. centre at the place where they study*
(*Crash courses are offered in select cities only. Please check with the specificT.I.M.E. centre you have in mind.)

b) 2 - 3 months before CAT exam.

2) AIMCAT series: Ideal for the students who have previously prepared for CAT and would like to keep up with the competition. This package consists of 20 All India Mock CATs (AIMCATs) with comprehensive online feedback.

3) GD/Interview module:Students who opt for courses a, b or c under 1 will get this module as an integral part of the course. This course is offered in the months of Jan/Feb/March - soon after the results of the entrance tests are declared.

Courses 1 & 2 will run till the CAT exam.

T.I.M.E. 's courses start from the basics - reading skill improvement, vocabulary improvement, calculation speed improvement, basics of Mathematics, GD & Interview basics. This gives you the much needed grounding in basics and thereby enables you to develop the skills to tackle complex and difficult questions. The training will, by and large, also take care of your preparation for MBA CET (Common entrance test) conducted by different states. CET aspirants can join T.I.M.E. 's Mock test series (for CET) for their preparation.

What T.I.M.E. offers


T.I.M.E. has a large, experienced and dedicated team of doctorates, post-graduates and graduates from IITs, IIMs, XLRI and various other premier institutes in the country.


The courseware ensures comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts, solved examples, shortcuts and strategies to help you improve your performance. The test papers of previous years are studied and on the basis of this research, study material and test papers are prepared so that you get the best possible material for your preparation. Our courseware is acknowledged by students as the best in the country, and the most up-to-date. No other institute can match us in giving such focused and well-structured course material.


The course is comprised of six modules:

1. Basic Training: Helps you develop basic knowledge and skill levels for various areas that are tested in CAT and other management entrance tests. The fundamental concepts are taught in great detail. Special assistance is available to non-mathematics students to help them improve their quantitative skills.

2.Section-wise Testing: This module tests, evaluates and helps you hone your skills through individual test papers and helps you achieve thoroughness in each individual test area. You will be able to identify the sections and areas that you are weak in and understand how to improve your performance in these areas.

Online Sectional Tests

Online Sectional Tests The online practice test module comprises of around 150 sectional tests across Verbal, Logic Reasoning, DI, and Quantitative areas. These tests help you get a feel of an online test environment. A certain number of tests are uploaded every month with the suggestion that you complete these tests as soon as they are uploaded.

  1. Basic Tests
  • Cover basic concepts in one area
  • Each test contains 15 questions
  • There are 10 tests in each section
  1. Intermediate Tests
  • Test 2 to 3 areas together
  • Each test contains 15 questions
  • There are 10 tests in each section
  1. Advanced Tests –
  • At the AIMCAT level
  • Each test contains 30 questions
  • There are 15 tests in each section
3.Overall Evaluation: Here you are tested and evaluated with a large number of comprehensive test papers modeled along the lines of recent CAT papers. This would give you an indication of where you stand and help you develop your strategy to tackle CAT.

Mock CATS (MCs - 15 in all)

  • 13 - Online
  • 2 - Paper & Pencil Test conducted in class or given as a part of the Take Home Package.

CAT REPLICA TESTS (CRTs - 10 in all)

These are full length tests, modeled along the lines of recent CAT exams. They help you learn to implement effective time management skills and assess your performance.

  • 09 - Online
  • 1 - Paper & Pencil Test conducted in class

4.All-India Mock CATs (AIMCATs): 20 AIMCATs are conducted on an all-India basis, replicating the format and the environment of the actual test. They will give you a near-real experience of writing the CAT. Our AIMCATs are acknowledged as the best in the market and the closest to the actual CAT. Continuous tests along with a rigorous analysis of each will go a long way in preparing you for the actual exam.

  1. 10 Invigilated CBTs at designated venues: This test will be conducted from Sunday to Sunday for a span of 08 days and will have multiple slots. After the end of test window, detailed analysis of your performance will be put up on our website.
  2. 08 CBTs Online: This test will be conducted for a span of 03-05 days. After the end of test window, detailed analysis of your performance will be put up on our website. You can take the CBTs wherever you want i.e. at our office, or at a cyber café or at home.. These CBTs prepare you to face the Online CAT confidently.
  3. 02 Paper & Pencil Tests: These tests are conducted on an all-India basis across 60+ centres. We will provide the OMR sheets and the marked sheets will be scanned to give your results.

The analysis of the AIMCATs is put up on our website on the last day of the test. For all students who enroll after the AIMCATs are conducted – the Invigilated and Online tests will be available on the student homepage.

5. Training for Other Exams: Our CAT Course also prepares you for entrance exams like XAT, SNAP, IIFT, ATMA, MAT and the various other management entrance tests in the country. Institute specific classes and model tests (OMETs - Other Management Entrance Tests) prepare you completely to excel in these exams as well.

6. GD & Interview Training:

This is provided in two modules, to help you prepare for the final stage in the selection process.

  • The First Module is for all our CAT students where you will be given the basics of GD, Essay & Interview. We will conduct mock GDs where you will be given individual and group feedback. Essay workshops will be conducted on similar lines.
  • The Second Module is only for those students who have been short-listed by various management institutes. You will participate in a large number of GDs and two interviews to gain sufficient practice. We will provide you with material on GD topics. We will also give you an idea of the GD/PI process at specific institutes. You will receive professional guidance from our panel of experts on your GD & PI performance. Thorough guidance will be given to you on essay preparation also.

GD/PI BRIEFCASE (can be accessed on the website)

  • GD/Essay/PI experiences for 2008-2009-2010 students – feedback on the selection process at various B-schools
  • GD/Essay/PI experiences of current year students – students can post their GD/Essay/PI experiences – in an easy-to-fill document format
  • Questions on academic subjects, asked in the past interviews
  • Important GK issues - helps you to understand the whole issue in an easy manner
  • Learning Corner : Here you will find links to the best articles on the website with a commentary and they are arranged into 4 folders - General Awareness, Politics, Economy and Miscellaneous Articles from “MBA Education & Careers”

Other than the six modules above, we provide you with other important inputs:

  1. Individual Attention and Doubt Clearing Sessions

    Students are able to clear their doubts in the class, thanks to a conscious decision to keep batch strengths low. In addition, students can discuss their performance and their preparation plan with faculty members on an individual basis. There will also be doubt-clearing sessions (with prior appointment) at our offices, where students can get their doubts cleared by expert faculty members.

  2. Seminars

Special Seminars/Video/Audio sessions are held on topics/issues that are critical to a student's selection into a top management institute.

Some examples -
a) Test-taking Strategies: This session will help you build your strategy in successfully tackling any entrance exam paper. Strategy is all about how you can maximize your score in the two hours that you have for answering a test paper.

b) Institute Selection: This session dwells upon the issues involved in selecting the management institutes that you want to apply to. It helps you to aim for those management institutes where you stand the best chance of getting selected.

a) Economics Basics: Here, we go over basic concepts and issues related to economics and economy, and explain a number of economy-related terms.


We will post a schedule on our website which will give you the date, time slot and topic of the chat. A student can post his queries and they will be answered. Each chat is for about 90 mins to 3 hours, and queries are answered by expert faculty. We have about 4 to 7 chats every month. As we approach the CAT exam, the number of chats per month increases.


This will show you all the chats that have taken place for the last 8 to 9 months. A large number of your queries will be solved if you go through these questions first and then post any further queries on our website.


Every day you will be given three words with the meaning, root, synonym, antonym and usage in a sentence for these words. Also, there will be the Words Archive, which has all the relevant words with their meaning, root, synonym, antonym and usage in a sentence.

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